The West Fort Battles Guide

The West Fort Battles Guide by Eclipse and Denisero

Assume the following:
128 attackers versus 128 defenders
Equal level players on both sides
Equal weapons

Line of Sight (LOS): Areas of the map that players can shoot at. When you hover your mouse over a specific space when positioning, you’ll notice clear and grayed-out areas. The clear, bright areas are where your character can shoot at during the battle based on where you’re standing. The grayed-out parts are areas that your character cannot shoot at. During the battle, you will notice these areas as you move your character. If players are in your LOS, then you can shoot at them. If they are not in your LOS, then you cannot shoot at them.

Online/Offline: In any fort battle, there are always players who are offline. Being online gives a distinct advantage to any player because they can move as they wish. It’s in a sides’ best interest to instruct all offline players to sacrifice themselves for the greater good and line up along the frontlines to act as shields for the online players.

Movement: To move during a battle, you must click on your character. A green highlight will appear around the box and a black arrow will appear as well. Move the black arrow to another space, click, and another arrow will appear indicating your target. Once you pick your target space, you are still allowed to change it. When moving during a battle, it’s important to take notice of your LOS and the LOS of players on the other side. You do not want to expose yourself to too many opponents. Always look for another player to “hide” behind and use as a shield.

Frontal Assault:

  • All 128 attackers position directly in front of the fort.
  • Clear LOS to shoot at all defenders positioned on the front wall and the southeast and southwest towers.
  • Clear LOS for attackers lined up in the middle to shoot inside of the fort.
  • Attackers along the outer extremities are exposed to the side walls and back towers.

Shoot-Out or Charge?

  • Shoot-Out: Best against a phalanx/cluster defense for first half of the battle. Attackers advance up to the wall, but do not climb up and into the fort. Everyone lines up in a giant cluster behind each other in the middle two sectors in front of the wall and back. There is a clear LOS to shoot into the fort. When the time is right, attackers will have to advance and climb the walls/enter towers and move into the fort.
  • Charge: Best against a defense that has players spread all over the place. Also could be useful against a defense with players fully positioned on the walls/in the towers. Attackers charge up, climb the wall or move into the towers in waves and make their way into the fort. Push the defense back.
2-Sided Assault:

  • Attackers position on both sides of the fort. 64 on one side, 64 on the other side.
  • Both east/west walls and all 4 towers are very easy to clear.
  • Best utilized against a defense that fully positions on the walls/towers. Roughly half of the defense can be wiped out in under 10 rounds.

Charge or Plan B?

  • Charge –> Shoot-Out: After clearing east/west walls and all 4 towers, charge forward, as attackers simply take over the east/west walls and all 4 towers and enter into a shoot-out against the remaining defenders along the front/back walls and inside the fort. Not all attackers will fit in the first wave, so the first wave should try to advance into the fort, which will allow the second wave to get onto the wall/into the towers. Then it just turns into a massive shoot-out.
  • Plan B –> 4-Sided Assault or Frontal Assault: If the defense utilizes a cluster/phalanx approach, then the attackers are in a bit of a jam. Attackers need to either A) split into 4 groups, with 1/4 moving to the back and another 1/4 moving to the front. Then as one, everyone needs to charge up the walls/towers and just hope for the best in a massive shoot-out. or B) Everyone moves to the front of the fort and utilize the frontal assault.
3-Sided Assault:

  • Attackers position on both sides and the front of the fort. Up to attackers to decide to evenly distribute into 3 groups or use 32(side):32(side):64(front), or be random and uneven. Image is the 1:1:2 ratio.
  • Not the most popular choice because you’re essentially dividing your firepower into a third.
  • Exposure to potential heavy causalities early on.
  • Best utilized against probably the phalanx/cluster defense more so than others. It’s easy to get into position to attempt an offensive strike from all sides.
  • Charge: Attackers on all sides clear anyone on the walls/towers, move into position, and advance up into the towers/walls. Attackers expose themselves to fire from all directions, but just might be able to KO enough defenders to be able to advance with force into the fort.
Cluster/Phalanx/Everyone Inside!

