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City of Heroes Binds List by Camo_Fire

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Welcome to the Compiled List of Binds!
These binds are compiled from an old thread that was recently bumped up titled “Post your /bind’s here” originally created by Grotus. It was started back in 2004 and was 112 pages when this thread was first posted.

I have compiled the useful binds into 4 lists- Miscellaneous, Powers, Inspirations, and Chat. It was a bit hard organizing them, so the following system was done for each section:

At the top of each post, the section name is indicated in Red
Each sub-section is indicated in Yellow
The binds are in a list with examples following them. Example:

* /bind powexec_toggleon ” Turns on a toggle power. Example from StaticDrifter:
/bind g “powexec_toggleon targeting drone$$powexec_toggleon cloaking device”

Notice the green * at the beginning. It means that it is the next bind in the list. This was done to avoid confusion. Each bind in the list has a star of different colors: Blue, Orange, Purple, Brown, Green, and Pink. If you see one of the stars in front of it, it means it is a new bind, not a note about the one above it.

Any useful binds posted in this thread by others that are NOT similar to the ones already posted in my master list will be added when I get the chance.

Table of Contents:

Section 1: Intro/Table of Contents
Section 2: Power Binds
Section 3: Inspiration Binds
Section 4: Chat Binds
Section 5: Miscellaneous Binds/Other


Executing a Power by Name

* /bind powexec_toggleon ” Turns on a toggle power. Example from StaticDrifter:
/bind g “powexec_toggleon targeting drone$$powexec_toggleon cloaking device”

* /bind “powexec_toggleoff Turns off a toggle power. Example from StaticDrifter:
bind powexec_toggleoff targeting drone$$powexec_toggleoff cloaking device”

* /bind “powexec_auto ” Put the indicated power on auto.

* /bind “powexec_name Executes the indicated power. Examples from Grotus/Odacer/Dyschord/Achtung/WaveFunction/Anonymous/Super_Volt/keshma/Mr_Fingers:

/bind lshift+lbutton “powexec_name teleport”
/bind divide “powexec_auto Barb Swipe”
/bind button4 “powexec_name Heal Other”
/bind button5 “powexec_name Healing Aura”
/bind b powexec_name Brawl
/bind h powexec_name Hover
/bind s powexec_name Sprint
/bind button4 powexec_name Hover
/bind button5 powexec_name Fly
/bind l powexec_name prestige power dash
/bind f powexec_name hover
/bind g powexec_name super speed
/bind 6 “powexec_name Brawl$$powexec_name Sprint$$powexec_altslot 6”
/macro ALTSLOT6 “powexec_name fly$$powexec_name Shadow Maul$$powexec_slot 7”
/macro SLOT7 “powexec_name Brawl$$powexec_name Sprint$$powexec_altslot 7”
/macro ALTSLOT7 “powexec_name Brawl$$powexec_name Sprint$$powexec_slot 6”
/macro SLOT6 “powexec_name Brawl$$powexec_name Sprint$$powexec_altslot 6”
/bind f “powexec_name Sprint$$powexec_name Fly$$powexec_name Hover”
/bind lshift+f “powexec_name Fly$$powexec_name Hover$$powexec_name Sprint”
/bind ‘ “powexec_name prestige power surge ”
/bind space “+up$$power_exec_name Combat Jumping”
/bind c “powexec_sprint”$$powexec_abort” Toggle sprint on and off
lshift+lbutton “powexec_name Teleport”
lshift+rbutton “powexec_name Fortitude”
lshift+BUTTON4 “powexec_name Healing Aura”
lshift+BUTTON5 “powexec_name Heal Other”
lshift+MBUTTON “powexec_name Clear Mind”
ctrl+BUTTON4 “powexec_name Hasten”
ctrl+BUTTON5 “powexec_name Recovery Aura”
lshift+button5 “powexec_name Power Bolt”
lshift+button4 “powexec_name Power Blast”
lshift+rbutton “powexec_name Energy Torrent”
lshift+MBUTTON “powexec_name Web Grenade”
lshift+lbutton “powexec_name Sniper Blast”
ctrl+lbutton “powexec_name Hover”
/bind add powexec_name sprint

* Numpad Healing Binds from _tet_:
NUMPAD1 “+ $$teamselect 1$$powexec_name Heal Other”
NUMPAD2 “+ $$teamselect 2$$powexec_name Heal Other”
NUMPAD3 “+ $$teamselect 3$$powexec_name Heal Other”
NUMPAD4 “+ $$teamselect 4$$powexec_name Heal Other”
NUMPAD5 “+ $$teamselect 5$$powexec_name Heal Other”
NUMPAD6 “+ $$teamselect 6$$powexec_name Heal Other”
NUMPAD7 “+ $$teamselect 7$$powexec_name Heal Other”
NUMPAD8 “+ $$teamselect 8$$powexec_name Heal Other”

