A Mystical Land Priest Guide

A Mystical Land Priest Guide by Kairiana

Choosing to become a Priest!

First of all, excellent choice if I might say so myself, as I love being a priest! You can heal others, still fight decently, and protect yourself from a good amount of damage.
However, becoming a priest can be a hard choice as there are so many things to learn once you enter the game. Hopefully this guide will help you understand the priest class and how you can go about leveling it!

Please note that this guide is nowhere near finished! I am completing it as I go and have time (as I am trying to complete more guides to help). If you have anything to add please post below or private message me. I would greatly appreciate any input!


Just starting out can be a tough time, you are learning all the ropes of the world AND trying to figure out your actual character.

First, try and make sure you can master the main skills of the game by completing the tutorial. This will help you greatly, and you can then go on to focusing on your class and leveling.

Clicking on combat skills, you will see several different options, and perhaps even have combat points to spend on them! This leads me to my next point…


Restore: This skill allows you to restore you health several times in small amounts. It speeds up the process for a short amount of time.

Spirit: This is what you use to cast any spells or feats. Since a majority of what the priest does involve healing and shielding, this is very important to have. When you level this, your overall spirit gets higher.

Health: This is what keeps you alive. When you level this, your overall health gets higher.

Healing Mastery: This is a quite useful skill, as this allows you to heal yourself and others. Upgrading will allow you heal more hit points.

Shadow Mastery: This skill currently does not seem to have an effect and there are no weapons that this works with yet, so stay tuned!

Shield Absorb: This is a great skill as it not only protects you from a certain amount of damage but also can be used on another player in your party. Upgrading this allows you to shield more damage.

Smite: This skill allows you to increase the damage that you do to an enemy. This helps greatly in fighting, especially since priests do not do a lot of damage.


This is a tough question, as it involves personal choice. You can either become a healer or try to become more of a fighter.

The Healer: This character focuses more on healing the group and protecting them from harm in the party. The best way to go about this is to make sure to focus on your spirit, healing mastery and shielding ability. This is a very handy member in any party, as often healers are needed to keep the party going and can keep lower level members alive.

The fighter: This character can focus more on shielding and healing themselves, but also doing more damage. The best way to do this is to focus on spirit, smite and shielding. You can also add some to healing but if your shielding is up and your smite you may not have to worry as much about this. This character is similar to the healer, but can do a bit more damage rather than healing.

Either way you want to ALWAYS, ALWAYS make sure you have enough spirit. The more spirit you have, the more you can use your spells and feats!

WHY CAN’T I DO (Insert Skill Here) YET?

This could be due to a number of factors. First, you must have a certain weapon with certain feats for some things. For example, for healing, you must get the Friar Generous Mace at level 5 to get your first chance to heal others. As you go on and collect other weapons and gain levels there will be other weapons you may choose with different feats attached. Some do more damage while some boost your current skills.

The other reason you may not be able to access a skill is because it may be a passive skill. If this is the case, you will not be able to select the skill. This happens with Shadow Mastery since we do not yet know what it does.

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