Conquer Online Warrior Leveling Guide

Conquer Online Warrior Leveling Guide by Fudges-Archer

This guide is aimed towards newer players, so if you are an experienced player, you can skip some parts in this guide.


Warriors are a great class to start out as, because they level fast, have very high defense, and have a very useful XP Skill called “Superman”.

Superman will increase your damage to monsters by 10x the normal damage, and I believe 2x normal damage against other players. (Not sure about that). Superman only lasts around 30 seconds UNLESS you continually kill monsters. For every monster you kill, it will give you more time in Superman state. This takes time to perfect, but eventually you will be able to keep Superman for 500+ kills.


If you are starting out as a Warrior, I strongly urge you to reborn into a Warrior again. It may seem boring leveling and playing the same class twice, but it will be worth it for the end results. If your reborn combo is Warrior-Warrior-xxx (xxx being anything), you will get what is called reflect (War-War will automatically get it. xxx-War-xxx will have to wait until second reborn), which has a random chance of reflecting all damage done to you back to the attacker. It can do up to 1700 damage to the opponent.

You may get reborned by taking a Celestial Stone (Made with Clean Water, normal Phoenix gem, Dragon gem, Moon gem, Rainbow gem, Violet gem, Fury gem, and Kyling gem. Take all these materials to Celestine (Twin City at coordinates 365,92) and he will give you a Celestial Stone) to Eternity (Market at coordinates 298,217).


Throughout the guide, I will use these abbreviations.

Lab – Short for Labyrinth.
Pots – Short for HP Potions, which heal your hp.
Mets – Short for meteors, which will help increase the level of your items.

The Weapons:

The most commonly used weapons on a Warrior are either a wand or a club.

The wand is good for leveling because of it’s passive skill “Snow”, which has a much wider area of effect than the club’s Rage. Using a wand, however, prevents you from using a shield, which can reduce defense greatly for those of you that don’t buy DBs.

The club is good for leveling when you need the defense of a shield, and you still can have range with the club’s passive skill “Rage”, but it does not have as much range as the wand’s skill.

One quite uncommon weapon is the whip. It has very good accuracy, and a 180 degree attack radius. It’s skill Roamer actually weakens your attack until lvl 5, though. It is possible to attack monsters all around you except behind you.


A Warrior’s basic equipment is: A helmet/headband, necklace, ring, club/wand (read above), Warrior armor, shield (optional (read above)), and boots.

Some people will urge you to use earrings instead of a helmet/headband, due to it’s magic defense, but for now, don’t worry about earrings, since they will only be helpful in PvP later.

By completing the new “Free” quests recently implemented, you should have good enough gears to level in all the areas I will describe. If you happen to have a few + stones, putting them on your defensive equipment (armor, necklace, helmet, or shield) will help decrease the damage you recieve immensely.

Leveling Up Your Items:

As you gain levels, do not forget to keep your items up to your level. If you have Refined or higher quality items, I suggest either using meteors in Twin City and upgrading them at ArtisanWind, or go to the Market and upgrade them there. The market costs more, but it never fails when upgrading an item’s level. If you have only normal gears, buy equipment from the shops in the areas I will tell you to level.

There are a few ways to obtain meteors. They have a random chance of dropping every time you kill a monster, so you should be getting quite a few while leveling. Also, once you reach around level 30 and start doing the “300” quests, every time you complete the quest, you will receive a meteor along with 1/2 of an experience ball. You may only do this quest three times a day. Another way is to buy the meteors from other players. Lastly, sometimes TQ will do special events that will sometimes give us meteors, along with many other helpful, and some not so helpful rewards.

When an item’s level starts to get higher, it will require more mets, and eventually will require a DragonBall. Leveling weapons after level 115 and higher will require a DragonBall.

The max level of a weapon is 130, and after 120, the weapon will upgrade 1 level per DragonBall, meaning from 115-130, it will take 11 DragonBalls.

Leveling necklaces and boots require DragonBalls after they have reached level 120. There are 2 boots and necklaces higher than level 120, which means it will require 2 DragonBalls each for the max level.

Rings are the same, except they take DragonBalls to upgrade after 116, so it will also take two DragonBalls to get them to the max level.

Everything else may be upped to the max level using meteors. A total of 17 DragonBalls will be needed to max level your gears, which is why I suggest waiting until you are second reborn to up using DragonBalls.


If you hover your mouse over your items, you will notice they have a durability (Ex: 40/40). While you are leveling, every few minutes or so, your durability will start to decrease. Make sure to watch this carefully, because if the durability reaches 0, the item will break, and it will cost 5 meteors to repair it. You can repair these for silver at any shop. The lower the durability, the more it will cost.

