Vindictus Ainle Bosses Guide

Vindictus Ainle Bosses Guide by Astoru

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Vindictus Ainle Bosses Guide
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From the white caverns of Hoarfrost Hollow to the dark, fire-engulfed town of Ainle; a good trade, in my opinion. Bosses continue to get more mobile, bring out attacks that are harder to avoid, and shorten the interval between each attack. With this new map, you will be introduced to the BEST mining areas with our current amount of content.

You will also be getting the chance to switch weaponry at this point.

Lann – Spears
Fiona – Hammer
Evie – Scythe


Lann – Dual spec

Meaning, both dual swords and dual spear. I know, this is kind of odd in comparison to the other characters, but there are so few skills that are “Spear only” that it doesn’t make much sense NOT to have them. In fact, Fury Infusion is the ONLY skill that is Spear only. Because of this, Dual Spear has a very low AP requirement to use, and you can focus on getting your low ranked sword skills up to snuff.

Fiona – Sword

Yeah yeah, I know I’ll get flamed for this, but I’m a purist when it comes to Fiona. Let’s be honest here; Fiona is a slow character as it is, and Hammers make her even slower while raising her spike damage by a good margin. Thing is, bosses aren’t getting any slower; heavy stander cancel is a very important technique to use, and Hammers don’t have access to it. That’s a BIG problem.

A lot of people do fine with Hammers, don’t let me discourage you from using them. But heavy stander cancel is something I didn’t want to lose, so I stayed with sword.

Evie – Scythe

Oh boy, I know I’m stirring the hornets nest on this one. Let’s face it, staff Evie is a rather incomplete character right now; her attacks are slow and clumsy, she can’t dodge well, and her spike damage is too spread apart interval wise to be worth anything. The farther we progress, the more our HP will rise while Evie’s heal will not get any stronger. More and more we will prefer potions over waiting for the healer to bring your HP back up.

Scythe spike damage is high and constant, and scythe has an excellent dodge. The choice seems to be a no brainer to me.


Just keep in mind that I do have 1 of each character: Both my Evie and Lann are at the level cap, and my Fiona is almost there. My opinions are not baseless, nor should they be the deciding factor on what path you should choose. These are simply the decisions that I have made based on the content available, and it has worked for me.

The choice, ultimately, is yours.

A Town Engulfed

This boss is totally pitiful. I’m serious.

I was one of the people that took advantage of the glitch to get into boat 3 before it was available, I won’t lie. I was all excited to face a new boss, then I get to this guy….and was horribly disappointed. He only has one attack that he uses that’s slow and clumsy, which is an overhead smash with his club followed by a small sweep.

I won’t even give you a strategy to this boss. You shouldn’t need it. Just smash the ever-loving shit out of him and move on.

Hell Beyond the Door

Yes, this guy isn’t very difficult, but that doesn’t mean you should go off being reckless like the last boss. I’ve played this entire game on hard mode, and I’ve seen plenty die to this guy just because they were smashing away like morons. He’s slow, somewhat clumsy, but he has some attacks that might surprise you if you’re not paying attention.

1. The typical overhead smash. He does this quite a bit faster than the last boss, so be wary of it.

2. A slow 360 degree spin. The radius of this attack is deceptively large, so be sure to be out of range/have your shield up (If you’re a Fiona).

3. He roars, then charges at you with his sword low and does an upward sweep. This attack DOES track you, so be sure to use your dodge skill when he starts to get close to avoid getting struck. To Fiona’s, this attack cannot be blocked by the simple guard skill, so use heavy stander if you must.

Just keep these in mind and you’ll be fine.

Ellis’ Trust

Strangely easy boss; he looks like a copy paste from the first boss, but he actually has enough attacks that the first one didn’t to merit a new name (Gasp). Nothing that’s lethal (Hopefully) but you should keep in mind.

1. His most common attack. He does a short roar, then jumps through the air and smashes the ground 2-3 times. Easy to dodge since it doesn’t seek, so you can preemptively prepare a smash while he’s doing this.

2. The typical overhead smash from the first boss. Nothing to worry about.

3. He ducks down low to the group and leaps straight at you. It does not seek, but it moves fairly quick; a dodge skill or a block might be needed.

Wake Up Call

To avoid giving away any story spoilers, I’ll just get straight to the bosses.

