Dark Orbit Jackpot Battle FAQ

Dark Orbit Jackpot Battle Frequently Asked Questions by Sephiroth

Here is some basic information about the Jackpot battle, all times given are in UTC+1 (German Time).

What is Jackpot money? And where can I find it?
There are jackpot pounds hidden in the bonus boxes which you can collect on the map. The money from these boxes will be added together and your jackpot will increase. The highest jackpot allowed is 10,000.

If you win a Jackpot Battle, the full amount you collected will be paid out to you in real money. The amount in your jackpot will then be reset to 0. Should you not win, your jackpot total will remain unchanged, and you will be able to continue collecting until the next Jackpot Battle.

What is the Jackpot battle?
There is a Jackpot Battle on the second Sunday of every month. All players having reached the age of 18 may participate in these battles. Players who have been destroyed cannot return to this map.

The total amount in the winner’s jackpot will be paid out to the winner in real GBPs. Should the amount collected be zero, the winner will receive nothing. The winnings will be transferred to the winner’s bank account by direct transfer. This is why the players are asked to enter their bank information upon registration.

How can I compete in the Jackpot Battle? When does it take place?

Three days before the Jackpot Battle, an invitation (event) layer will be displayed. You can enter your information in this layer in order to participate in the battle. Registration for the Jackpot Battle closes at 1:30pm on the day of the battle. At 2:00pm, on the day of the battle, all registered participants are placed on the battle map whether they are online or not.

At 2:10pm, 10,000 random participants are on the battle map and the attack ban will be lifted, then the battle can begin.

The battle map is split up into many different sub-maps. Players are randomly assigned to various Jackpot maps. When there are few enough players left, it will proceed to the next map. Each progression to a new map has less people, and a smaller playable area. The Jackpot Battle ends at 10:00pm. If more than one player remains at this time, a draw will decide the winner.

As soon as the battle is over for you, your spaceship will be transported back to the X-1 map, regardless of where it was before the battle.

Is there an age limit?

To participate in and/or collect the winnings of a Jackpot Battle, you must have reached the age of 18. Minors (players under 18 years old) are not allowed to participate in or collect winnings from the Jackpot Battle due to legal reasons. This also applies to minors who have their parents’/legal guardian’s permission. Before any prizes are awarded, the age of all participants will be verified. Should it become clear upon verification that the birth date provided by the winner is false, the winner will lose all claim and entitlement to the prize money.

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