Battle of the Immortals Magus Complete Guide

Battle of the Immortals Magus Complete Guide by funnydreamz

I/FAQ & Answers to common questions

Is magus worth playing ?
Yes it is.

Is it low on damages ?
No it’s not.

Are they weaker than other classes ?
Yeah, with HP & Physical def, they are. But every class has their cons. Magus cons are just easier to notice, but they are not really that bad.

What about Elemental Damage ? Is it added to Magus Normal attack ?
Yes it is. You can check your elemental damage anytime in your character page, on the SPECIAL tab.

Can you specialize in some element ?
Skills are learnt automatically with levels. BUT you can specialize your GEAR and UPGRADES your skills in ICE or/and FIRE

Should I use FIRE or ICE ?
I would say Both of them are worth using.
There’s only 2 ICE attacks : ICE ARROW and FROSTBURST
There’s also only 2 FIRE attacks : FLAMELICK and ERUPTION.
In my opinion, using both is the way to completely exploit your potential, but focusing on ICE for late game seems to be the best option. More info in “skills” and “gameplay” section.
As I said, your normal attack is also based on your elements.

What Craft Perk should I pick for a Magus ?
Alchemy. Definitely. It will save your life, your coins, your MP, and maybe your family and house. It’s really good to save up your coins by crafting good MP food. I’ll come back on it later in the guide.

What is the best Mount for Magus ?
The common one at level 25 is one of the best you can have for early game.
You can also consider the ZEN mount for more max HP (The Perfect love match mount does it too.). But Basically, the common mount is the best for DPS.
You can also try to get the Dragon Blood mount for +5% Magical attack. Check Dragon Blood Event NPC for more info. But trust me, that one is HARD to get.

More coming out.

II/ Advantages & Cons of Magus


They’re sorted, by importance.

1. AOEs. Magus got some great AOEs. The best of all classes for now. I won’t explain them here. Let’s get back on it later in the guide shall we.

2. Damage. Magus is good for damaging for sure. But that’s not the point here. The point is, they’re MAGICAL based. And most of classes and monsters are in a lack of magic defense. Also, considering most of classes are Physical based, most of people will consider slotting Physical defense instead of magical.. Which is kinda good, for us.

3. Range. Yeah, it’s only in 3rd position. Why ? Because considering the ping & boss AOEs, you will take most of hits like other classes. Still it has some advantages, you can kite quite easier, shoot while moving & running around… And It’s kinda useful to kill while in PvP/PK Mode. It’s also useful to grind faster in normal maps, and you can also solo some bosses because of it if you do some good use of wings (That’s a mount. I’ll explain later in the gameplay section.)

4. They look cool.


1. Low max HP.

2. Low Physical Defense.

3. Low accuracy sometimes (PvP Only.)

4. Consumes a lot of MP on Low Levels. (Yeah, it goes better in late game.)

5. Some skills are pointless for now, but I guess it will be updated later when they will be able to reach level 15.

There’s obviously some ways to make it better.

III/ Stats

What about stats ?
That’s pretty hard to build a magus.
Let’s make it easy :

You may want to go for DEX for Crit/Accuracy, but the rate is too low to be good. Go INT instead.
You may want to go VIT because magus got low HP, but the growth rate of HP with VIT is too low to be good. Go INT.
You may want to go for SPR for max MP, but that’s just useless. Go INT instead. Want more explanation ? Max MP is not needed for late game, AT ALL. It’s also not needed for low levels if you use decent food and some regen stuff (Thor Blessing & Alms potions).
You may also consider INSPIRATION, passive skill of magus (+x% of INT). Go INT.

Let’s say that one more time : Go PURE INT.

IV/ Skills

Coming out soon : Complete description for all levels (Damage/Consumption & stats.)

1/ General Descriptions

==> Level 1 skills

(Level 1 to 2) 811 Coins. 1,750 EXP.
(Level 2 to 3) 1060 Coins. 2,500 EXP
(Level 3 to 4) 1648 Coins. 4,500 EXP
(Level 4 to 5) 2537 Coins. 8,000 EXP.
(Level 5 to 6) 4466 Coins. 17,000 EXP.
(Level 6 to 7) 7676 Coins. 35,000 EXP.
(Level 7 to 8) 14270 Coins. 80,000 EXP.
(Level 8 to 9) 41305 Coins. 330,000 EXP.
(Level 9 to 10) 62642 Coins. 575,000 EXP.

Total Coin Cost for level 10 : 134767 Coins

Single Target Attack.
(Level 1)+105% Magic Damage. +15 Fire damage. 60MP.
(Level 2)+110% Magic Damage. +30 Fire damage. 82MP.
(Level 3)+115% Magic Damage. +45 Fire damage. 120MP.
(Level 4)+120% Magic Damage. +60 Fire damage. 165MP.
(Level 5)+125% Magic Damage. +75 Fire damage. 181MP.
(Level 6)+130% Magic Damage. +90 Fire damage. 199MP.
(Level 7)+135% Magic Damage. +105 Fire damage. 218MP.
(Level 8)+140% Magic Damage. +120 Fire damage. 239MP.
(Level 9)+145% Magic Damage. +135 Fire damage. 262MP.
(Level 10)+150% Magic Damage. +150 Fire damage. 288 MP.
5s Cooldown.
That’s pretty good.
15 meters range. The max it can be.
A pretty decent 1v1 skill, for late and early game. MAX IT Late game.
Notice it’s only MAGIC ATTACK based. There’s no FIRE damage in it, except the small FIRE add from the skill.

Single Target Attack.
(Level 1)+78% Magic Damage. +20% Ice Damage. 15% Slow for 4s. 61MP.
(Level 2)+86% Magic Damage. +40% Ice Damage. 17% Slow for 4s. 103MP.
(Level 3)+94% Magic Damage. +60% Ice Damage. 19% Slow for 4s. 151MP.
(Level 4)+102% Magic Damage. +80% Ice Damage. 21% Slow for 4s. 232MP.
(Level 5)+110% Magic Damage. +100% Ice Damage. 23% Slow for 4s. 282MP.
(Level 6)+118% Magic Damage. +120% Ice Damage. 25% Slow for 4s. 339MP.
(Level 7)+126% Magic Damage. +140% Ice Damage. 27% Slow for 4s. 394MP.
(Level 8)+134% Magic Damage. +160% Ice Damage. 29% Slow for 4s. 456MP.
(Level 9)+142% Magic Damage. +180% Ice Damage. 31% Slow for 4s. 522MP.
(Level 10)+150% Magic Damage. +200% Ice Damage. 33% Slow for 4s. 600MP.
8s Cooldown.
Pretty cool too.
15 meters range. The max it can be.
That’s just the BEST 1v1 skill late game. It’s also pretty decent for early game tho.
Notice it’s Magic AND Ice based.
The slow & range is obviously a great advantage in some cases, mostly for PvP use.
Also if you’re going for Ice build (I suggest it.), It will do some good damage. (I crit about 13-16k at the moment.)

10 Targets Attack.
10 meters range.
Requires 1000 XP.
(Level 1)Direct Damage (Formula not explained) + 30 Fire Damage every 2 second for 10 seconds.
(Level 2)Direct Damage (Formula not explained) + 75 Fire Damage every 2 second for 10 seconds.
(Level 3)Direct Damage (Formula not explained) + 120 Fire Damage every 2 second for 10 seconds.
(Level 4)Direct Damage (Formula not explained) + 165 Fire Damage every 2 second for 10 seconds.
(Level 5)Direct Damage (Formula not explained) + 210 Fire Damage every 2 second for 10 seconds.
(Level 6)Direct Damage (Formula not explained) + 255 Fire Damage every 2 second for 10 seconds.
(Level 7)Direct Damage (Formula not explained) + 300 Fire Damage every 2 second for 10 seconds.
(Level 8)Direct Damage (Formula not explained) + 345 Fire Damage every 2 second for 10 seconds.
(Level 9)Direct Damage (Formula not explained) + 390 Fire Damage every 2 second for 10 seconds.
(Level 10)Direct Damage (Formula not explained) + 435 Fire Damage every 2 second for 10 seconds.

Just trigger it when you got enough XP for it.
Another XP skill, every classes got one… That one makes some damage + some damage over the time. The amount of DIRECT DAMAGES the skill does is STATS/EQUIPS and SKILL LEVEL Based. The amount of Damage over the time is FIXED by the SKILL LEVEL Only.
The main advantages of that are :
The range, 10 meters is pretty cool.
The reload rate, considering magus AOEs, it’s pretty fast to reload.
The Damage Over the Time it does. They’re pretty cool because it makes some damage ON PLAYERS TOO. (435 x5 at max level.)
Notice the fact that this XP skill isn’t really good compared to some others… You will be doing 20-30k damage for a long time until you get some great gear.

