Rappelz Beginner’s Guide

Rappelz Beginner’s Guide by coleam

Okay, so now you’re around level 13-15, you’ve left the trainee island and you’re ready to explore. What do you do first?

-[[ Quests ]]-

From now on, until around level 28ish or so, you’re going to be doing quests. Quests not only give you great rewards in Exp, JP, force / soul chips, cash, potions (including stamina and mana potions) and loot – they also give you a reason to grind. It goes a LOT faster when you think of the reward at the end of that 20th Orc, etc.

Every city will have a bunch of quests for you to do, and many of them are multipart quests. As the quests get more difficult, the rewards will get better. Boss quests (quests which require you to kill a named monster) usually have great rewards of stamina potions or loot.

What I suggest you do is go around to every NPC in the city and talk to anyone with a quest symbol (lightning bolt) over their head. Get ALL the available quests before heading out, because (1) lots of quest monster over lap, so you’ll be getting credit towards 2 quests for each monster you kill (2) lots of monsters are near each other so you can save time and (3) if you get bored of one area, you can always do part of another quest.

Okay, so you’re done all the quests you can find in your home city, now what? Simple, pick one of the two other cities and head there. Talk to the teleporter and make it your new resurrection spot – because now you’re going to do ALL these quests too. And when you’re done these, go do the ones in the last city. By the time you’re done all, you should be in your high twenties somewhere.

-[[ Equipment ]]-

When you hit level 20, you will need to spend a lot of money on your new equipment. Not only will you need a weapon, armor, gloves, shoes, belt and helm, you will also be in the market for rings, earrings, strike cubes and defense cubes. I suggest you start saving all of your lak from the moment you leave the island until you hit level 20. This will give you a very nice boost towards your new gear. If you do the quests you will never be too short on chips anyways, and if you ever are, try to buy them instead of turning in lak… this way you will never dip into your level 20 fund. I generally don’t recommend saving all of your lak and buying chips. It’s less expensive to trade lak for chips than it is to buy them. You also don’t need to exchange all of your lak for chips. You can exchange a portion of your lak for chips, and the rest for cash to use towards upgrading your equipment.

+4 Level 5 – This is what you want your items to be at for a minimum. +4 is the highest safe enchantment level for in game equipment, after this point you will have a chance of failing the enchantment. Level 5 is the minimum you want to invest into your items, because they directly affect how fast you kill and how often you’re going to die. Remember, you don’t have to do it all at once, and the equipments level requirement will increase with each upgrade… so try to pace it with your leveling. Just so you guys know, +4 is no longer safe. Items can now fail on +1. However, this is very rare. For the most part, items can be made to +3 safely and +4/+5 is mostly safe (but be careful going above +3 if you don’t have the resources to replace the item)

You should initially focus on getting 4 strike cubes and 4 defense cubes, and use them on your main armor and your weapon. After that, slowly start getting the rest of your armor to +4. No real need to enchant any of your other gear (helm, boots, gloves, belt) since the bonus is negligible.

Rings, earrings – rings help every class, and have dropped dramatically in price. Get a pair as soon as you can. Earrings can be a lot more expensive than rings, but again they add great stats, so make the investment as soon as you can. Remember, every time you make yourself stronger, you will kill more / faster / harder monsters, so it will pay off. Don’t be too cheap to invest in yourself.

-[[ Cards ]]-

A card in an item in your inventory that you can equip, and while it’s equipped, it will add certain stats to the spell it’s designed for.

Cards can be a very important addition. Some cards are a lot better than others; however most cards tend to add +1 to the level of the spell.

Two of the same card can be combined together using a skill cube BUT be careful, there is a fair chance of failure and if you do fail, you lose everything in the combination. See which spells you use most often, and start looking around for those cards in particular, as you level you will eventually want to get all your cards… and start trying to make some +2s. It is risky, but it’s worth the payoff, it will make you stronger and that is the most important thing.

-[[ Items ]]-

I’ve found the following merchant items very useful. Red potion level 3: These are your best friend, and even if you have some sort of life leech spell, you should definitely have some of these handy for emergency situation. Wind / Quick / Spell potions: These will help you kill a lot faster, and run away from a monster if you’re having trouble. Remember, the rupees are there for you to invest in your leveling, so don’t be too stingy, at least try out a hunting session with the potions. Resurrection scrolls: Theses are very useful, both to revive your pet or a party member, so have some handy for bad situations.

-[[ Grouping (Partying) ]]-

There are many times when you will need to group with people. For example, if you’re in an area killing a particular monster for a quest, and you notice someone else is competing for the same monster, then you should ask them if they are also doing the same quest. If they are, you can group and you will both get credit for each kill. Also, for many of the “boss” quests, you will need a group.

If you’re looking for a group, first go to the area you need to be at. So if you want a group to kill a boss, go to that area and see if there are any groups. If not, use the ! command to shout for a group. State your job, level and what quest you’re doing. Also, be patient, sometimes it will take a while.

