Shaiya Frequently Asked Questions

Shaiya Frequently Asked Questions by SailorSpira


Common Questions
Quest problems
Finding a GS
Reporting players
I was banned
All things ticket related.
I’m being KSed.
Problems joining or making a guild.

Common Questions

Some of the more common questions GS’s get asked, and their answers.
A) Linking and Lapis.
B) Enchanting and Lapisia.
C) Auction House.
D) Recreation and recreation runes.
E) Resurrection runes and UM’s.
F) Etin.
G) PvP.
H) Aeria Points.
I) Teleportation stone and recorded points

A) Linking and Lapis.

  1. What is a lapis?

A lapis is a jewel that can be linked into slotted gear. It can give additional stat points, defence, attack power or endurance. Some even give elemental or debuff properties.

  • Where can I find lapis?Lapis drop from monsters in PvP maps and from some bosses.

    Level 1 – Proelium Frontier
    Level 2 – Cantibilian Borderlands, including Maze of Rapirou and Temple of Pharos.
    Level 3 – D-Water, D-1(Tragos Cavum) and D-2 (Water Dragon Lair).
    Level 4 – D-2 (Water Dragon Lair).
    Level 5 – Mini bosses in Stigma Cave and Aurizen Ruin. They also drop from altar mobs.
    Level 6 – Oblivion Insula, Haruhion/ Freezing Mirage chest drops
    Level 7 – Regnum Boxes and AP promotions.
    Debuff 6 – Sky City, Fantasma Dragon / Cloron Dragon chest drops,
    Debuff 7 – Sky City (boss on floor 3)
    Dual Lapis – Dino (Stable Erde) and Deep Desert 1 (DD-1)
    Dual Lapis level 5 – Mysta Lapis Boxes. From Kanos Illium Bosses.
    Accessory – Deep Desert 2 (DD-2)
    Absorption – Oblivion Insula
    Elemental Lapis – Kimuraku + Sky City (boss on floor 3)
    Sonic – Promotions.
    Flash – Promotions.
    Horizon – Promotions.
    Perfect – Promotions.
    Helm – Promotions.
    Bull/Wizard/Heart Force – Shaiya Premium Package.

  • What are linking chances?No Bless:

    Level 1 – 41-45%
    Level 2 – 33-37%
    Level 3 – 25-29%
    Level 4 – 9-13%
    Level 5 – 1-5%
    Level 6 – 1%
    Debuff 6 – 1%
    Debuff 7 -1-5%
    Dual – 9-13%
    Accessory – 1%
    Absorption – 1-5%
    Bull/Wizard/Heart Force – 50%
    Perfect – 50%
    Sonic – 1%
    Flash – 1%
    Horizon – 1%
    Helm – 1-5%

    Full Bless:

    Level 1 – 46-50%
    Level 2 – 38-42%
    Level 3 – 30-34%
    Level 4 – 14-18%
    Level 5 – 6-10%
    Level 6 – 1%
    Debuff 6 – 1%
    Debuff 7 – 6 – 9%
    Dual – 14-18%
    Accessory – 1%
    Absorption – 6-10%
    Bull/Wizard/Heart Force – 50%
    Elemental – 22-25%
    Perfect – 50%
    Sonic – 1%
    Flash – 1%
    Horizon – 1%
    Helm – 6-10%

    You get additional linking % every 20 levels on your character, guild house blacksmith upgrades also add additional %.

  • Can failing to link break my gear?Some lapis can break your gear if they fail. These include; Accessory, Sonic, Flash, Horizon, Absorption and level 7 debuff lapis. In order to save your gear in the event of a failed link you need to have a lucky charm in your possession. The charm is only good for one linking attempt.

    Note: There is an extremely small chance for any lapis to break your gear.

  • What is a linking hammer? /What does it do?A linking hammer is an AP item that increases your chances of linking. They come in various % increases. Linking hammers can only be used once.
  • What is an extraction hammer? /What does it do?Extraction hammers allow you to remove a single lapis from your item. If you select extract at a blacksmith without a hammer then you will extract all the lapis in your item. Extraction hammers can only be used once. Linking % can not exceed 50%.