==> Level 10 skills

(Level 1 to 2) 4466 Coins. 17,000 EXP.
(Level 2 to 3) 5045 Coins. 20,000 EXP
(Level 3 to 4) 7840 Coins. 36,000 EXP
(Level 4 to 5) 12071 Coins. 64,000 EXP.
(Level 5 to 6) 21712 Coins. 140,000 EXP.
(Level 6 to 7) 40363 Coins. 320,000 EXP.
(Level 7 to 8) 69467 Coins. 660,000 EXP.
(Level 8 to 9) 116829 Coins. 1,320,000 EXP.
(Level 9 to 10) 253088 Coins. 3,700,000 EXP.

Total Coin Cost for level 10 : 530881 Coins

Passive Skill.
Increase your ice damage.
(Level 1)+10 Ice Damage.
(Level 2)+20 Ice Damage.
(Level 3)+30 Ice Damage.
(Level 4)+40 Ice Damage.
(Level 5)+50 Ice Damage.
(Level 6)+60 Ice Damage.
(Level 7)+70 Ice Damage.
(Level 8)+80 Ice Damage.
(Level 9)+90 Ice Damage.
(Level 10)+100 Ice Damage.

A pretty useful skill on the long run. Consider maxing it, but only on LATE GAME!
That skill isn’t CHEAP, consider buying your GEAR and GEMs before investing in that skill.

==> Level 25 skills

(Level 1 to 2) 8165 Coins. 38,000 EXP.
(Level 2 to 3) 12910 Coins. 70,000 EXP
(Level 3 to 4) 16870 Coins. 100,000 EXP
(Level 4 to 5) 24000 Coins. 160,000 EXP.
(Level 5 to 6) 41305 Coins. 330,000 EXP.
(Level 6 to 7) 49494 Coins. 420,000 EXP.
(Level 7 to 8) 105352 Coins. 1,150,000 EXP.
(Level 8 to 9) 150487 Coins. 1,850,000 EXP.
(Level 9 to 10) 237536 Coins. 3,400,000 EXP.

Total Coin Cost for level 10 : 646119 Coins

Single Target Attack/Debuff.
(Level 1)+100% Magic Damage, +205 Magic Damage. 5% chance to debuff 20 Magic Defense for 8 seconds. 78 MP.
(Level 2)+100% Magic Damage, +260 Magic Damage. 6% chance to debuff 45 Magic Defense for 8 seconds. 88 MP.
(Level 3)+100% Magic Damage, +315 Magic Damage. 7% chance to debuff 70 Magic Defense for 8 seconds. 120 MP.
(Level 4)+100% Magic Damage, +370 Magic Damage. 8% chance to debuff 100 Magic Defense for 8 seconds. 144 MP.
(Level 5)+100% Magic Damage, +425 Magic Damage. 9% chance to debuff 130 Magic Defense for 8 seconds. 180 MP.
(Level 6)+100% Magic Damage, +480 Magic Damage. 10% chance to debuff 160 Magic Defense for 8 seconds. 266 MP.
(Level 7)+100% Magic Damage, +535 Magic Damage. 11% chance to debuff 190 Magic Defense for 8 seconds. 288 MP.
(Level 8)+100% Magic Damage, +590 Magic Damage. 12% chance to debuff 220 Magic Defense for 8 seconds. 320 MP.
(Level 9)+100% Magic Damage, +645 Magic Damage. 13% chance to debuff 250 Magic Defense for 8 seconds. 360 MP.
(Level 10)+100% Magic Damage, +700 Magic Damage. 14% chance to debuff 280 Magic Defense for 8 seconds. 360MP.
15 meters range.
12s Cooldown.
444MP (Level 10)

A great 1v1 skill for early game. It does obviously lower damage late game considering the formula of the skill. Can still (and will) be used as a debuff for higher levels. The Magic damage % and chance of debuff will be greatly increased when the skill limit will be 15 instead of 10. Notice also : That skill is ONLY MAGIC BASED. No Elemental in it.

Group Buff Skill (10 persons).
+10 Magic damage per level.
(Level 1)+5 Magic attack.
(Level 2)+15 Magic attack.
(Level 3)+25 Magic attack.
(Level 4)+35 Magic attack.
(Level 5)+45 Magic attack.
(Level 6)+55 Magic attack.
(Level 7)+65 Magic attack.
(Level 8)+75 Magic attack.
(Level 9)+85 Magic attack.
(Level 10)+100 Magic attack.
Last for 10minutes.

This skill is pretty LAME. It’s not even decent at early game. The magic attack added is low compared to the price of the skill, and pretty useless for the team considering the only other magic attacking class is the HEALER class. I won’t level up that skill except if you got some spare coins to waste in it. You can still level it up until it goes really expensive, but : 10 Magic Attack for 20k coins is already expensive for early game. Level 1 gems are cheaper.

AOE, 5 Targets Attack.
(Level 1)+85% magic damage, +90% Fire damage. +35 Fire damage. 139MP.
(Level 2)+90% magic damage, +100% Fire damage. +70 Fire damage. 160MP.
(Level 3)+95% magic damage, +110% Fire damage. +105 Fire damage. 184MP.
(Level 4)+100% magic damage, +120% Fire damage. +140 Fire damage. 208MP.
(Level 5)+105% magic damage, +130% Fire damage. +175 Fire damage. 237MP.
(Level 6)+110% magic damage, +140% Fire damage. +210 Fire damage. 267MP.
(Level 7)+115% magic damage, +150% Fire damage. +245 Fire damage. 300MP.
(Level 8)+120% magic damage, +160% Fire damage. +280 Fire damage. 334MP.
(Level 9)+125% magic damage, +170% Fire damage. +315 Fire damage. 367MP.
(Level 10)+130% magic damage, +180% Fire damage. +350 Fire damage. 403MP.
6 meters range, it’s a cone, so it requires a Target.
15s Cooldown.
403 MP (Level 10)

THIS is the only good AOE for early game you will get. The number of target & reload is kinda low to be really effective, but still, that skill is pretty good. As you can see, the skill is Magic AND Fire based.

==> Level 40 skills

(Level 1 to 2) 12910 Coins. 70,000 EXP.
(Level 2 to 3) 15558 Coins. 90,000 EXP
(Level 3 to 4) 24000 Coins. 160,000 EXP
(Level 4 to 5) 41305 Coins. 330,000 EXP.
(Level 5 to 6) 69467 Coins. 660,000 EXP.
(Level 6 to 7) 105352 Coins. 1,150,000 EXP.
(Level 7 to 8) 150487 Coins. 1,850,000 EXP.
(Level 8 to 9) 237536 Coins. 3,400,000 EXP.
(Level 9 to 10) 372747 Coins. 6,200,000 EXP.

Total Coin Cost for level 10 : 1029362 Coins

Tool skill.
(Level 1) 40s Cooldown. 177MP.
(Level 2) 38s Cooldown. 245MP.
(Level 3) 36s Cooldown. 313MP.
(Level 4) 34s Cooldown. 381MP.
(Level 5) 32s Cooldown. 449MP.
(Level 6) 30s Cooldown. 517MP.
(Level 7) 28s Cooldown. 585MP.
(Level 8) 26s Cooldown. 653MP.
(Level 9) 24s Cooldown. 721MP.
(Level 10) 20s Cooldown. 789MP.

This skill is just a tool. It teleports you 5 meters forward your current position. Notice you can’t pick WHERE to teleport with your mouse, it’s teleporting FRONT in any case. It’s kinda cool to use for PvP (and PvE in rare case) to Kite enemy. It’s also cool to use to run a tad faster if you think about using it (I do it every time now). Most of people doesn’t like that skill… I used to hate it too… Then I tried it, now I use it every time I can and I think it’s ok, especially for PvP purpose.

Personal Buff.
(Level 1) +5% Physical Defense, +1,5% Fire Resistance.
(Level 2) +7% Physical Defense, +2,8% Fire Resistance.
(Level 3) +9% Physical Defense, +4,1% Fire Resistance.
(Level 4) +11% Physical Defense, +5,4% Fire Resistance.
(Level 5) +13% Physical Defense, +6,7% Fire Resistance.
(Level 6) +15% Physical Defense, +8% Fire Resistance.
(Level 7) +17% Physical Defense, +9,3% Fire Resistance.
(Level 8) +19% Physical Defense, +10,6% Fire Resistance.
(Level 9) +21% Physical Defense, +11,9% Fire Resistance.
(Level 10) +23% Physical Defense, +13,2% Fire Resistance.
Last for 30s.
60s Cooldown.
Around 200MP cost. (More info coming)

A pretty cool skill, but not really interesting. It can be usefull for PvP purpose, or when you know about some bosses doing AOEs at regular HP scales. The fact is : You will mostly forgot about that skill. It can still make a difference if you use it in a fight, especially against some Bersekers & Champs.

Passive Skill
(Level 1) +20 accuracy , +500 Max MP.
(Level 2) +30 accuracy , +700 Max MP.
(Level 3) +40 accuracy , +1200 Max MP.
(Level 4) +50 accuracy , +1700 Max MP.
(Level 5) +60 accuracy , +2200 Max MP.
(Level 6) +70 accuracy , +2800 Max MP.
(Level 7) +80 accuracy , +3500 Max MP.
(Level 8) +90 accuracy , +4200 Max MP.
(Level 9) +100 accuracy , +5000 Max MP.
(Level 10) +120 accuracy , +6000 Max MP.

