Castle Age Dragon Information Guide

Castle Age Dragon Information Guide by Mursilis

Dragon Types:

Level to summon: 1-27
HP: 350,000 – 700,000
Drops: Dragon Talon (6attack/6defense)(weapon)

Level to summon: 26-52
HP: 700,000 – 1,860,000
Drops: Dragon Scale (4attack/9defense)(shield)

Level to summon: 51-78
HP: 1,200,000 – 3,600,000
Drops: Wall of Fire (7attack/7defense)(magic)

Level to summon: 75 and up
HP: 2,400,000 and up
Drops: Jewel of Fire (7attack/6defense)(amulet)

How to Summon a Dragon
First the alchemy items must be obtained, these are 4 eggs with each being a different color. Eggs are obtained from gifts sent by army members that are also Facebook friends. The gift sent must be the Dragon Egg type, and which of the four colors received is completely random.

Once all of the pieces are gathered go to the Keep page and click the Alchemy tab. The first recipe is the Summon Epic Dragon Quest. Click the Combine button and your dragon appears and ready to be engaged.

Damage inflicted on a dragon is based upon the amount of points a player has in the Attack stat. There is a theory that the damage done is more based on the percent of stat points placed into Attack rather than raw numbers. This would account for lower level players doing more damage than higher level players with the same amount of Attack points.

If you click the Call To Arms button on a friend’s dragon then the post created on your Wall looks identical that if you had clicked the CTA button on your own wall. It is best to include a note stating if this is for a friend’s dragon when doing this, or just not clicking a friend’s CTA button at all.

Dragons last 72 hours. After a dragon is defeated the players have 72 hours to collect their rewards. Until this time runs out, the summoner cannot summon another dragon.

The Helm of Dragon Power is a 30/30 helm.

The Power Attack seems to give the attacker a slightly higher damage-to-stamina ratio than using the single stamina attack option. However bonus demi points drop less often when using the Power attack.

The special dragon item is not guaranteed to drop for the summoner nor the highest damager. Instead it seems that the more damage done gives that player a greater chance to receive the special item, and that is the only deciding factor. Multiple special items can drop from the same dragon.

Rewards from dragons include special Treasure Chest items (except generals), demi quest reward items, land, demi points and favor points.

If a dragon is not defeated in the alloted 72 hours then it flies away. No penalty is received by the summoner beyond the lost alchemy items used to summon the dragon in the first place.

Note: Bahamut the Volcanic Dragon has a completely different set of rules, being a world monster, so has it’s own thread. It is not considered a dragon for achievement purposes.

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