    For more information on lapis and linking please check the following sources:
    Shaiya Wiki – Lapis

B) Enchanting and Lapisia.

  1. What is a lapisia?

A lapisia is an AP item that can be used to enchant items. They come in four different types:

Armour Lapisia – 49 AP – Enchants Armour – Adds Absorption – Breaks item on failed attempt.
Weapon Lapisia – 49 AP – Enchants Weapons – Adds Attack power – Breaks item on failed attempt.
Defence Lapisia – 399 AP – Enchants Armour – Adds Absorption – Will not break item on failed attempt.
Power Lapisia – 399 AP – Enchants Weapons – Adds Attack power – Will not break item on failed attempt.

  • How do I enchant?To enchant an item you need 3 things:
    • Item to enchant
    • Lapisia
    • Enchantment item.

    You then need to speak to a blacksmith. Select the enchantment option. Place the three items in the correct slots. Then press enchant.

  • How do I find my enchantment item?Enchantment items are listed in brackets on your equipment. Gear without one listed can not be enchanted.

    You can find a list of enchantment items/ where to find them here:
    Enchant Items We Need To Save – PBC333

  • Does it matter how many enchantment items I use?The amount of items used does not affect your chances of a successful Enchant. However the more items you have the cheaper your enchantment attempt.
  • What are my chances of a successful enchant?The higher level the enchantment the lower the chances of success. For percentage chances and any other information on Lapisia/enchanting please look here:
    Shaiya Wiki – Lapisia

C) Auction House.

  1. What is the auction house?

The auction house is a selling function, that allows you to put multiple items up for sale without having to use an individual market. Can be accessed by both factions on your server.

  • Where is the auction house?Auction house can be accessed on various notice boards located around the bootleggary area (aka vault auction guild). You can get to this location either via gate keeper (Located in Apulune and Iris) or by using a bootleggary recall rune that can be purchased from various accessory merchants.
  • How can I put things up for sale?Click on the notice board. Press the tab that says Auction Progress. Then the button at the bottom of the page that says start auction. Then drag your item into the slot provided. You can put two prices, the starting bid for the auction and a buy out fee. Then select Setup Auction and your item is open for bidding.
  • How can I retrieve items?To retrieve an item or gold, whether it is a successful bid, or reclaiming gold from a failed one. To get you items/gold back select the Ended Auctions tab at the top. You will then have two lists. One for items, one for gold. To reclaim these select the reclaim all buttons underneath each respective column.
  • Is there a way to see what lapis are linked to gear for sale?Yes you can. Just double click the item on the search list.
  • What are the costs associated with putting items up for sale?There is a small fee for putting up an auction, this depends on the length and pricing of the auction, but will be stated before you commence auction. The auction house does however claim 5% of all successful sales.
  • Can I cancel my auction?Yes you can. Select Auction progress. Select the auction you wish to cancel this will highlight the cancel button. Press it to cancel auction.
  • How much time do I have to reclaim my items?From the time an auction ends, or an item is purchased, you have 14 days to reclaim them or they will be deleted.
  • How do I know if I sold something/was outbid/had winning bid/failed to sell something?You will receive a notice in your information log stating that this has occurred. However, you will only receive this notice if you are online on the toon that placed the auction at the time of the event. A message will not appear when you log in if it was sold while you were offline.
  • The timer has gone to zero and I haven’t won the auction – what has happened?Unfortunately there is a little bug in the auction progress countdown timer meaning it doesn’t display correctly.
    Add the item to your interest list and check the timer there – that one is accurate.
  • I won an auction but I didn’t receive my items/I lost an auction but didn’t receive my money back.Go to the “Ended auctions” tab. Your money and items can be retrieved from there.

    For more information about the Auction house check out these links:
    Shaiya Wiki – Auction House.

D) Recreation and recreation runes.

  1. What is Recreation?

Recreation is rerolling orange stats on a piece of equipment.

  • How do I get orange stats?Any equipment dropped by monsters (and some promotion items) is able to have orange stats. These stats are randomly awarded and if an item drop by a monster does not have orange stats you can reward them at the professional blacksmith in the black market.

    Note: Equipment obtained from quests or purchased from NPC’s are not able to be awarded orange stats.