For some reason, most of people loves this skill. Maybe because they usually think “Passive = Good”. That one isn’t, definitely. The accuracy bonus is really low for the skill cost (Slotting accuracy gems is cheaper, as usual). The Max MP fact isn’t really useful… having 1-2k more MP is no big deal considering the game is all about REGENERATING for magus (I don’t talk about heretics here.). Just bring some good food to boost your MP regen, and it will be enough, especially for late game with good foods and Thor/Alm potions.. There’s no point using 1M coins in this skill, for real.
You can consider this skill AFTER level 10. Why ? Because the accuracy bonus will be added in % (+5% at level 15, +500 Max HP tho).
You can still consider maxing this skill in late game. Personally I won’t except if I have some spare coins to waste.

==> Level 55 skills

(Level 1 to 2) 24000 Coins. 160,000 EXP.
(Level 2 to 3) 26216 Coins. 180,000 EXP
(Level 3 to 4) 41305 Coins. 330,000 EXP
(Level 4 to 5) 67085 Coins. 630,000 EXP.
(Level 5 to 6) 105352 Coins. 1,150,000 EXP.
(Level 6 to 7) 150487 Coins. 1,850,000 EXP.
(Level 7 to 8) 237532 Coins. 3,400,000 EXP.
(Level 8 to 9) 372747 Coins. 6,200,000 EXP.
(Level 9 to 10) 525461 Coins. 9,800,000 EXP.

Total Coin Cost for level 10 : 1700537 Coins

Tool Skill.
(Level 1) 4s Freeze Duration. 120 seconds cooldown. 581MP.
(Level 2) 5s Freeze Duration. 115 seconds cooldown. 620MP.
(Level 3) 6s Freeze Duration. 110 seconds cooldown. 660MP.
(Level 4) 7s Freeze Duration. 105 seconds cooldown. 703MP.
(Level 5) 8s Freeze Duration. 100 seconds cooldown. 747MP.
(Level 6) 9s Freeze Duration. 95 seconds cooldown. 747MP.
(Level 7) 10s Freeze Duration. 90 seconds cooldown. 794MP.
(Level 8) 11s Freeze Duration. 85 seconds cooldown. 840MP.
(Level 9) 12s Freeze Duration. 80 seconds cooldown. 890MP.
(Level 10) 13s Freeze Duration. 75 seconds cooldown. 940MP.
4 targets.
10 meters range.

That skill is a monster/player control skill. Considering the reduced damage on frozen targets (around 33% of the normal damage) and the reduced freeze time on bosses (less than 2s at level 10), this skill is mostly for PvP purpose. It can also be helpful to slow down the monsters in Energy well (the only real utility you will have for this skill for PvE). It can also be useful in some rare PvE case to kite some angry monsters… But trust me, it will not be enough, don’t count on this to save your life. This skill is really useful in team battle for PvP, you can freeze more than half of a full team for several seconds and focus on the rest of the team. It’s also useful to catch up people on mount, to slow them down.. or to prevent people to take the teleport thing when they’re about to die (Yeah, That’s evil, but it works.). Well I guess you see now how is used that skill… More like a control gesture to reload your skills during the fights. /! Frozen targets CAN’T USE ITEMS OR SKILLS /! (Like potions or.. tears of valkyrie ?) but they can still heal their pet (pretty dumb, but that’s how it is).
Notice that the range is high on this skill. Take care not to freeze MONSTERS instead of PLAYERS for PK/PvP Purpose.

10 Targets (Circle around you).
(Level 1)30% Magic Damage. 60% Ice Damage. 50 bonus Ice damage. 297MP.
(Level 2)32% Magic Damage. 70% Ice Damage. 100 bonus Ice damage. 342MP.
(Level 3)34% Magic Damage. 80% Ice Damage. 150 bonus Ice damage. 391MP.
(Level 4)36% Magic Damage. 90% Ice Damage. 200 bonus Ice damage. 448MP.
(Level 5)38% Magic Damage. 100% Ice Damage. 250 bonus Ice damage. 451MP.
(Level 6)40% Magic Damage. 110% Ice Damage. 300 bonus Ice damage. 511MP.
(Level 7)42% Magic Damage. 120% Ice Damage. 350 bonus Ice damage. 540MP.
(Level 8)44% Magic Damage. 130% Ice Damage. 400 bonus Ice damage. 603MP.
(Level 9)46% Magic Damage. 140% Ice Damage. 450 bonus Ice damage. 625MP.
(Level 10)48% Magic Damage. 150% Ice Damage. 500 bonus Ice damage. 693MP
5 Meters Range.
3s Cooldown.

Simply the best AOE you’ll have. Why ? Because of the REALLY LOW cooldown. But there’s some limits in this skills. Let’s say it clearly : That skill is lame in early levels because of the LOW DAMAGE it does. That skill is lame in early levels because it will EAT ALL YOUR MPs. BUT, as soon as you got some decent mana pool (no need to slot any MP gems.) and a decent regen stuff (Grapes flesh or better + Thor or Alms potions for example), that skill will be GREATLY improving your magus experience. Why ? Because as soon as you put some Ice gems, and you start getting a decent magic attack, you will be able to spam AOE every 3s. Which is pretty cool for damaging, and also to reload your XP skill.
By the way : That skill needs some prerequisite.
It needs an Ice build to be really effective. What do I mean by Ice Build ? I mean you need to slot Ice gems instead of Fire. It also need, some great Magic Attack to be effective. So, consider getting your stuff +4 and slotting at least 1 Magic/1 Ice gem if you want to use this skill. (I will come back later on the equipment later.)
At the moment, I do around 4k per frostburst per target Non-Crit. It means more than 40k damage per 3s if you hit 10 targets (without crits or Holy strikes). Even by doing 10k damage per target with FLAMELICK Non-Crit (Yeah with a good fire build, you can do 10k per target with FLAMELICK), it will NEVER beat that skill on the long run. I will give more info about how to level that skill in the Skill Progression part.
Notice, this is the only ICE BASED ATTACK magus got with ICE ARROW.

==> Level 70 skills.

(Level 1 to 2) 46818 Coins. 390,000 EXP.
(Level 2 to 3) 69467 Coins. 660,000 EXP
(Level 3 to 4) 101898 Coins. 1,150,000 EXP
(Level 4 to 5) 150487 Coins. 1,850,000 EXP.
(Level 5 to 6) 226977 Coins. 3,200,000 EXP.
(Level 6 to 7) 363692 Coins. 6,000,000 EXP.
(Level 7 to 8) 525461 Coins. 9,800,000 EXP.
(Level 8 to 9) 701282 Coins. 14,400,000 EXP.
(Level 9 to 10) 930648 Coins. 21,000,000 EXP.

Total Coin Cost for level 10 : 3116730 Coins

Single Target Attack.
(Level 1)+225% Magic Attack , -30 Target Accuracy. 442MP.
(Level 2)+240% Magic Attack , -40 Target Accuracy. 464MP.
(Level 3)+255% Magic Attack , -50 Target Accuracy. 486MP.
(Level 4)+270% Magic Attack , -60 Target Accuracy. 508MP.
(Level 5)+285% Magic Attack , -70 Target Accuracy. 532MP.
(Level 6)+300% Magic Attack , -80 Target Accuracy. 556MP.
(Level 7)+315% Magic Attack , -90 Target Accuracy. 582MP.
(Level 8)+330% Magic Attack , -100 Target Accuracy. 608MP.
(Level 9)+345% Magic Attack , -110 Target Accuracy. 634MP.
(Level 10)+360% Magic Attack , -120 Target Accuracy. 660MP.
120s Cooldown

Let’s say it ONCE :
A new 1vs1 skill. The damage is really good to be honest. But the cooldown is really slow. The accuracy debuff is too low to be noticeable in a fight, especially at 70%+. Consider using BOLT with this skill can be useful to debuff your target before nuking it.
There’s 2 important things to notice about that skill :
– It’s pretty cool to Nuke players in PvP/PK, out-damaging them.
– The reload will be lowered later, when the skill will be able to reach level 15. (to 60s for level 15 I guess, I don’t have any precise info about this for now.)

AOE, 8 Targets Attack (Circle around you).
(Level 1) +100% Magic Damage, +120% Fire Damage, 1132MP.
(Level 2) +100% Magic Damage, +140% Fire Damage, 1165MP.
(Level 3) +100% Magic Damage, +160% Fire Damage, 1199MP.
(Level 4) +100% Magic Damage, +180% Fire Damage, 1234MP.
(Level 5) +100% Magic Damage, +200% Fire Damage, 1271MP.
(Level 6) +100% Magic Damage, +220% Fire Damage, 1309MP.
(Level 7) +100% Magic Damage, +240% Fire Damage, 1348MP.
(Level 8) +100% Magic Damage, +260% Fire Damage, 1388MP.
(Level 9) +100% Magic Damage, +280% Fire Damage, 1429MP.
(Level 10) +100% Magic Damage, +300% Fire Damage, 1471MP.
60s Cooldown.
8 Meters Range.

