4Story Craxion Summoner Pet Possibilities

4Story Craxion Summoner Pet Possibilities by Aelita Mirhur

Hello, I am Aelita Summoner of Craxion.
Many times, young summoner ask which pet is good to get, here is a selection i made through all the maps on Craxion.
I know there is now a great guide about mobs you can find on the website, but looking through hundreds of names, this topic can make it easier for new players.
I wish i could do this for the Defugel map, but it is not very simple to go there (just don’t want to die every 5 mins).
I wasn’t able to select pets from Mission maps, you can still look for good pets on those.

As a summoner you will have a skill “Seduce Beast”, you will use it to summon a dead mob.
You need to have the same level or above the mob to seduce it.
It’s said that magical pets fits better summoners, but pets with 2 skills, like long range and mellee, can also be very helpfull.
Those pets are suggestions, other mobs can be great to have. It’s up to you.
At level 24, you will be able to get a skill pet the “Darkness Devil” or the “Spirit of Godess”. At this point the skill pets may be more usefull than pets you can have. That’s why i also selected some mobs which can look fun.

Here we start:
The starting map is Yesod.
Your first pet will a baby puma, and the first thing will do is to find another one.

The best one you can get will be:
-at Level 5 the [Scared]Werewolf near Kuznets Advance Base. It only has a basic attack but good HP for this level.
-at level 7 [Kunya Clan Battle Team]Strange Nol at Ruler’s Forest. This mob has 2 skills, one will be long range and the basic attack skill.

At level 8 you will have your first rep at Krasnoya Forest.
One of the commun to get is at level 9, [Dizzy]Fire Spirit.

For rep 11, at Border of Elite soldier, there is 2 interesting pets:
-at level 13 [Captured]Nol for those who prefer magic attack
-at level 13 [[Furious]Werewolf, with 2 skills.

A great mob to get is from the dongeon 19. With the arrival of Aron, the Minotaurus offer 2 great skills.
Level 19 [Follower of Aron]Minotaurus

Passed level 19, the next map will be Tiphereth:
You will find some great mobs in the rep 19.
-at level 21 [Pantar]Scout at Antadia Camp Ruins. This a fun pet but also very helpfull. With 2 skills, long range and melee, this is one of the best to get.

If you are more into skeletons you can find:
-at level 21 [Danmalma’s]Rebel Army at Lejinaras, with 2 skills.
– at level 22 [Murdered]Rebel Army also at Lejinara.

For the rep 22 at Outer Wall of Lejinaras:
-at level 24 [Blue Moss]Nol Wizard, for those who prefer magic attack
-at level 25 [Dirt Spot]Nol Archer, with 2 skills.

A fun looking mob, you will find at Lejinaras (entrance of the 29 dongeon): at level 27 [Hook Wings] Gargoyle.

Some interesting mobs for the dongeon level 29:
-at level 28 Experiment Human. Only basic attack, but original.
-at level 29 [Follower of Aron]Minotaurus, again with 2 great skills.

For the level 26 you will be able to go on the Ardri Prairie map:
During a quest you will go to Basayef and will see this Scorpion:
– at level 31 [Deadly Poison Claw]Scorpion.

Then the rep 28 at Aznar Prairie:
-at level 33 [Storm blowing] Storm Spirit.
-at level 33 Sargod
-at level 34 Hyena, all with basic attack.

At level 31 your next stop will be on Netzach map.
For the rep 31:
-at level 36 [Savage]Giant at Nibleheim Etranju.
-at level 37 [Black flower cannibal]Tripit at Tara
-at level 37 [Black tail]Catsi at Lozen Garden, with 2 skills.

For the rep 36:
-at level 38 [Insane]Werewolf in Bahara Etranju, with 2 skills
-at level 40 [Steel Claw]Harpy in Behir Garden.

At level 37 you can get this funny [Iron Shelled]Hermit Crab. You can find it in Morbido Lake.