  • How can I reroll my gear?There are two ways to recreate gear.

    Method one: Recreation runes.
    Visit the professional blacksmith in bootleggary, place the item you wish to reroll in the bottom slot and the recreation rune in the top slot then press reward.

    Method two: Combination.
    Visit the professional blacksmith in bootleggary, you need three of the same item (with the same yellow stats). Place them in the slots the press combine, they turn into one item with new orange stats.

  • What is a recreation rune?Recreation runes are an AP item that cost 99 AP and allow you to reroll your orange stats.
  • Why can’t I reroll my gear?Not all equipment can be rerolled. Items obtained from quests or NPC’s as well as some promotion items and most accessories can not be awarded with orange stats, thus can not be rerolled either.
  • What about my lapis, enchants and yellow stats?
    Rerolling only effects orange stats, all other aspects of your equipment will remain the same.For more information about the Auction house check out these links:
    Shaiya Wiki – Recreation
    Shaiya Wiki – EP4 – Recreation.

E) Resurrection runes and UM’s.

  1. Is it true my UM will be deleted if I die?

Yes, it can. When an ultimate mode toon dies they will be deleted if they don’t have a resurrection rune or are not resurrected by a priest with level 2 resurrection.

UM’s will also not be deleted, or use up a rune, if they die in a 1 v 1 battle. However will be deleted if killed in PvP or GvG.

  • What is a resurrection rune?A resurrection rune is an AP item that prevents a UM character from being deleted. Regular resurrection must be in your inventory, Continuous resurrection runes must be activated.
  • What are the differences in resurrection runes?Regular resurrection runes are a one time usage and will be activated in the case of death if they are in your inventory.

    Continuous resurrection runes must be activated prior to death but are active for as long as the time specified on them, with no limit on how often you can die.
    Continuous runes come in various lengths, 3hr and 6 hr runes run by time active in game, any longer timed runes run on real time.

    Small resurrection runes work the same as Regular res runes, but do not prevent exp loss on NM/HM toons.

    Target resurrection runes allow you to target and revive another player’s UM.

  • Where do I get a resurrection rune?Resurrection runes are an AP item available in both website and in game item malls, but can also be purchased from other players.
  • My UM was deleted can I get it back?If your UM is deleted it is possible to get it back. You need an item called a character revival it is an AP item. It can be purchased from other players but please be very careful when “trading” these. Please read this post: Stranger Danger – SailorSpira if you wish to know how to safely trade them.

F) Etin.

  1. What is Etin?
    Etin is the currency used to manage and purchase guild houses and their upgrades.
  • Where can I get Etin?Etin can be gained from several places:
    • There is an etin merchant inside the GRB dungeon.
    • Bosses in the GRB dungeon drop [100]Etin coins.
    • Repeatable quests.

    You can find details on the repeatable Etin quests here:Etin Guide by Eum [AoL & UoF]Bacchants and Disillusional.

G) PvP.

  1. Where can I PvP?

There are 5 level zones for PvP.
1-15 is called Proelium frontier and can be accessed via a portal in Keo or Gliter.
20-30 is called Cantabilian and can be accessed via a portal in Arktus Vill and Starfumos Vill.
1-60 is made up of several maps. These maps are all connected by one map called D-water. To access D-water, there are portals to this from the South East corner of Adellia (map 3) and the North East corner of Adeurian (map 3). These maps can also be accessed via gate keepers in Apulune and Presya Manor (Karis Castle), Iris (Raigo Castle).
1-70 is made up of 3 maps and includes the invasion system in which the maps Valdemar Regnum and Palaion Regnum may be invaded by the opposing faction by taking relics in Kanos Illium.
60-70 is called Kanos Illium and can be accessed by portals in The 2nd Army Corps Camp in Valdemar Regnum or in the north west corner of Palaion Regnum.

  • What are those blue things next to peoples names?Those are PvP ranks, they represent the amount of players that the player has killed.
    You can find a list of PvP ranks here:
    Shaiya Wiki – Ranks
  • Do I get anything for killing people?Yes, your kill count adds up to get you extra stat points. These stat points can be collected from the VET manager in Apulune and Iris, every time you get a new rank.
    Please note these stat points can not be collected until you reach level 16.

