Prius Online Frequently Asked Questions

Prius Online Frequently Asked Questions by Kyokuren

—0. Table of Contents—

Added these because I ended up making this really long.
0. Table of Contents
1. Basic Gameplay – Stats, skills, equipment, combat, hotkeys, transactions such as trades and auctions… the basics.
2. Chatting – Everything you wanted to know about communicating with other players, and more.
3. Social – Friends, teacher/apprentices, parties, guilds, alliances, and blacklists.
4. Anima – How to get her, what she can do, and what you need to know about her.
5. Life Skills – The various things you can do besides combat, such as cooking and mining.
6. Mounts – How to get them, where to get them, and why you should get them.
7. Gigas – How you can get them and what you should know about them.
8. Bosses – What they are, where they are, why they are special
9. Blacksmith – What these NPCs can do for you other than simply breaking your items
10. Being Stuck – Stuck? Can’t get out? Worried about getting stuck? Read this!
11. Technical Help – Have some issues with the game? This might help with the most common questions.

—1. Basic Gameplay—

Question: What are the basic controls for the game?
Answer: Hit Shift + ` in-game to view the controls.

Question: Help! I can’t see my toolbars and stuff! How do I get them back?
Answer: If ALL of them disappeared, you probably hit Alt+Z to hide your User Interface. Hitting Alt+Z toggles show/hide of your UI, so just try hitting Alt+Z again. If you can see some of them, but some of them appear to be off-screen and stuff, hit ESC and select “Game Options”. From there, click the “Game” tab and click “Default UI”. This should make the UI fit in your resolution. For more information, see this Prius Online Fix Missing Toolbars Guide

Question: Which classes are primarily damage dealers?

Answer: There are seven Damage Dealer classes. The Astral (advancement of Legionnaire) and Doom (advancement of Shadow Templar) Knights are thief-like melee damage dealers. The Juggernaut (advancement of Berserker) is a heavy melee damage dealer. The Amazon (advancement of Huntress) and Sharpshooter (advancement of Gunslinger) are ranged damage dealers. The Archimage (advancement of Occultist) and Siren (advancement of Minstrel) are magic damage dealers.

Question: Which classes are primarily tanks?
Answer: There are three Tank classes. The Cursed Vanguard (advancement of Shadow Templar), Gladiator (advancement of Legionnaire), and Sentinel (advancement of Berserker) are primarily tanks.

Question: Which classes are primarily support?
Answer: The Orchestrator (advancement of Minstrel) and the Oracle (advancement of Huntress) are primarily support classes.

Question: That’s only 12 of the 14 second job classes. What about the other two? What kind of classes are they?
Answer: These are the Hybrid classes. The Duelist (advancement of Gunslinger) and the Mastermind (advancement of Occultist) have skills that allow them to be “all-rounders”, classes that can fill both attack and healing roles, but aren’t specialized for any of these roles. The Duelist can act as a healer and a ranged damage dealer, and the Mastermind can act as a healer and a magic damage dealer.

Question: How do I increase my base stats (STR/DEX/INT/STA/Sense/Luck)?
Answer: Buffs (from items and skills) and Equipment. You don’t get stat points or anything like that.

Question: How do I increase my other stats?
Answer: Level ups, buffs (from items and skills), and equipment.

Question: Do all the stats do what they’re supposed to, and can you elaborate on which ones work and which ones don’t work?
Answer: Yes, all stats work as they’re supposed to, but the descriptions on them are wrong. The descriptions on the stats are from pre-Blood Anima (Anima Redux), and our server has had the Blood Anima patch since it began.
As for elaboration…
Some of this may need confirmation; make of it what you will.
From my own observations and those of some other people, it would appear that:
+200 STR = +200 Melee ATK.
+200 DEX = +200 Ranged ATK.
+200 INT = +200 Magia ATK, +100 Healing, +1000 MP.
+200 STA = +100 Physical DEF, +1000 HP.
+200 SEN = +100 Accuracy, +100 Evasion, +100 Magia RES.
+200 LUK = +100 Crit Point, +15 Crit Strike, +100 Bonus DEF.

Question: How do I level up my skills?
Answer: Open your skill window (K) to select a skill by clicking on it in your skill tree. Then, click “Add Point”. Different skills have different max levels.

Question: How come I can’t add a point to a skill?
Answer: You either 1. don’t have any skill points, 2. don’t have the prerequisite skill for that skill, or 3. haven’t spent enough skill points to unlock the row of skills that the skill belongs to. You get one skill point per level, and you start with one point at level 1. No, your skills will NOT reset when you job advance to second job. You actually need 25 skill points spent in your skill tree in order to start working on your second job skills.

Question: How do I use skills?
Answer: You can drag them to your hotkey windows and hit the hotkey. For the first hotkey window, use the number keys (1~9 and 0). For the second hotkey window, use the Function keys (F1~F10). For the third hotkey window, use alt + number keys (Alt + 1~9 and Alt + 0).

Question: Can you explain the combo system?
Answer: Sure. Prius Online has a global cooldown for skills, in addition to each skill’s individual cooldown. Some skills may trigger a combo. When this happens, the icon for the skill you are able to combo with will appear in the middle of the screen. That skill will be exempt from global cool down, as long as you use it quickly enough. If done correctly, you can pull off a long chain of combos. Note that, if two skills appear simultaneously for a combo, that means you get to choose which one you want to use.

Question: What happens if I die?
Answer: Depends. Normal deaths against monsters/resulting from falls will cause you to lose 10 Durability on all of your equipped items. A death against a player will not cause such a significant durability loss. If you have a high enough Felon Level, your death may cause you to drop items. If you’re doing a quest that requires an event (i.e. summoning a monster that only your party can attack), you may fail the quest.

Question: I failed the quest! What do I do?
Answer: Find the quest in your quest list, click it, and choose to abandon it. Pick it up at the last NPC you went to at the quest chain. If you needed an item to begin the quest chain, you may need to find the item again, depending on which quest chain this was.

Question: I failed my job advancement quest! The quest is with the NPC inside the place! How do I get it back?
Answer: I included this because many people have the same issue. Talk to your town’s “Class Instructor” again. You will be given a new crest to go back to the advancement area with.

Question: Is equipment important to this game?
Answer: Somewhat. Levels are more important than equipment, but equipment can make a very large level when you take on quests for your level or fight against people of your level.