We were all deceived by this skill.
First, the magic attack formula is not growing. It’s 100%, it will always be 100%. That’s just lame.
Second, the reload of this skill make it nearly useless. 60S for an AOE ? What’s with that ? Is it a skill for slow-minded maguses ? Seriously.
Ok the damage can be decent if you’re full geared FIRE, still… It will never do half the damage Frostburst can do in the same time (60s is 20 frostburst use… Just compare the formula, 20 Frostburst are significantly superior.)
btw, this skill CAN be useful for PvP AOE purpose considering the direct damages it can do. (You should consider pet AOE skills instead of this skill if you really want to AOE on players, but still.)
Notice, this skill is the only FIRE BASED ATTACK the magus got with FLAMELICK

Passive Skill.
(Level 1)+5% INT.
(Level 2)+10% INT.
(Level 3)+15% INT.
(Level 4)+20% INT.
(Level 5)+25% INT.
(Level 6)+30% INT.
(Level 7)+35% INT.
(Level 8)+40% INT.
(Level 9)+45% INT.
(Level 10)+50% INT.

A must. But an expensive one. More INT means more damage. The boost is a PERCENT, means it will be increasing a LOT your stats in late game. That’s also why you MUST spend ALL your potential points on INT (2 points on INT = 3 INT with Inspiration Maxed). Consider maxing this if you got the money and EXP for it. That’s a pretty nice bonus, especially for BRAIN FREEZE.

==> Level 85 skills.

(Level 1 to 2) 74151 Coins. 720,000 EXP.
(Level 2 to 3) 105352 Coins. 1,150,000 EXP
(Level 3 to 4) 147426 Coins. 1,800,000 EXP
(Level 4 to 5) 226997 Coins. 3,200,000 EXP.
(Level 5 to 6) 363692 Coins. 6,000,000 EXP.
(Level 6 to 7) 525461 Coins. 9,800,000 EXP.
(Level 7 to 8) 701282 Coins. 14,400,000 EXP.
(Level 8 to 9) 930648 Coins. 21,000,000 EXP.
(Level 9 to 10) 1185549 Coins. 29,000,000 EXP.

Total Coin Cost for level 10 : 4260558 Coins

AOE, 4 Targets (Circle around you).
(Level 1) Immobilise your foes for 2s. (Targets can still attack and useskills.) Also deals damage equal to 250% of the difference between the caster’s and target’s Intellect value. 2895MP.
(Level 2) Immobilise your foes for 3s. (Targets can still attack and useskills.) Also deals damage equal to 300% of the difference between the caster’s and target’s Intellect value. 2754MP.
(Level 3) Immobilise your foes for 4s. (Targets can still attack and useskills.) Also deals damage equal to 350% of the difference between the caster’s and target’s Intellect value. 2613MP.
(Level 4) Immobilise your foes for 5s. (Targets can still attack and useskills.) Also deals damage equal to 400% of the difference between the caster’s and target’s Intellect value. 2472MP.
(Level 5) Immobilise your foes for 6s. (Targets can still attack and useskills.) Also deals damage equal to 450% of the difference between the caster’s and target’s Intellect value. 2331MP.
(Level 6) Immobilise your foes for 7s. (Targets can still attack and useskills.) Also deals damage equal to 500% of the difference between the caster’s and target’s Intellect value. 2190MP.
(Level 7) Immobilise your foes for 8s. (Targets can still attack and useskills.) Also deals damage equal to 550% of the difference between the caster’s and target’s Intellect value. 2049MP.
(Level 8) Immobilise your foes for 9s. (Targets can still attack and useskills.) Also deals damage equal to 600% of the difference between the caster’s and target’s Intellect value. 1914MP.
(Level 9) Immobilise your foes for 10s. (Targets can still attack and useskills.) Also deals damage equal to 650% of the difference between the caster’s and target’s Intellect value. 1785MP.
(Level 10) Immobilise your foes for 11s. (Targets can still attack and useskills.) Also deals damage equal to 700% of the difference between the caster’s and target’s Intellect value. 1662MP.
60s Cooldown.
5 Meters Range.

Another MUST for any magus willing to pvp. The damage is quite good, the snare is long enough to kite effectively and to make a good amount of damage to your target at high range, the reload is a tad slow, but decent. This skill isn’t really used in PvE considering its MP cost, the damage formula is also not really that good for PvE, and the number of target is a bit low. Definitely a PvP skill. Consider maxing it (HIGH PRICE) if you PvP, just let it if you don’t.

Single Target Debuff
(Level 1) Makes your target unable to skill or attack for 4s. 400MP.
(Level 2) Makes your target unable to skill or attack for 4s. 463MP.
(Level 3) Makes your target unable to skill or attack for 4s. 526MP.
(Level 4) Makes your target unable to skill or attack for 5s. 589MP.
(Level 5) Makes your target unable to skill or attack for 5s. 652MP.
(Level 6) Makes your target unable to skill or attack for 5s. 715MP.
(Level 7) Makes your target unable to skill or attack for 6s. 778MP.
(Level 8) Makes your target unable to skill or attack for 6s. 841MP.
(Level 9) Makes your target unable to skill or attack for 6s. 904MP.
(Level 10) Makes your target unable to skill or attack for 7s. 967MP.
25s Cooldown.
10 Meters Range.

Another PvP skill. That is definitely pointless on PvE.
It’s a pretty good skill for PvP, the duration is a tad low, especially at lower levels, but the cooldown is low too. Considering you have 2 other “Control” skills (FREEZE and BRAIN FREEZE), having this one is just another cool add for your magus spell variety. It can be kinda confusing for your enemies, especially if they don’t know about magus spells.

==> Special Skill

(Level 1 to 2) 60000 Coins. 10,000 EXP.
(Level 2 to 3) 100000 Coins. 20,000 EXP
(Level 3 to 4) 160000 Coins. 35,000 EXP
(Level 4 to 5) 300000 Coins. 60,000 EXP.
(Level 5 to 6) 480000 Coins. 90,000 EXP.
(Level 6 to 7) 800000 Coins. 140,000 EXP.
(Level 7 to 8) 1280000 Coins. 200,000 EXP.
(Level 8 to 9) 1920000 Coins. 270,000 EXP.
(Level 9 to 10) 3000000 Coins. 350,000 EXP.

Total Coin Cost for level 10 : 8100000 Coins

Passive Skill.
(Level 1) +2% Fire/Ice Damage.
(Level 2) +4% Fire/Ice Damage.
(Level 3) +6% Fire/Ice Damage.
(Level 4) +8% Fire/Ice Damage.
(Level 5) +10% Fire/Ice Damage.
(Level 6) +12% Fire/Ice Damage.
(Level 7) +14% Fire/Ice Damage.
(Level 8) +16% Fire/Ice Damage.
(Level 9) +18% Fire/Ice Damage.
(Level 10) +20% Fire/Ice Damage.

Nothing much to say about this skill. I won’t spoil how to get it. This is a pretty useful skill on the long run. Take care about the coin price.

2/ Skill Walkthrough, How and When to level your skills.

==> Level 1 to 39

Those are the pretty easy levels. Your skills don’t really require any upgrades. Just go for leveling some more. The skill upgrades are not really worth buying considering your coins and the EXP cost of them. If you really want to start upgrading something at this level, you shall start with FIREBALL, ICE ARROW, INSIGHT and finally, BOLT (those two are a tad more expensive.).
But I’m pretty sure you won’t need it for the easy scenario quests/branches/Jail instance and so on.

==> Level 40 to 54

You shall start upgrading some basic skills, the ones I said earlier, FIREBALL, ICE ARROWor at least… BOLT which also deals some good damage in lower levels, and finally, INSIGHT if you have enough coins (This is not mandatory at this level).
You’ll start to see the limit of BOLT skill with level 45 Gear, because you’ll start having a decent Magic Attack, and the formula of BOLT isn’t upgrading it. FIREBALL and ICE ARROW will be a better and cheaper option for damage. INSIGHT can give a small Magic Attack boost, but it’s not a MUST, the boost is a tad SMALL considering his cost.
Don’t even think about Maxing any skill at this level, except if you use ZEN and you like to waste them.
By the way, considering the little boost of EVOCATION (Yay +10 accuracy +500 MP for.. ALL MY COINS !), I would suggest NOT to upgrade it. This is NOT an obligation. Magus accuracy is OK for PvE, you don’t need more at the moment. Magus max MP are ENOUGH at the moment too. Just use Free MP food regularly and it will be ok.
ICE SHIELD and TELEKINESIS aren’t worth ANY upgrades at this level.