    Note: If you get a stat reset you will need to re-collect your points from the VET manager.

  • What is the point of altars?
    Capturing an altar gains bless for your faction, losing an altar means your faction loses bless (about half what you gained for capturing it).
    The more bless a faction has, the more bonuses they get.You can find more information on bless here:
    Shaiya Information – Blessing of the Goddess

H) Aeria Points.

  1. What are Aeria Points?

Aeria Points are sold by Aeria Games, they allow players to purchase special items not otherwise available* in game.

* Players who purchase items with Aeria points often sell them to other players for in game gold or items.

  • How do I get Aeria Points?You can buy Aeria Points from the Aeria Games shop.
  • Where can I spend my Aeria Points?You can spend your Aeria Points on any AGE game. Shaiya has both an in game and a website item mall.
  • How to I get items I bought from the item mall?If you buy items from the in game mall then items will go directly to your inventory.
    If you buy items from the website item mall then items will apear in your bank. You can access your bank on any server from any Bank teller NPC. Please make sure you relog before checking your bank.

    Note: When purchasing promotion items, make sure you purchase the marked promotions from the website item mall.

I) Teleportation stone and recorded points.

  1. What is a teleportation stone?

A teleportation stone is an AP item that is available at the cost of 99 AP for 5 stones.

  • How do Teleportation stones work?To use a Teleportation stone, you need to record a teleportation point. To do this go to the location you wish to record and right click your teleportation stone. You will then have the option to “Store the mark”.

    You can then move to that location from any other, just click your teleportation stone and click the “Move” button by the recorded point you want to go to.

    A teleportation stone alone will give you only one available recordable teleportation point. Charms are needed to be able to record and use more teleportation points.


  • My Blue Dragon/White Tiger/Red Phoenix Charm says it has x recordable points. What does this mean?This means that whenever you use a teleportation stone, you will have the option of storing and using up to x different teleportation points when activating a teleportation stone.
Quest problemsA) Epic quests
B) Dread quests
C) Bugged quests
D) Trouble finding quest mobs.
E) Mount Quests.
F) Aditional Quest Guides.
G) Information to include in quest reset tickets.

A) Epic Quests.

  1. What is an Epic quest?

Epic quests are marked with next to their name and give equipment (often with special attributes) as a reward.


  • How many Epic quests are there?Level 25 – Weapon
    Level 35 – Amulet
    Level 43 – Gauntlets (Also obtain elemental weapon during the course of the quest.)
  • Guides.(Light) Lvl 25 Epic Quest Guide – Avyn
    (Fury) Lvl 25 Epic Quest Guide – DaddyDe

    (Light + (Fury) Tantalus’ Guide to the “Epic Quest < level 43 >


  • How do I change the element on my level 45 Epic weapon?Once you complete your level 43 epic quest, you may change the element on your weapon.

    Note: You can only do this once.


    Go to Silvaren and speak to Alius Magicartisan. You then have the option to change your water weapon to either wind, fire or earth.


    Go to Helm Marsh and speak to Palbatus. You then have the option to change your fire weapon to either wind, water or earth.

    Note: This is a new weapon, any enchantments done on the orginal weapon will not be present on the new one.

  • Can Epics be traded?The only Epics that can be traded are the level 25 ones. The others can however be passed to your other toons via your warehouse.
  • Can I lose my Epic in PvP?The only Epic weapon you can drop is the level 25 one. As the rest are non tradeable, they are also unable to be dropped.
  • How do I get multiple Epic weapons?To gain aditional elemental weapons (from level 43 Epic quest), many players level up aditional normal mode toons to level 43, complete their epic quest then pass the weapon to their main character via their warehouse.


B) Dread Quests.

  1. What are dread quests?

Dread quests are special quests that get a player a set of dread armour (lvl 29-32).


  • Who can do dread quests?These quests are only available to Hard and Ultimate mode toons. Each character can only do each quest once.
  • Where do I get the items to start my dread quests?Light:

    Poemas Mandolin, drops from Julia Dillun. She is located south east of Arktus Vill on the small island on the lake.

