A Mystical Land Tips and Tricks

A Mystical Land Tips and Tricks by Kairiana
Welcome! You are probably new and can’t wait to start to gain your levels and explore new areas. Here are some tips that can help you along!


1. Use some fruit!
While you are out leveling your plant lore, keep some of the fruit that you get. If you eat the fruit while out in combat, it increases your health! You can also use several fruits at one time, so be sure to stock up when going out for those big bosses!
2. Know your strengths!
Certain classes have more power than others, so be aware of that as you are going out and leveling. Do not be afraid to ask other’s to come along in a party to help get those tougher monsters!


1. When in doubt, quest!
Questing is a great way to get a lot of money in a short amount of time, so always look for new quests to complete.
2. Monster Loots
Make sure you always pick up neat items from your killing sprees, as they can sell for a few coins at the vendors. Keep in the mind that the higher the level the object is, the money you will receive.

3. Crafting Items
While this is not the ideal way to make money, as it takes a lot of time and effort to level sometimes for a very little profit, once you get the higher levels, you can make a good amount of cash.

1. Bounty Hunting
The best way to gain some experience on a day to day basis is to bounty hunt! Look at your quest log each day and try and complete the bounties for each area. They not only give a nice chunk of experience but can drop some pretty nice items as well.
2. Questing
Quests can help you level quickly as well if you choose to complete them. They give both gold AND experience so this is a great option, especially when you are just starting out.

3. Energy, Energy, Energy!
For leveling things besides combat, be sure to always use your energy before logging out on your choice of crafting or gathering. Keep in mind that certain places outside of Ardent City may have higher levels for you to work at, but also more monsters!

3. Party it up!
Partying and doing tougher bounties is a great way to level fast, and also can make the time more fun by doing it with friends! Partying is a great way to get more experience in levels you cannot handle on your own, and allows you to see new areas.

Tips from DAISYLION:

Open your achievements and click on the Ardent Quest symbol (the first one at the top) then click on each exclamation point. There is one for each town. This will show you the quests that are in each area, in case you forget where one is. The achievements is great for helping you to decide what to do and you will earn rewards upon completion of many things!

If you ever are stuck in the game (as in you cannot literally move your character), trying typing in /unstick in the chatbox. This has been a common problem lately but this usually fixes it!

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