A Mystical Land Frequently Asked Questions

A Mystical Land Frequently Asked Questions by Kairiana

Here are some common questions that I have seen arise, hopefully these will help you on your adventure in A Mysterious Land!

Where is my Vault/Bank?
Outside of the ardent fair, and past the vendors in the city, the vault is located near the big purple and pink teleport.

How can I find dry twigs/vials/etc?
These can be bought at the vendor that is nearest to your vault, along with some other handy harvested foods and ingredients!

What is a zog and what do I do with it?
Zog’s are those little heads you find every so often after killing monsters. If you decide to keep the heads you can sell them at a vendor in trader’s path for a nice chunk of gold.

Where is (insert bounty here)?
While there are still some glitches, the easiest way is to go to that specified area that the bounty is located and then open your bounty list. Click on the desired bounty and then go to your map. Look for the red ‘X’ and walk around there. Do not worry if it is not there right away, you may have to wait for it to respawn!

I want to join a guild! Where do I go?
Please refer to the guild guide provided

How do I complete (instert quest name here)?
Half the fun is completing the quests yourself! If you are truly stuck, try asking a player in game for an extra hint.

Why can’t I use the teleport pads to go anywhere?
In order to teleport you need to purchase runes from the item shop. This costs crowns and you have to pay money for it.

Where can I buy weapons/armor?
These can be bought from vendors outside the fair and near the elk meadow portal. Find the vendor associated with your class.

Game Terms

Many of you have probably seen words used in the game and are saying to yourself, “I have no idea what they are talking about!”. Hopefully this guide will help you out with some of the terms and words that are used within the game.

Blowing Bubbles or Bubbly: This refers to the wobbles effect after you die. Often people will use this to describe that they have just died or that they believe they will die wherever they are going.

Agro: This term refers to lower level players (and some higher level players) that attract the aggressive mob animals that attack in certain areas like Bearhold Valley. The lower the level, the more monsters will attack you instead of ignore you. You can tell a monster is aggressive by if their name color is red.

Bountying: This refers to people who are going out to kill bounties in different areas. This often allows for more chances to level, as you get a nice chunk of gold and experience. You will often see many players in a party going out together to bounty in hard places.

The Village: This refers to a project that the dev’s are currently working on. Not much info about this yet, but you may see many players discussing their hopes for the upcoming implementation.

Royal Guard, Inner Circle, Etc: These refer to the guilds that people are in. To understand more about guilds, please read the guilds guide.

Kill Steal or Ksing: This refers to people who wait until a player gets a certain monster down to it’s last hit points and then another individual kills it, allowing that individual to get the experience instead of the original player. This is highly frowned and many players will get upset if you try this.

AML: A Mystical Land

AFK: Away from Keyboard. This refers to players who are away from the keyboard and will not be able to respond to what you are asking. Don’t worry, they aren’t being rude, they just aren’t available!

GC: This refers to the guild chat. You can locate your guild chat underneath the chatbox by clicking on the red flag (note that this only works if you are in a guild).

Tele: This refers to teleporting somewhere by using the teleport stations. Currently, you need to buy teleport runes from the item shop to use them.

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