* /bind g “powexec_abort$$unselect$$powexec_slot 1” Makes you draw your weapon without attacking as long as the slot indicated (1 in this example) is a power that will cause you to draw you weapon (EX. Sting of the Wasp to draw Katana). Powexec_slot 1 can also be replaced with powexec_name

* To jump then turn on hover:
/bind y “+up$$powexec_name Hover$$powexec_name Hover”

* Special teleport bind from Grotus:
“ /bind lshift+lbutton “powexec_name Teleport”

Teleports without the targeting cursor (actually it still does the targeting cursor, it just does the click to accept that location at the same time).”

* TheUnnamedOne says:
“/bind f “powexec_name Sprint$$powexec_name Fly$$powexec_name Hover”

What it does is turn off your Sprint whenever you hit it (to save Endurance while Flying/Hovering) and then toggles between Fly and Hover. If both are off, Hover will come on first. This is REALLY handy in a fight if you are Hovering and need to gain some distance. One key will switch you to Fly to gain distance and then the same key will switch you back to Hover. I made this next one to go along with the previous one:

/bind lshift+f “powexec_name Fly$$powexec_name Hover$$powexec_name Sprint”

Since the first one (“F”) ALWAYS turns off Sprint, the second one (“lshift+F”) will always activate it if you use these together. When I’m done with a fight where I was hovering/flying I’ll just hit LShift+F to land and start Sprinting again. “

Activating Powers by Slot

* /bind

“powexec_slot ” Execute the power indicated by the number on the bottom row of the power tray. Examples from Grotus/Arzen535/Storyteller:

/bind numpad1 “powexec_slot 1”
/bind numpad2 “powexec_slot 2”
/bind numpad3 “powexec_slot 3”
/bind numpad4 “powexec_slot 4”
/bind numpad5 “powexec_slot 5”
/bind numpad6 “powexec_slot 6”
/bind numpad7 “powexec_slot 7”
/bind numpad8 “powexec_slot 8”
/bind numpad9 “powexec_slot 9”
/bind numpad0 “powexec_slot 10”
/bind mbutton “powexec_slot 9”
f1 “powexec_slot 1”
f2 “powexec_slot 2”
f3 “powexec_slot 3”
f4 “powexec_slot 4”
f5 “powexec_slot 5”
f6 “powexec_slot 6”
f7 “powexec_slot 7”
f8 “powexec_slot 8”
f9 “powexec_slot 9”
f10 “powexec_slot 10”

* /bind “powexec_altslot ” Executes the power in the alternate slot indicated. Alternate slot indicates the row on your power tray NOT on the bottom. Examples from Grotus:

/bind lalt+numpad1 “powexec_altslot 1”
/bind lalt+numpad2 “powexec_altslot 2”
/bind lalt+numpad3 “powexec_altslot 3”
/bind lalt+numpad4 “powexec_altslot 4”
/bind lalt+numpad5 “powexec_altslot 5”
/bind lalt+numpad6 “powexec_altslot 6”
/bind lalt+numpad7 “powexec_altslot 7”
/bind lalt+numpad8 “powexec_altslot 8”
/bind lalt+numpad9 “powexec_altslot 9”
/bind lalt+numpad0 “powexec_altslot 10”

Combining Emotes/Phrases with Powers

* /bind “emote $$powexec_name ” Do the indicated emotion or phrase and execute the power. Examples from Skindancer/Odacer/Kungfoo/RedwoodTheElf/Anonymous/Valerian/Enantiodromos/Celestial_Lad/Cuppa_Lux:

