Dark Orbit Galaxy Gates FAQ

Dark Orbit Galaxy Gates FAQ by Radoyan8

What good is the materializer of the galaxy gates?
With the help of a materializer you can build three new jump gates and enter into unknown galaxies.

What’s waiting for me in these galaxies?

If you have built a gate you can jump into a galaxy which is hiding behind it and take up new challenges there. If you master all the challenges of a galaxy, you’ll receive awesome rewards.

Can I use a gate more than once?
No if you have used a gate you’ll have to rebuild this gate in order to enter into the galaxy again. The other gates which haven’t been completely built yet will stay the same however.

Can I return from one of the four galaxies?

Yes, after killing all of the NPC’s in a wave (eg. Streuner) then two jumpgates will appear on the middle of the map. The right takes you to your home map, the left takes you to the next wave of NPC’s.

What happens if I already have a part of the gate?

If you already have a part of the gate, you’ll be able to keep it. You can collect up to 5 gate parts and use a Multiplier for the materializier.
Depending on how many gate parts you have, you’ll get the following:

  • 1 gate part = double the amount
  • 2 gate parts = triple the amount
  • 3 gate parts = four times the amount
  • 4 gate parts = five times the amount
  • 5 gate parts = six times the amount

If you’ve collected 5 gate parts, you’ll get six times the amount indicated when using the materializer the next time!

Can I collect more than 5 parts as a multiplier?
No, if you have 2 each of the 5 parts, these will automatically be used as multipliers the next time you use the materializer.

What happens if I get a gate part by using a multiplier?
Then you’ll only get the new parts for the gate. You won’t get double the amount of parts. If you’ve used, for example, a 5-gate-part multiplier and you only need 2 parts for the gate, you’ll get the rest in ammunition or in credits.

Do I only win gate parts?
No, in addition to the gate parts you can also win the following:

  • All types of elite laser ammunition (between 20 -140 rounds)
  • Elite rockets and mines (between 2-12 pieces)
  • A repair credit
  • Xenomit (between 5-7 pieces)

What happens if my armory is full?
Then you’ll still get the ammunition. This will be added into your armory anyway – no matter if there is enough room or not.

Are there any blanks?

No, every time you materialize you win. If you already have a gate part, you can use it as a multiplier later on.

How much is one materialization?
It costs 100 Uridium for one materialization. With each materialization, you’ll either get a gate part or at least a prize worth 100 Uridium or more.
In addition you can also fight for additional energy so that you don’t have to pay anything to use the materializer.
(For premium members, it will cost 95 uridium)

Can I choose when I want to use a repair credit?
The credit will be used the next time you repair your ship or a drone. You’re not able to choose if you can use this credit or not.

I am a Premium member; will my credit be used for the repair of my ship anyway?
Since you can repair your ship for free, no credit will be deducted when you repair it.

Regards Radovan8

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