Question: What is the “Off-Hand” slot for?
Answer: The Off-Hand slot is where you can equip another weapon. Equipping another weapon has its benefits: You may not get that weapons stats or anything like that, but, if you forget to repair (see blacksmith section) and your main weapon breaks (durability drops to 0), you can use Shift + R to switch to your backup weapon. This is a very good thing because you cannot use ANY of your skills without a working weapon, so having a backup weapon may save you.

Question: How do Terasil gates work?
Answer: Terasil gates are teleporters that can take you to other Terasil gates, free of charge, as long as you meet the requirements to teleport to them.

Question: How does the Celero system work?
Answer: Think of it like a bus or a train. You can take it to certain stops, for a fee. The stops in the vicinity of the beginner towns are already registered, but, for later stops, you’ll have to register them. To register a Celero stop or to ride a Celero, you need to talk to the Celero STATION, not the Celero itself.

Question: I know I have quests in this area but I can’t find the NPCs. How can I make my life easier when it comes to finding NPCs with quests for me?
Answer: Each area has its own Quest Board. These boards will help you locate NPCs with quests for you that are in the area (and Anima Quest NPCs). Simply select a quest and click “Track Quest”, and your map should now display the location of the NPC that provides the quest you are trying to track.

Question: I can’t find any quests for my level in the area that I’m in. What can I do?
Answer: You can try to go to corresponding areas of the other towns. There are five towns in total, so there should be more quests available in the other areas. When you get to a high enough level, it may get to the point where you’ll need to grind or run dungeons, as you might not have enough quests.

Question: Is there a storage?
Answer: Yes. Go to your Atrium, and you should see a chest called “Old Storage” there. It has 10 storage spots, and you can open it by interacting with it.

Question: Only 10 spots? Is there a way to get more? Also, is the storage shared between characters?
Answer: You can get more storage spots by putting down more Old Storages, which can be purchased from an Atrium Merchant in Foederis or Solutus (or from your Atrium Manager, but your Atrium Manager charges more). Put down an old storage by putting it in a numbered slot when you choose to decorate your item. You may replace your furniture items with old storages, and you can remove your storages and put the furniture back when you need to use the furniture. You can put down a total of 4 for 40 storage spots. At the moment, you cannot access other characters’ storages, but there is a dropdown list from the storage interface, so that would imply that, in the future, there will be a way to become able to do so.

Question: What if I remove a storage that has items in it? Like, say I have 35 items in storage and 4 storages, but then I remove one of the storages… would my items disappear or something?
Answer: No. Your items will remain in the storage, but the empty storage spots will disappear. You will be able to take your last five items out of storage, but then you won’t be able to put anything into those spots until you’ve put the storage back. If you remove all of your storages, you won’t be able to access the storage, but your items will be there when you put at least one of them back.

Question: This sounds like a horribly small storage that requires a lot of effort. Surely there is another way to store things?
Answer: Of course. I have a little trick involving the auction house. You pay 500 Lif to put an item on auction. Then you cancel your sale. You’ll get your item back, in the mail. This means that each of your items will be stored in the mail for 30 days. You can save your letters, and you’ll have a near-infinite amount of storage for your items. Just make sure to take them back before the letters expire.

Question: Speaking of auctions, how do I use it?

Answer: Speak with an auctioneer NPC. You’ll get a window that has tabs for items being auctioned, items you’re auctioning, and items you’ve bid on that haven’t been sold yet, in that order. On the first tab, you can apply filters using the dropdowns to search for things, and you can click the labels (item, current price, buyout price, time remaining) to sort the items, to make it easier to find what you want. On the second tab, you’ll see the items you’re auctioning, what the last bid was (if any), and who the last bidder was (if any). On the third tab, you’ll see the items you’ve bid on, what the last bid was, and who the last bidder was. If you win an auction or you sell an item using the auction, you will receive your item/Lif in the mail.

Question: The auction system looks pretty complicated. Can you give me some advice on bidding and auctioning?
Answer: Sure. Here goes:
For searching, if you know the name of the type of gear you want (For example, Astral Knight’s Breast Armor), but you don’t know all the different names, just type a percent (%) sign in front of it. Searching for %Sigil will give you anything with “Sigil” in its name. Searching for %Breast Armor will give you anything with “Breast Armor” in its name. Searching for %Astral Knight’s Breast Armor will give you anything with Astral Knight’s Breast Armor in its name.
For bidding, the best advice I can give is probably to take your time and search for other items with the same name, as they will usually have similar stats. This way, you don’t buy an item for 300k when you could’ve gotten it for 50k. A more obscure piece of advice would be to remember that the auction timer is actually attached to a global timer. This means that, when an item is put up for sale for 24 hours, it is not always being auctioned for exactly 24 hours, but 23 hours, 59 minutes, and any number of seconds matching the server time that would make it hit 23:59:00 at the same time the server would land on an exact minute (and 0 seconds). Also remember that, at 00minutes, the item actually has 00minutes and X seconds remaining. If you can synchronize your clock to the auction timer, you can pull off some pretty awesome snipes at 00 seconds, by timing your bid to be when the item hits 00 minutes and 01 seconds. Even so, I would recommend clicking Minimum bid 3 times more after that, if you really want the item, as this guarantees that, even if somebody manages to bid on the item after you do, the item will go into buyer protection and allow you to bid again.
As for selling, I would, again, recommend that you price check everything by searching for items with the same name, first. If you’re unsure of an item’s price and you don’t see any other items of the same name, don’t auction the item. Instead, use a Horn of Adventor and say that you want to sell that item, and that you’re looking for offers. If you’re after quick money, put a buyout price on it, as something you would deem acceptable. If you REALLY want quick money, put a buyout price on the item and set the item to be on auction for 8, or even 4 hours. The less time remaining on an item, the higher up it will be on a potential buyer’s list, and most buyers won’t be patient enough to look at the last page, if they see what they’re looking for on sale for a price they’re willing to pay on the second page.

Question: How do I trade?
Answer: You have to right click someone and select “Offer Trade”. When both sides agree on the items being transferred, click “Confirm”. When both sides are confirmed, you’ll both have to “Approve” the trade, as well. If you put items into the trade screen, they cannot be removed unless you cancel the trade and start over again.

Question: If I want to trade or auction something that I have a large stack of, but I don’t want to auction the entire stack, what should I do?
Answer: Hold the Shift key. With the Shift key held, click and drag the stack to an empty item slot. You will be able to adjust how many of the items you want to take out of the stack by clicking the + and – buttons. If you want to remove a large amount (say you have a stack of 200 and you want 100), you can click and hold the mouse key over the + or – buttons to make the numbers change faster.

