Prius Online Shadow Templar Skills Guide

Prius Online Shadow Templar Skills Guide by vehtor

The Purpose of this Guide is to allow new players to examine skills and determine where they want to spend their skill points. I plan to provide information mostly free of theorycrafting numbers. I also hope to clear up any tool-tip to actual function errors.
Below is a list of the BASIC Shadow Templar Skills along with what they do and some suggestion on using them.

Skill Name: Slash
What it Does: Your basic melee Auto-Attack
Tactics: It’s DPS and it’s automatic. What more do you want?!

Skill Name: Shadow Stab
What it Does: Your starter skill. It’s a FB Builder and has a failry fast CD
Tactics: Try to use it whenever it’s up, unless you’re using something else.

Skill Name: Mind Over Matter
What it Does: You burn a little health for some mana. It’s also a FB builder and only suffers from the Global CD.
Tactics: Use if you’re about 15% low on mana (duh) or need to put a Fever Bloom on quickly. Mildly important at higher levels with the more Mana intensive Skills. Great if you need to pull something from range when combined with Infectious Presence.

Skill Name: Black Tear
What it Does: Shadow Stab +1. More damage, longer CD, FB Builder.
Tactics: Use as you would/do use Shadow Stab

Skill Name: Fever Bloom
What it Does: Shadow Templar’s Bread ‘n Butter. Boosts Crit Chance and Attack Speed at the cost of HP (1% per stack ever 5 sec). Stacks up to 5 times.
Tactics: Since it powers most of your higher level skills, it’s necessary to almost always have it up. At lower levels, you may (probably will) end up killing yourself with it at least once.

Skill Name: Infectious Presence
What it Does: Insta cast DoT (5 ticks over 10 sec.) that requires FB. It does not consume FB, though.
Tactics: Steady damage is good. The fact that it’s ranged is better. Pop after Mind Over Matter to gain a FB and a slowly melting target. Also nice to slip in if you’re chock full of CDs.

Skill Name: Festering
What it Does: Increases the length of the Infectious Presence DoT and debuffs the target to take more damage from Melee and Magia.
Tactics: More Steady Damage is good. It’s passive and not to shabby.

Skill Name: Blood Pull
What it Does: Reduce a FB to go all Vampire on your target, doing damage and stealing health.
Tactics: At lower levels, this skill can help you survive your FB self-melt. Higher up, it becomes over shadowed by more efficient self heals. Still, nice to use when it crops up in the Quick-Time rotation, or if you’re CD’d.

Skill Name: Seeing Red
What it Does: Nice CD reduction for Blood Pull. I believe it boosts the damage as well, but it looks like the tool-tip suffers from the Carnage problem, too (see below)
Tactics: Passive. Always nice to reduce the CD on Blood Pull at those nasty lower levels.

Skill Name: Carnage
What it Does: The Mack Truck of the Shadow Templar. In short: Your Head Asplode. It says it “Increases the damage your target recieves…” but I think what it really should say is “Causes damage equal to …) It’s not a De-Buff, it’s a straight up, damage skill. It consumes all FB
Tactics: This is best used as a finisher to clear that nasty Fever Bloom. Can also be used as an opener against the lower level targets. Does considerable damage.

Skill Name: Plunder of Blood
What it Does: Turns carnage into an oh-so-tasty HoT. It’s essentially a 10 second Anti-FB
Tactics: Stack 5 FB, Carnage. Stack 5 FB, Carnage. Stop worrying about your Post Fight health!

Skill Name: Fever Purge
What it Does: Considerable heal (50% health) if you’ve got maxed FB. Consumes them all, too. Has a long CD, though (2 min), but it’s a nice, second potion.
Tactics: Really useful against the bigger bosses or if your Anima forgets what “heal” means. Also nice if you’re slowly FB melting and out of combat.

Skill Name: Flurried Steps
What it Does: Everytime you use Fever Purge, you get a speed buff.
Tactics: Not all that bad if you have to do a lot of running, but real Shadow Templar’s just kill everything in their path! Might be useful if Off-Tanking and you need to intercept a target very quickly.

Skill Name: Aketer’s Blessing
What it Does: Increase Skill chance. Every class has a skill like this.
Tactics: 20 second buff with a 2 min CD kind of sucks, but this skill pays off with the passives (detailed below). Best used when the fecal matter hits the rotary impeller.