==> Level 55 to 69

These levels are the weird levels of magus. You have to be careful about what skills you upgrade. At those levels, you can consider upgrading a bit more FIREBALL, ICE ARROW, INSIGHT, INFERNO. Those are OK to upgrade.
Here come FREEZE and FROSTBURST. Both skills are good. But they’re really expensive. FREEZE is PvP based. You won’t really need it for now except if you want to PvP. FROSTBURST isn’t worth upgrading now, or it will swallow all your MP in a second (Even if you leveled EVOCATION), also because the damage is really LOW considering you’ll probably have low Magic & Ice Attack Power. Just spam it level 1 if you want to have your XP skill faster.
ICE SHIELD and TELEKINESIS are still not a good investissement at this level.
EVOCATION can be an option at this level, but do not feel obliged : the boost is not worth the coins, definitely. Consider the level 60 Soul Gear instead (I’ll come back about it in the “Equipment” Part.)

==> Level 70 to 79

Here comes the real game for you.
Considering you may usually start to get some decent gear at this moment (especially the level 75 gear, the staff is easy to find for example), I consider you can start to have a decent base of Ice and magic damage. As soon as you start getting enough Ice damage (More than 300 sounds like a minimum), and also being able to get some Pear Slice for Regenerating your MP (Grape Slices are good, but Pears are better, they can maintain your MP full most of the time, even if you spam frostburst.), you will be able to start upgrading your FROSTBURST. The level you shall upgrade it will depends on your coins, your ZEN investment, and your patience and tricky ways to get coins (And god knows there’s many ways to get some.). Level 5 sounds like an idea, 6 or 7 if you’re good geared with good gems and level 75 stuff. I was personally having it level 7 at level 80.
INSPIRATION can also be an option. I said it’s a MUST earlier, but considering the price of upgrading for level 70 skills, you may not be able to really upgrade it for now (950k coins for level 9 to 10 for example, and 21M exp.). Still, upgrading the early cheap levels of this skill sounds a good idea to boost up your stats. The first 5 levels can be an option. I was personally having it level 8 at level 80.
FALLING STAR isn’t worth upgrading for now, except if you aim for PvP (battlefield level 74 for example.).
ERUPTION definitely isn’t worth upgrading. It’s expensive, the damage will not be good and the cooldown is terrible. DON’T upgrade it except if you really want an AOE Pet Nuker for PvP.

==> Level 80 to… (95 ?)

Yeah, this is “to …”. Why ? Because I’m level 95 at the moment (13/07/2010). I don’t feel like giving advices about levels I don’t know. Also because the last skills (for now) are level 85. And yeah I know, there’s level 100 skills coming out. I’ll add them when I’ll have more precise info.

Alright, here come the real business (up to 80). Why ? Not because of the new skills you get at 85 (they’re really good, but Only for PvP like I said), but because you start getting enough coins to feed your skills. I may explain HOW in another section. But trust me, you can have some great income at this level usually.
Here you can consider having most of your skills level 10.
The basic ones at least, FIREBALL, ICE ARROW, INFERNO.
COLD LOGIC Maybe, but that’s NOT an obligation considering the small gain. Invest in gems before if you don’t have enough of them.
BOLT/INSIGHT are still not an obligation. BOLT damage aren’t good still,the debuff rate is a tad low (11% at level 10) and not as useful as it could be. INSIGHT is still expensive for what it gives, still you can level it if you want to optimize your Magic Attack. You’ll have to pay for it sooner or later.
FLAMELICK HAS TO be level 10. It’s your 2nd best AOE, just feed it, it’s worth doing.
ICE SHIELD/TELEKINESIS are still not really worth upgrading, except for PvP uses.
EVOCATION is still a joke, +100 accuracy for more than 1M coins is a joke considering you can have (for atlantis) a level 4 gem +337 accuracy for 900k coins. The Extra-MP is still not necessary. I personally didn’t even max it at level 95, because I don’t get the point of wasting so many coins and exp in that ****. And yeah, I know the difference between a “Passive” and a “Temporary slotted gem”. Still, 100 accuracy for more than 1M coins is dumb. You can still consider this skill at level 5-7 cuz it’s cheap.
FREEZE… PvP use.. You can also invest in this if you do Energy Well everyday. Level 10 worth doing : 13s freeze. But take care, it reduces most of damage during frozen period (couldn’t say how many, 50 or 66% of reduction I would say.)
FROSTBURST… You can start really considering this skill. You can start thinking about Maxing this. The MP cost shouldn’t be a problem anymore if you use the right food, thor’s blessing at the right moment, and maybe some alms regen potions sometimes. I personally maxed it around level 89.
FALLING STAR is pretty fun if you like to see huge damage, but the reload is killing this. It’s decent for some PvP use. Consider the cheap early levels, then drop it when it becomes too expensive for you. It’s not really worth upgrading
ERUPTION is still a joke. Especially if you go for Ice build. It isn’t worth upgrading, I personally have it level 2 at level 95 and I still regret the coins I put to level it from level 1 to 2. I may start upgrading it now I started to get some real Magic attack after level 90, so I can AOE nuke pets in war the sunday.. Else I really don’t think there’s ANY interest in upgrading this skill.
INSPIRATION. Two words : Max it. I got it maxed around level 84 personally (that’s a tad early, most of maguses got it maxed at level 89-90, around.). The damage boost is decent for now, and will be better and better over the time. +50% INT is not an option, it’s an obligation. You can still leave it level 8 or 9. Level 8 to 9 is around 700k coins, and level 9 to 10 is around 950k coins. Yeah, that’s not cheap.
BRAIN FREEZE is REALLY worth upgrading if you PvP. Else, it’s not, for PvE purpose. The immobilization is just really powerful, especially because the immobilization time increases a lot by leveling the skill. Considering this skill level 5-7 is an idea if you pvp a lot.
ILLUSION is also worth upgrading. Take care, it only gets 1s per 3 level in this skill. And the skill is obviously REALLY expensive to upgrade. Consider it level 4 (or 7), sounds like a good start. More would **** your coins.

That’s all for now, I’ll add more when I’ll be higher level like I said.

IV/ Craft and Technology system

The craft system isn’t completely implanted yet. So you can consider my guide like an experimental guide.
It starts level 35.

The craft system has got 2 parts :
One general parts :
The “Refine” part, which is the general craft, everyone can do it if you got the “Refine Level” prerequisite in your Technology Tab.
And the 4 specializations. (Arms/Forge/Handicraft/Alchemy)
Most of specializations are not implanted yet. Alchemy is one of the only really useful at the moment. The game is copied from China version, but the craft system is used often there to craft soul gear (high level gear) & other stuff. Most of this stuff is dropped directly on our server, so it doesn’t need to Craft them. That’s why most of these specializations are pointless.

For low levels (let’s say less than 100)
One word :
Why ? Because this is one of the only perk you can pick that can be used everyday to make your MP food. For a low cost, it just double the effectiveness of your MP food. It can also craft some Pet potions for some raw materials and low coins.

You will not get used with starwords and stardust before level 90 or 100 usually, so you may just skip that part, especially because it doesn’t seem to be fully implanted yet.

You can also consider Handicraft as an Option, but it doesn’t sounds like a good idea to me except if you really expect to make money by selling fashions & ****, but, getting a second char level 35 with handi-craft to craft your chalice and fashions when you got the materials sounds like a better idea. Crafting those is kinda rareful, crafting Food is a daily problem. Except if you really feel like trading with your secondary char everyday to get your MP food, just put Alchemy on your main character.

The Technology system is only a matter of time.
You gain tech points over the time. 5 points per minutes (works OFFLINE too). It can be upgraded, with the Tech Acceleration Technology. It starts level 35 too.

You should consider getting Research to level 5 before upgrading anything.
It will unlock Tech Acceleration, and Tech pool (really useful for casual players) to get more tech points and to be able to store more of them when you go offline.
Start upgrading Tech Acceleration as soon as possible. The low levels only by the way. More points over the time is a good gain, and you won’t really need anything you can to craft before level 45. Don’t level up this that much for now. Around level 15, it asks for more than 1,5k tech points for a 2% acceleration gain which is really LOW (1500 tech points, to get the payback of it with your 2% gain, it would take around 13 days. Doesn’t sound good right ?).
You can also consider the Tech Pool upgrade if you don’t play a lot, so you can store way more point to be used when you’re offline.
You can also consider some points in Craft Endurance if you really craft too much in one day (can be useful but for heretics mostly, I don’t think you’re gonna get your exhaustion bar full as a magus.)
Then, upgrade what you need. Alchemy level 10, then 20 sounds like a good choice.
Herbalism to level 10 too, to be able to craft your pet food for cheap.
The Refine skill is also useful, try to level up fastly at least at level 10 to craft the base materials you’ll need in some quests and items.

When you’ll have these little prerequisites, I don’t think you’ll need my guide anymore. Just level what you need to make your game more comfortable. Keep upgrading your Alchemy skill to craft the right MP food for the right level. (Level 10 for level 45, level 20 for 60, level 30 for 75, level 40 for 90). Level your refine skill enough to craft the raw materials you need when a quest requires it. Level your foraging skills when you need it to make the game more comfortable (Level 1 is for common material forage, level 10 is for common material forage but with a 50% faster bonus, level 20 is for advanced material forage, level 30 is for advanced material forage with a 50% faster bonus, and so on until 50.).
Don’t let your Tech points go full as often as you can, so you don’t “waste” any point.
I may add more explanations in this section if I a lot of people asks for it.