Question: How do I change my title?
Answer: Hit J to open your Journal, and click “Change Title” from there. This can only be done every 30 minutes. If you mean the title that shows up in your character info (C), that’s based on your Coliseum Points. Just play more Coliseum battles, and you’ll get a new one eventually.

Question: How come none of my titles have effects?
Answer: Titles with effects seem to be pretty difficult to obtain. The easiest to get is probably 3 deaths to the same type of level 1 mob (there’s one kind outside of each town). This one gives you the “Hit By ” Title, which will give you +1 to STA. Another one that’s pretty simple is Favored, obtained by 500 Enchant successes. This gives you +1 Luck. Other titles with effects that I know of are Blessed (1000 Enchant successes, +2 Luck), and the 500 Enchant Failures (-1 Luck, +2 STR) and 1000 Enchant Failures (-2 Luck, +3 STR) titles. I’m sure there are more, but you’ll need some pretty solid achievements to get them.

Question: How do I job change?
Answer: You will get a letter from an NPC telling you to find her within 2-3 minutes of hitting level 25. Talk to this NPC to trigger a quest chain that will lead to your job change. So far, there haven’t been any job changes after that.

Question: Is there a Team PvP Arena and, if so, how do I access it?
Answer: Yes. In Prius, it’s called the Coliseum. On your menu bar (located at the bottom right of the screen; if you don’t see this bar, see if you have an arrow in the very bottom right corner. If so, click that arrow expand your bar to normal size. If you don’t see either, scroll up and refer to the second question about fixing missing toolbars), you should see a symbol that resembles a Star. This is the Coliseum button. Click it, and you will have the option of creating a new Coliseum room, or opening the list of Coliseum rooms in order to select one to join.

Question: What can I get from Coliseum?
Answer: You can earn Blood Gifts, which can be exchanged at certain Battalion NPCs for items, item boxes, equipment, and even a 3-day mount.

Question: How do I duel?
Answer: Right click somebody, and choose “Request Duel”. If the person accepts, the duel will start in 10 seconds.

Question: What can I get from dueling?
Answer: Nothing in terms of in-game stuff. Sometimes it helps to cure boredom, or just to test your character’s capabilities against certain classes.

Question: How do I I PK?
Answer: You need to be at least level 25. PK mode is in the Skills window, under the “Actions” tab. You can only PK outside safe zones (like towns), and your PK target must be at least level 25, as well.

Question: What do I get from PKing (Player Killing)?
Answer: You lose karma if you kill people who are not in PK mode, and you’ll need an “Indulgence” item to remove some of it. If you’re in the negative karma state and you die, you’ll have a high chance of dropping equipment (which normally wouldn’t happen). When you have negative karma, people may choose to pay at the Detective NPC in Foederis or Solutus in order to set up a bounty. If your karma is bad enough, the system will make you a bounty automatically. People who fulfill the requirements of killing you the number of times listed on the bounty board will receive the bounty. If you don’t want to lose your equipment due to bad karma, you can choose to stay in town (where you can’t be PKed) or enter a dungeon (where people can’t get to you).

Question: What about PKKing (Player Killer Killing)? Do I lose karma for killing people who are in PK mode? Am I utterly defenseless against PKers if I’m not in PK mode?
Answer: If you PKK, you won’t lose karma, as long as your target is a PK who is in PK mode and who initiates a PK on you, or a PK with a felon level. This means that, even when not in PK mode, you will be able to fight against any and all PKers with red names who cross your path. PKKs may wish to use the bounty system in order to claim some bounties. PKKs do not need to enter PK mode to kill a PKer, and their karma will remain normal as long as they don’t enter PK mode to kill a PKer who has normal karma and is no longer in PK mode.

Question: Why does a chunk of my map (the area to the northwest of what is bounded by Foederis, Solutus, and Aurora) show no terrain?
Answer: That part of the world has yet to be made available. We’re still in Open Beta.

Question: Why are there dungeons and things for level 51+ when the level cap is 50?
Answer: The level cap in Korea is 75. Remember, it is Open Beta.

Question: What do I do with Magia Crystals?
Answer: Sell them. There really isn’t any other use for them, except when it comes to a few daily quests (daily fortune, travelling merchant, etc.). When you’ll have quests for them, they’ll be easy enough to obtain, so there’s no point in leaving them in your inventory to let them take up space.

Question: How do I find a player’s location?
Answer: Use “H” to open the Travel Map. Click the “Search” tab, type in the player’s name, and click Search. Your Travel Map will display the player’s coordinates at the time of search, and your world map (if open) will center on the player’s location. You can’t find GMs this way.

Question: This travel map is so cool! What are its other uses?
Answer: With a Portable Gate item, you can move to any of the fixed spots in the “Standard” tab. If you’re standing in a spot, you can use the “Saved” to save a location. This allows you to view the coordinates of that location at any time and, if you have a Feather of Memory (NOT Feather of Small Memory. I believe this is a cash shop item), you can use the “Travel” button to move to a memorized spot instantaneously. On the “Search” tab of the Travel Map, you can use a Star Call to send a Summon Request to the person you searched for. If the person rejects your summon, your Star Call will not be used up. You can also use a Star Step to move to the person you searched.

Question: How many dungeons are there?

Answer: There are four, total, not counting the one where you get your first Gigas, which is a quest instanced dungeon. The four are: Phantasm Dungeon (has different ranks for different levels; and involves fighting different waves of monsters), Shadowless Dungeon (level 20-30; entire dungeon is killing 12 bosses in time for a quest), Vicious Mansion (level 25+; your first “major” dungeon, involving some navigating), and Immoral Cave (level 35+).

Question: When do dungeons and quests reset?
Answer: As far as I am aware from what I have observed, 6:00am Pacific Time. Confirmation would be appreciated, however.

Question: When will the cash shop be out?
Answer: As of 6/15/2011, the cash shop is out. Click the Item Shop button at lower right.

Question: When will the level cap be raised?
Answer: Not until the end of Open Beta, at least. As for when Open Beta will end… Well, your guess is as good as mine, unless we can get an estimate from a GM.

Question: Will the server be wiped at the end of Open Beta?
Answer: According to Falx, no.

—2. Chatting—

Question: How do I talk in chat?
Answer: Hit “Enter” to bring up the chat bar. Type in your message and hit enter again to send it.

Question: Well, that was easy. How do I get rid of it now? I can’t use my hotkeys with this thing!
Answer: By the default settings, you need to hit enter TWICE to close the chat bar. The bar will close if you hit “Enter” when it is empty. If you input your message, you’ll need to hit enter again to close it.

