Prius Online Legionnaire Skills Guide

Prius Online Legionnaire Skills Guide by 7263

Legionnaire, The master of swords
You’ve decided to be a legionnaire. Congratulations, you’re now a powerful meleer who can dish out heavy damage while keeping yourself ahead of the game with powerful buffs while you attack. So, what skills should you upgrade and which ones should you leave? read on to see my recommendations


Leave a deep impression on your foes with this powerful slash.
-This is the most basic skill every legionnaire starts with and what it does is it deals damage equal to your base damage +30% of that. It’s a mediocre skill that’s decent to use prior to getting your other skills or when all of your other skills are on cool down for whatever reason.
1/1 (You can’t change this)

Inflict damage equal to 20% of your melee power and leaves them with a slapdash debuff that will decrease their accuracy by 5%. Can be stacked up to two times.

Constant Reminder
This attack deals 20% of your melee attack power to your target and leaves a Laceration debuff that damages the target for 10% of your melee attack power every 2 seconds for 12 seconds. Can be stacked up to two times.
(Just a sidenote, Slapdash and Constant Reminder seem to do ALOT more than just 20% of your damage. It seems more like your base damage +20%.)
-These two skills will be your main attack skills from the time you get them all the way until you get a class change (I’m not sure if they’re still that good after the class change since I haven’t made it that far yet). This is because both of these skills give you a buff called Second Wind each time you use them and that buff also powers up the two skills below it based on how many times you stacked it up. Also, it’s pretty much manditory to get them

Second Wind
Passive ability that gives you the Second Wind buff when you use Constant Reminder or Slapdash. Second Wind restores 1% of your mp every 2 seconds for the next 20 seconds. Can be stacked up to 5 times
-Max this skill because…
A. It’s manditory to max it for your next two skills
B. It powers up those next two skills
It also gives back mp which lets you use more skills without using an mp potion

Inflicts damage equal to 40% of your melee damage times the number of Second Wind buffs you have.
This skill does a ton of damage and is more or less a combo finisher for when you have 5 Second Wind buffs and it gives you an attack speed buff called Blur if you get that skill. At the most Mutilate can do 200% of your base damage.

Increases your attack speed. Lasts 5 seconds for every Second Wind buff you have.
This is a pretty good skill to have since it raises your attack speed. Higher attack speed means you’ll be attacking faster when your skills are on global cooldown or when your enemy silenced you and that means you’ll be doing more damage over time.

Gushing Wound
Gives the target a Gushing Wound debuff that does 20% of your melee damage every 2 seconds. Lasts 6 seconds for every Second Wind buff you have stacked.
Like Mutilate, I view this skill as a combo finisher for when you have 5 Second Winds stacked up. The difference between this and Mutilate is that this attack deals more damage over time (5 times 6 = 30 seconds, 15 times 20% = 300%). This skill also allows you to recover a small percentage of your hp every time it procures when you get the passive buff.

Drink it in
Recovers a small percentage of hp and mp every time the target takes damage from Gushing Wounds
This passive buff basicly allows you to heal every time Gushing Wounds procures. It may be small, but that small amount of hp healed can mean the difference between winning and losing.

Grasps the target and drags them to you, then gives a restraint debuff that binds them in place for two seconds.
This skill is your anti-range skill, if someone’s kiting you, restraint brings them to you and roots them in place allowing you to dish out damage to them while preventing them from running away. It’s a great skill to have especially if you plan on pvping.

When using restraints, you gain a momentum buff which gives you a chance of your next skill succeeding.
This skill was very poorly worded. What this skill actually does is it increases the chance of getting a combo skill, which means when you use restraint, your next skill will have a higher chance of getting a combo skill, and that means any poor unsuspecting person you trap takes a LOT of damage

Gives a 10 second Foresight buff. Foresight gives a 100% chance to block an incomming melee or ranged attack.
Yet another amazing skill. If you know your opponent is about to deal heavy damage to you, foresight will halt that attack completely. The only downside is that it doesn’t work on mages apperently, but who enjoys playing a weak little mage…

Devouring Spirits

When blocking an attack with foresights, you have a chance of recovering a percentage of your mp instantly.
Because your skills have a reletively low mp cost and your Second Wind buff already gives you back mp, i don’t really find a use for this skill. If it gave back Hp instead i’d be all over it, but more mp recovery doesn’t seem as useful as a legionnaire.

Gives an Expert of Sword buff that lasts 20 seconds and increases the chance of you getting a combo by 30%.
This skill is manditory to get, and even by itself it’s actually pretty good. It increases the chance of getting a combo skill, which basicly means that specific skill will not have a global cooldown timer on it

From here Legionnare splits off into two different “Routes”. There’s the Offence Route which deals a heavy amount of damage and the Defence route which counters an attack directed at you and stuns them. The difference between them is really just the final 3 skills you’ll be maxing but I’ll list them seperately anyways
Offense Route (Recommended)

Stick your sword really really deep in Armor
Increases your Melee attack power while Virturoso is active.
-This skill will give a pretty major damage boost whenever you use Virturoso. This damage boost means your skills will do more damage and that last skill will deal tremendous amounts of damage. (P.S. This is not the actual name of the skill, the actual first word is filtered out.)

Unleashes a powerful attack on your opponent that does your base damage +50% of your base damage. If blur is active, this skill does an extra 50% damage to your enemy.
-Does plenty of damage on it’s own. Does even more damage after you used Mutilate. This skill is for the people who love their damage.

When the target’s hp is less than 10% the damage of Dismissed increases by 2.
Remember that Dismissed skill that does terrifying amounts of damage? This passive buff doubles it. If your using it, go for overkill, if your the target, pray for mercy, you’ll probably get it.


When Virturoso is active, you gain an evasion bonus
This is just a filler skill should you have spare points before lvl 25. Sidestep gives your Virturoso an evasion bonus, which is always a plus since it makes your opponents miss more.

Defence Route (Currently not recommended)

When Virturoso is active, you gain an evasion bonus
This passive ability gives your Virturoso buff an evasion bonus and allows the skill below to still have a chance of procuring if you mistime your foresight.

Enabled only if you dodge or block an attack. Revenge will counter your opponents attack with an attack that deals base damage +40% of your base melee attack power
This skill seems to be bugged right now in that it does not work with foresight making it very unreliable. On the plus side, it does still give a chance to counter an enemy’s attack and stun them with shock and awe.

Shock and Awe
When dealing damage with revenge, you have a chance to stun the enemy.
Unlike Dismissed in the Offence Route, Shock and Awe is the main feature here. This skill lets you stun enemies when you use Revenge. This means not only do you get to block some super heavy hitting, super slow attack, but you also get turn the tables by stunning them. This means they can’t move, they can’t attack, they just have to sit there and take whatever you throw at them. Be sure to leave them in a state of shock and awe.

Put something very sharp and pointy in Armor
Increases your Melee attack power while Virturoso is active.
This is just a filler skill should you find yourself having spare points. Put something very sharp and pointy in Armor gives your Virturoso an attack bonus which helps boost your attacks and revenge a little when you use it. (P.S. This is not the actual name of the skill, the actual first word is filtered out.)

-Thanks for the info guys, Momentum isn’t as useless as i thought, it’s just really bad wording, and Revenge, is not as useful as I hoped

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