  • The “unbeatable?” and “ultimate” defense.
  • All defenders are clustered together inside of the fort.
  • This approach is meant to allow the attackers to climb the wall/move into towers. It’s sort of a trap because once attackers move up, almost every defender can shoot at them and easily KO.
  • Little movement is needed. Everyone stays in place and waits for attackers to advance to their death.
  • Offline players can be almost as effective as online players.
  • You can line-up really anywhere inside the fort. It doesn’t have to be square in the middle. Image is just for visual purposes.

Man Your Battle Stations (Walls/Towers/Buildings):

  • Defense completely fills each wall, tower, and building = 112 defenders, other 16 line up wherever inside the fort.
  • This creates a barrier. Even if one side is completely cleared and attackers are able to advance up the walls/into towers, and even into the fort, most likely, the attackers will be picked off one by one because the rest of the defense will shoot at them.
  • It’s a bit risky against a 2-sided or 3-sided attack set-up.
  • The quickness of players getting KO’d in this set-up because every defender is an exposed target makes this tactic less popular than the cluster/phalanx approach.

Frequently asked Fort Questions:

Q. I share an internet connection with someone else that plays The West. Are we allowed to be in the same fort battle together?

A. Yes.

Q. When you unlock a buildings next level you have to have a set of materials/resources to build it. Do they measure thes items per building period of two hours? If i build the Gates level two, i need two iron, one wood and two barbed wire. What happens if I fall short of 200 cp’s and have to add another building session? Do I need these items again?

A. Resource requirements are shown for one hour of construction. When building for 30 minutes, half the resources shown are used, rounded up. For the example of level 2 gates asked in the question, 30 minutes would use one iron, one wood, and one barbed wire. For buildings that require resources, they’re used every time you build. If you fall short, you’ll need more resources to build again.

Q. Why didn’t my building points carry over to the next level of the building?

A. Due to buildings requiring products to manually unlock them before you can access the next level, building points do not carry over. This is true even of the Resource Stock.

Q. Why can’t I invite other towns into the fort or write a fort profile?

A. You have to be a founder of the founding town. In other words, if you don’t wear a black hat in the town that founded the fort you can do neither of these things.

Q. How does my town attack a fort? Can I cancel an attack?

A. To attack a fort you have to meet the minimum requirements to own that size fort and have enough cash in your town treasury to pay for the attack. Travel to the fort you want to attack then click on the icon in the bottom right of the screen. Battle will begin 24 hours after you do this. You can not cancel a battle once you have done this.

Q. My fort is under attack. How do I know who ordered it?

A. In the Fort Overview tab where your fort battle is listed hover over where it says Fort Battle and the time. It will list the player and town that ordered the attack.

Q. What skills are used in fort battles?

A. The chance to hit depends on leadership, aim and hide (defender) or stamina (attacker).
The chance to dodge depends on leadership, dodge, hide (defender) or stamina (attacker).
The hit and dodge values are also modified by distance to your enemy and your position, currently only towers, walls and buildings increase your chances, but there’ll be other sectors that use skills to determine boni which bonuses you can see by moving your cursor over the sector before the battle starts, including the class bonuses for towers. The first post showed a tactics map, however that one is several months old and won’t be used that way, but it should give an idea how it might be used later.

Appearance and Tactics plays no part in fort battles.

Q. Can I use a regular weapon to fight in fort battles?

A. No. You must use a fort gun. You can puchase fort weapons in your towns Gunsmith or find them on jobs. Fort weapons are left handed weapons. It doesn’t matter if you are Ranged or Melee. There is no skill to increase or decrease damage, your weapon does damage according to its listed damage range. You can not use a fort weapon in a regular duel. Fort guns are only for fort battles.

Q. My regular dueling weapon has an Aim bonus. If I have that equipped does that bonus count in fort battles?

A. Yes. A dueling weapon is just another item like a hat or boots in fort battles. If your dueling weapon has a skill bonus that is relevant to fort battles that bonus will be factored in.

Q. How many towns can I invite into my fort? Can I transfer fort leadership to another town?

A. Small = 1, Medium – 2, Large = 3. You can not transfer leadership to another town, even if that town belongs to your fort. If you leave the fort, ownership will be transferred to the next town in line that meets the minimum point requirements for that size fort. You can then be invited back to the fort if desired.