V/ Gameplay & Gear

Yeah, I’m regrouping those 2 themes which are apparently different. But I consider you can’t explain how to play and what to do if you don’t have the correct gear for it, especially for magus.

==> Level 1 to 29

Both gameplay and gear are not hard.
You’re leveling really fast, monsters are dying really fast. Just follow the main quest series like everyone does. You’ll get your gear in the box and by completing quests. Just equip it, and that’s it. If you start dying a lot, or having problem at this level, you shall consider stopping this game. This is just a little introduction.
The monsters will not damage you if you follow the good quests, you will have your XP skill often, don’t forgot to use it when you’re surrounded by quest monsters to clear up them up fast.
You’ll have your first instance at level 20. Get another (or more) guy to come with you (2 minimum to enter), clear it, get some Stamp of Promotion. They will help you at level 30.
Like I said, this part of the game is an introduction. Learn how to target monsters, get used with the reload and range of your base skills, it’s also good to know you can MOVE during using your normal attack without interruption it.
Don’t forgot your MOUNT quest at level 25 (Killing Hannibal in Jail)
Still no big deal here.

==> Level 30 to 59.

Yeah, I’ll make a big stack of levels, because I consider those are really fast.

At level 30, get your Green Set items from Knight’s npcs (Atlantis 98,210) in Atlantis with the Stamps you collected before level 30 in Jail. Those are the BEST items you can have for level 30 to 45. Consider getting the full set of armor/weapon and Jewels.
As usual, just follow the main quests plots, the scenario thing and the branches. Don’t forget you get a “Quest” tab when you can check the “Available” quests for your level with the complete description.
There is not a lot of team events at this part of the game, still you can do your quests and some events in group like Hexagram Array, the Daily trial in the middle of atlantis, Knight’s jail and maybe Trial of the brave in easy mob (will be hard to find some members at this level, still you can try.)
The gameplay in those level is still not hard, mobs are easy kills. If you feel like you are being hit too hard by some RARE bosses, you can still kite them and spam them from afar with your normal attack and with your slow skills.
Well this part of the game is mostly to learn you how to use the map, how it looks, where each map is leading, etc.
Just follow the main plot until you reach level 45.

At level 45, just get your new full Green Set gear from the exact same npc (Atlantis 98,210). You DON’T have to gem it. You DON’T have to upgrade it. Just wear it, and rush for level 60.
Just keep on your scenario quest. You won’t really find a team before level 50 for the first real instance (Dragon Emperor Crypt). Don’t forgot in ANY CASE to get your gear at level 45, or you will be in trouble because you’ll have too low Max HP.
You may want (like everyone) want to start specter island at level 50-55. To be honest, except if you’re lucky AND if you get some decent groups, it’s not really worth it. But I kinda know, whatever I’m saying, you will go there to feel like you’re the best beating this instance at level 50-60 on normal (or elite, yes, you can. It’s just time consuming a lot.) mode. Personaly I won’t go there before reaching level 60. Not because you can’t before, but because it will be REALLY boring and time consuming to go before getting your level 60 Gear.
You can progress fastly doing your scenario quests already. Around level 50-55, start checking your “Major Events” pages and read some NPC instructions to know what the events are about.

Here’s the list of events and instances you can do at this moment :

Hexagram Array (Realm 2,4,6,8, Once per day): Easy, for EXP, Get a full group and follow the instructions
Academics (All Realms): Easy, a bit boring, but a must. All High levels do all of them everyday. Talk to Garcia in Atlantis Magic Academy for more Info.
Crazy Shopping (All Realms): Easy, for coins. Get the quest and follow the instruction to get some extra coins. It may be time consuming. Take care, the values you can get from this event changes every minutes.
Dragon Island/Fallen Darkness (Realm 2,4,6,8, 1 run per day max): A bit harder for this level. You will need a decent group. One champ, One Heretic (at least). And mostly Damage dealers for other classes. You will NOT be able to clear Fallen Darkness at this level. You will be short in time. Still, it gives good Exp, do it if you can. NOTE: Rainbow Valley Entrance is in Atlantis Square, next to the pet vendors. Check Major Events Tab for more info.
Dragon Emperor (Realm 1,2. 3 runs per day max.): Needs a decent group too. One Champ and One Heretic are pretty cool to run it.
Specter Island (Realm 3,4. 3 runs per day MAX for Normal. +3 Extra runs per day for Elite mode. You can run both of them) : Same, will need a decent group with a champ and an heretic. You may die some times if you don’t have enough HP or if you don’t dodge Marcel’s bombs (I’ll let your discover these by yourself).
Trial of the Brave (Realm 2,4,6,8) : Mostly on easy mod only for now. You don’t really need a great team for easy mod anyway. Just get a group and try to get in, try it by yourself. NOTE: This is a good event to EXP your pet.
Astral Feast (Realm 2,4,6,8): Everyday at 20:15. Read the npc notes for more instruction.

You can find ALL those events on your “Major Events” Page. Give it a look.
Also, try to get used with the World Chat system. You can speak FOR FREE on the realm you are, using the world chat tab.
There is an index of Key Words at the end of this guide. Check it for more info.

==> Level 60 to 69

The game starts at level 60 AT LEAST (For me it starts at 80). The previous levels are an introduction.
These levels will totaly depends on your way to play the class, and your way to play MMO in general.
It mostly depends on how many time you can spend everyday on this game. Because trust me, this game is time consuming, especially at low levels. (The playtime is lower at high levels, I’ll explain why later.)
It also depends on your LUCK and How many COINS and ZENS you can earn.
By the way, you will have VERY FEW Solo quests at this moment. You will have to team up with people to really progress in this game at this point.
There is several ways to play those levels :
1 – Rushing for EXP for level 75 soulgear.
2 – Investing in your gear.
3 – Trying both.
In any case : You will probably need a magus level 60 Soul Gear STAFF. This, gives you a good load of damage.

If you rush for exp : Just do your daily events : Hex/ZG/ToB (Easy or Normal)/SI (Normal or/and Elite)/DI/FD (MANDATORY FOR EXP)/Academics and maybe Dragon Blood. Don’t forget to use your Double EXP. You can also craft some soulbeads to increase your exp gain. Beware, this isn’t cheap. If you can leave your character on celebeam at night, it will help you a lot. (You can also make secondary accounts, but READ THE RULES before doing it. Some actions are forbidden with secondary accs. You may get banned for this.)

If you want to invest in your gear : Well… The Prometheus Set is obviously the way to improve your gear. Some parts aren’t cheap, you may need a good load of coins & luck on drops to afford them. They are NOT mandatory anyway. (Only the staff is, in my opinion). Upgrading your gear to +4 is an option, to get 2 gem slots (Yeah, upgrading your gear gives some extra slots to your items.). Use your salary to get some level 2 gems, and put them into your gear. You may want to slot some level 3 gems, but that’s a waste in my opinion. Level 2 talisman are too expensive, and you will have to use EMBDING charms not to lose your gem. This is about 200k coins (on Aquarius) just to make & slot it without the gem fee… That’s already too much for this level.

If you want to do both : You will need to spend some time on the game. Doing your daily events, selling what you can drop, check current prices not to make mistakes, run dragon blood to sell the scale and make some money

[I’ll finish this up later]

V/ Pets… ?

In my opinion, there’s no reason to talk about pets in a magus guide. (Except maybe if you aim for PvP, I’ll make a section about this.)
Why ? Because there’s not really any “best” pet for magus.
It mostly depends on what mod and what type you like the most, there’s not really a “must” for a Magus.
STR/INT pet for damage. You can slot them with AOEs to improve the AOE effect of your mage, or for 1v1 skills like Advanced Ream and some Advanced Bash (Or Zodiac skills for the ZENed ppl..) to get a slightly better 1v1 attacks.
DEX pet for PvPing. I won’t explain it here. Why ? Because this is a magus guide, not a pet guide. I’ll just say : DEX pet got good evasion & accuracy, so they usually don’t get one shotted like most of pets because they can DODGE.
SPR pet isn’t really useful for any class except SPR. You can still make one for your magus if you need to spam AOE for long periods. But nuking enemies sound like a better way to save your MP.

By the way, we can talk more seriousely about Skills you can slot on a pet.
First, yes, there is a Physical defense debuff -20% on pet skills, but it doesn’t exist (yet) for Magical defense. I don’t know the reason, maybe the devs hate the magical classes. Who knows.
Considering you’ll need to kite a lot, you can consider the cheap slow skills (or the expensive ones..)… But this is actually good for any class, not specially for magus.

So, what I have to say his : Read a PET GUIDE, not a MAGUS GUIDE if you need advices.

