City of Heroes Damage Procs FAQ

City of Heroes Damage Procs Frequently Asked Questions by Natsuki

What does proc mean?

Using Positron’s own words “..a Proc, meaning a procedure that has a chance of happening.”

Or in other words, Proc(edure)s create specific effects depending on the outcome of a randomly generated number.

Does the level of the IO effect the damage of a proc?

No, the damage from procs varies by Combat Level, and has no bearing on the level of the proc IO, nor which proc. They all do the same damage, however the damage type of each proc does make a difference due to Enemy resistances. The Smashing and Lethal damage procs are more often resisted than the other damage types.

What is the chance of the proc firing?

All Damage procs have a 20% Chance of firing except Touch of Death which only has a 15% Chance.
The more you use a power with a proc (such as in fast-recharge attacks), the more often it will succeed. I11 added in new procs; the Purple Recipes, their procs all have a chance to fire of 33%. While the new debuff/knockback procs have the standard 20% chance of firing

If I use multiple procs does that increase the chance of the proc firing?

Yes and no. If you slot a 20% and 15% chance for damage proc into the same power, you do not get 35% chance for damage. What you do get is two separate chances for damage. In the end you get a 29% chance for one of the procs to fire, a 3% chance for both procs to fire, and a 68% chance for neither proc to fire. (Why does it work like this? Chance for no procs is determined as (100% – Chance of proc 1) * ( 100% – Chance of proc 2)

What about powers that only have a chance for the enhancements type to fire off (Such as Energy Blast with Explosive Strike)?

There has been much debate about this particular point; via testing and thanks to Biowraith, there is now a perfect example/proof of how this works. In essence, a power only needs to be enhanceable for the type of enhancement for the proc to fire off. The power does not even need to contain such an effect for the proc to work! That is to say, slotting an Explosive Strike chance for Smashing into a power that has a 20% chance for Knockback, it will roll the chance for Smashing proc whether or not the chance for knockback the power has inherently fires off! What’s my proof? Robotics Mastermind’s first attack, Pulse Rifle Blast (Tier1 attack), has NO knockback effect at all, however, the power accepts both Knockback enhancers and Knockback Set Enhancers, and yes, the Explosive Strike proc works in it.

Does the damage of the procs increase with Damage buffs?

No, all of the procs are set to ignore Enhancement and Power Bonuses. However, the procs will benefit from Resist debuffs in PvE

Do procs benefit from Resist Debuffs in PvP?

Many procs have their damage set to be unresistable in PvP. This means that while they will always apply their full damage regardless of any damage resistance the opponent might have, the procs will not do more damage when Resist Debuffs are applied.

Thanks to Auspice the following damage procs are confirmed as unresistable in PvP, Neuronic Shutdown, Ghost Widow’s Embrace, Trap of the Hunter, and Unbreakable Constraint. Only two procs are confirmed as resistable in PvP, Touch of Lady Grey, and Apocalypse.

Does the damage of the procs vary with Archetype?

No, the damage does not. The damage is based on the “TempDamage” table which is independent of the Archetype.
This means that viewing the proc as a damage buff it will be a greater bonus (by percentage) in a lower damage attack or for a lower damage archetype.

Does a power have to do damage to be able to activate a damage proc?

No, procs are completely independent on how much damage if any the power does. As long as a power hits, whether it’s normally a damage dealing power or not, any damage proc slotted in that power will do damage.

How much damage do the procs do?

Well, thanks to _Brev_ we have the following table! All of the procs do Damage Scale 0.67 of TempDamage Modifier. With I11 added in we now have “moderate” damage procs, that is, the purple procs. Purple procs use the same damage modifier but they are 1.0 Damage Scalar. I’ve added in their damage below (Obviously since it’s a 1.0 damage scalar it’s going to be same as the actual damage modifier).