Question: “Default settings”? Does this mean I can get rid of that?
Answer: Yeah. Click the “Options” icon on the bottom right (Or hit ESC, but doing so will close out of your chat/map/etc. windows first) and then click “Game Options”. Then, in the “Game” tab, scroll down to the bottom until you find “Chat Field Entry”. Change that from “Successive Input” to “Normal Input”. Now you’ll need to hit Enter for every message you want to enter, but the field will close after you enter a message.

Question: Cool! Well, I noticed people can talk in different chats. How do I do so?
Answer: There are two ways: You can click the icon on the left side of the chat bar and select the mode you want, but that’s too tedious for people like me. Alternatively, you can hit “Tab” while typing in the chat bar to cycle between General/Party/Guild/Yell chat.

Question: Well, that’s neat! But, in addition to that, isn’t there also whisper? How do I whisper?
Answer: /w . For example, typing /w Bob Hello would send the whisper “Hello” to the character named “Bob”.

Question: I also see [All]. How do I chat like that?
Answer: You need a “Horn of Adventor” item. You’re pretty much guaranteed at least one per “Gift Box of Sharing”, which you can easily get through journal achievements. Check “J” to see the possible achievements. Most of the ones in Quest/Anima/Combat will give you Gift Boxes. Note that the Gift Boxes aren’t given for getting the final achievement, but for each step along the way.

Question: I see people making their anima say things. How do I do that?
Answer: Hit F11 to switch to Anima Mode, and type in General chat. You’ll speak as your Anima, instead, and it will be in [Anima] chat. Everyone close enough will see it.

Question: Okay, but what about the censor? Is there a swear filter of some sort?
Answer: Not anymore, it seems. The swear filter was really bad in Closed Beta, censoring phrases like “hot water”, “rush it”, and “Celero”, so I think they took it out. I looked for a toggle, but didn’t find one.

Question: How do I send mail?
Answer: Access the mail menu by clicking the Envelope on your menu bar. Click “Send” and type in the recipient’s name, the title, and the text. Each (text-only) letter costs 100Lif.

Question: Can I mail items and Lif?
Answer: Yes. You can mail items and Lif. You are, however, limited to 1 item per letter. If you send Lif and/or an item, you will be charged 1000Lif (in addition to the 100Lif for sending mail) for the item and 1% of the Lif you send (so, if I sent an item and 6500Lif to a friend, the mail fee would be 1165Lif (100 Mail Fee + 1000 Item Fee + 1% of 6500 Lif Fee).

Question: How do I use a chat room?
Answer: Click the community button (the menu bar button with three people on it. If you don’t see the menu bar, which should be on the bottom right, but an arrow, instead, click the arrow to expand your menu bar. If you don’t see the menu bar or the arrow, refer to the first question for missing UIs), and select “Chat Rooms”. You will open a list of chat rooms that you can join, or you can start your own room. If you create your own room, you can choose to give it a password (making it private), to choose a type (to allow people to know what the room is for), to give it a title, and to limit the number of people allowed in it at one time.

Question: What is there to know about a chat room?

Answer: On the top of your chat room is the window bar, and the buttons on the right are the menus for it. The leftmost button is the font options. Changing font size changes the size of everyone’s text on your screen. Changing font color allows you to speak in a different color. The button next to it allows you to invite somebody to your room. If you invite somebody to a passworded room, the person will not need to enter a password; instead, s/he can simply accept your invitation. The third button minimizes/maximizes your chat room display. The fourth button allows you to change the settings of the chat room (the ones that were adjustable on creation). The last button closes your chat room. If you right click a person’s name on the chat room’s list, you can choose to view that person’s character info, or to kick the person (if you are the chat room master). When a person is kicked, there is a delay before that person is able to join your chat room again. There is a glitch where, if you choose to decorate your atrium when you are in a chat room, the chat room window will disappear and you will not be able to re-open it. You will be unable to join a chat room until you log out or are kicked from the room, because the server will think you are still in the room. When this happens, the easiest solution is to relog.

—3. Social—

Question: What’s the hotkey for my friends list?
Answer: [ opens the Social menu. The friends list is the first tab of the Social menu.

Question: How do I add a friend?
Answer: Type the person’s name into the field at the bottom of the Friends tab of the social menu, and click “Add”. To delete a person, simply highlight the person’s name by clicking on it and click “Delete”. The maximum number of friends you can have registered is 30. You can private message a friend by right clicking the friend’s name on your list, and you will get log in and level up notifications concerning your friends.

Question: What’s teacher and apprentice?
Answer: It’s recorded in the “Bond” tab. If you right click somebody who is AT LEAST 10 levels lower than your level, you can request an apprentice. If you right click somebody who is AT LEAST 10 levels higher than your level, you can request a teacher. If you do, and the person accepts, you two will both get bonus EXP as long as you’re both online. The amount of bonus EXP increases with Bond (which can increase as long as you’re both online). The apprentice also gets additional EXP if you’re both in the same party (don’t have to be in the same place). Teachers will get rewards for “raising” apprentices to certain levels. EXP bonuses from bonds DO stack (from my testing, anyways. This could use more testing, however).

Question: So teacher and apprentice need to be 10 levels apart? What if the apprentice catches up, and the level gap shrinks below 10 levels?
Answer: You can still be teacher and apprentice. The only difference is that, with a teacher and apprentice in the same party, an apprentice would normally get 30% bonus EXP. When teacher and apprentice are no longer more than 10 levels apart, however, the apprentice will only get 2% bonus EXP from being in the same party as the teacher.

Question: What else can you tell me about teacher and apprentice?
Answer: Well, quite a bit. The maximum number of apprentices a person can take is 3. The maximum number of teachers a person can have is 1. When you’re teacher and apprentice, you can private message each other just like friends can, by right clicking the friend’s name. You will also get level up and log in notifications concerning your teacher and/or apprentice(s). The EXP bonus is a rather small value, but it builds up, especially with multiple teacher/apprentice(s) online at the same time.

Question: How do I join a party?
Answer: Open the party menu with P and find the party you’d like to join, then click “Enter”. Alternatively, right click someone whose party you would like to join, and request party. You’ll automatically request to join.

Question: How do I create a party?
Answer: Same way, but select “Create” instead. Alternatively, you can right click someone and request party and, if neither of you are in a party, you’ll automatically be in a party with you as leader.

Question: How do I add people to a party?
Answer: As the party leader, request a party or open the party menu with “P”, type a person’s name in, and click “Invite”, or right click a person and select “Party Invite”. To expel, click the orange box to the left of the person’s name on the party health bars, and choose “Expel from party”.