When you’re in a group, there is no benefit to acting like an idiot. The less pleasant you are, the more people will try to avoid you in future. There are many people that I personally refuse to group with because they are not good groupers.

Be cleric conscious. What this means is, don’t think of clerics as an automatic healing and buffing bot. You don’t need to shout HEAL HEAL if your health is going down, they see your health just as well as you do, and yelling won’t help the situation. Also, if your health is going down fast, and you’re not being healed, quickly look at the cleric, if they are in the middle of a heal spell on somebody else, you will need to fend for yourself. One way is to use potions; the other is to Character Log. Press Alt Z, and click on Character Log (Character Selection). It will temporarily log you out to character select. When you get back, you will be in the same spot, in the party, and the monster won’t be attacking you.

HOWEVER… remember if you’re the main tank and you do that, the monster will agro on someone else, so that sparingly / wisely. If your buffs are dying out, give the cleric a little time to rebuff before saying “BUFFS ARE DYING LOL REBUFF K THX”. Also, you should give your cleric a break from fighting when they rebuff your party. Remember, if you’re being a jerk to the cleric… it’s really easy for him or her to “forget” to heal you. Your life is in their hands, so be polite.

Don’t DISAPPEAR. Nobody likes someone who just leaves the group half way through. If you’re going to leave, give some notice, and try to find a replacement. This is VERY important if you’re either the main tank or the cleric. If the group loses a damage dealer, they can still function, but without the cleric or main tank, they are rendered useless. So if you’re getting bored, tired, sleepy etc, just say “Guys, I’ve gotta go in about 15 mins”, this way everybody knows you’re leaving, and can plan accordingly.

Keep negativity to a minimum. Remember, a lot of people who play this game are not native English speakers, and there can often be miscommunications. Don’t get negative if someone does something wrong, try to sort it out in a positive manner. A party with a lot of negativity is not productive, won’t last long and most importantly, it’s just not fun. Remember, you’re playing an MMO because you want to be playing with other people, so try to talk, crack jokes, and have fun.

-[[ Pets ]]-

Pets can seem very useless but at higher levels they get much better. Also, at level 40, you can equip your pet on your belt and get a stat bonus increase. (for the npc pets) Pantera: Str, Poultry: Dex, Tortus: Vit. Keep your pet summoned at all times, or there is no point in having it, when he is summoned he will get 10% of the exp you gain. You can use 2 pieces of equipment from the moment you get your pet. All pets should be equipped with a weapon and warrior armor (unless they have a passive for hunter armor).

-[[ Chips ]]-

After level 20, use chips. Although you might feel the urge to save them and use them only on “the boss”, you need to remember that chips help you kill faster, which means you’ll kill more monsters, which means you’ll level faster and get more drops. The best way to make money is off drops not saving your chips, so use them as often as you can, and turn in your laks for chips, not cash. Leveling faster will pay off a lot more than being cheap with chips, you’ll get to kill higher level stuff, get more drops and hit 50 before you know it.

Force chips increase the damage of melee attacks, soul chips increase the damage of magic attacks, and luna chips increase the damage of both (but cost a bit more).

-[[ Selling ]]-

If you get a drop, and you don’t really know the price of the item, ask your guild mates or friends. If they can’t give you a general price range (which should be rare because most people know most cards now), shout that you have the card and you’re looking for offers. Say something like “WTS> +1 Nightmare Card, Serious Offers Only”. If you try to get a price check on an item, a lot of times people will sniff a newb and try to rip you off.

Setting up shop is a good way to make use of the time you’re not actively playing your character. I suggest 3 things. (1) try to go to the same spot all the time. People will begin to recognize your shop, and instinctively they will check it, specially if they saw something nice in it before (2) make your prices cheaper than market. So if something is going for 35k, prices yours at 29.9k. It will sell faster, and people will begin to recognize your shop as a place for good deals (3) don’t pick an arrogant name… like “my garbage”. Instinctively, a lot of people won’t bother looking, and some will be offended.

-[[ Game terminology ]]-

WTS ………. – Want To Sell
WTB ………. – Want To Buy
WTT ………. – Want To Trade
LFG ……….. – Looking For Group
LFM ……….. – Looking For More
DD ………… – Damage Dealers
DM ………… – Dark Magi
HW ………… – Holy Warrior
TP …………. – Teleport
WRU ………. – Where Are You
BRT ……….. – Be Right There
Dungeon….. – This area is the Lost Mines. You can locate it on your map to the north of First Valmore Mines. Don’t attempt to go here alone, because you’ll die without someone to guide you to the portal. There are now more dungeons. The lowest level dungeon is Relics of Arid Moonlight (also called DMR or moon). I would recommend going there beginning around level 25-30. Lost Mines is now mainly for 50+ parties. After that is Crystal Valley (65+) (not used very much anymore due to the Witch Quest) and Palmir Plateau (80+). Higher level dungeons include Sanctuary (Sanc), Temple of the Ancients (ToA), and Temple of Lost Souls (ToLS).

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