A Mystical Land Game Guide

A Mystical Land Game Guide by VampPirate

Simple Things To Know

-The Quest Book/Log:
This is the Quest Book. (Marked in RED in picture above.)
This book shows you all your active quests, and completed quests. When you finish quests, you get a reward like XP, or Gold.
The book also shows your bounties. Bounties are creatures you can kill to get a certain amount of money.
When you click on a quest or bounty, a green arrow will appear on your map showing you where to go to finish the quest/bounty. (Shown Below)

These are achievements. (Shown in ORANGE in the first picture)
Achievements are just like quests but you can do whichever one you want. When you finish an achievement, you earn Gold, and Combat points. Combat points are points you can use to redeem skills but we’ll get into that later.

This is collections. (Shown in YELLOW in the first picture above.)
Collections are scavenger hunts you can do to earn rewards. There are 2 collections you can choose from. Gatherables and Monster Drops. Gatherables are things you collect by clicking on them (Ex. Wool, Potatoes, Wheat). Monster Drops are items you collect by defeating a certain monster (Ex. You get Weak Boar Hair from a Weak Boar).

-Knowledge Book:
This is the Knowledge Book. (Marked in GREEN in the first picture above.)
The knowledge book shows you all the discoveries you made by playing the game. (Ex. If you mined a rock and you found and item you never found before, it will be put in your knowledge book in the level you found it in.) It might sound confusing but that’s the only way i can explain it. xD But you’ll soon get the hang of it if you play the game for a while.

These are your friends. (Shown in BLUE in the first picture above.)
This shows all your friends you have. To add someone as a friend click on them and it will show a little bar (shown below.)

The bar will let you trade with player, add the player as a friend, block the player, invite them to the party, kick from party, and offer leadership of the party to the player.

These are your skills. (Shown in PURPLE in the first picture above.)
This shows all your skills. You can upgrade them using gold and combat points you earned by completing achievements!

This is the paperdoll. (Shown in PINK in the first picture above.)
The paperdoll shows what your wearing and your stats!
__________________________________________________ ______________________

Okay so now that we have discussed most of basics, lets go on with other things.

-The Map:
This is the map. (Shown in RED in picture above)
The shows you where you are, and where your friends are, and also where the people of your party are. When you first click on it, it shows the main city where you’re at. But click on the back arrow (shown below) and you can see the whole world map!

When you’re on the world map, you will see these things called teleports (Shown below with circles around them) or maybe you won’t.

Teleports are important in this game. Teleports can get you to one area over to another without you having to walk the whole distance. now to put the teleports on the map, you have to walk onto a teleport that isn’t already on the map (Shown below) and then it will put it on the map for you. just stand on the teleport.

Then just click your world map and the teleport will be on there! =)

-Your Inventory:
This is your inventory. (Shown in ORANGE in the first picture above)
Your inventory shows all the items you currently have with you. You can hold 80 items with you including the side inventory. you can throw items away by dragging them in the ugly bucket thing in the bottom right corner.

This is your health. (Shown in YELLOW in the first picture above.)
The small blue orb thing is your spirit. You need spirit to perform attacks on creatures. The larger red orb thing is your health. You need health to survive. If all your health is gone, you will be charged with a 4000 gold fee to revive yourself. (Btw, if you try refreshing the page to avoid the fee, it doesn’t work xD) Energy is at the bottom, you need energy to gather items like apples, berries, or wood.

This is your chat log thing. (Shown in GREEN in the first picture above.)
To chat with people you just type what you want and hit enter. You can also chat with your party (if you’re in one) by clicking the button that looks like a group of people. You can chat with your guild (if your in one) by clicking the button that looks like a red thing with a crown. you can add little actions by clicking the happy face. To Whisper to a person, you type
/whisper username
and put the person’s username you want to whisper too where it says username and then just space and type the message!

-The Item Store:
This is the item store. (Shown in BLUE in the first picture above.)
The items store is a virtual store (for now) where you can purchase hats for your class. To purchase hats you need crowns a virtual money which you can buy with real money later on (But they’re giving you 20 crowns everyday right now for free to test it!!) When you buy the hat, it is unbound. When you put the hat on, it is then binded to you which means that it only works if you wear it. After it is bind to you, it is of no use to anyone else if you trade it with someone : but trading an unbound hat is okay =)

-100x Skill Gain:
This is the 100x Skill Gain Potion. (Shown in PURPLE in the first picture above.)
This really isn’t important but i thought that everyone should get one of these potions. You can buy these at Ardent City at the potion vendor for only 2 gold a piece. You can level up faster with these potions!

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