Battle of the Immortals Ancient Ruins PvP Event Guide

Battle of the Immortals Ancient Ruins PvP Event Guide by Kymari

The Ancient Ruins (AR) Battlefield is a team-based PVP event opened to players level 45+. It’s a great event to attend if you enjoy pvp, especially since killing enemy players will NOT raise your infamy! Furthermore, you will be rewarded with Glory, which can be exchanged for Medals of Victory to purchase a variety of items including talismans, titles with STATS, a rare mount, and other useful items.

This guide is currently being updated to reflect the changes made within patch 1.8. If you see anything outdated or incorrect, feel free to reply to this thread, and I will make the changes and give credit as needed!

How to Join
This event runs Sunday through Friday (every day except Saturday) in Realm 4. Registration is open all day, and will automatically start when enough players in your bracket have registered.

To start the sign up process, talk to Mercuriffy in Atlantis, who is located in the upper left corner of the map. Mercuriffy will teleport you to a special “waiting room” of sorts. Here, you can team up with other players, or choose to enter solo. Talk to the NPC in the middle of the room to finalize your registration. When enough players are registered, a new winodw box will pop up on screen, allowing you to to teleport straight into the battlegrounds from your current location.
Note: It is strongly advised not to change realms or begin any other timed events or instances once your have registered.

Objectives of the Event
Upon entering the battlefield, you will be assigned to one of two teams: Chaosflame (Red) or Gramr (Blue). To win, a team must score 20,000 points.

Points are earned by occupying the three key points (crystals) in the battleground. These appear as shield icons on the map. The color of the shield will indicate which side occupies that key point. Red is occupied by Chaosflame, Blue is occupied by Gramr, and Black is currently unclaimed. To capture a key point, simply click on the large crystal, and then let the progress bar fill without being interrupted. Enemy npcs and players may attempt to stop you from capturing the key point by attacking you! You can defend a key point you own by attacking enemies who attempt to capture it. You will continue to receive points as long as the key point is in your team’s possession.

Defeating enemy players will grant you small amounts of personal glory, but will not gain your team any points toward the final score. The advantage of defeating enemy players is that they require time to respawn, and will not be able to capture the crystals during that time.

A swift victory will require a team to both hold key points, and to defeat enemy players!

Earning Glory
Glory has two purposes: use to exchange for Medals of Victory, and for bragging rights on the server rankings list.

Through Combat
Both teams will receive glory and reputation for participating, but you may only receive glory for the first five matches you play per day. The better your team’s performance, the more glory you will receive. Scoring deathblows and being the individual to claim crystals/key points will net you small amounts of additonal glory.

Glory Medal Bonuses

Glory Medals are items that give you a bonus to the glory obtained in a single match.
Medium Glory Medals can be purchased for 50 zen in the Marketplace, under Functional -> Special.
Other types of Glory Medals are theorized to come from events, some of which are not implemented yet. As of patch 1.8, glory medals are no longer purchasable with Medal of Triumph.

At the end of a match, after you leave the battlefield, a window will automatically open. If you have a Glory Medal your inventory and wish to use it, click the “Receive” button for that The Glory Medal will be consumed on use.
Also, if you accidentally closed this window, or forgot your Glory Medal in your bank, you can always come back to Mercuriffy. He will be able to re-open the bonus glory window from the last match.

Daily Quest
You can also receive glory by completing the daily quest offered by Mercuriffy. Accept the quest, fight in AR, and talk to him to receive the badge after the fight. If you won, the glory reward is 1500. If you did not win, the glory received is 500. If you lost, and still want to try for 1500, do NOT receive the badge. Simply play more AR until you win a match, and then go receive the badge and finish the quest.

Medals of Victory
]Glory can be exchanged for Medals of Victory which is the main currency of Mercuriffy’s shop. The exchange rate of glory to medals depends on your battlefield reputation. The more reputation you have, the better your exchange rate.

Some of the items in Mercuriffy’s shop include:
– Inspiration of Gods: An item to go in your “Badge” slot. Grants 3000 HP and 60 fire, ice, light, and dark attack. Warning:This item only lasts for seven days from the time of purchase. Placing a Soul Insignia on this item will also grant 1% critical strike, but will not increase the duration of the item – you’ll lose both the medal and the insignia after a week.
– Exclusive battlefield fashion items
Odin’s Blessing – White
Odin’s Gift – Black
Loki’s Chaos – Blue
Loki’s Destruction – Red
– Titles with bonus STATS!
– Charms/Talismans to add bonuses to your gear. These are different from Gems, and can be placed on the gear types specified in the item description.
– Charmstone lvl 2: A Charm/Talisman upgrade item to make your Charm/Talisman stronger. Warning: upgrade your talismans BEFORE slotting them in your gear. The first upgrade will require 1 talisman. The second requires 5.
– Super Gem Talismans
– Ghost Tiger Mount

Some of these items can be obtained in a few days, while others may take months to earn.

Tips & Strategies
– Try to capture as many key points as you can at the start of a round, but don’t be surprised if an enemy shows up. Coordinate with your group.
– Pay attention to the map. It will tell you where your team members are, and what key points you own.
– Pay attention to who owns which key point. Be careful not to get distracted by long battles when your enemy holds all the points, or you’ll find your side’s score lagging behind.
– Don’t get too close to the guards in the enemy’s base. They love the the taste of newbie.

Stuff to Bring
Don’t be caught unprepared! The following is a list of items you might want to consider bringing with you:

Food (free or crafted)
Tears of Valkyrie/Fountain of Healing
Pet potions
Pet trainer scrolls
Wings mount (obtainable from 30 Angel’s Will feathers)

Please note that pets play a significant roll in pvp combat. If you are planning on doing this event often, you might want to consider investing in a pet suited to pvp. Zodiacs are ideal, but don’t underestimate the strength of other pets as well!

Other Do’s and Don’ts
Try your best
Communicate with your teammates
Pay attention to the map and score
Show good sportsmanship
Remember to have fun!

Spend all your time badmouthing your opponents or your own team
Run into the enemy base (you’ll die)
Let your pet run into the enemy base (your pet will die)
Try to make dinner in the middle of the round (unless you’re winning 15000 to 0)
Let your cat jump on your keyboard (or drool on you keyboard)
Let your dog chew your ethernet cable (hrm, not a cat toy either)
Run into the enemy base (you’ll DIE)

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