Dark Orbit Skill Tree FAQ

Dark Orbit Skill Tree Frequently Asked Questions by Sephiroth

What exactly is the pilot bio?

The pilot bio is a skill tree with three different categories of skills that can be learned. These categories are offense, defense and production. Players will need pilot points (PP) to learn and upgrade the different skills in the pilot bio. To get these pilot points, players will need to collect log-disks.

What are pilot points?

Pilot points can be used to learn and upgrade skills in your pilot bio. The more pilot points you invest in a skill, the better you’ll get at that skill.

You can collect up to 50 pilot points, and then invest them in the skills you choose. Each skill will increase a different value, such as the damage caused by your weapons, your shield’s strength, the loot received for an enemy kill, etc.

Collect log-disks and trade them in for pilot points.

What are log-disks?

Log-disks are like the black boxes of modern-day spaceships, and our top scientists have discovered a way to decipher their messages. The log-disk recordings have helped us to expand our knowledge of the universe and develop new technologies.

You can collect log-disks in outer space. Once you’ve collected a certain number of log-disks, you’ll be able to trade them in for pilot points. Use these pilot points to learn a skill in your pilot bio.

The more pilot points you’ve already used, the more log-disks you’ll require to get more pilot points.

Where can I collect log-disks?

You can get log-disks by:

  • Shooting down a Boss opponent (1 log-disk) or Uber-NPC starting with the Uber-Kristollonians (2 log-disks). These are given randomly, not all NPCs will give out log disks and Streuners and StreuneRs never do.
  • As reward for completing the Galaxy Gate Maps:
    • On the Alpha gate map: 2 log-disks
    • On the Beta gate map: 4 log-disks
    • On the Gamma gate map: 10 log-disks
    • On the Delta gate map: 8 log-disks
  • As a reward in the Galaxy Gate Materializer
  • Buying them with Uridium

Where can I find the pilot bio?

You’ll find a button entitled PILOT BIO in the navigation bar. Click on it and an overview of your skills and pilot points will open up.

How can I exchange log-disks for pilot points?

That’s easy. As soon as you’ve collected enough log-disks, they’ll automatically be exchanged for pilot points. You don’t have to do a thing.

How many log-disks does it take to get a pilot point?

Your pilot bio always shows how many log-disks are required to get the next pilot point. Once you have a pilot point, you can use it by

  • selecting the skill you’d like to learn/upgrade and assigning it to this skill.
  • You’ll also have to pay a certain number of credits and Seprom for every upgrade.
  • This money will go to support research.

The number of log-disks you need to get one pilot point increases every time a pilot point is created.

Here’s an example: You need to collect 30 log-disks for your first pilot point, whereas you need to collect 33 log-disks for your second pilot point. This principle also applies to the Seprom and credits: You’ll have to pay more for every upgrade.

Is there an order in which I have to learn the skills?

Yes, there are prerequisites for learning/upgrading certain skills. It’s only logical for you to learn the basic skills before you move onto the more advanced skills.

Also the second level of a certain skill which make the first level void.

In regards to the Experience and Honor Boost Skills, these will only count on NPC and Player kills, they will not count towards rewards. i.e. Quest and Gate Rewards.

Can I learn every skill?

No, you can’t get enough pilot points to learn every skill. You’ll have to decide which skills are most important to you.

But don’t worry, if you change your mind and want to learn different skills you can pay 1,000 Uridium to have your pilot bio reset and redistribute your pilot points.

Can I forget skills, or unlearn certain skills to learn others?

If you want to forget or unlearn skills, you’ll have to reset your pilot bio. To do this you’ll have to pay Uridium. ALL PILOT POINTS will be removed from your skill tree, and you’ll be able to reassign/redistribute them from scratch. The Seprom/credits you’d already invested will be lost forever.

It will cost you 1,000 Uridium to reset your pilot bio the first time. This price will double every time you reset your pilot bio. Resetting your pilot bio can get expensive, so make an informed decision when you decide to learn a skill.

Do I need to activate the skills I’ve learned?

No, they’ll take effect immediately.

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