Prius Online Huntress, Amazon, Oracles Skills Guide

Prius Online Huntress, Amazon, Oracles Skills Guide by zaukkien

Hey guys, looked around and haven’t found anyone putting up a guide explaining the details on the skills. I can’t offer details on Oracle skills as I have not played it yet. So I can only clarify on Huntress and Amazon skills from my experience. Also, as I am still in the leveling process, my experience and knowledge of certain skills will be limited if not an estimated guess. Feel free to post a correction if you see any, I’d appreciate it.

Don’t fret, I will try to clear things up if you haven’t already noticed the terrible skill descriptions in game. Bow skills will have “ranged attack power” related details, and dagger skills will have “magia attack power” related details; certain skills will be noted if bow and dagger are used. I will leave out casting / CD (cooldown) times and emphasize clarity on details. Passive skills will be labeled as such, actives will not. Skills followed by other skills will be noted with a “+”, “++” sign. Bear with me.

Huntress Skills
TIER 0 SKILLS – No spent point requirement
Piercing Wilds: Bow’s Auto Attack

Cheetah’s Pull: 130% damage output of your ranged attack power.

Phantom’s Touch: 120% damage output of your magia attack power.

Teeth of Gaia: Dagger’s Auto Attack

TIER 1 SKILLS – No spent point requirement
Eagle’s Descent: 160% damage output of your ranged attack power.
+ Spirit Leech (Passive): 33/66/100% chance to gain Spirit Leech. This buff recovers 1% of your base MP every second, and increases your ranged attack power by 3%. Stackable up to 3 times for 3% base MP regen and 10% ranged attack power.

Channeling the Ancestors (Passive): Increases your healing ability by 6/12/18/24/30% when a dagger is equipped. Increases your attack speed by 4/8/12/16/20% when a bow is equipped.

Soul Soothe: Heals a friendly target for 50% of your healing amount every 2 seconds for 10 seconds.
+ Recovery Training (Passive): Increase the duration of Soul Soothe (not “Recovery”) by 10/20/30%, and reduce the MP cost by 10/20/30%.

TIER 2 SKILLS – 5 spent point requirement
Blue Ring Arrow: No initial damage on use, deals damage over time equal to 30% ranged attack power every 2 seconds for 16 seconds.
+ In the Moment (Passive): When Blue Ring Arrow’s poison is in effect, a successful hit from Eagle’s Descent grants a 33/66/100% chance to gain a 20% casting speed buff for your next bow skill used in the next 10 seconds.

Gaia’s Binding: 100% magia attack power damage output AND an additional 120% earth elemental damage equal to your magia attack power. Also debuffs your target’s movement speed by 50% for 6 seconds.
+ Gaia’s Vigor (Passive): If Soul Soothe is active, Gaia’s Binding damage increased by 10/20/30% and recover 1/2/3% of your base MP.

TIER 3 SKILLS – 10 spent point requirement
Sixth Sense: Increases your evasion by 150% for 10 seconds.
+ Fleet of Foot (Passive): While Sixth Sense is active, increases your movement speed by 17/34/50%.

Diminish (Bow or Dagger): Debuffs the target with Diminish, dealing 50% magia attack power every 2 seconds for 10 seconds.
+ Over Zealous (Passive): While the Diminish or Phantom’s Touch debuff is active, increases your damage by 15/30/45%. If you kill your target while the Diminish debuff is active, chance to activate Over Zealous for 10 seconds. Over Zealous buff returns 100% of the MP consumed by your skills.
***Note: Chance for Over Zealous to activate not specified, I believe it would follow the general 33/66/100% rate. If anyone has accurate / concrete data on its activation at any rank, please let me know.

TIER 4 SKILLS – 15 spent point requirement
Guided Hand: Increases the success rate of all your skills by 30% for 20 seconds.
***NOTE: I’ve done some tests, but I can’t confirm if this “success rate” is skill chance or the general accuracy of your skills.
+ Taut String (Passive): Increases ranged attack power by 10/20/30% while the Guided Hand buff is active.
+ True Stitching (Passive): Increases the healing amount by 10/20/30% while the Guided Hand buff is active.