Question: How do I leave a party?
Answer: Click the orange square to the left of your name in the party health bars, and choose to withdraw.

Question: How do I create a guild?
Answer: You must be at least level 5, and you must be in possession of a Stone of Unity. To get the Stone of Unity, you must purchase it from a NPC that opens a guild shop. An example of this kind of NPC is Censor Rainlan (found in Intralux, at the coordinates -2819, 1752). The Stone of Unity costs 30,000Lifs. After you’ve met the requirements, speak to the NPC again, and say that you want to create a guild.

Question: How do I invite people to my guild?
Answer: The same way you add people to your friends list (enter the person’s name in the field and click “Invite”), except from the “Guild Info” tab of your Guild menu (G).

Question: How do I join a guild?
Answer: Wait for somebody in the guild you want to join to send you an invitation, then accept said invitation.

Question: How do I leave a guild?
Answer: Select “Leave” from the “Guild Info” tab of the Guild menu. NOTE: THERE IS A 12 HOUR COOLDOWN BETWEEN LEAVING A GUILD AND JOINING/CREATING ANOTHER ONE.

Question: How do I expel people from my guild?
Answer: The same way you’d invite somebody (enter the person’s name in the field), except using the “Expel” button instead of the “Invite” one.

Question: How do I block a person to stop viewing what that person says?
Answer: Open up the social menu with the [ key. Click the “Blocked” tab and add the person the same way you would add a person to your friends list (by entering the person’s name and clicking “Add”).

Question: How do I delete a person from my blocked list?
Answer: Highlight a person’s name and click “Delete”.

Question: How do I form a guild alliance?
Answer: As a guild leader, open the guild menu with “G” and click the “Ally” tab. Type in the name of the guild you would like to form an alliance with, then click “Request Alliance”. Once you’ve done that, every member of the other guild will get a notice saying that an alliance was requested by your guild. All you have to do is wait for the other guild’s leader to accept or reject your alliance request.

Question: How do I accept or reject an alliance request?
Answer: As your guild’s leader, open up the guild menu and click the “Ally” tab. If you have any alliance requests, they will show up there. You can click a request and then click either “Accept Request” or “Decline Request”. If you want to end a guild alliance, you go to the same tab of the same menu, highlight an alliance your guild is in, and click “End Alliance”. As I have never had my guild enter into an alliance, any information on the intricate details concerning alliances will be greatly appreciated.

—4. Anima—

Question: How do I get my Anima?
Answer: You’ll get a quest for doing so at level 10. The quest is different by class.

Question: Help! I’m level 10, but I haven’t gotten the quest! Why not?!?!
Answer: Be patient. A letter should come in from 2 NPCs within 2-3 minutes of your level up. If you check your mail, one of the NPCs will tell you to see her AFTER you’ve met with your Anima. The other letter will be from a NPC who wants you to see him/her. Talk to that NPC to start the quest for your Anima.

Question: My Anima died! What do I do?
Answer: You can wait for her to recover, use an Anima Resurrection Potion (can be purchased from item merchants/general shops), or go into your Atrium (can be accessed from Terasil gates).

Question: How should I distribute my Anima’s skill points?
Answer: It depends. Do keep in mind, however, that the power of her heals and damaging spells in her skill tree use your Anima’s stats, not yours. Buffs that increase your stats by a percentage will still go by a percentage based on what YOUR stats are, and Debuffs that decrease your target’s stats by a percentage will still go by a percentage based on what your target’s stats are.

Question: How do I get my Anima to use skills?
Answer: You can either let her use them herself, or you can order her to use them. Sometimes she’ll disobey your order and begin sulking for 2 minutes (or, at worst, she’ll enter into Rejection state for 10 minutes), in which case she’ll want a gift (but not when she’s in Rejection).

Question: How do I give my Anima a gift?
Answer: Only certain items can be given as gifts, and you can only give gifts once per hour. Anything she can produce or gather as well as accessories can be gifted to her. Right click the item and select “Gift”. She’ll increase in closeness and also stop sulking (but she’ll turn down your gifts if she’s in Rejection). The closeness increase is dependent on what you give her.

Question: My anima leveled up, but why didn’t she get a skill point?
Answer: Your Anima starts out with one skill point, and will gain a skill point every time her level hits a multiple of 5. This means that your Anima will only have a total of 6 skill points at level 25.

Question: How do I use Anima mode?
Answer: Hit F11 to switch between Player Mode and Anima Mode. When in Anima Mode, you can’t use skills (even Anima skills), but you’ll be able to use items on your Anima. When in Anima Mode, you’ll also see some NPCs and have access to some quests you wouldn’t normally see or have access to in Player Mode.

Question: How do I awaken my Anima?
Answer: You must have AT LEAST one full gauge (2700) in the 3C gauge. Then, you should be able to awaken your Anima either by using the little button next to her name or the action (K to open skills, Actions tab, under the “Anima” section should be an action to toggle awakening). When your Anima is awakened, her appearance will change, her stats will increase, and she’ll have access to ALL skills (All skills you do not have will be treated as skills with 1 skill point in them). She’ll stay awakened until you toggle it again with the action or your 3C gauge drains to 0.

Question: How do I see Cepa the Gardener/use Cepa Coins?
Answer: Enter your Atrium (accessible from any Terasil Gate) and walk to the ring of flowers. Hit F11 to switch to Anima mode, and the floating onion with the sombrero should appear. You’ll be able to buy Anima equipment from Cepa’s shop.

Question: What does Anima equipment do?
Answer: Absolutely nothing other than change her appearance… UNLESS you have a Star (green) Sigil and a Star Sphere, in which case you can add attributes and stuff to them.

Question: What is Accompany Effect?
Answer: This is basically your Anima’s “AI”, which is based on her Disposition and Action, which you can view by hitting the “Y” key (or the “V” key, then clicking the “Actions” tab). Accompany Effect will reach the maximum when her Disposition is at one of the four extremes (corners) on the graph.

—5. Life Skills—

Question: What do I need to do to cook?
Answer: After getting Anima, talk to the General Merchant in Aurora. After finishing her quest chain, you’ll receive a Stove. Go to your Atrium and talk to your Atrium Manager. Choose to decorate your Atrium. Drag the Stove to a numbered slot in your Atrium, and it should appear. Talk to the Atrium, and your Anima should now be able to cook, provided she has the recipes, the ingredients, and a high enough rank in cooking for them (she starts with level1 recipes). Meat dishes (starting with Jerkey) will recover HP while plant dishes (starting with Fruit Tea) will recover MP. Different emotions give small (+7) boosts to different stats. Curiosity gives Magic ATK, Love gives HP (+34 HP, not +7), Joy gives Ranged Attack, Delight gives Accuracy, Fear gives Magic Resistance, Dislike gives Evasion, Anger gives Melee ATK, and Sadness gives Physical Defense. You can buy cooking recipes (up to Cooking Level 71) for both vegetarian and meat dishes from Legendary Cook K’s (there’s one in every town) cooking shop.

