Vindictus Fishing Guide

Vindictus Fishing Guide by Plaything


So, you’ve taken an interest in fishing and want to brush up on a few tips, tricks, and info tidbits on it, eh? Well I’ll do my best to explain.

In a nutshell, fishing is an easy way to pass the time, maybe make a little money, and socialize with your fellow players, friends, or guildies. You can fish by yourself, or in a large group (a raid of up to 10 people) to slaughter as many fish as humanly possible.

Fishing can be rewarding, with the possible loot being anything from vendor trash to expensive materials to seals of enjoyment. (A currency that can be traded for platinum tokens and party revival feathers)

If you want a basic explanation of the system, a few tips, and a couple forewarnings on the currently existing bugs, please read on.

How to get started

Well, to start out, you’re going to have to go talk to our old friend Gallagher and gather the fishing quests he offers. One of them opens your ability to go to the fishing dock, and he requests one fresh fish. (Sick fish do not count)

Launch a boat on the fishing dock (Shown below) or join an already started boat.

For your first time, I’d advise soloing this. It’s less chaotic and you can see things much clearer without the clutter of a full raid swarming a school of fish.

Although Gallagher provides you with a fishing ticket for your first run, you need to have one each time you re-enter the dock. They can be purchased from Gallagher by clicking on the “Fishing Items” button below his portrait for 500 coin per stack of five tickets.

How to Fish

Now that you’re on a boat, buy yourself a bunch of harpoons. Harpoons are secondary weapons, similar to spears, that cannot be used for combat. This is what you will fish with. You can either walk into the tent-shaped building at the stern of the ship and click on the dialogue box that opens to quickly restock (Great for rushed situations) show below:

or buy them from the Owl’s shop to the right of the tent.

They will usually auto-equip, but take a test, hit F and make sure you’re aiming with a harpoon (A crossbow lookin’ thing with a straight trajectory)

Now, you don’t just aim mindlessly in the water, fish have set spawns every 2.5 to 4 minutes. (Yes, I timed it. Yes, I have no life.)

When fish spawn, you will see an alert:

And now you should furiously look for the little shadowy figures of fishies. They travel two ways, on both sides. They either go parallel to the boat, or straight at the boat, under it, and through to the other side.

By far, it is easier to catch fish travelling parallel because you simply have to aim a second or two ahead of the fish.

When they are travelling to the boat (not parallel), you’re looking at them head on, and it’s very hard to judge their range. In that case, it’s best to aim further down their path so your harpoon reaches them at the right time.

I caught something! Now what?

Now, when you catch your first fish, it will land on your boat with a “Finish” icon above it.

Right click near it and you will give it a little smack, and voila, it’s lootable.

You may notice, “Hey, WTF; I caught a fish, but I got a box?”. About half the time, you will catch treasure boxes. Often, you will get absolute junk and vendor trash, but then again you also can get expensive, rare, high-end crafting materials, enhancement stones, potions, and fish eggs.

Seals of Enjoyment

These can be received through fished up treasure boxes, as well as simply remaining on a boat. You automatically get one token for being on a boat for an hour, so even if you aren’t fishing, it’s good to be afk on a boat.

Seals of Enjoyment can be redeemed for Silver Tokens, or traded at the shop by the docks for fine HP potions and party revival feathers.
(However they cost about 60 Seals, I would not advise using them that way.)

Tips, tricks, and tidbits~

ZOMGHUGEFUCKINGFISHWHAT?!: Now and then, you will also see a GIANT fish-shaped shadow. Well, that is the Violent Tahtich, (Or Violent Tahtich Junior)
He’s extremely fast, so aim for him first (I say Him because he’s big and scary, so meh.) He is worth quite a bit, due to rarity and the fact that it’s needed in the quest “Monster at Ignacht River”.

Boat AFKing: If you’re leaving for the night/day/lunch/nap/etc, and you have buddies that are fishing, give ‘em a hand and join them. Your presence will raise the amount of fish that will show up for them. Also, if you stay long enough, you will get one Seal of Enjoyment per hour.

Objects: On the boat, there’s a bucketload of objects. You can either chuck them into the water and have fun practicing your aim to get them out, or be practical and throw them all into the bow of the ship. It makes room on the boat to run around, and keeps the water clutter-free so you can fish easier. You cannot, however, destroy them. Ever. You can try for years, you will get nowhere.

The Owl: Respect the owl. For he/she/it is wise, and distributes your harpoons, protects your mail, and incubates your fish eggs.

Yes… an owl incubates fish eggs. It’s magical.


I can’t finish my fish!: If you find that finishing isn’t working, you may have a lootable item nearby (Lootable fish, or a box) loot whatever is nearby, THEN finish the fish. It bugs unless you do that.

Dead fish/Treasure box in the water:

Sometimes when you’re skewering things out of the water, they will go flying over the other edge of the boat. When they are, you can’t harpoon them back to you, they’re lost for eternity. Sorry brah.

Zombiefish/Stuckfish: Now and then, a loser fish will decide to stop moving and stay within shooting range, but be un-shootable. It’s fun to play target practice with, but you can’t obtain it.

Fin- No pun intended.

Thanks for reading. Happy fishing!

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  1. wolololo says:

    if a chest or a fish is drop outside the boat you will gain it after a few minutes so just continue fishing, believe me , I thought I would have lost 3 Thatichs but after maybe 5 minutes I got them straight into my inventory

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    Thanks for this guide it’s helped a lot ^^

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