Prius Online Linda’s Fairytale Book Guide

Prius Online Linda’s Fairytale Book Guide by delire
Speak with Priest Odell to begin the quest. Must be in Anima Mode. (F11)


Follow the quest until Little Girl Linda asks you to collect the torn pages of her Fairytale Book.

The pages are located as followed;

Page 1: The page is automatically given to you by Little Girl Linda.


Page 2: Speak with Accessory Merchant Olsen in Aurora.


Page 3: Speak with Cyrillic in Solutus at 386, -284. (Unavailable in CBT)

Page 4: Speak with Rachel in Solutus at 384, -285. (Unavailable in CBT)

Page 5: Speak with Rage in Solutus at 170, -288. (Unavailable in CBT)

Page 6: Speak with Ayin Children in Intralux at -2817, 1722.


Page 7: Speak with Phrygian in(or near) Solutus at -1, -15. (Unavailable in CBT)

Pages 8 and 9: Speak with Hump and Dump in Fera Centrum at -718, -1669.


Page 10: Speak with Beriah Children in Luna Deor at -2984, 3705.


Page 11: Speak with Lon Femina Children in Natura Asylum at -2750, -1620.


Page 12: Speak with Muntu in Himes at 392, 2727. (Unavailable in CBT)

Page 13: Speak with Muntu in Himes at 392, 2727. (Unavailable in CBT)

NOTE: The names of the NPCs for pages 3, 4, 5, 7, 12, and 13 could possibly be different for OBT and launch as I wasn’t able to check but the coordinates are correct.

Hope this guide helped. Happy questing!

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