A Mystical Land Feats and Spells List

A Mystical Land Feats and Spells List by Alo Magus

This is a list of the current feats/spells in A Mystical Land. I post them here so that everyone can see what other classes can do.

Feel free to: comment on the spells, suggest adjustments, name changes (I personally think Absorb Shield needs one), or additional feats/spells that might work.


Fireball– Hurl an explosive Fireball at your target
Ice Javelin– Hurl an Ice Javelin at your target to injure and Freeze them, slowing their movement.
Ice Storm– Conjure an Ice Storm that damages and slows your target and nearby enemies.
Inferno– Summon an Inferno of flames to overpower your target and surrounding foes.
Magic Armor– Create Magic Armor that provides extra protection against attacks.
Self Mend– Healt yourself.
Shockwave– Conjure a Shockwave which damages all nearby monsters.
Sleep– Put your enemy to Sleep.


Eagle Strike– A powerfully damaging overhead strike.
Slash– Wound your enemies with this slashing blow, causing them damage over time.
Phoenix Strike– With each successful Phoenix Strike you will restore some of your health.
Whirlwind– Spin like a whirlwind, hitting several surrounding enemies at once.
Taunt– Taunt your enemy to draw its fire away from your friends and towards you.
Cry of Challenge– Yell a Cry of Challenge to all nearby enemies to draw their fire to you and away from your friends.
Charge!– Sound a war cry to boost your allies’ run speds and damage.
Huzzah!– Sound a ware cry to inspire your allies! Decreases spirit costs and increases attack speed.


Smite– Smite thy enemies for extra damage.
Plague Blast– Conjure a Plague Blast around you to infect all nearby enemies!
Plague Bolt– Cast a ranged Plague Bolt to infect your foe!
Heal– Instantly Heals yourself or your friend.
Mass Heal– Heal yourself and any friends near you.
Restore– Restores the target’s health over time.
Absorb Shield– Put a magical Absorb Shield around yourself or your friend for protection from damage.
Condemn– Condemn your foe to take extra damage.


True Shot– Shoot straight and true at your opponent for extra damage.
Poison Arrow– Shoot a Poison Arrow at your opponent.
Snare Shot– Ensnare your foe so it can’t move. Does not prevent your foe from attackign targets within its range.
Splinter Shot– Shoot an arrow at your target that will splinter on impact, damaging surrounding enemies.
Weakening Shot– Weaken your target, thus decreasing its melee damage.
Mend– Restores some health for you or a friend.
Strength of the Bear– Bless yourself or your ally with the Strength of the Bear, thus increasing melee damage.
Speed of the Stag– Increases running speed.

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