Asda 2 Crossbow Archer 1st and 2nd Job Guide

Asda 2 Crossbow Archer 1st and 2nd Job Guide by Harmless_

xbows are a damage dealing class (dd) that specialize in instant/burst damage.

The most important attributes are dexterity and luck. Dex boosts damage while luck increases crit chance. Sub sowels for your equipment should be any combination of luck and dex (for rare sowels you will have to split dex and luck 50/50)

For accessories use +max attack rings and +crit necklace. Some players would rather swap the +crit necklace for a +hp necklace. Pick whats best for you.

It is important to understand that as an xbow you will most likely be reskilling at level 50. Just plan for it.

My personal playing style is to focus on passives and passive activation skills, while worrying about attack skills last. For attack skills I would suggest Barrage, Stun shot, poison arrow. For players who feel that they need a fourth skill for a more continuous skill rotation, put a single point on bloody arrow.

Ranked skills by stars from * to *****

1st job

spirit bullet * : The damage % is low and this skill has slow animation/casting time, also this skill does not return a soul coin for a guardian skill.

Barrage ***** : Only a 10 sec cooldown, fast cast, returns soul coin, good damage. Also the two hits give you two chances to crit.

Bloody Arrow ** : Faster cast than spirit bullet but still low damage %, has a 15 sec cooldown. This skill is comparable to poison arrow from second job, but not as good.

stun shot*** : Decent damage for first couple of jobs, the stun chance is low but stun is very lethal in pvp. The major turn off is the slow casting time,

Light movement ** : Instead of using skill points you can buy a vehicle or premium potion from market or item mall. This skill can be usefull for kiting in pvp.

Sharp aim ***** : Increases critical. As a archer you should crit often making this a very usefull skill.

Hawks eye** : Increases range. Many archers would give this a higher rating. Usefull in pvp, also allows and extra hit or two in pve before enemy reaches you. Many pvp situations are group combat or your attacking someone who isnt targeting you, therefore your attack range is only a factor sometimes :/

Increase strength ** : Strength does increase damage for xbow archers however the damage increase is small. Before someone asks, yes I am 100% sure about this. Tested in alpen with empty gear first then add str sowel.

Increase dexterity ***** : dex = win

Increase intellect * : No points on this ^^

2nd job

Poison Arrow ***** : One of the better attack skills for 1st and second jobs. Higher damage % than bloody arrow, 15 sec cooldown, fast cast. Also adds damage to 3rd job skill snipe.

Explosive trap* : Only usefull for solo and at higher levels you should be leveling with a party.

Art of Agility***** : dex = win. Just remember to activate it every 20 min :O

Roar of tenacity ** : strengh increases damage slightly. Just remember to activate it every 20 min

Reanimate* : revive in town, play with a healer, or just dont die

Dragon Slayer**** : Suprise attack and dragon slayer have the same problem. After activation there is only a 6 second window to use your next attack skill. Not enough time if you have to chase target. The +crit% for 20 sec is nice for a short duration buff though.

Secret of regeneration* : Stop being cheap and go buy hp pots

Crossbow training***** : passive that increases damage? This is what they call a no brainer.

Steal life** : longer cooldown time and less damage % than poison arrow. The heal is nice but focus for xbow is damage.

Surprise attack** : the 6 second window is a little short for pvp in many situation. Also I have a problem getting silence to stick on other players but I could just be glitched. Not bad for solo grinding, also returns soul coin for building guardian skills.

Increase stamina*** : Nice boost to hp which is good in pvp but less of a factor in pve. Remember increasing hp does not increase damage ouput -_-

Increase spirit* : No points on this ^^

Increase luck***** : more luck = more crit = more win

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