Item Levels:

Helmets/Headbands: 15, 22, 27, 37, 47, 52, 67, 82, 97, 112, 120.

Weapons: Weapons will upgrade by 5’s, meaning if you upgrade a level 5 weapon, it will upgrade to level 10, and so on…

Shields: 40, 47, 55, 62, 70, 77, 85, 92, 100, 110, 120.

Armors: 1 (Coat), 12 (Dress), 15, 22, 32, 40, 47, 57, 70, 87, 100, 110, 120.

Rings(Attack ring): 1, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 116, 121, 126.

Necklaces: 7, 17, 27, 37, 45, 52, 67, 82, 97, 112, 120, 125, 130.

Boots: 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, 100, 110, 120, 124, 129.

Make sure to not upgrade your items to a level you aren’t at yet. You will not be able to wear them. Also, make sure your weapon proficiency is high enough to wield the next level of your weapon before you upgrade.

Levels 1-40:

Before I start, I will say this….PICK UP EVERY SINGLE PIECE OF EQUIPMENT THE MOBS DROP. Even if they are not for your class, you could find something you could trade to someone for something that IS for your class.

Here you can choose to get leveled by an Archer at Bird Island, which will take less time than doing it yourself, but you will not gain any percent in proficiency, forcing you to use lower leveled weapons until you have leveled the proficiency.

If you choose to level yourself, I would skip Pheasants and start off with leveling on TurtleDoves. They can be found to the Southeast of the Conductress outside of Twin City. Wait for Superman and only attack when you have it, or if you feel like spending money on pots, you can just continually attack them. Don’t forget to take the “100” quest from the TC Captain. You won’t get a meteor for completing the low level ones, but one and a half exp balls is quite a lot of experience for a low level. After doing the quest a few times, you should be around level 20-25.

At this point you will need to buy some equipment. You will probably only be able to afford normal equipment from the shops, which is perfectly fine for now. Buy some equipment up to your level before moving on.

Now I suggest moving to Phoenix Castle and fighting the Bandits you find here. Again, waiting for Superman if you want to save money on pots, or continually attacking. You should level in this area until around level 40. If Bandits start giving much less experience than before, you can move southeast to FireRats.

At this point, you might have found some decent equipment from picking up items dropped by the mobs, but if you didn’t, don’t worry. Go back to Twin City and go east of the first entrance. You will see a portal. This is the promotion center. Find WarriorGod and asked to be promoted twice. You will recieve a normal level 40 shield. Then, tell him “Gimme some tasks” to start the quests. At this point you can do four quests and recieve around 10,000 silvers, a Refined helmet, a Refined weapon, a Refined necklace, and a Unique armor.

Also, before moving on, make sure to buy the skill “Rage” or “Snow” (Rage if you’re using a club, Snow if you’re using a wand) from the Pedlar next to the Warehouseman in Twin City.

Levels 40-60:

If it has been one day since the last time you completed the “100” quests, you may talk to PC Captain to finish the quests again, but this time you will need to kill 300 mobs before finishing.

At this point, I suggest moving to Ape City. Continue southwest from the city, and you will see a portal. Go through it to find the MiniMac spawn. Here, you can wait for Superman and kill these to gain levels very fast. If the experience starts slowing down, you may move further south and reach the Elf Ape spawn, and further down is the Snakemen spawn (across the bridge).

After you reach level 60, you may do five more quests taken from WarriorGod and recieve around 30,000 silvers, a Unique ring, a Unique weapon, a Unique helmet, an Elite weapon, and Elite boots. However, the quest to recieve the Elite boots is extremely difficult. The last boss of this quest can very easily 1-hit you. I suggest waiting until you are a little higher level to finish.

Levels 60-80:

A great place to level at this point is the second map in Desert City. Make sure you bring enough pots to stay alive, as they may hit high numbers on you. To get to the second map, find the Conductress in Desert City and select “Mystic Castle” as your destination. You will see a portal, but DO NOT enter it. Continue southwest along the “wall” and you will eventually find another portal. Go into the portal. From there move east and you will eventually see SandElfs. Kill these until they start to give slow experience. From here you can move north and try against RockMonsters. Continue leveling in this area until level 80.

Now might be a good time to try and finish that last quest, but make sure your items are up to your level. After that, you may complete two more quests and receive silvers, an Elite helmet, and an Elite armor.