    Monkey Skull drops from Swordtail Sealakel Fighter. They are located south of Arktus Vill on Maelstrom Coast.

    Lower Armor:
    Empty Trunk drops from Orc Robbers. They are located just east of Arktus Vill on the path leading towards Haldeck farm.

    Upper Armor:
    Lens Bow drops from Priest Dempnum. He is located south of Arktus Vill on Maelstrom Coast.


    Invasion plan, drops from Silverpick Goblin Priests.

    Lost Necklace, drops from Poison Mist Zombies.

    Lower armor:
    Kobolt’s Drawing, drops from Silverpick Goblin Hunters.

    Upper armor:
    “Warune’s hunting contest” Quest at Warune’s camp, starts at level 28. They ask you to kill antelopes, boars and bison, all of which are together, south out of the Army Fort, keep going down the road, past the troll area until you run into them. They actually span across the road, so its hard to miss them. Kill the necessary amount, then return to warunes camp and talk to the three quest givers, they give you items, now talk to the 4th quest giver and he’ll reward you with the chest item.


  • Why aren’t they dropping the quest items?Unfortunately these are rare drops. Which means it can makes quite a while for them to drop.
  • What does “Need previous quest” mean? You will only be able to start the quest for the gauntlets (light) if you have completed the quest Failed Experiment. This quest begins from Creath Question out side of Fedion Dungeon, it has several parts and ends in apulune.
  • Where can I find dwarf explorers?Stone Hammer Dwarf explorers required to kill for you lower armor quest (light) are NOT located in stonehammer vill, but are instead out exploring the world, they can be found exploring the wonders of Maelstorm coast on the path between the traders’ and the goblins’ camps.
  • Where can I find Sealakel Hunters?Sealakel Hunters are found on the small island in the river east the traders’ and the goblins’ camps.
  • I didn’t get my gear but the quest dot is gone.Speak to the NPC again. If no options are available then submit a ticket.

    For more information on dread quests try these:

    AoL Dread Armor Set Guide – GreenieEm
    Fury Dread Set Guide Lvl 29 – 32 – Semnphix


C) Bugged Quests.

  1. Quest item is not dropping.

Double check your quest description. Make sure you are killing the exact monster required. Many monsters have very similar names.


  • I spoke to the NPC but didn’t get my reward.Try speaking to the NPC again. If you are unable to, check your quest log, see if you have been given an additional part of the quest, or an item to trigger the quest.

    Also check your inventory, make sure you have room for any reward.

    If that doesn’t work the try submitting a ticket.

  • I’m missing a quest item.If you are missing a quest item, then please submit a ticket include the name of the missing item and the name of the quest.
  • I’m killing a quest monster but it isn’t counting.Double check your quest description. Make sure you are killing the exact monster required. Many monsters have very similar names.


D) Trouble finding quest mobs.

Need help finding a monster, try looking here:
Tantalus’ “Map & Monster Location” Guide

E) Mount Quest.


  1. Where can I find Meilan Snowflower?

Meilan is located at Haldeck farm on map 2. She is standing under a tree by the well.


  • Where can I find Heather Brunen?Heather Brunen is the mount merchant in apulune, she is in the Stardust Knights sector.
  • Where is Criluph?Criluph is located on top of the hill to the east of stonehammer vill, map 2.
  • Where can I find amapo spools and poison Linz?They drop in the fedion region of map 2. So any monsters between Haldeck farm and Arktus Vill.



  1. Where can I find Taceho Raksion?

Taceho is the mount merchant in Iris, he is in the right side of Tredysis Auction area.


  • Where can I find Angelma Windia?She is located in Fotamion Watchtower on Map2.
  • Where is Ghost Wolf?He is located under the “r” in Araky Woods
  • Where can I farm amapo spools and poison linz?They drop in the Araky Woods area best.


F) Aditional Quest Guides.

(Light + Fury) Crisis of Teos Epeiros (lvl 60) – anneefischer

AoL 1-15 Noble Armor Set Guide – Sw0rDsPin

UoF 1-15 Noble Armor Quest Guide – Stwang

Lanhaar Quests – Various

G) Information to include in quest reset tickets.

  • The start and end NPC of the quest.
  • The character name who needs the quest reset on.
  • The exact title of the quest.
  • Any item that may be needed to start the quest.