In the dongeon 39, here is a selection of helpfull mobs:
-at level 38 [Lahoor Tribe]Murray.
-at level 39 [Lahoor Tribe]Gorilla Thrower
-at level 39 [Follower of Aron]Minotaurus, aigain but this time with 3 skills!

Next map will be Hodpassed level 40.
For the first part of rep 40 in Baily Forest, those more look fun than being usefull:
-at level 42 [Blue Leg]Mountain Spider
-at level 42 [Logging Area]Drone, with 2 skills.
-at level 43 [Big Rock Clan]Plunder.

For the Second part located at Meilstrom Swamp:
-at level 42 [Mutant]Merloc Hunter, with 2 skills
-at level 43 [Webfoot Clan]Hatefull Naga.

And the last part of rep 40 at Serien Forest:
-at level 43 [Singing]Bibi Chaman.
-at level 43 [Dusk]Troll.

For the rep 43 in Militia, here are 3 i selected:
-at level 45 [Furious]Kimera
-at level 45 [Released]Baby Dragon
-at level 46 [Green Fin Clan]Hunter, with 2 skills.

For the rep 46, there is those 2 types of Fire Spirit:
-at level 48 [Corrupted]Earth Guardian, with 2 skills
-at level 49 [Corrupted]Wind Guardian, both in Dusk of Spirits.

You can also find :
-at level 49 [Wandering]Ent, in Dusk of Spirits
-at level 49 [Stone Hammer Clan]Watcher, in Torzano Forest.

At the entrance of the 49 Dongeon located in Old Elixir you will find different Orcs:
-at level 47 [Urk Clan]Orc Warrior
-at level 48 [Urk Clan]Orc Gladiator
-at level 49 [Urk Clan]Orc Spirit Summoner.

For the 49 Dongeon:
-at level 49 [Lahoor Tribe]Ogre
-at level 49 [Lahoor Tribe]Lamia
-at level 49 [Follower of Aron]Minotaurus.

At level 49,you will move to the Taikonteroga map.
For rep 49 you will meet:
-at level 50 [Hell Lookout]Hell Hound in Triangle of Evil
-at level 52 [Mutant]Irontooth Alligator in Enkida Swamp
-at level 52 [Lamia]Guard in Enkida swamp, for magic attack.

For the rep 52, you will be able to get:
-at level 53 [Dark Elf]Wizard Spirit in Gilgaros Swamp
-at level 53 [Swamp Area]Merloc Sorcerer in Hydra Nest, for magic attack
-at level 55 [Savage]Hydra in Hydra Nest

And for the rep 55:
-at level 56 [Ruined]Spitefull Bensi in Darkness Elf’s Last Forest
-at level 58 [Ferocious]Dragon Newt in Dusk Hill of Dragons.

Other interesting mobs:
-at level 58 [Lahoor Tribe]Knight of Death in Darkness Elf’s Last Forest, with 2 skills
-at level 58 [Brain Washed]Dark Elf Wizard in Mad Land, for magic attack

The list for the 59 dongeon:
-at level 59 [Lahoor Tribe]Cobolt, a cute one
-at level 59 [Orc Sacred Ordonance]Ballista, the famous Ballista
-at level 59 [Whip Tongue]Jodoru.
Also at level 59 [Follower of Aron]Minotaurus.

And the last map, Dragon Road:
First rep on this map will be rep 58:
-at level 60 Cyclops Assassin in Hill of Giants
-at level 60 [Brutal]Rotten Corpse in Altar of the Dead
-at level 61 [Blue Skin]One-Eyed Sky Ray in Burning Lake

For rep 61:
-at level 63 [Respected archer]Werebeast Archer in Sanctuary of Werebeast
-at level 64 [Experimental Object nA�16]Steel Golem in Waste Treatment Plant

And finally the rep 64 in Dragon’s Grave:
-at level 67 [Cold]Dragon
-at level 67 [Destroyer]Dam Dragon.

Hoping it was Helpfull for someone :D

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