/bind “emote Crime does not pay$$powexec_name Shadow Maul”
/bind “emote Justice is swift$$powexec_name Smite”
/bind “emote Sweet sweet Justice$$powexec_name Shadow Punch”
(Side note: I believe if you put the word emote then a phrase, it will say the phrase. It was said in an old post, so it may have changed. Confirmation or correction needed)
/bind z “team Teleporting $target to my location.$$powexec_name Recall Friend”
/bind numpad4 “g Mesmerizing $target – please refrain from waking them.$$powexec_name Mesmerize”
/bind numpad5 “g Hold back on the AoE, casting group mez.$$powexec_name Mass Hypnosis”
/bind numpad6 “g Dominating the mind of $target – now’s our chance to attack!$$powexec_name Dominate”
/bind p “team By the power of the demon Abdara, $target, I summon thee!$$Powexec_name Recall Ally”
/bind P “team I summon thee, $target!$$Powexec_name Recall Ally”
/bind q “powexec_name Taunt$$say pulling $Target”
/bind v “group Using Provoke on $target$$powexec_name Provoke”
/bind u “group
Entering Unyielding Stance$$powexec_name Unyielding Stance”
/bind i “group
Leaving Unyielding Stance$$powexec_name Temp Invulnerability”
/bind numpad4 “spread (or share) the love $target!!$$pwexec_name m30 grenade.”
/bind numpad4 “local spread (or share) the love $target!!$$pwexec_name m30 grenade.”
/bind numpad1 “unselect$$team_select 1$$group $target receiving medial attention!$$powexec_name Heal Other”
/bind numpad0 “$$group Applying healing centered around me!$$powexec_name Healing Aura”
/bind “local Charge!$$powexec_abort$$unselect$$autorun 0$$toggle_enemy$$follow$$powexec_auto gash$$powexec_name chop”
/bind numpad4 “powexec_name Terrify$$local You all know who I am. Or at least, you should.”
/bind numpad9 “local Light of the Comet!$$cc 1$$powexec_name short circuit”
/bind y “team Be aware $target, you are being teleported now.$$powexec_name teleport friend”
/bind h “team $target, you are getting zapped! Be ready team.$$powexec_name zapp”
/bind F2 “Say Say hello to my little friends!$$powexec_name Phantom Army”

* Checky says:
“Hey, if you are an Inv/??? tanker, here is a rather sweet bind.

/bind “Local ADRENALINE RUSH!!!$$ Powexec_Name Dull Pain$$ CC $$ E Frustrated”

Basically, I have this bind on my tanker, so when I used Dull Pain, I change into a costume which is the exact same as my main costume, but bigger. I also do the frustrated e-mote, which is about a close to getting mad as I could see. Try it out, it also replaces the animation for Dull Pain with you e-mote. Rather cool to do.”

* Quoted from an Anonymous forum member:
“Here is what I use for hover, up will always turn hover on no matter what state it starts in and dwn will turn it off no matter what state it was in. This is good for when you get knocked out of the sky.

/macro up “powexec_name Hover$$powexec_name Hover” “

* StarDefender says:
“Here are some simple macros that I use:

/macro AFK “powexec_name Superior Invisibility$$afk BRB. I’m checking the Stock Page.$$emote newspaper”

/macro REST “powexec_name Rest$$team Hang on guys. I’ve gotta tie my shoe!”


/macro KS “/demorecord KSER$$tell $target, You are being recorded. Please don’t KS me. These mobs are taken.”

I was using that one to good effect yesterday in Steel Canyon.

Oh, here’s the one all Teleporters should have:

/bind numpad1 “team $target, are you ready to be Teleported?”

/bind numpad0 “powexec_name Recall Friend$$team Teleporting $target in 5 seconds. Please standby.” “

* /bind “+down$$powexec_name Makes it so that the toggle power indicated is only on while the power is active. Submitted by Goryus_ca

* /bind “follow$$powexec_name ” This is a useful bind that will make you follow your target and use the indicated attack. Very useful for melee characters. Exmaple of a macro form by Stomp:

/macro fHak “follow$$powexec_name Hack”

Move And Toggle Sprint

W “+forward$$powexec_name null$$powexec_name Sprint”
S “+backward$$powexec_name null$$powexec_name Sprint”
A “+left$$powexec_name null$$powexec_name Sprint”
D “+right$$powexec_name null$$powexec_name Sprint”

When the bind is used, you will move the direction indicated and toggle sprint on or off, depending on how it is when the bind is used. Submitted by Waterboy. Similar binds but with Hover/Fly submitted by HeroByNight:

/bind A “+left$$powexec_name Hover$$powexec_name Fly”
/bind D “+right$$powexec_name Hover$$powexec_name Fly”
/bind S “+backward$$powexec_name Hover$$powexec_name Fly”
/bind W “+forward$$powexec_name Hover$$powexec_name Fly”
/bind X “+down$$powexec_name Hover$$powexec_name Fly”
/bind SPACE “+up$$powexec_name Hover$$powexec_name Fly”


Toggling Inspiration Window

* Submitted by Krakin2000
/bind “show inspirations” Opens inspiration window
/bind “hide inspirations” Closes inspiration window

Executing Inspirations by Name

* /bind “inspexec_name ” Execute the indicated inspiration if it is in your tray

* Another option mentioned by Grotus is to send yourself a private message along with it so you will know you hit the right bind. Some may find this useful:

/bind “tell $name, $$inspexec_name ”

This will execute the inspiration indicated and send yourself a tell with the indicated message. Examples from Grotus/Storyteller/Waterboy