Finding a GS.

A) What is a GS?
B) Who are the GS’s?
C) How to find a GS in game.
D) Other ways of contacting a GS.

A) What is a GS?

How to become a GS. -Luxai wrote:
Game Sages (GS) are volunteers. Normal players like you or me who have been recognized for their contributions to the community. They help Game Masters (GM’s) with many things, events, reporting bad behaviour, testing content etc.

On the forum, they are recognized in the ShoutBox by the green background on their name. In threads they will be recognized by a GameSage: Shaiya tag under their name. In the game they have a GS tag in their name. They also have access to a GS only part of the forums.

B) Who are the GS’s?

Each server/Faction has its own team of dedicated GS’s. You can find the full list of current GS’s here.

C) How to find a GS in game.

GS’s will always have the prefixed tags [GS] on their character name. This is so they can be clearly identified by the community. If you need assistance keep an eye out for one of these tagged players or ask in trade chat if a GS is online.

Note: GS’s will never claim GS status on an untagged toon. Please only trust those with the appropriate tags.

D) Other ways of contacting a GS.

    At times you will be unable to contact a GS in game on your server/faction, but please don’t fret there are other ways to find a GS.

  1. Check other Servers/Factions.

Sometimes when no one is available to assist you on your Server/faction you can try for a GS on another.


  • Try Shoutbox.There are often GS’s lurking around on the forums. Asking for one on shoutbox often gets a nice green response.
  • Send a private message via website.Please feel free to send a message to a GS if you have questions. Just please make sure you are set to: allow private messages, if you are not then we are unable to send a reply.
  • MeeboMeebo is the new messanger function on bottom of the AGE forums. If a GS is on your Friend list then they will also be on your Meebo (that chat bar on the bottom of the page).


Although GS’s are mainly in game support, many GS’s are also forum active. You can send a message to one of the following GS’s if you have any questions or require assistance. However please make sure that you settings are set to allow private messages, otherwise we are unable to reply to you.

The following are a few GS’s who regularly check forums and inboxes.

Alliance of Light

Union of Fury

Reporting players

A) Harassment
B) Inappropriate language
C) Inappropriate name
D) Hacking or exploiting
E) Third party gold sellers.
F) GS/GM impersonation.

A) Harassment.

  1. What is harassment?

Harassment includes but is not limited to the following:

  • Threats.
  • Stalking.
  • Abusive or inappropriate language.
  • Public defamation.
  • Spamming party/friend/transaction/battle requests.
  • Disrupting anothers game play.
  • Repeated kill stealing.


  • How can I stop it?If someone is harassing you, then I strongly advise blocking them. Also avoid them as much as possible. Please be aware that you can turn party, battle and transaction requests to auto reject in user options.

    It is also very important that if someone is harassing you that you report them.

  • How can I report it?Take as many screenshot’s as you can, the more proof the better. Then go to select game support, then report behaviour. Fill out the form, include links to your screenshots in the proof section. You can upload your screenshot’s to free picture sharing sites like photobucket or ImageShack.


B) Inappropriate language.

  1. What is considered inappropriate?

This can be a bit of a grey area at times, but basically any curse words, racist or other discriminatory terms. As a general guide line if you feel someone can find it offensive (with in reason) don’t use it. If someone asks you not to use a word or term because it’s offencive please respect that request and player.

It is also important to note that spelling is irrelevant. Purposely misspelling a curse word does not mean it is not a curse word as the intent is still the same.


  • Do I have to put up with this?Absoloutly not. If you witness a player using inappropiate language you should take a screenshot, then block the player. You should also report the player.
  • How do I report it?Take as many screenshot’s as you can, the more proof the better. Then go to select game support, then report behaviour. Fill out the form, include links to your screenshots in the proof section. You can upload your screenshot’s to free picture sharing sites like photobucket or ImageShack.


C) Inappropriate name.

  1. What is considered inappropriate?

Anything another player can (reasonably) find offencive. This includes but is not limited too: Curse words, sexually explict, drug referance, racist or discriminatory terms.