This mission is just a mixture of the last two, except now you’re facing them both at the same time. You should focus on the Information Chief first, since he is a bit more dangerous and the other guy likes to just jump away from you the whole time like a retard. Face them at the same time is by no means a challenge, since the leaping tard will naturally keep his distance since he’ll likely just be jumping on a person that isn’t even there.

Or are they?… (Dun dun dun…)

Friend or Foe

This is the first time you face a Vampire. Oddly enough, devcat seems to think that vampires are skeleton-like undead creatures with a high pitched, headache inducing screech that they will scream out the whole time you fight them.

Oh well….

This guy is basically just a broken down version of Vampire bosses you will see later. Only two attacks that he will use often, neither of which are horribly difficult to dodge.

1. Two swings of his arms. They stagger you if you get hit, but the damage is so low that it’s nothing to worry about.

2. He brings both his arms back as they light aflame and he smashes them together in front of him. This does have a blast range, but nothing a small roll/dash/teleport/skip/whatever can avoid.

Easy enough. Just an introduction mission for a new kind of boss, I guess.

Piercing the Crescent Moon

This boss can be a little surprising. He has a nice variety of attacks, he moves fairly quick, and the intervals between his attacks are small. He leaves few openings after his attacks, and many of them are AoE sweeps.

1. His typical stab attack. Not hard to dodge, but keep in mind that he often does two of these in a row, and not always in the same direction.

2. A sweep attack of his hand. He often does this when someone is behind him; it has a relatively short attack range, but he does it quickly and without warning.

3. A sweep attack with his spear, usually done when someone is behind him. He’ll sweep his spear in front of him to strike anyone in front of him, then stab whoever was standing behind him. This attack has a deceivingly long attack range, so be sure to back off/dodge/guard when he does this.

NOTE: Fiona’s can easily counterattack spam this boss, because none of his attacks are smashes and can all be blocked by the simple guard skill.

Ulcha’s Relic

Ah, the gradual build-up to the big boss fight. How I HATE THEM.

This boss is basically showing another side of Blood Prince that you will see when you get to him. This boss is a pyromaniac that has a fire element to nearly every attack he has, that deals fire damage over time if you get hit.

1. He holds up one hand and throws a fireball. The charge up is short, but the fireballs flies a bit slow. Be warned, though; this attack has a good blast range, so you want to make sure you’re not even close to where it lands.

2. He uses both hands to throw a fireball. The charge up is a bit slower, but this attack is a bit more accurate and flies a bit faster than his normal fireball. The blast range is the same, so keep your distance from the landing point.

3. He brings up both hands in the air and smashes them to the ground. He does this when someone is just a little too close to him, and does an AoE fire blast that surrounds his body, hitting everyone around him. There is no special trick around this attack, just get away when he does it.

4. Similarly to the first Vampire Boss, he brings back both hands and smashes them together in an AoE fire explosion. Easy to dodge, just move around him.

Culprit Behind the Disturbance

Oh boy, back in the ice caverns again! And yet another kobold boss to boot.

Oh wait. This guy is a bit harder.

He combines pretty much all the annoying attributes of all the more difficult kobold bosses, along with the fact that he can sprint quickly across the ground and get within your range in an eye blink. He also has seeking chain attacks that will wipe you out in an eye blink if you’re not careful.

He’s a potion drinker, meaning you can expect a number of things.

1. He drinks a potion, and vomits it back at you. TAKE NOTE that he doesn’t just do it in the direction he’s facing now, he will actually turn to face you after he’s finished drinking the potion. Keep circling him, block, or back away to avoid.

2. He drinks a potion and throws it at you. No real changes here.

3. He drinks a potion and vomits it on his sword. GET AWAY WHEN YOU SEE THIS. This is a definite sign that he’s about to start one of his chain attacks that can kill you if he catches you in it. Dodge, run, block, whatever, just do not let it hit you.

Otherwise, he has a few other attacks from other Kobold bosses along with a lethal original.

1. The double 360 spin sweep. He does this a little faster than the other kobold bosses and it hits everyone within a certain radius, so back away/block when you see it.

2. He rubs his sword against the ground until it turns blue; reminiscent of a fury infusion. Again, GET AWAY when you see this, as he’s about to go into another seeking chain attack that does more damage than the previous one.

This boss is deceivingly difficult. Go with a party if you must.

Dead End Street

I won’t lie, the first time you face this boss, he will be difficult. He attacks quickly, consecutively, and also a ranged attack that can take you by surprise if you’re not ready for it. He also has a good variety of attacks that he cycles randomly, so recognizing the signs is important.