TIER 5 SKILLS – 20 spent point requirement
(Taut String)
+ Tetrodo Ooze: 150% damage output of your ranged attack power. Debuffs your target with Tetrodo, slowing their movement speed by 50% for 10 seconds.
++ Euthanize (Passive): Increases the dot damage of Blue Ring Arrow (not Blue Ring Poison) by 20/40/60%. Also debuffs the target with Nerve Palsy, which if damaged by Eagle’s Descent during Tetrodo Ooze, has a 10/20/30% chance to immobilize the target for 5 seconds.

(True Stitching)
+ Terra’s Breath: Recover a friendly target’s HP by 100% of your healing amount.
++ Bolster Terra (Passive): Increases the healing amount of Terra’s Breath by 5/10/15% on a target that has Soul Soothe active. It will also recover 1/2/3% of your base MP instantly if used on a target with more than 50% HP.

Amazon Skills
***NOTE: You can only have one Chanting Buff active. (In-game notes these as “Strider’s Emblem”, stating the Amazon may only have one Emblem active at a time)

TIER 6 SKILLS – 25 spent point requirement
Huntress’ Will (Chanting Buff): Increase accuracy and critical strike by 5%. When a target is killed while Huntress’ Will is active, grants a 50% chance to gain Hunting Instinct for 20 seconds. Hunting Instinct increases the casting speed of your next skill by 50%.

Eagle’s Spirit: Reduces threat earned by 10/20/30%. If 3 stacks of Soul of Eagle are present, using the following skills will give you a 33/66/100% to gain a particular buff. While the special buffs are active, you cannot gain Soul of Eagle.

>>> Blue Ring Arrow – Grants Eagle Eye: Increase skill chance by 15% for 12 seconds.
***NOTE: In-game states “Venom Wedge” is used to trigger effect. No such skill exists. Buff is triggered with Blue Ring Arrow.

>>> Gale Shot – Grants Eagle Beak: Increase ranged attack power by 30% for 12 seconds.
***NOTE: Description’s “Storm Shot” is actually Gale Shot.

>>> Sighted Shot – Grants Eagle Talon: Increase critical strike by 12% for 12 seconds.
***NOTE: Description’s “Target Shot” is actually Sighted Shot (which was known as Target Shot before the previous update)

Amazon’s Blessing: Grants Mark of Strider buff that increases DEX by 10 for 30 minutes to all party members in a 30m radius.
***NOTE: Actual game description states “increases DEX gained from items and effects by 10% for 30 minutes. However, considering all the DEX mods over the time as an Amazon, the increase has always been uncertain in terms of trying to calculate it. Upon use, chat log displays “Mark of Strider increases your DEX by 10.” is utter BS. lol

TIER 7 SKILLS – 30 spent point requirement
(Eagle’s Spirit)
+ Sighted Shot: 320% damage dealt of ranged attack power.
***NOTE: Description states “an additional 320% or ranged attack power”, that would mean you were doing a total of 420% – which isn’t true.. It deals a total of 320%.
***NOTE: Upon impact, damage displayed on screen shows 3 numbers, 2 of which are 1/3 of the total, and the 3rd being the total damage. Don’t get surprised thinking you actually did the physically added total (which was my case when I first used it)

++ Wounded (Passive): When Sighted Shot deals damage, 100% chance to cause the Seize Prey debuff for 15 seconds. While Seize Prey is active, target takes an additional 30% damage from Eagle Shot, Cheetah’s Pull…
***NOTE: States 2 other skills “Triple Shot” and “Arrow of Thunder”. However, after looking at the Korean skill page. It seems our playable state of Prius has a few TIERS removed after TIER 11. Arrow of Thunder is called Thunderbolt on the Korean page is what I would assume. Triple Shot tested to actually be Cheetah’s Pull.

 Oracle Skills
 – coming soon –

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