Prius Online Pero Guide

Prius Online Pero Guide by akiranaa
Lv 20 mount quest +happiness/feeding

——-Sooth- How to talk to Beastia——-
Start- Cepa the gardener
-Go to Luna (Town)
-Talk to Drill Master Amarllis
*She will give you an item. Musical box, double click it. It will be in your common bag.*

——-Sooth wanderer Beastia——
– Go to onions and get it down to low exp, then use anima TAME skill (looks like hearts, next to animas health)
-Go back to Drill Master Amarllis
***note*** if you fail the quest you need to abandon the quest and get it from Drill Master Amarllis NOT Cepa.

———Fina a perfero————-
– Go to cords- 2250-3025 find a pink bear looking mob
– tame it to get Crystal of being
– Tele to metropolis, find anima merchant (near other shops) and buy a Grindstone of Soul: Pefero, make sure its for Pero.
– click both the stone and the pero crystal.

You can now press O to view Pero stats and drag the icon for easy access.

———-How to feed pero—how to make pero happy, faster—

-Find food in your bag, like bread, tea etc that your anima makes.
– make sure your riding pero.
-click food and select feed.

Feeding pero will raise his happiness which will eventually make him faster!

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