Level TempDamage ProcDamage PurpleDamage
1 -10 -6.7 -10
2 -11.05 -7.4 -11.05
3 -12.18 -8.16 -12.18
4 -13.39 -8.97 -13.39
5 -14.69 -9.84 -14.69
6 -16.08 -10.77 -16.08
7 -17.55 -11.76 -17.55
8 -19.12 -12.81 -19.12
9 -20.78 -13.92 -20.78
10 -22.53 -15.1 -22.53
11 -24.38 -16.33 -24.38
12 -26.31 -17.63 -26.31
13 -28.35 -18.99 -28.35
14 -30.47 -20.41 -30.47
15 -32.68 -21.89 -32.68
16 -34.97 -23.43 -34.97
17 -37.35 -25.03 -37.35
18 -39.81 -26.67 -39.81
19 -42.34 -28.37 -42.34
20 -44.93 -30.11 -44.93
21 -47.59 -31.89 -47.59
22 -50.31 -33.7 -50.31
23 -53.07 -35.55 -53.07
24 -55.86 -37.43 -55.86
25 -58.69 -39.32 -58.69
26 -61.54 -41.23 -61.54
27 -64.39 -43.14 -64.39
28 -67.25 -45.06 -67.25
29 -70.09 -46.96 -70.09
30 -72.91 -48.85 -72.91
31 -75.69 -50.71 -75.69
32 -78.43 -52.55 -78.43
33 -81.1 -54.34 -81.1
34 -83.71 -56.08 -83.71
35 -86.23 -57.77 -86.23
36 -88.65 -59.4 -88.65
37 -90.97 -60.95 -90.97
38 -93.17 -62.42 -93.17
39 -95.23 -63.81 -95.23
40 -97.16 -65.1 -97.16
41 -98.94 -66.29 -98.94
42 -100.55 -67.37 -100.55
43 -102 -68.34 -102
44 -103.27 -69.19 -103.27
45 -104.36 -69.92 -104.36
46 -105.26 -70.52 -105.26
47 -105.96 -71 -105.96
48 -106.47 -71.34 -106.47
49 -106.78 -71.54 -106.78
50 -107.09 -71.75 -107.09

How does a proc work in (Insert Toggle Power)?

A proc will have a chance to fire once every 10 seconds while in a Toggle, whether or not there are any valid targets in the toggle and whether the proc fires off or not it gets one chance every 10 seconds. In most Damage Toggles the proc will have a chance to fire off on every 5th damage tick (Damage Toggles tick at a rate of every 2 seconds)

How does a proc work in (Insert Rain/Emanation Power)?

A proc will have a chance to fire once every 10 seconds for the duration of the Rain/Emanation Power. For a power that only lasts 10 seconds, it will get two chances off (Tested this myself and confirmed).

What happens when multiple enemies are hit by a proc?

The proc is calculated separately for each enemy. This means if you hit 10 enemies with say, Buckshot, then on average two enemies will be effected by the proc.

Will Scourge, Scrapper Criticals, Controller Containment or Damage over Time effects increase proc rate?

No, they will not. procs are based on “per activation”. For powers that are not pseudo-pets, this means one chance per use. Psuedo pets follow the rule as outlined above, once every 10 seconds they get a chance.

Which procs do what type of damage?

Standard non-unique procs
(Confuse) Cacophony: 20% Chance for Energy Damage
(Confuse) Malaise’s Illusions: 20% Chance for Psionic Damage
(Fear) Glimpse of the Abyss: 20% Chance for Psionic Damage
(Hold) Neuronic Shutdown: 20% Chance for Psionic Damage
(Hold) Ghost Widow’s Embrace: 20% Chance for Psionic Damage
(Immobilize) Trap of the Hunter: 20% Chance for Lethal Damage
(Melee)Touch of Death: 15% Chance for Negative Energy Damage
(Melee) Mako’s Bite: 20% Chance for Lethal Damage
(PBAoE)Scirocco’s Dervish: 20% Chance for Lethal Damage
(Slow) Impeded Swiftness: 20% Chance for Smashing Damage
(Snipers) Sting of the Manticore: 20% Chance for Toxic Damage
(Targeted AoE) Positron’s Blast: 20% Chance for Energy Damage
(Defense Debuff)Touch of Lady Grey: 20% Chance for Negative Damage
(Knockback) Explosive Strike: 20% Chance for Smashing Damage
(Taunt) Perfect Zinger: 20% Chance for Psionic Damage

Purple unique procs
(Ranged, Purple) Apocalypse: 33% Chance for Negative Damage
(Melee, Purple) Hecatomb: 33% Chance for Negative Damage
(PBAoE, Purple)Armageddon: 33% Chance for Fire Damage
(Hold, Purple)Unbreakable Constraint: 33% Chance for Smashing Damage

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