Solstice Reborn Archer Stat Build

Solstice Reborn Archer Stat Build by monchkinz1518

OK archer fans im back after my long post on the stat guide for archers. This time will be quick and simple. Heres a link to my long post (since it was put in the suggestion thread which makes no sense btw since its a class guide to begin with omg outspark…).

if you read the whole thing and 3/4 of what i say there is useless about going all pow . If you cant be bothered heres the break down of my research.

Agi 10 = +1attack
Agi 14 = +1attack
Agi 15 = +1hit rate
Agi 23 = +1attack
Agi 33 = +1attack
Agi 37 = +1attack
Agi 39 = +1attack
Agi 41 = +1attack
Agi 44 = +1attack
Agi 47 = +1attack

6pow = 1attack
11pow = +1attack
15pow = +1attack
20pow = +1attack
25pow = +1attack
30pow = +1attack

1st archer 66agi = 5dodge/.7s attackspeed/13 movementspeed/ 88hit rate/ 6crit/ 2s,crit
2nd archer 42agi = 5dodge/.7s attackspeed/13 movement speed/ 86hit rate/ 5crit/ 2s.crit
momo’s 14agi = 5dodge/.7s attackspeed/ 13 movement speed/ 82hit rate/4crit/1s.crit
MY ARCHER 47agi = 5dodge/.7 attackspeed/13 movement speed/ 86hit rate/ 5crit/ 2s.crit

As you can see pow does indeed give you more attack but the damage you do to monsters is weaker than agi. So summarizing it is like this:

pow=more attack=less damage
agi=less attack=more damage

again this could change as outspark is well known for having incredible bugs at times. so just keep up to date tho if you already went all agi now and they change the stat system only way to fix is a rebirth card.

TY to wardomic for this info about the bug

Pure Pow no bow level 25 Archer: 41 Attack
Pure Agi no bow level 25 Archer: 44 Attack

Pure Pow green bow lvl 25 Archer: 146 Attack
Pure Agi green bow lvl 25 Archer: 122 Attack

As you can see if you equip a bow the attack increases dramatically if you went full pow so its a bit misleading. NOTE!!! this is a bug so pure agi is still the way to go!

Ok, now thats out of the way the numbers…. well I will leave that to you for now try and experiment within yourselves which build suits you more being all damage or a bit of a mix variety. I will try and come up with more info in a later date.


Originally Posted by siruschaos
Well I had Sparkcash left over since the closure of SotS, so gave in to using the rest of it to buying resets. I always was a sucker for testing these kinds of things out.So this thread well help answer: Is Power completely useless over Agility?

Well after some messing around with stats, I simply wanted to point out no it is not. Rather, balance between the two stats is ideal.

It is unknown how it works, but Agility plays a stronger factor with Melee attacks in the beginning. It is a good stat to invest in over power for any of the melee classes (including Fighter). BUT eventually this seems to stop, and I believe this benefit stops once you achieve 100 hit rate. The growth rate then between POW and AGI becomes nearly the same for melee attacks, but POW gives a greater significant boost to skill attacks.

I have some stat boosting equipment on, and the Dragon is Lv3 Power (+15% Attack). But all these factors were kept the same between the two stat builds.

So now for pictures:

Full AGI – Melee Attack (Raw – 1900-2000s Critical – 2800-2900s)

POW/AGI Hybrid – Melee Attack (Raw – 1900-2000s Critical – 2800-3100s)

Notice that they have roughly the same damage rates. There doesn’t seem to be any gain other than perhaps having more critical rate power in the Full AGI build. Hit Rate caps at 100, therefore a stat penalty happens that force lowers Hit Rate.

On the side note, Critical/Skill Critical/Dodge all cap at 100 too. Just like how effective having hit rate is at 100, a very high dodge rate or critical rates will be noticeable…

I suggest ignoring AGI for critical rate boosting, for it takes a large amount of points to increase the stat. Rather find equipment that grants Critical/Skill Critical AP to increase these rates easier. A Critical Pet is very ideal too (I actually like a Lv10 Critical Pet over a Attack Pet, which I am using in these pictures).

Now going on to Skill Damage Comparison. I used Starlight Shot (Pfft at the new name) for this.

Full AGI – Skill Attack

POW/AGI Hybrid – Skill Attack

Pretty obvious which is superior. The Full AGI Critical Hit of Starlight (not pictured) barely hit over the POW/AGI one at raw damage. The critical hit damage for POW/AGI Starlight is outstanding. I was smacking 30k+ damage, and with a good healer attack buff, it’ll one shot the Bangle Mobs!

I only tested Pure AGI vs. POW/AGI Hybrid. Seeing that Pure AGI isn’t ideal, I highly doubt Pure POW would be good for then you’ll lack Hit Rate (which unlike in SotS, Hit Rate really does work and is important for Melee Classes).

For any of the Melee classes (Fighter, Archer, Rogue), you’ll want to invest in both stats. Agility seems good enough to invest in until your Hit Rate hits 100 for then it is capped. Afterwards, focus on Power to further increase your damage.

Results were similar for Warlord, and I can expect them to be the same for Archer Lord as well. POW/AGI hybrid is more favorable.

For Warlords/Saint Guardian: 177 AGI = 100 Hit Rate
For Shadows/Archer Lord(?): 267 AGI = 100 Hit Rate

If you have any stat boosting items that give AGI, simply subtract those from these values.

Well that’s that. Feel free to discuss or seek out to discover any other findings between POW and AGI here.

so suggestion builds?



its a no brainer… more damage = faster kills = faster level up. good in pvp as well tho theres not much of variety within the other archers who will most likely use this build.



hit hard and survive thats how i always liked my ranger. You survive fights more often especially in pvp. This will probably the determining factor in pvp between archers of same levels and skills.



I dont really recommend this build since pow pretty much kills your damage per second. with no adding weight factor it seems like a useless stat in archers. The reason I mentioned this build is the off chance that they “fix” the stats. You can gamble with this build but dnt hate me for it if they dont fix it.

UPDATE: with siruschaos’ experiment it seems this will be the suggested build at this moment. Of course I will update you guys with any more information.



Again up to you to gamble with POW being the main stat for archers instead of AGI



old school sots build i had. It was probably the best builds in sots but now its kinda of killed with the POW being non factor.

UPDATE: with siruschaos’ experiment it seems this will be 1 of the other suggestion builds at the moment

props to these wonderful people for helping making this guide possible:
(i forgot what number :P forgive me)

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