Q. How many people can participate in a fort battle?

A. 128 for each side. You do not have to be online during the battle but you must sign up and pick a side anytime in the 24 hours before the battle begins and you must be at the fort when the battle begins. You can go off and do other things in the meantime, just as long as you are back at the fort at the scheduled time.

As of 1.23, the number of attackers and defenders depends on the size of the fort.

Small: 50 attackers / 42 defenders
Medium: 100 attackers / 84 defenders
Big: 140 attackers / 120 defenders

Q. How many forts can my town have?

A. As many as they want. There are no restrictions on how many forts one town can have or belong to.

Q. If I don’t belong to a town can I participate in a fort battle?

A. No you can not.

Q. I accidentally deleted the report inviting me to the fort. I haven’t rejected the invitation. Can I find the invitation in another place?

A. Look under “Fort overview”, you should see the option to join the fort there.

Q. Who can start a fort battle?

A. Founders and counselors from your town can initiate a battle against an enemy fort.

Q. What should I do to take part in a battle?

A. Go to the fort in question. Once there, click on the blue round button “To arms!”. Select the side you want to fight for (Attack or Defend – depending on your affiliation, only one of this option might be available). Select your battle position and your initial order (target location). If you leave the fort, make sure you return before the battle starts. If you own the fort, sleeping in the barracks is will not affect the participation in the battle. Every scheduled job/sleep/walk is canceled once the battle starts if you are at the fort location. If you can, be online when the battle starts. You will be able to choose another target location between rounds.

Q. What happens if I get KO’d in a fort battle?

A. If you pass out during a fort battle, you are taken to your town’s hotel to recover.

  • You lose your cash.
  • You lose your energy points.
  • You can be dueled during the next 48 hours.
  • You can duel other players during the next 48 hours.

Q. What do the headers mean in battle reports?

Apparently there’s an issue with Google Chrome displaying the tool-tip on hovering, so here they are.

[Average damage taken should be damage given, i.e. average damage per hit.]

Q. Why are some of the players square and some rounded?

A. Players that belong to the fort being attacked or the fort that called for the attack are represented by a square icon. Outsiders have a rounded top for their icon. Players with a green dot in the upper left are online for the battle.

Q. Which towers are which?

NW – Adventurer
SW – Soldier
NE – Dueler
SE – Worker

How do fort battles work?

A fort battle takes place 24 hours after it has been scheduled. Anytime before the 24 hours are up you must go to the fort and in the bottom right corner there is an icon. If you try to sign up after the battle has started all you can do is watch.

If it is a fort you own or an allied fort it looks like this:

-Click on the icon and you will then be able to help defend the fort.

If it is a fort you do not own or are not allied with (are not a member of) it looks like this:

-Click on the icon and it will let you choose which side you want to fight for, either attacker or defender.

You must be at the fort when the battle starts. The battle screen looks like this:

Defenders are shown in blue and attackers in red.

Battle mechanics:

You choose a starting location. The first round will last 251 seconds. This is so you can evaluate where every player is at on the field. Subsequent rounds last 45-51 seconds approximately. Fort battles can last up to 50 rounds.

There are sectors on the battle field (outlined in the picture above). You can move your character around once each round either within the same sector or to an adjoining sector. Your character will automatically shoot at the closest opponent within it’s line of sight, as will your opponents shoot at you. If you are the closest opponent to 6 different players they will all shoot at you. You may only shoot at one opponent per round.

Hits: No more than 1/3 of a players maximum HP may be taken from them per hit, no matter what your weapons range of damage is.

The object for the defenders is to protect their flag for 50 rounds or until all the attackers have been KO’d. The object for the attackers is to take the forts flag and hold it for 10 rounds or until all the defenders have been KO’d. To ‘take the flag’ as an attacker (this is without KO’ing all defenders) you have to have at least one player stationed in one of the 4 squares of the sector surrounding the fort flag for 10 rounds. I assume those are consecutive but they may not be.

In game Fort Help from the Battle Screen:
Starting position
1. Select your starting position by clicking on one of the blue marked sectors.
2. Select your target position by clicking the map a second time.
3. Move your position as wanted

The starting position
When the fort battle begins your character will start at the position you chose.