1. His simple upwards strike with his off-hand (The hand without the spear). Nothing to be worried about, easy to dodge.

2. The simple jab with the spear. Same story as the boss in Crescent moon, and he can do it twice consecutively.

3. A jab with his off-hand, then spins around and slams the ground with his spear hand. This attack has a seeking element to it; he can jab his off-hand in one direction, then completely turn around and smash his spear against the ground in another. This means that being behind him doesn’t mean you’re safe.

4. The sweep and stab with the spear hand, similarly to the boss in Crescent Moon. As previously stated, he will swing his spear to hit anyone in front of him then stab in another direction. Best to dodge, get away, or block.

5. If you’re too far away, he might bring his spear back slowly and do a long ranged stab that will throw you to the ground. The big hint that he’s using this is if sparks come from his spear. This IS a smash attack, so if you’re a Fiona, you will want to use heavy stander against this. Anyone else needs to dodge; the range is very long, so being far away doesn’t mean you’re safe.

Being from the Other World

Let this boss be a warning as to how Blood Prince will behave. He combines many elements from the other Vampire bosses and puts them together in a way that puts you in danger, no matter how close or far you are from the boss.

1. He can throw fireballs. They move slow and charge slow, but deal a fair amount of damage and has a deceptively large blast range.

2. He slides his fire-engulfed hand across his spear and sweeps it in front of him. The AoE range of this is fairly big, so you don’t want to be close when this happens. For Fiona’s, this is a smash, so only Heavy Stander will block it.

3. The typical spear jab. Just like the others, he can do this twice consecutively.

4. The sweep and stab. You’ve seen this before; he’ll swing the spear at anyone in front of him then stab in another direction. Block, dodge, or back away.

NOTE: This boss does have a breakoff; his spear. I found this to be a difficult one to hit, but it seems the most effective way is to have a Fiona counterattack spamming it. Maybe I suck with spears, who knows.

Trampled Plains

This will be the most difficult boss fight you have faced thus far. I will go ahead and say that now.

1. They’re fast. Too fast. I think this is the first boss that can actually run faster than your character.

2. They’re unpredictable. They switch targets constantly and hop all over the place.

3. Their primary attack (Jumping at you) is practically a knock-down spam.

They have few attacks, but you have to be quick on your feet if you want to be successful. If you’re going at this for the first time, I strongly recommend a party, and you’ll want to pay attention to your party composition.

There are a number of strategies you can use to approach this.

1. Counterattack spam. Most of the werewolves attacks can be guarded, thus Fiona can counterattack them. They are easily staggered, so usually 1-2 counterattacks will knock them down. The only one that can’t be counterattacked from the jumping attack is the larger one, because his is a smash.

2. Mercury traps. By this time, most Evies will be Scythe and will have access to Mercury traps. Successfully land a Werewolf in one of these babies and they will be stuck there for a short period. Smash spam them, and you’ll be able to keep them down.

3. Lann’s, pull out your swords. Double Crescent has a very high knockdown rate, and you want to keep these bosses from moving as much as possible.

These are the most successful strategies I’ve found. If you have any other viable methods, please post them in the comment area and I’ll put them up here.

Blood Prince

After a tangle with the werewolves in Trampled Plains, this boss will seem like a walk in the park. He’s basically the same thing you saw in Being from another World, with a few small changes.

Note: You will face 3 bosses prior to Blood Prince one by one. Nothing new, resort to their guides if you have any trouble.

1. He has the normal jab attack. BUT. He can do three jabs instead of two, the last one being a 360 degree spin that hits anyone too close. This attack has a slow recovery, so it gives you ample opportunity to get a good smash in.

2. He throws fireballs. If you’re too close, he’ll spin the fireball around himself before tossing it nearly twice as fast. Keep in mind the blast range and stay back when he starts charging it.

3. He stabs straight in front of him, then dives backwards hitting anyone who’s too close. This attack has a pathetically long recovery, so get those big smashes in.

Otherwise, it’s nothing you haven’t seen before.

NOTE: He has a break-off: His spear. Treat it just like the one from Being from another World. Hit it with a spear and counterattack it off; preferably the later, if you suck with spears like me.

ALSO: This map is the best location to mine for ore’s with the current content. Start the map, run past the first boss, nab the mines, then leave. Plenty of ores, chances to get gold ore, and doesn’t use tokens.

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