Skill Name: Aketer’s Hand
What it Does: Nice Melee Attack Power Boost when you’re using Aketer’s Hand
Tactics: See Tactics for Aketer’s Blessing.

Skill Name: Aketer’s Reprieve
What it Does: Defense Boost when you pop Aketer’s Hand.
Tactics: See Tactics for Aketer’s Blessing.

Skill Name: Dark Unification
What it Does: Another Truck skill. Hits with Spirit Damage instead of whatever your weapon is, possibly bypassing certain defenses.
Tactics: 30 Sec CD kind of sucks and reduces it’s usefulness. Still, Spirit Damage is nice.

Skill Name: No Quarter
What it Does: Gives you a Melee Attack Power buff if you hit with Dark Unification.
Tactics: Makes Dark Unification better. And more Melee AP is always nice.

Skill Name: Grisly Retort
What it Does: Essentially a more damaging, event triggered Blood Pull. Consumes an FB.
Tactics: Better than Blood Pull in damage and heals, but worse due to it having to be triggered by a Block or Evade. Here’s the cool thing about it though: you can trigger it after you’ve used Carnage to remove FB. So long as you Evaded or Blocked with 2 FBs up you can use this skill regardless of current FB count. It also doesn’t appear to be on the Global CD.

Skill Name: Comatose
What it Does: Adds a stun to Grisly Retort
Tactics: 3 seconds of reprisal-free damage, healing, or gettin’ the hell outta there is always nice. Think of it as a pain amplifier!

Doom KnightThe Doom Knight is the Shadow Templar DPS Line. You’ll build on your already impressive single-target damage abilities, get a fun little Stealth Skill, and pick up some more DoTs as well as some AoE!

Skill Name: Hide in Shadows
What it Does: Each FB gives you 10 seconds of Stealth. Usable in Combat. Consumes all FB. Needed for certain Higher Level DK Skills.
Tactics: Stack 5 using Mind Over Matter and run through hostile territory. Remember that it also Stealths your Anima. Also makes an effective “OH @#$%!” button as it drops aggro. Unfortunately, this also resets mob health unless you’re in a group. Use it as you would any other Hide in Plain Sight/Vanish/Ninja Ball type skill.

Skill Name: Path of Assassin
What it Does: Reduces your threat output and turns a set percentage of Defense into Melee Attack Power.
Tactics: It’s still more efficient to stack Melee AP items than Defense. Its threat reduction does put you firmly into the Rogue Archetype while in groups.

Skill Name: Mark of the Shadow Knight
What it Does: A 30 min party-wide Strength Enhancing buff.
Tactics: Strength boosts Melee Attack Power and Max Health. If you don’t have this up at all times you should have a darn good reason.

Skill Name: Dark Blow
What it Does: Direct Damage skill with a DoT tacked on for moar dakka. Can only be used while Hiding. Think Infectious Presence with a bit of frontloaded pain and with slower ticks.
Tactics: A rather obvious opener or while in a group with a solid aggro magnet as you can cycle in and out of Hiding. Fairly long CD kind of limits it’s spam-ability.

Skill Name: Shadow of Death
What it Does: Duration boost for Dark Blow’s DoT. Also adds more damage if you thump a target suffering from the DoT with Shadow Stab or Shadow Slash.
Tactics: Since Shadow Stab and Shadow Slash are mainstays, this is a nice, but Hide in Shadows aggro drop steal from it’s solo value slightly.

Skill Name: Darkness Cleave
What it Does: Our first AoE. Smack four targets with a fair amount of damage based on FBs. This skill doesn’t consume them.
Tactics: Short CD on a melee AoE sounds nice, right? Well, it’s a rather Mana intensive skill which mildly limits it’s usefulness. Still nice if your Anima pulls extra unwanted attention. Think of it as a solo AoE “Taunt” skill.

Skill Name: Epidemic
What it Does: Mana Cost reducer for Darkness Cleave. Spreads the Infectious Presence DoT to nearby targets, namely, the ones hit by Darkness Cleave. I assume Fever of Pain refers to the DoT, which is actually called “Infected”
Tactics: Build up at least 3 FBs, Infectious Presence, AoE DoT spread! The Mana cost reduction is also nice as Darkness Cleave is rather pricey.

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