Question: What do I need to do to gather?
Answer: After getting Anima, at level 11, talk to Cepa the Gardener. He’ll give you a quest that takes you to Natura Asylum. After completing the quest chain, your Anima should be able to gather herbs, which can be used in Cultivation, from plants growing on the map.

Question: What do I need to do to cultivate?
Answer: After getting Anima, at level 12, talk to Cepa the Gardener. He’ll give you a quest that takes you the mushroom farm northeast (and down the slope) from Intralux. This begins the quest chain for cultivation. After completing it, you’ll be able to do individual quests for Earth, Water, and Fire cultivation, one at a time. Each Cultivating spirit (“Poti”) allows for a different type of cultivation. Earth cultivation produces fruits that give you buffs, Water produces potions, and Fire produces materials, such as reinforced steel. Unlike with cooking, you do not need to be near the Cultivating spirit (“Poti”), in the atrium, or even online while cultivation is taking place. You still need to choose to decorate your Atrium and move the Poti to a numbered slot in order to cultivate.

Question: What do I need to do to use requiem?
Answer: At level 15, you’ll get a quest from Cepa the Gardener that takes you to Fera Centrum. After completing the quest chain, you should now be able to use Requiem, which gathers certain supplies for Cultivation from a KO’d monster. You can use Requiem on monsters up to 17 levels higher than your Requiem level.

Question: What do I need to do to tame?
Answer: At level 20, you’ll get a quest from Cepa the Gardener that takes you to Luna Deor. The quest can be quite confusing, as you’ll need to equip an item provided by the Beriah. The item IS a quest item, but it will show up in your COMMON inventory. After completing the quest, you’ll now be able to tame without this item, which allows you to gather monster summoning cards (summon monsters to help you fight for a short period of time), mount crystals, and seeds used in cultivation from weakened monsters (think Pokemon). In order to tame a beastia, the beastia’s level must be no more than 22 levels higher than your Anima’s taming rank. You can tame using the button of hearts next to your Anima’s status, or you can use Ctrl + T. She’ll often glitch and do nothing when you try to tame, so it is recommended that you order her to “Return” (found on the “Actions” tab of the Skill menu) before having her attempt to tame. This keeps her from getting stuck and doing nothing.

Question: What do I need to do to drill?
Answer: Buy drills from any item merchant or general store. 1000 drills last about 6 hours, and about 4 rows of inventory space should be left empty every time you drill. Go to any area that’s outside of town and you should be able to drill. If you want to drill while AFK, drag a drill item to one of your hotkey slots, and hit the hotkey. Then, you can just walk away from your computer (don’t move, or you might stop drilling). Higher level places will provide better Magia crystals. Make sure you drill at an area that is of sufficient level to provide Food Sacks. After drilling, you can sell the Magia Crystals, open the food sacks, and sell the contents of the food sacks. This is an easy way to get money overnight, though be careful that you do not get PK’d if you are level 25 or higher.

—6. Mounts—

Question: How do I get a mount?
Answer: You can buy one from the item mall, when it opens, or you can tame one in-game. You can also get temporary mounts from being high up in the donation rankings or from spending enough Blood Gifts (from Coliseum).

Question: How do I tame a mount?
Answer: You will need the taming skill from Level 20. You should get a quest for mounts from the Beriah who gives you the quest to tame a Perfero mount after you finish the taming quest. After taming the Perfero (there are two that I know of, one around -2400, 2800 and another around -2230, 2960. They spawn in a zone rather than in a fixed spot, so give or take 50 on both locations), you should get a mount crystal. Then, you can buy a Grindstone of Soul for the Perfero from an Anima shop (the two Anima Shop merchants are located at Solutus: 210, -415 and Foederis: -1870, 1250), which can be found in both Foederis and Solutus. Using the grindstone of soul turns this mount into a Pero which you can use again to send it to the Pero menu.

Question: Okay, I got my mount and I used the item. The item disappeared. How do I use my mount?
Answer: Hit “O” to open the Pero window and summon from there. You can also drag a Pero’s icon to a hotkey slot for quick access.

Question: What’s Happiness for my mount do?
Answer: That bar’s actually the Nourishment bar. If Happiness drops below 20%, you’ll get warnings that your mount is hungry. If your mount’s happiness hits 0, it’ll move slowly, which is like not having one at all, or possibly even slower than that.

Question: What do these stats for my mount affect?
Answer: Speed affects, obviously, how fast your mount moves. Health affects how much damage your mount can take before it is automatically unsummoned. Summon affects how fast or slow your summoning of the mount is.

Question: How do I increase my mount’s Happiness?
Answer: Also by feeding it food made by your Anima. To do this, summon your mount first. With your mount summoned, open up your inventory and right click a food item. Click “Feed”. Note in the Pero menu what attribute your mount has (Carnivorous, Herbivorous, or Omnivorous), as Carnivores will only eat meat dishes while Herbivores will NOT eat meat dishes

Question: How do I increase my mount’s stats?
Answer: By feeding it food made by your Anima. Different foods boost different stats. To my experience, the higher level the food is, the better the stats will be. Also, meat dishes will boost Health while the drinks will boost Summon. Of course, Herbivores can’t eat meat dishes and Carnivores can’t take the vegetarian drinks. The solution, however, lies in Legendary Dishes. A Legendary Dish will boost all the stats that a pero cannot get from its natural diet. This means that an Omnivore will only get Speed from a Legendary Dish. A Carnivore, however, will get both Speed and Summon from a Legendary Dish, and a Herbivore will get both Speed and Health from a Legendary Dish.

Question: Is Perfero the only mount I can tame?
Answer: No. There’s a level 25 centaur mount (Nigrata) in the last room of Vicious Manor, a level 35 Boar mount (Porki) in the third boss room of Immoral Cave, a level 30 spider mount (Arak) in the northern part of Snake Canyonland (around -2160, 1580), a level 30 tiger mount (Ensis) that can be found in dungeons (Sometimes in Phantasm Dungeon S Rank, and in Venom Ground when it opens), and a level 20 mount that resembles a dog (Lanna) that can be found in dungeons (sometimes in Phantasm Dungeon A Rank, and in Venom Ground when it opens). There should many more, but they’re either not out yet or I can’t remember where they should be. Remember you need a taming level that is at least equal to the mount’s name minus 22 to tame it. Even if it’s a different mount, you’ll still need to buy the mounts’ respective Grindstones from Foederis or Solutus. Make sure you purchase the right one.