V/ PvP

1/ General advices :

I also don’t get the point of this section. Especially considering this game isn’t really PvP (It’s more about PK, and Energy Well on Fort Glacier War @PrivateJoke)

What can I say…
Magus isn’t a really good class for duels. The low HP it has and the low physical def and evasion makes it an easy target to kill.
However, Magus is a great class for group PvP. It’s slowing, freezing, kiting everytime, really annoying to catch when well played in a group. Chasing a magus usually means rushing in his defending group, and this is not the best idea your enemies could have in a fight. Staying IN your group or BEHIND it makes you really hard to catch, and you will still be able to shoot some fireballs from afar (Yeah, we’re cowards, but still, we are Damage Dealers). It also has a lot of group control skills, and it can kill pets from afar without having to rush through your enemies.

So, the best way not to die is :

1/ To be careful. Keep your distance as much as you can from your ennemies, even if they can usually jump or rush on you in a second.

2/ You’re ranged. Use your skills before your opponements can. Silence it, Freeze it, Snare it, Whatever, use it BEFORE your ennemies. You’ll mostly get ganged if you’re the first being stunned or silenced in a fight, especially on duels.

3/ You have GROUP control skills. Most of classes don’t. You got 2 freezes (FREEZE and BRAIN FREEZE), and both of them got a good duration. USE THEM.

4/ You hate slayers. Trust me, you really hate them. You have low accuracy, they have high evasion. They can charge you from afar, silence, sleep, stealth (2 times) and snare you, they are fast and got high critical rate. It’s worthless to fight good slayers if you don’t have a decent PvP Gear. What I mean by “PvP” gear ? I’ll explain it later in details, but what I can say is you’ll need a good LOAD of Accuracy & HP gems. So, if you’re under geared, don’t fight slayers, or play in a group and aim for other classes. And even if you’re good geared, take care about them.

5/ Play with a GROUP.

6/ Beware the PETS. Pets are the real pvp damage dealers OFTENLY. They have GOOD damages on players, sometimes HIGH evasion for dex pets (Scorpios are not your friends) Try to get rid of them. You can Brain freeze the pet user to snare him, then kite & Focus his/her pet. That’s one of the strategy you can use to get rid of it, the damages are not reduced on it, so don’t hesitate. Spam High Direct Damage skills as XP skill to fast kill it, so it can’t be healed.

2/ Gear for PvP

Here come the obvious advices :
1 – GET SOME HP GEMS. (Trust me, don’t pvp without them.)
2 – Try to improve your Physical/Magic def at least A TAD. You can reach a decent amount of defs with gems.(Gems & Upgrades can help)
3 – Focus on damages gems in your “attack based” gears (Weapons, Gloves, Jewelry). You can also put accuracy for higher levels (I would say you MUST, but it’s up to you), and critic/lucky strike gems. But DAMAGES first.
4 – Soul Gears are mandatory. Especially for your weapon.

By the way, there’s one way you can use your fire damages on PvP. It’s the only way to use fire decently as a magus. Using Fire for PvE is lame. Eruption can be a really good group & Pet Nuker. The reload is long, BUT the direct damages are nice, it can be a good AOE Pet Nuker. I would personally keep slotting Ice, increasing my 1v1 damages with Ice Arrow, and my Frostburst. But I think a fire build can kill decently here.

3/ Group Tactics & Magus Gameplay

Magus is usually played with a group. Or you may die really fastly. So the first way to pvp is to find a good pvp group, so you will not be the primary target of your group (The heretic will be. Too bad for them uh.), especially because you may stay CLOSE of your group, or BEHIND it (not too far). So the people that may rush you, would have to rush into your group before reaching you. (Oftenly ends in a group stun & gang) What if they don’t rush you ? Meh, blast them with your ranged skills, that’s what we’re good for.

As I said previously, you have a lot of control skills.

BRAINFREEZE is the most used of them. You can snare your ennemies, so they can’t really move (or move REALLY slower) /! Caution /! It doesn’t prevent skilling or attacking, so they can still charge you and come close if you’re too close of them. Use brain freeze so, and try to get away to spam from afar.
By the way, this skill can be used for many purposes :
– Running Away with your group (It snares 4 ennemies.)
– Kiting for you, if you’re under attack.
– Catching runners. Especially the scouts. Most of groups need a scout to check WHERE the enemy is (Usually a slayer, because they run faster and can stealth and dodge attack). USE YOUR FREEZE ON IT, so your group can gang it in a second before it runs away and come back with his group.
– Prevent enemies to take the teleport. You may laugh about that one. But this is the MAIN use of this skill. Red and Yellow people & PvPers usually attack close of teleports. (Bermuda, Burning Lands, Chrono Lair, ect) and TP to city to run away when they’re done with their HP bar. BRAINFREEZE is one of these skills which says “No, you don’t.”
– Don’t forget the DAMAGES of this skills. They’re not Negligeable.


FREEZE is another useful skill. It can freeze 4 people from an ennemy team. They can’t move, they can’t attack, they can’t skill, they can’t do anything. The last level of this skill is a 13s Freeze. BUT the frozen target get reduced damages. The good way to use it is to freeze 4 people, so you can focus those that aren’t frozen for 13s. If you freeze the Heretic, just focus the low HP DPS (Like… Magus ? Or Slayers.). If you don’t freeze the heretic, just GANG IT (You can also silence, don’t forget this.). Try not to focus or use your reload on frozen targets. TELL IT TO YOUR TEAM. It will greatly help. This skill is 10 Meters range, that’s A LOT. You can freeze from AFAR with it. The purpose of this skill are mostly the same as for BRAINFREEZE, but consider the damage reduction, Range bonus, and complete freeze bonus to make it efficient. By the way, this skill doesn’t do ANY damages. So use it only when it’s necessary


ILLUSION ,Here’s the silence skill you got. Trust me, your main targets for this skills will be : The slayers and Heretics. Slayers before they reach the melee range. Heretics before they can heal up, obviously. This skill is only 25s reload, USE IT AS MANY TIMES AS YOU CAN.

Ok, now you know about your 3 main skills you MUSTN’T forget. Use them as soon as they’re reloaded. By the way, you can thing about a combination of them. So your enemies can’t do ANYTHING.
ILLUSION is 25s reload for a 7s duration.
BRAINFREEZE is 60s reload for a 7-11s duration. (not always level 10, get it at least level 6 or it’s worthless.)
FREEZE is 75s reload for a 13s duration.
I can’t really give advices about it because it depends on the situation. But using the good skill at the good moment really change everything, especially for killing HERETICS in a group fight.

4/ Pets in PvP mod

About your foe’s pet:
You will definitely hate pets in PvP mod. They do really high damage on us, and it cannot really be helped. Happily, we’re a good class to KILL THEM considering we have good ranged damage. XP skill can be useful as well (Damages are not reduced on pets.). Pay attention to the pet type of your foes.
INT or STR pets are usually easy to kill.
DEX pets are way harder considering their evasion and the base low accuracy we have. Don’t attempt to kill it except if you have some TIME for it or if you have HIGH accuracy (from gems).
VIT pets are slow to get killed considering the HP they can have. Also, their damages are usually not that great. So they’re usually not your primary target.
SPR pets are mostly for PvE. Take care, some of these pets can have some good support skills. Sometimes they are worth killing.

About your pet:
We have another great advantage : The pet range. Considering we can shoot from afar, the pet can instantly start attacking in a fight. You can exploit this, especially by putting attack skills on your pet to make high instant damages with your skills + the skills of your pet, from afar.
A support pet sounds like an idea. Or a pet with support skills. Especially Advanced Slow. (50% slow for 20s, the cooldown is kinda low too, maybe 20 or 30s.)
Imho, Advanced slow is a must against some classes. Try to consider it.
[Will add more info]

5/ Duels

Ok. A magus isn’t that great for duels. However if you can use a well-planed strategy, you can make it efficient.

Berserkers :

These are quite dangerous. They have some explosive damage, a good charge with good range that can stun, a slow with good range (Their jump). And a Fury skill protecting them against our FREEZE.
One thing is mandatory against them : Having a decent load of HP to resist their skills. Because whatever you’re doing, in a duel they WILL come at melee range at some point. (Except if they’re really lower level than you and you can kill them before lol).
The strategy is simple : You can’t make errors here, pay attention to their action.
If they use FURY at starting to protect themselves from Freeze (They’re red when they do.), Silence them if you can with ILLUSION, then run away & slow them so they can’t follow you, until Fury worn off (It lasts 15s and has a 120s Cooldown).
Considering the ping issues, some of them will probably be able to stun you BEFORE you silence them. That’s why you need some HP not to die before the end of their stun.
Don’t forget they only have 2 skills that allow them to move fastly. And their reload is 40s.
When they stun you, just try not to die having enough HP or using a support pet that can heal you.
When they leap on you, you can FREEZE/BRAINFREEZE/ILLUSION them so they can’t attack you more at melee range. If you use BRAIN FREEZE, don’t forget they’re slowing you by Leaping, so they may hit you several times before you can kite. Try to consider TELEKINESIS at this point.
Once their skills are done, if you survived at this point, STAY FAR from your foe. Summon back your SLOWING pet if you have one (and if he killed it), and hit/slow them as much as you can. They should NOT be able to reach the melee range anymore before they reload their skill. Some of them may stealth to summon back their pet, just keep slowing & nuke the pet from afar. Keep using ILLUSION when you can to perturb them and freeze them again if they can get close.
Some of them have a good load of HP, so it can be a tought fight.