  • How do I report a name?There are two ways to report an inappropriate name, but both require the exact spelling of the players name. You can either pass the name onto a GS who can pass it to a GM. If no GS’s are available you can submit a ticket. A screenshot is not required in this instance but is helpful.


D) Hacking or exploiting.

  1. What is an exploit?

An exploit is taking advantage of bugs or glitches in the game to access area’s or create advantage not normally available to players with in normal game play restrictions.

You will not use any known bug for benefit. Examples of this are:

Using terrain features to prevent mobs from pathing to you.
Using a skill/ability/item in such a manner as for it not to function as specified
Using Game Mechanics exploits to favor your in PvP/PvE.



E) Third party gold sellers.

  1. What are third party gold sellers?

These are those spam bot’s you see in Apulune and Iris. Trying to sell in game gold or power leveling services for real money.


  • Why are they bad?
    23. All in game items, and accounts are the property of Aeria Games. No sale/exchange of said items is allowed accept as authorized by Aeria Games.

    Buying gold from these sellers is not only against AGE’s rules, they are a scam and your account, credit card and even your identity can be at risk.

    Please read this post by Superman0X if you wish to know why.

    Buying from these sellers will result in your account being banned.

  • How do I report them?The best way to get rid of them is to pass the spammers name onto a GS. But please keep in mind GS’s can only have them removed if a GM is available.


F) GS/GM Impersonation.

  1. How do I know if someone is a real GS/GM?

Firstly a GS’s and GM’s will always be tagged, and will not claim GS status on a non tagged toon.
Secondly a GS/GM will NEVER ask for your password or account info*.
Thirdly you can find a list of all current GS/GM’s here.

* Sometimes a GS will need your account name. Please do not give out anything beyond this.


  • How do I report this?The best way to report a GS/GM impersonater is by contacting a GS and passing the name of the imposter onto them. If you are unable to contact a GS then submit a ticket.


I was banned.

A) I think I was banned. How can I be sure?
B) How to appeal a ban.
C) My ban length has expired but I still can’t log in.

A) I think I was banned. How can I be sure?

If you are unable to log into your account, then check your email inbox. Aeria will normally send an email to your account if your account is banned or suspended. (Don’t forget to check spam and junk folders.) If you have nothing in your inbox and are still unable to access your account, I would reccomend submiting a ticket.

B) How to appeal a ban.

To appeal a ban go to and select ban appeal. Then fill out the ticket.

C) My ban length has expired but I still can’t log in.

If you feel your ban lenght has expired but are unable to log on then please submit a ticket.

All things ticket related.

A) What is a ticket
B) Reasons for submiting tickets.
C) Replies.

A) What is a ticket

A ticket (also known as an RT) is how players contact the GM team. You can submit a ticket either via the Contact Us link on the bottom of every page on the Aeria Games website. Or by going to .

B) Reasons for submiting tickets.

-To report players. Reason for reporting may include, but are not limited too:

  • Suspected hacking/client moding/exploiting/botting.
  • Inappropriate or offencive name.
  • Harrassment.
  • Abussive or offensive language.
  • Racist or discrimatory language or behaviour.

– Informing GM’s of glitches/bugs.
– To ask for a quest reset or a replacement of a quest item.
– Change guild Leader.
– Apply for GS.
– Missed promotions.
– GM Links/Enchants.
– Character revival/ Item recovery.
– Appeal a ban.
– Anything else you feel requires direct communication with GM’s about.

Note: In situations such as hackings where you are unable to log into your account, please submit a ticket under ban appeal as that does not require you to be logged in.

C) Replies.

  1. How long should I wait for a reply?

Game ticket’s are normally responded to with in a day of sending, however they can take up to 48 hrs. Billing tickets may take longer.

Please allow up to 10 days for promotion tickets to be processed.


  • Where do I find a reply?Replies to your tickets will be sent to the email your account is registered to. Sometimes these emails will go to your spam or junk folders, so if you are awaiting a reply to a ticket don’t forget to check them.

    You can also check your ticket status and any replies at My Tickets. Hold-Customer indicates the ticket has been replied to.