Question: How do I get the materials for these things?
Answer: You can get materials for cooking from monsters of Food Bags (for lower level dishes). Spices can be bought at Legendary Cook K (next to each town’s Item Shop) or at your Atrium Manager. You can get materials for cultivating from the other skills: Taming gives seeds, Harvesting gives grasses, Requiem gives Soul Crystals… and some of the materials will need to be purchased from Atrium Merchants (located in Foederis and Solutus) or at your Atrium Manager. You do not need materials for Taming, Harvesting, or Requiem. Drills for Mining can be purchased from any General Merchant or Item shop.

Question: How do I get the recipes for these things?
Answer: Cooking recipes can be bought from Legendary Cook K. Cultivation recipes for level 16 can be purchased from Atrium Merchants or at your Atrium Manager. Even higher level cultivation recipes came from boxes in CBT, which we can assume were either cash items or rare items.

—7. Gigas—

Question: What do I do to get my first Gigas?
Answer: There are two prerequisites for acquiring the Gigas quest. First, you must be level 30 (I think. If there is a way to get it before level 30, please share. Second, you must have completed all of the quests in a certain quest path. This quest path will is a series of story quests originating in your starting town. The quest path will eventually tell you to go to either Foederis or Solutus, depending on your starting town. You must complete all the quests given by that NPC in order to qualify for the Gigas quest. Once you’ve completed those quests, your Anima will have learned the “fear” emotion, and you’ll have another quest available. This new quest will take you through a dungeon, with many scenes along the way. You’ll have a fight in Gigas mode, and then you’ll walk out of the dungeon with your new Gigas on hand.

Question: Help! I can’t get my Gigas Quest!
Answer: Wait a minute, that’s not a question… Well, I’ll answer it anyways: As I mentioned, this is actually a part of your Main Story quest chain. The recurring feature in this Story Quest chain is dispatch. You start this Story Quest in your starting town, running around, killing weak monsters, going around helping other NPCs… Then, you’ll be dispatched to a new area, the one that you can teleport to directly from your starting town. For Ayins, this is Desert Post. For Beriahs, this is Tower of Stories. There are also Rose Stockfarm for Humes, Sacred Ground of Breeze for Lon Femina, and Quarters of Lion’s Fang for Lon Mas. Once you’ve done the portion of the Main Story Quest chain here, you’ll be told to report back to the NPC who dispatched you to that location, and this NPC will send you to a new area. This new area is Beholder Post for Ayins, Garden of Meditation for Beriahs, Ranger Camp for Humes, Arbor of Striders for Lon Femina, and Quarters of Lion’s Claw for Lon Mas.
You’ll eventually be sent back to your town, where you will be ordered to report to either Foederis (for Ayins, Beriahs, and Lon Feminas) or Solutus (for Lon Mases and Humes). You will be given quests depending on race to go there.
NOTE: If you are not sure whether or not you were sent there, please check for these quests:
If you are…—-|—-Look for….
Ayin————-|—-[25]Abandoned Sword
Beriah———-|—-[25]To Foederis
Lon Femina—-|—-[25]Toward Foederis
Lon Mas——–|—-[25]To Solutus
Hume———–|—-[25]Visit Solutus

There, you will start another quest chain, centered around Law Officer Rytius in Foederis or Battalion Officer Constance in Solutus, who will tell you to report to various places in the Valley of Fury (for Foederis) or the Fungus Forest (for Solutus). Only when you have finished the Main Story Quests here up to level 30 will you be able to access the Anima Quest that gives the “Fear” emotion, which will unlock the Gigas Zerum Quest.

Question: “First Gigas”? Is there more than one Gigas?
Answer: Of course. You can have three on you at one time. You’ll get the quests for the other ones as you level up. At the moment, the level 35 one is not available, so the second Gigas is the level 38 one.

Question: “On me”? What about the other ones?
Answer: In your Atrium, there is a Gigas deck where you can check up on every single Gigas you have. When you have more than three, you’ll have to go back to your deck in order to change the three you take with you.

Question: How do I use a Gigas?
Answer: Open up your Gigas menu with the N key. You should be able to use a Gigas by clicking its icon, as long as your Anima is alive and you have the necessary points in your 3C gauge to use it. Your Anima will begin casting a skill and, when it’s finished, you’ll turn into a Gigas.

Question: So, just like awakening an Anima, the Gigas will also drain my 3C gauge just by being there?
Answer: Yes. And, on top of that, your Gigas transformation burns your 3C gauge even faster than an Anima awakening. When you transform, your HP skyrockets to match your Gigas’s, and your MP bar is replaced with your 3C gauge. Your 3C gauge will drain while you’re in Gigas form, and it will also be used to cover the cost of the Gigas skills, including regular attack, you use while in transformation. If you’re done with your Gigas, you can always cancel the transformation.

Question: Do I need to put my Gigas’s skills on a hotkey bar?
Answer: No. When you transform, your hotkey bar will automatically change to your Gigas’s hotkey bar. The 1 key will be your Gigas’s basic attack, and its skills will fill up as many of the next 8 keys’ spaces as they need to (for example, if your Gigas, like the first Gigas, has three total skills, the skill that counts as its basic attack will take the “1” slot, and the other two skills take up “2” and “3”). The last slot (0, F10, Alt+0…) on every hotkey bar is reserved for ending your Gigas transformation.

Question: Where does my Anima go when I’m in Gigas mode?
Answer: I can’t tell you where she goes, but I can tell you that she’s definitely not following the Gigas around, so you won’t have to worry about protecting her while in Gigas mode, but you also can’t use your Gigas to do things like taming or harvesting.

Question: What are the empty slots with faded out colored stones in my Gigas’s information window for?
Answer: They’re for resonant stones. You can get your first resonant stone from a quest in Fungus Forest, “[30+] King of Fungus Forest”. Resonant stones of different colors give different kinds of effects. You can infuse a resonant stone into a Gigas, but I have yet to find a way to remove the stone (whether it means keeping or destroying it) after the infusion (if anyone finds a way, please tell me, and I will update with that information).

