Black Prophecy Skills and Equipment Guide

Black Prophecy Skills and Equipment Guide by Naco

Mass – Mass is important as it affects Speed Acceleration (useful for keeping your speed in turns), Turn rate acceleration, and maximum turn rate. If these attributes are important to you then the lower the ship mass the better as your ship will be that much more nimble. Typically higher mass Items are either better performers in their function or provide more HP.

Ship: The king attribute… as of now each skill can only be less than or equal to your ship skill. Also Determines the maximum level of the cockpit you can equip.

  • Cockpit: the core of your ship. If the HP of this hits 0… KABLOOIE! Also provides an inventory to hold your items and a small amount of speed, mobility, and thrust. In order to equip a missile launcher you must have a cockpit that is able to do so.

Shield: The skill determines the max level of which you can equip… surprise, a shield. Attributes of the shield is a follows:

  • Capacity: Relates to the total HP your shields provide, simple.
  • Regeneration: The higher this number the shorter time it will take for your shield to start to regen, and the faster it will do so. Have this high enough and you might be able to regen while in combat (or while cowering behind a wreak).
  • Density: Mechanical weapons will go straight through your shield for hull damage… ouch. Thankfully this stat will take off a percentage of that damage while your shield is still up.
  • NOTE!: A shield by far has more mass then any other piece of equipment. If low mass (and its corresponding benefits) is important to you, then consider not equipping a shield. Mobility wise it makes all the difference.


  • Energy: Determines the max level of energy weapons you can equip. Energy weapons are the only ones that can bring down shields (and do a fine job at it too). Their hull damage is pretty average though. They do shield damage first then hull damage. Energy weapons come in many shapes, sizes, and functionality.
  • Explosives: Determines the max level of any launchers/missiles and that grenade launcher you can equip. Except for the nade launcher, Explosives are used as secondary weapon. Their damage is not the best but they completely ignore shields and do their full hull damage.
  • Mechanical: Determines the max level of any mechanical weapons you can equip. These guys do NO shield damage but solid hull damage. Mechanical weapons go through the shield and does hull damage directly however the damage is influenced by the shield’s density. Not the most effective if the target has shields but if the shields where to be brought down… Weapons come in many different types so pick one that you are most comfortable with.

Tactics: Used for acquiring and leveling up special moves (tactics). Tactics require adrenaline (acquired during combat) to use and are activated via a keyboard/input combo. Note that tactic moves have a character level requirement so check the tactics tab to make sure you can get the move you want BEFORE allocating points to the skill (good rule of thumb for any of the skills actually).

Engine: Higher the level, the better engines you can equip. Your ship can equip two of them. The stats between engines are on a bit of a spread so don’t be surprised if you find a lower level engine with slightly better stats. Stats are as follows

  • Speed: How fast you ship can go… need I say more?
  • Thrust: Determines the acceleration of your ship, which also allows you to turn without losing speed. Good for low mass ships to have but they already have the low mass working in their favor. Just don’t go overboard on this one if it costs you in the other stats.
  • Mobility: how fast your ship can turn… low mass fighters can turn this up to 11 (as in turn and cut through space ridiculously fast).

Hull: Determines the level of the wings you can equip. Wings will provide most of your durability… ideally unless you decide (like me) to mostly ignore the skill. They also provide armor which takes off a percentage of hull damage from any(or/and all depending on the item) of the three weapon types.

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