Champions :

Champs are really good on duels. Happily, they don’t feel confortable when they fight against a Magus. They have some good skills :
One ranged stun. It’s RANGED, it means they are not at melee range after stunning you.
BEWARE Their pet. It’s the real threat usually, because their pet is usually doing more damages than the champ itself. Consider killing it before atempting to kill the champion (except if it’s a VIT based pet)
The fight against a champ is really easy to predict : First, they will stun you from afar, run at melee range and slow you so you can’t run off. That’s is what you don’t want to happen.
My tactic to counter this is usually to start the fight with BRAINFREEZE, so they can’t move, but still skill. They will stun you for sure, but they will not be able to reach melee range considering they are frozen for 8-11s (according to the skill level). You may basically only take the shots from the pet. Their stun time is 6-8s only, so you will be able to kill their pet during before the freeze worns off from them. (Beware the DEX PETS, they’re hard to hit, consider some Accuracy.).
You may also try to kill the pet from afar before freezing, but it’s kinda risky.
ILLUSION is also an option to use in first, but they have the same range as you have and they can still move during the silence statut. But anyway, that’s a way.

Once this phase is done, you HAVE TO kill the pet. Once it’s done, just run away from him. Keep kiting, use your slow, freeze, silence as soon as you can to prevent the champ to get close. A pet with Advanced Slow (50% slow) is HIGHLY recommanded to kite a champ in a duel, especially considering he will not really able to kill it if you keep healing your pet. Some of them may try to summon their pet again, by stealthing or running away, don’t let them run, and/or nuke the pet as soon as it spawns. If you keep doing this tactic, the champ damage output will really be too low to kill you before you do.

By the way, the hard part is.. YOU CAN’T MAKE ANY ERROR HERE. Any error will cost you a high amount of HPs (probably more than 1/3). Especially with the opener.
– You can’t afford to miss your freezes, especially at the opening
– You can’t afford to lose your pet in this fight, he’s the one really slowing here (50% slow for 20s each debuff, with very few cooldown). The champ may try to focus it, it’s exactly what you want, because you can spam heal on your pet and keep hitting him while he tries to kill it.
He may stun you several times, but you should be able to take very few damages considering the slow (he will take ages to reach melee range, and you will be able to kite as soon as the stun worns off).

Slayers :

Slayers are a pretty tought fight. DO NOT DUEL THEM IF YOU DON’T HAVE ACCURACY GEMS IN YOUR GEAR. That’s the first thing you have to know, because you’ll just keep missing them and they’ll kill you.
They have a lot of snares & things to hold/stun you. So you need a decent amount of HP to fight those, and obviously a great magic attack to kill them before they do.
A fight against Slayer is usually based on the opener like for the champ. You will have to consider all the skills he has, and pay attention to it. They basically have : 1 stun, 1 charge, 1 ranged silence (average %), 1 really good sleep, and 2 stealth (one that can move, another that can’t.). You also have to consider how many hp the slayer has. If he has very few HP, just focus the slayer, and not the pet. Otherwise, start with the pet and prepare yourself for a longer fight.
Basically, you’ll have to be reacting really fast. Put pvp on during the duel, so you can aim the slayer easily after his stealth worns off with TAB. That will be really helpful.
About the opener.. It will depends on the slayer’s opening. There is basicaly 3 slayers openers :
– The first one, they stealth before the end of the cooldown, then try to sneak attack you. This is, in my opinion, one of the best opener they can use against magus because it’s harder to handle than the other ones.
About the response you can provide to this… The slayer will usually wait some time before attacking you while he’s cloaked because he’s afraid of the aoes you could do. During this hesitation, just STOMP his pet directly, then start running around, doing some random AOEs to try to catch him. In this case, they will be obliged to CHARGE you to catch you usually. So they will charge, and then try to stun you. If you’re fast enough, you may be enough to target him as soon as he attacks and silence him to prevent the stun. But it may be really hard.

– The second one, they will attempt to charge you as soon as the cooldown is finished. That’s a great opportunity to be honest. Why ? Because their charge is not stunning, so if they do charge, you will have the time to silence before then stun you and start your control skill lapping before they do. You can also STEALTH when they attempt to do this just at the end of the cooldown. They will lose your track, be desoriented, and you will have the time to target & Silence them before they can do anything. Which is great, because his pet will not even be able to hit you in this case.

– The third one, happens some times : they try to kill your pet, especially with charge first to get rid of slow. To be honest, this is the most idiotic move then can do, just nuke them with your skill, spam your pet to get it alive as long as you can (will probably not be able to survive anyway). Sometimes they use their CHARGE on your pet, which is the best thing you can expect, because they will not be able to reach the melee range if you BRAINFREEZE them (Yeah, they can still CHARGE during BRAINFREEZE, except if they used it already.)

Just get a decent amount of HP to resist during this time, And silence (ILLUSION) as soon as you can to start your cycle of control skill (Usually ILLUSION 25s cd => BRAINFREEZE 60s cd => FREEZE 75s => ILLUSION 25s cd should be reloaded). Considering he already used his CHARGE, he will not be able to reach the melee range again if you BRAINFREEZE him just before ILLUSION worns off. He will probably try to silence you from afar, and will probably miss it as usually. This is your chance to nuke him, doing as much damage as you can during this period of 12-16s approximativly. If you can’t get him down during this period, just use FREEZE to get 13 more seconds of free hits, and use ILLUSION again before it worns off. If you can’t kill the slayer during all this free time… Consider getting a better Matk, because it should be way enough. By the way, you may miss some of your freeze/Silence during the fight considering the evasion he has. Just don’t forget to KITE during ALL the fight to give him some hard time to catch you (and trust me, he will try hard), get some more accuracy, and a great damage output to kill him before he does. That’s the only way. If the slayer survives to all your freezes/silence, you may be in huge troubles, and your only way to fight will be to try to outdps him with all your skills, which is really risky. Good luck.

Heretics :

Heretics are one of the best class against Magus. Only because they silence a lot, and can heal/protect themselves. There is no really tactics against heretics. Considering they are a healer class, their damage output isn’t that great, but can still kill you in a long fight. Consider killing the pet in priority to cut his damages output. He will not be able to kill yours considering his low damage. Keep your pet alive, and focus on damaging him. One great way to kill them is to keep your silence & freeze when they tend to be low in HP, so you can deny the heal. But any good heretic will not let his HP going down because they know about this threat which is your ONLY CHANCE if you have too low DPS. In any case, don’t try a long fight, you will not be able to consume all the MP bar of the heretic and he will just heal up & attack you as soon as you stop attacking him. Just focus him, so he can’t attack, only heal himself, try to keep your skills to make a LOT OF DAMAGE in a REDUCED AMOUNT OF TIME, get your best DPS pet and there you go. If you can outdps his heal, he’s gonna go down, if you can’t, you’re gonna go down. I tried many ways to kill them, this is the only real way you have. You can’t really kite, they can’t snare you & they also attack from afar, so it’s pointless to. FALLING STAR can be a great finisher by the way, especially if you can silence him with low HP.
Using a VIT pet during this fight can make it really long. If you can heal yourself & debuff him with your pet, you may be able to survive for a long period of time.. but there’s no point if you can’t kill him. Just get your DPS pet imho, and focus on damage.

Magus :

Ah, some mirror match up. Well nothing special to say here. The best HP/Matk will probably win. The first to ILLUSION The other one too. Don’t forget, BRAINFREEZE is INT based, so in a magus fight, it’s nearly worthless except if your foe try to run away from you. Choose to focus on the pet if you have some good HP/mdef to survive few time, and if you consider it’s a dangerous one. (Don’t forget your XP skill by the way.) And kill before being killed. Considering the skills aren’t picked, there’s nothing you can do that your foe can’t. So trying to use non-regular tricks will probably not work considering you have the same range and stuff. this kind if fight is obviously, all about GEAR and SKILL LEVEL.
A DPS or VIT pet may help in this fight.

V/ Glossary

AF: Astral Feast

AOE : Area of Effect

DB : Dragon Blood

DD : Damage Dealer

DI : Dragon Island (Instance)

DPS : Damage Per Second (Usually used to find party members : Slayer/Zerk/Magus, as “LFM DPS for Specter Island!”)

FD : Fallen Darkness (Instance)

LFM : Looking for Members

LFP : Looking for Party

LR : Lost Ruins (Instance)

HEX: Hexagram Array (Event)

SI : Specter Island (Instance)

ToB : Trial of the brave (Instance)

WTG : World Tree Garden (Instance)

ZG : Zodiac Gauntlet (Event)

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