ARGO Enchant and Enhance Guide

ARGO Enchant and Enhance Guide by turbokid

This is a little guide how to enchant and enhance items in ARGO online

What is enchant and enhance?

– Enchant is weapon and armor piece compounding. It adds special bonuses, increase maximum core/ore on bucket, add more skill defense and much more. This depends on which compound kit and what grade you will use.

– Enhance is item strength increasing. It add additional base damage to your primary, secondary or support weapon and increase defense on armor pieces.

How to enhance?

First of all you need to find blacksmith npc at major towns and start conversation with him. Then press on Enhance to start.

There are 3 slots into, which you can add items. Seed , Enhanceable Item and Enhanced Earthdium.

-Enhanceable item is any weapon/armor or accesory

-Seed is special cash shop item increasing upgrade chance

-Enhanced Earthdium is needed enhance weapon/armor. You need General strengthening Earthdium at 1-3lvls and Interm. strengthening Earthdium at higher item upgrade levels.

General strengthening Earthdium

Interm. strengthening Earthdium

Now add item into slots, seeds is optional item, which you don’t need to use it if you don’t want to and press Enhance.

Congratulations your item was enhanced.

Example of Enhanced weapon

How to Enchant?

This time when you are near blacksmith npc press on Enchant option

Now you should see this screen

Only difference here is that you need compound kit. Compoundable item is any weapon/armor piece or accessory.

Add compound kit and compoundable item into correct slot. After that press compound and your item should get one of many available bonuses.

before compounding

after compounding

I hope this help a little with Upgrading and Enchanting your items ^^

Best regards,

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  1. i have a qwestion can you tell me from where do you get your purple items set pls and how can i get basic training ore ? Thanx in advance :)

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