If more than one person chooses the same starting location, the players from towns that own the fort are taken in first. Otherwise it is random who starts where. The other people are placed in the surrounding areas if possible.

The dark areas
Dark squares are areas on the map in which a character cannot shoot that is positioned in the spot you are holding the mouse right now.
If your character was positioned at the spot where you are holding the mouse right now, he would obviously not be able to shoot at someone standing behind the house. This is marked with the dark coloring.

The target
Your character will always try to reach the target. Unless you are actively taking part in the battle the character will decide for himself which way to take to get there.

The sectors
A sector is an area that can only be controlled by one team (either attacker or defender). Once a sector is controlled by one team, only members of that team can enter it. If a players tries to enter a sector that is controlled by the other team, he automatically shoots at the people within that sector

The flag
Should the attacker be able to take over the flag sector and hold it for 10 rounds, he wins the fight. The flag sector has one negative effect: Persons in this sectors are easy targets and they cannot shoot well from this position.
*Note – It’s been confirmed holding the flag for 5 rounds will not declare attackers the victor. Maybe it is 10 rounds…can someone confirm?

The game play
The battle is split into rounds: Each character gets a turn in each round. The character first shoots, then he moves into another sector, unless that sector is controlled be the opposing team. Once all characters took their turns, the next round begins.

How do I found a fort?

A fort can only be constructed by a town’s councilor or founder. Grey forts mark the spots on the map where forts can be constructed. There are only 3 forts available in each sector, a large, medium and small fort. The following requirements have to be fulfilled to construct a fort:

  • You have to be councilor or founder of your town.
  • Your town has to have the minimum amount of points needed. Check each forts size requirements.
  • The town’s treasury has to have enough money. Cost is also dependent on fort size.
  • You have to be at a spot where a fort can be built.
  • No fort may be at the spot already, and no fort may be under construction right now.
  • You need at least 80 energy points.

Constructing a fort takes eight hours. Just one player is needed to construct a fort. As soon as the fort is done, all players of the town can visit it and help with the construction.
If more than one player tries to construct a fort on the same spot at the same time, the player that began the construction first begins the job.
Check the help file for more information

My town owns a fort, what can I do in it?

Founders (black hats)

Send out and rescind invitations to other towns to join the fort. See fort size limitations in the help file.
Kick towns out of the fort.
Write and edit the fort profile page
Upload the fort flag
Name the county the fort resides in (if you own the largest fort)
Name/rename the fort
Plus everything everyone else can do

Counselors (gray hats)

Unlock the next level of each building for construction
Destroy resources in Resource Stock
Declare war on another fort
Plus everything else members can do

Members (from all towns including the founding town).

Sleep in the barracks
Donate to the resource stock and fort treasury
See the progress on construction and items needed
Construct in the fort
Shop in the fort shops (once these are implemented)
Defend the fort from attack
See the town log
See all towns and members that belong to the fort

What do the different buildings do?Headquarters
With every level of the headquarters the difficulty to build other buildings is reduced by five points.
Frame: Tool boxes, Saws, Maps
Construct:Wood and Granite
Max Level 10

In the barracks each fort member can rest.
Frame: Cloth, Cotton, Hammer
Construct: Wood and Iron Rods
Max Level 2 small, 4 medium, 6 large

Protective Barrier currently bonuses not working
The protective barrier offers cover during a fight. The bigger it is, the more it raises the attacking and dodging values.
Frame: Spades, Beaver traps, Wood
Construct: Wood and Barbed Wire
Max Level 3 small, 4 medium, 5 large

Resource Stock
In the stock you can store items. Per level six new items can be stored.
You do not have to pay resources for this construction.
Max Level 7

Gates currently bonuses not working
Upgrading the gates raises the fighting values of the players stationed there.
Frame: Sledge hammers, Nails, Planers
Construct: Iron Rods, Wood, Barbed Wire
Max Level 3 small, 4 medium, 5 large

Let’s you fly a fort flag and name the county (if you hold the large fort)
To unlock levels: Union Flags, Confederate Flags, Lassos

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