/bind insert “tell $name, ACC$$inspexec_name insight”
/bind delete “tell $name, HP$$inspexec_name respite$$inspexec_name Dramatic Improvement$$inspexec_name resurgence”
/bind home “tell $name, DAM$$inspexec_name enrage$$inspexec_name focused rage$$inspexec_name righteous rage”
/bind end “tell $name, END$$inspexec_name catch a breath$$inspexec_name take a breather”
/bind pageup “tell $name, DEF$$inspexec_name luck”
/bind pagedown “tell $name, DISCIPLINE$$inspexec_name discipline”
/bind insert “tell $name, ACC$$inspexec_name Insight$$inspexec_name Keen Insight$$inspexec_name Uncanny Insight”
/bind delete “tell $name, HP$$inspexec_name Respite$$inspexec_name Dramatic Improvement$$inspexec_name resurgence”
/bind home “tell $name, DAM$$inspexec_name Enrage$$inspexec_name Focused Rage$$inspexec_name Righteous Rage”
/bind end “tell $name, END$$inspexec_name Catch a Breath$$inspexec_name Take a Breather$$inspexec_name Second Wind”
/bind pageup “tell $name, DEF$$inspexec_name Luck$$inspexec_name Good Luck$$inspexec_name Phenomenal Luck”
/bind pagedown “tell $name, DISCIPLINE$$inspexec_name Discipline$$inspexec_name Strength of Will$$inspexec_name Iron Will”
/bind scrolllock “tell $name, REZ$$inspexec_name Awaken$$inspexec_name Bounce Back$$inspexec_name Restoration”
insert “tell $name,
+25% ACC$$inspexec_name insight”
delete “tell $name,
+25% DAM$$inspexec_name enrage”
home “tell $name,
+25% HP$$inspexec_name respite”
end “tell $name,
+25% END$$inspexec_name catch a breath”
pageup “tell $name,
+25% DEF$$inspexec_name luck”
pagedown “tell $name, DISCIPLINE$$inspexec_name discipline”
lctrl+1 “tell $name,
+33% ACC$$inspexec_name keen insight”
lctrl+2 “tell $name,
+33% DAM$$inspexec_name ”
lctrl+3 “tell $name,
+33% HP$$inspexec_name ”
lctrl+4 “tell $name,
+33% END$$inspexec_name take a breather”
lctrl+5 “tell $name,
+33% DEF$$inspexec_name ”
lalt+1 “tell $name,
+50% ACC$$inspexec_name ”
lalt+2 “tell $name,
+50% DAM$$inspexec_name righteous rage”
lalt+3 “tell $name,
+50% HP$$inspexec_name resurgence”
lalt+4 “tell $name,
+50% END$$inspexec_name ”
lalt+5 “tell $name,
+50% DEF$$inspexec_name ”
F1 “tell $name,
Health$$inspexec_name Respite$$inspexec_name Dramatic Improvement$$inspexec_name resurgence”
F2 “tell $name,
Endurance$$inspexec_name Catch a Breath$$inspexec_name Take a Breather$$inspexec_name Second Wind”
F3 “tell $name,
Defense$$inspexec_name Luck$$inspexec_name Good Luck$$inspexec_name Phenomenal Luck”
F4 “tell $name,
Damage$$inspexec_name Enrage$$inspexec_name Focused Rage$$inspexec_name Righteous Rage”
F5 “tell $name,
Accurate$$inspexec_name Insight$$inspexec_name Keen Insight$$inspexec_name Uncanny Insight”
F6 “tell $name,
Discipline$$inspexec_name Discipline$$inspexec_name Strength of Will$$inspexec_name Iron Will”

Combining Powers and Inspirations

* /bind “powexec_name $$inspexec_name

“powexec_name Thunderous Blast$$inspexec_name Catch a Breath$$inspexec_name Take a Breather$$inspexec_name Second Wind”

* Pennelope says:

My insp binds:

F8 “inspexec_name Escape$$inspexec_name Emerge$$inspexec_name Break Free”
F9 “inspexec_name Resurgence$$inspexec_name Dramatic Improvement$$inspexec_name Respite”
F10 “inspexec_name Second Wind$$inspexec_name Take a Breather$$inspexec_name Catch a Breath”
F11 “inspexec_name Uncanny Insight$$inspexec_name Righteous Rage$$inspexec_name Keen Insight$$inspexec_name Focused Rage$$inspexec_name Insight$$inspexec_name Enrage”
F12 “inspexec_name Phenomenal Luck$$inspexec_name Robust$$inspexec_name Good Luck$$inspexec_name Rugged$$inspexec_name Luck$$inspexec_name Sturdy”


F8 = I’m mezed! Use the smallest BF I have!
F9 = I’m hurt! Use the smallest green I have!
F10 = I’m low on end! Use the smallest blue I have!
F11 = I need to damage something! Use the smallest yellow/red I have, biased towards using reds.
F12 = I need to stop being hurt! Use the smallest res/def insp I have, biased towards using res insps.”

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