A Mystical Land Quests Guide

A Mystical Land Quests Guide by Pestilence

Work in Progress.

Well not a man of many words, could ramble on about how hard it was and how long it took but in short: it was a pain in the ace, it was much longer than i thought to get these right and for the love of god enjoy

Area- Green
Quest Title- Blue
Objective- Purple
Rewards- Red

Table of Contents

1. Oak Valley (Tutorial)
2. Ardent Fairgrounds
3. Ardent City
4. Ardent Castle
5. Goldenvale
6. Elk Meadow
7. Lady’s Lake
8. Memorial Lake
9. Cook Village
10. Cook Cavern
11. Vinton
12. Kingsport
13. Mounds
14. Bearhold Valley
15. Hogfish Mine
16. Traders Path
17. Addict’s Ascent
18. Hungry Troll Cave

1) Oak Valley (Tutorial Area)

Talk to Osbart

Objective: Talk to Osbart

Osbart– Thank goodness, you made it just in time. The entire village is in an uproar!
You– Can I help? [Gives 10gp and 200exp]
Osbart– I sure hope so! Would you like to aid in the injured guards or protect the endangered sheep?
You– I can’t decide… I want to do both.
Osbart– Your willingness is admirable. Go ahead and talk to Ironsides or Fiachra when you’re ready!
You– So long. (or you can just walk away)
Quests Received: Healing Brew + Protect the Sheep

Protecting the sheep Quest:

Objective: Kill a wolf.

Reward: (automatic) 200 exp

Healing Brew

Objective: Get some water from Fiachra or water well; make 4 apple juices; help the guards in need!

Apple Juice items & locations:
Apples: lv.1 Red Apple Tree
Water: Well
Walkthrough: Gather 12 apples and get 1 bucket of water, when fished from the well or talked to Fiachra you end up getting 5 waters. You will only need 4/5 waters for this quest. Head to a cauldron and craft apple juice 4 times. *Note: Any crafting, gathering, etc. will require energy to do the action you want to perform like cook, pick, gather, smith, mine, and etc.*


Guard Carly
Location: By Insect mounds

Carly– I die… oh Larry, Musky,Mo!
You– Oh, stop it. You’re blood sugar is just low, you baby. Drink this.
Carly– The guard’s last drink…
You– Think you’ll like to have another drink?
Carly– You better believe it. I’d toast your good deeds, but I think you deserve this drink more than me. [Reward: Mead]
You– Later. (or just walk away)

Guard Mo
Location: Back of copper ore cave

Mo– Mommy?
You– Here, drink this. It’ll clear that head of yours.
Mo– If you say so, grandma.
You– Feeling better?
Mo– Yeah, thanks. Here, why don’t you take there? I think they’re the reason I got beaten so badly bt the wolf. I don’t think they link pink. [Reward: Pink Gloves]
You– Bye. (or walk away)

Guard Larry
Location: By Red Apple Trees (lv.1)

Larry– I am freshly cooked Tilapia! Taste buds shall fear and tremble!
You– Let’s add some Apple Juice dressing to you then.
Larry– Nothing can spoil my glorious flavor!
You– Did the Apple Juice ruin your appetite?
Larry– Mmm, no, I think not. That was some mighty fine brew! You have proved yourself as a chef, so I bestow upon you this Cook’s Apron. [Reward: Cook’s Apron]
You– Cheerio. (or walk away)

Quizmo’s Quiz!

Objective: Pass Quizmo’s Quiz on the tutorial area!

Quizmo: Ready for your quiz?
You: Quiz Me!
Quizmo: Alright! Question1: Which of the following is NOT, I repeat, NOT a way to move forward?
You: Tilt the monitor backwards.
Quizmo: Correct! Number 2: What item would you expect to gather form clicking on an Apple Tree?
You: Apple.
Quizmo: Correct! Not that most trees you interact with are generic, and give many different kinds of fruit or wood, depending on the tree.
You: Next question, please!
Quizmo: Question 3: With this apple what is something you CANNOT do?
You: Stick it in the king’s crown and blame it on Osbart.
Quizmo: Correct! The king’s guard would cut you down before you could even get close.
You: Next question, please!
Quizmo: Now you want to cook the apple. Question 4: How and where can you cook?
You: Find a cooking facility and click on a cooking pot.
Quizmo: Correct! Crafting facilities exist in the fair, other towns, and villages once villages open up.
You: Next question, please!
Quizmo: Now to cook Apple Juice which leads us to the final question: Where would you go to view your cooking recipes?
You: Knowledge Book, click ‘Crafting’ on the left, then ‘Cooking’ on the right, bam.
Quizmo: Correct!! You are amazing! Especially since you somehow knew all the choices without me even telling you. Here is your reward! [Reward: Graded Quiz 1 & 20 Gold]
You: Goodbye. (or just leave)

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