Levels 80-100:

This is where (in my opinion) the fun stuff begins. Head over to Bird Island. To the southwest of the city is a HUGE spawn of BirdMen. Kill these, but do not kill them unless you have Superman. They will hurt you around 400, so keep A LOT of pots on you, and set them to a F hotkey by dragging one from your inventory and clicking on an F key spot. You should reach level 90 in no time. However, depending on what server you’re on, this spot can often be crowded with Archers. Try to stay to the right if you can.

If the experience starts getting slow, move to the city and fill up on pots. (Before continuing, make sure you upgrade your items to your level). Follow the path east of the Pharmacist, turn right, right again, and you will come across a portal. Go into the portal. This is the Hawking spawn. They are a higher level, and much stronger than the BirdMen. This spot is also sometimes crowded with Archers. Just be patient, and in no time you will have reached level 97.

At level 97, you can continue to level at the Hawkings, or you can go to the Labryinth. I would suggest staying at the Hawkings, so you can have the level 100 armor before going into the Labryinth.

Levels 100-110:

At this point, you can do the Talisman quests to recieve an Elite Tower and Super Fan. These are a MUST HAVE. They increase your damage given, and damage received, depending on how high + you put on them. There is a guide to the quest on the Conquer Online website. This is the most difficult quest for this level, so you may want to have a friend help you.

Now you should have enough defense to survive in the Labryinth. What you will need to do is find a nice Archer to help you get “Virtue Points”. If you have an Archer friend, just say, “Will you help me get vps?”. They’ll explain how to do it. ^_^

MAKE SURE YOUR ITEMS ARE UP TO YOUR LEVEL, OTHERWISE YOU MAY NOT SURVIVE. Also, make sure to repair your gears, you have enough pots, and you have a Twin City scroll.

Anyways, once you get 2,000 Virtue Points at least, you can go into the Lab. From Twin City, go far north, and you should see a man in a red robe named “Simon”, and he will help you into the Lab.

Before going in, study these maps of the Labyrinth. They will guide you to where you need to level.

Once you find the area you need to level in, continue leveling here until 110.

Levels 110-120:

From here, leave the Lab by using a Twin City scroll. Upgrade your items to your level, and go through the process of getting Virtue Points again. You will need at minimum 2,000, but it never hurts to get a little more.

Search around the Market for a Sky Token, Soul Token, and Earth Token. These will help you get to the fourth floor of the Labyrinth. (You will need the Lab map I was talking about before to find your way to the fourth floor).

Once you get to the fourth floor, kill the mobs of “Minotaurs” until you are level 120. However, while using Superman, only kill ONE Minotaur at a time, otherwise you will get “bugged experience”, meaning it will be greatly lowered. Say you killed one and got +200,000 experience. Killing two would give you around +25,000 experience, and killing three would give you NOTHING.

Levels 120-125:

Now you may choose to stay in the fourth floor of the Lab until 125, or you can leave and upgrade your equips. (I’m WAY past ready to leave by level 120, so I usually leave).

Here is where leveling gets hard. You may level at the BloodyDevils in Mystic Castle (Go to Desert City, talk to Conductress, go to Mystic Castle and find Bloody Devils inside), or the Wine Zone. I personally like BloodyDevils. You may level here until level 123 (Thanks to AlmostSober for helping me fix my previous mistake!), then they will turn green. From here, you can return to Lab 4, or you may go to WineZone and level there until 125.

Levels 125-130:

These levels are the hardest, because there are virtually NO monsters you can straight level on. You can, however:

Do the “120” quest – Find CloudSaint in market for details.
Do the Dis City quest – Find SolarSaint at the top of Ape City for details.
Go to the Training Grounds – Find “Boxer” in any city for details.

After You’ve Reached 130:

After you have reached 130, first of all, CONGRATULATIONS! Now you may reborn, putting you back to level 15, and reducing the level of whatever gears you are wearing with you. As I have said before, I strongly urge those of you that started as a Warrior to reborn back into one. If you have already been reborned into a Warrior, congratulations. You now have a choice of what you want your ending result to be. Provided your reborn pattern was Warrior-Warrior-, here are your options.

Fire: This would not be the BEST combo, but it will still be a great character. A Fire with reflect is a great thing to have, since it can save your life in many situations.

Trojan: This, in my opinion, would be the best you can do. Trojans have great attack power, and have often been referred to as the “Kings of PvP”.

Warrior: Not the best combo for a Warrior, but still, not bad.

Water: Great combo for a Water melee.

Archer: Pretty good Guild War Archer, since you can fly and reflect back many of the hits you receive.

Ninja: I strongly recommend NOT going Ninja. From what I’ve heard, the best Ninja is pure Ninja-Ninja-Ninja.

Anyways, that’s my guide. Constructive criticism is appreciated. If you have ANY questions or comments, feel free to PM me, or post here.

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