  • What do I do if I need to send something in response to the reply?There is no need to submit another ticket, just reply to the email you were sent. You can also reply by viewing your ticket in My Tickets and pressing reply.
  • What do I do if I don’t receive a reply?If you don’t receive a reply with in 48 hrs of receiving a ticket, then firstly double check that you are:
    • Checking the right email, you can check this by going to your profile page. Selecting edit profile. Then press the account tab, your email will be listed.
    • If you are sure it’s the correct email, double check your spam or junk folders.
    • Check My Tickets.

    If you still don’t have a reply, then please ask a GS to forward your RT#, you get this number when you submit your ticket, should also be on your auto reply.


I’m being KSed.

A) What is KSing?
B) Action I can take against KSers.
C) Bosses and KSing.

A) What is KSing?

KSing stands for Kill Stealing. It is the act of attacking a monster another player is already fighting, thus preventing them from gaining EXP.

B) Action I can take against KSers.

A single KS is not an issue. It is a common occurance that players accidently KS one another when grinding in the same area. If this happens then please appologise and try not to do it again.

If a player continues to KS you, then firstly ask them to stop. It is also important to note that not all players understand what KSing is so it might help to explain it.

If they do not stop then this can be considered harassment. If a GS is available, try whispering them to see if they can resolve the issue. If no GS is available take screenshot’s or FRAPS of the KSing and yourself asking them to stop and submit a ticket.

Please do not curse or abuse the other player. Do not KS them back. There is no point getting yourself into trouble over another players behaviour. If possible move away from them.

C) Bosses and KSing.

Bosses are not like regular mobs, they are open for competion. It does not matter who hit’s first or who was there first. There is a slight exception to this when it comes to quest bosses*. In order to kill a quest boss you must have at least one quester in your party, or have no questers present in the room. If you do not have the quest and no one in your party has the quest and another party is present with a quester. You must not take the boss from that party.

This also means that mini bosses in Stigma Caves and Auizen Ruins can neither be KSed or claimed.

Problems joining or making a guild.

A) Trouble joining a guild.
B) Trouble making a guild.
C) How to pass guild leadership.
D) Trouble opening guild house.

A) Trouble joining a guild.

Possible reasons you will be unable to join a guild:

  • Are Easy Mode.
  • Have joined a guild or applied to join a guild in the last 3 days.
  • Are on another guilds waiting list.

If you are unable to join a guild and none of those circumstances apply, then please allow 3 day’s and try again. If you are still unable to apply I reccomend submiting a ticket.

B) Trouble making a guild.

In order to create a guild you need a party of 7.

Requirements for guild leader are:

  • Level 11 or above.
  • Normal Mode or above.
  • Must not have joined or applied to join a guild in the last 3 days.
  • Not currently on a guild’s waiting list.

Requirements for other party members are:

  • Normal Mode or above.
  • Must not have joined or applied to join a guild in the last 3 days.
  • Not currently on a guild’s waiting list

Other reason’s you may be having trouble:

  • Guild name is already taken (Can be taken by other faction).
  • Have not filled out guild message.
  • Not all members of the party pressed yes to joining the guild.

C) How to pass guild leadership.

In order to pass guild leadership you need to submit a ticket.

In this ticket include the following information:

  • Guild name.
  • Server guild is on.
  • Current guild leader.
  • Person you wish to make guild leader. (Must be a current rank 2)
  • Reason for guild leader change.

D) Trouble opening guild house.

If you have:

  • Purchased your guild house. (Cost 50 million gold)
  • Have the weekly etin target met.
  • Are ranked in the top 30 guilds.
  • Have waited 5 days, since purchase date.
  • A guild maintance has passed (Done half an hr after GRB).

And you are still unable to access your guild house, then please submit a ticket.

I am stuck.

Use town portal or type /town into normal chat.

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    “Unfortunately there is a little bug in the auction progress countdown timer meaning it doesn’t display correctly.” This is not a bug, it have been put on purpose to prevent last second bidding. You don’t need too much inteligence to figure out you can bid on last second so you would have the most chances to win. I would rather say “Fortunately”

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    I am lost somewhere, I go to my map and Glitter or any of the starter ares aren't on the map. I wanna get back there, I don't know how. I've tried typing /town but that just sends me to another town still in this weird are. PLEASE HELP ME!!!!!

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