Shaiya Make Gold without Selling AP Items

Shaiya Make Gold without Selling AP Items by phoenixpaladin

So everyone is QQing over the inflation and nothing seems to be getting done any time soon. In the end we’re all forced to deal with the current prices. It sucks but we all still need to find some way to get by. Yes, I know some of these suggestions aren’t the best nor are they solving the inflation problem but it’s a guide on how to survive for those who don’t deal with AP items. It’s broken down by levels because even the lowest level players can make gold. Farming can be done by anyone, certain classes do it faster but any class can do it in a duo, trio, or even pp. I’ll update the list if I find/am told of any other ways to make gold.

Level 1-15+
-Keep trade chat open and wait for OI opening times. Then when players tell you to “join” then for gold (usually 2-3mill) type /join [name] where you put in the player’s name. You will act as a filler for the OI raid and make a really easy 2mill or so. There are many parties that will ask for this and sometimes may ask many times per hour. It’s easy to make 20mill or so everyday for doing nothing.
-Farm Gold Apples
-Join PvP events and buy Ice Cream for 100K from the NPC then resell for 200K to players

Level 16-30+
-Farm the dungeon on map 1 for 1-15 PvP gear
-Farm Etin items (essence of witch, cores, etc)
-Farm Poison Linz and Ampo Spools
-Sell Plvl to level 1-15 players (generally better if you’re 25+)

Level 31-40+
-Farm for Great Super/Healing/Mana/SP potions! These can sell for a lot and add up over time
-Farm Gold Powders or other Epic Weapon quest items
-Farm the mid level dungeon for 20-30PvP gear
-Sell Plvl to level 1-25

Level 41-50+
-Farm D1/D2 for level 3 and 4 lapis
-Farm bosses for legend drops
-Sell Plvl to level 1-35

Level 51-55+
-Farm Jungle/Desert for dual lapis
-Sell Plvl to level 1-45

Level 56-60+
-Farm 5’s
-Farm OI for 6’s
-Farm end-game bosses

If your guild has a guild house:
-buy level 3 lapis from the NPC and sell for 50K or so more to players (this only works for high demand lapis like Craft, Shrewd, and Fortune)
-buy super great potions/untouchable potions and sell it to players

Additional Tips:

-Sell on the Lailah AH. More players = more demand so it should sell faster than on your home server
-Sell for 5-10% less gold than the average price on AH! Selling for LESS means you get MORE gold because your item actually sells. Sell the things you farm to get gold and invest the gold in other items or to improve your toon/gear so you can farm faster and more expensive items.
-The best way to make gold is to play the game! Level up your toon. The higher the level you are, the more and the faster you can farm and the more gold you can make. Don’t invest gold into getting good gear until after level 40+ (unless you’re doing PvP) because you’ll outgrow it pretty fast and it’s not very necessary.

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