Question: The first Gigas quest had a lot of prerequisites. What about the level 38 one? Is it just as annoying?
Answer: No. You’ll only need to do the Immoral Cave Story Quest line in order to be eligible for the quests at level 38.

Question: Some of the NPCs and items don’t show on the minimap. Can you tell me where all the locations are?
Answer: Sure! Renard Bane starts the quest chain at (1715, 820). You’re sent to Steward Nicholas, at Aurora: (1710, 510). Steward Nicholas is at Golden Plain (Rose Stockfarm) : (1395, 530). Box from the Past is buried at Golden Plain: (1515, 418). Sherrill Rose is located at Golden Plain (Rose Stockfarm) : (1395, 535). Going to the location where the map pings after getting Sherrill’s quest will spawn a mob. Eventually, after talking to Renard Bane, you will find a servant not too far from him. Go there and use your Anima to collect the Dubious Box. After a scene with the Hume Guard, Aurora: (1605, 485), you will have to go to Greta Bane, Aurora: (1710, 825). Begin by questioning her about eavesdropping, note that she’s flushed (turned red), ask her if she can scrape the makeup off her face to prove her cover-up, and tell her she’s not your type. Talk to Renard Bane again and enter Anima Mode to collect the Secret Teleport. You have 20 seconds to get it. Run through the part of Vicious Mansion (it has some monsters, so be careful) and talk to Sherrill Rose at the end. When you’re done, click the Exit button at the lower right and talk to Renard Bane. You should now have Gigas Vinclis.

—8. Bosses—

Question: What are bosses?
Answer: There are three types of bosses in Prius: Quest bosses, which are used as quest objectives or spawned as part of a quest, Dungeon bosses, which appear in the dungeons, and Area bosses, also known as named monsters, which spawn at fixed intervals in certain zones.

Question: So what are the differences between these bosses, besides their purposes?
Answer: Quest bosses are the weakest of the three, and they will drop pretty average drops for their level. Dungeon bosses and Area bosses are more powerful and have better drops, usually dropping some that already have spheres in them.

Question: What else can I get from killing Dungeon and Area bosses, besides equipment?
Answer: Some of them are known to drop hairstyles (mainly those in Immoral Cave, from what I’ve heard). Dungeon and Area bosses also have a higher chance of dropping enchantment materials such as Masterwork Steel, Spheres, and Infinite Sigils, to my experience.

Question: How many Dungeon Bosses are there in the dungeons that are out?
Answer: There is 1 at the end of each Phantasm Dungeon. There are 12 in Shadowless SPECIAL but their drops are not as good as normal Dungeon Bosses’ drops. There are 3 in Vicious Mansion and 4 in Immoral Cave (5, technically, seeing as the giant rat has a drop rate about equal to that of other Dungeon Bosses).

Question: Where are the area bosses that are out right now?
Answer: Okay, I’ll tell you. Each of these monsters are zoned, so they will be found around the coordinates I provide you, not right at them. Some of their zones are large, so expect to look within (125, 125) of the coordinates, or maybe even more. *Takes a deep breath* Here we go:
Level 18-22
Ranaeton, the Level 20 Frog, is found around South Village Shrine: (-2375, 2800).
Saburra, the Level 20 Sandman, is found around Desert of Death: (-2925, 450).
Bubulux, the Level 18 Ox, is found around Windy Plain: (-3000, -1150).
Zaboom, the Level 20 Umbrella Lizard, is found around Square of Bloody Fight: (-1575, -925).
Kentaranus, the Level 20 Spider, is found around Farmer’s Rest: (1525, 425).
Level 23-27
Elephantus, the level 25 Elephant, is found around Lake of Requiem: (-2400, 2500) OR (-2700, 2350). This guy has two possible zones.
Petrae, the level 25 Stone Golem, is found around Hive Desert: (-2225, 1525).
Maredomus, the Level 25 Hermit Crab, is found around Glass Shore: (-3875, -250).
Kerak, the level 25 Flying Lizard, is found around Swamp of Death: (-350, -350).
Vacistra, the level 25 Pumpkinhead, is found around Lost Forest: (775, -175).
Level 28+
The Butcher, the level 30 Knife-wielding Giant, is found around Southern Valley of Fury: (-1400, 400).
Regisfungi, the level 30 Giant Regisfungi (there are normal ones and a giant one; the giant one is the area boss, and it makes the normal ones look tiny), is found around Fungus Forest Garrison: (-1000, -250).
Boreas, the level 35 Hammer-wielding Giant, is found around West of Red Canyon Village: (-1900, -375).
Feregero, the level 40 boss, is found around West of Arbor of Traveler of Star: (-2800, -175).
Crusta, the level 44 Knight, is found around Shelter of Lava: (-175, -1150).
Ghinn, the level 48 Samurai, is found around Aurigo Ruins: (-1525, -875).
Aqueum, the level 52 boss, is found in Island of Giants: (825, -1600). NOTE: He may or may not have a second zone centered around (750, -1350), or his zone might just be really big. Please confirm/refute.

—9. Blacksmith—

NOTE: If you want more in-depth information, read the Prius Online Blacksmith Guide

Question: How do I enchant my items?
Answer: Go to your blacksmith and choose to enchant. Enchant success rate decreases as enchant rank increases (i.e. it is much harder to go from +14 to +15 than from +7 to +8, and much harder to go from +7 to +8 than from +1 to +2), and the maximum enchant level is +15.

Question: Can my items break when I try to enchant them?
Answer: Yes. You can break an item by failing even if you’re just going from +2 to +3, and there seems to be a bug that allows items to break even when going from +0 to +1 (though the failure rate from +0 to +1 is extremely low). There’s also a chance of destroying a sphere/sphere setting in your equipment if you fail. Otherwise, failure would cause you to lose 1 or 2 Enchant ranks.

Question: How do I prevent my items from breaking?
Answer: You can use Enhancers. Some Enhancers will force an item to enchant with a 100% success rate when it’s below a certain enchant rank. Other Enhancers, such as Reinforced Steel (removes chance of breaking), Superior Steel (On fail, the only thing that can happen is losing 1 enchant rank), or Masterwork Steel (no negative effects for failing) simply take away certain penalties to failing.

Question: How do I alter an item?
Answer: Get an item that doesn’t already have additional properties on it (i.e. it only has the stats that the item normally has. For example, a lute that ONLY has Magic Attack/Magic Accuracy/Bonus Heal, or a necklace that ONLY has Magic Resistance) choose to alter it. Anima equipment cannot be altered. Altering adds properties to your item, and you do not need a Chrysalis (though this will, supposedly, increase the stats you will get from it). Altering does not cost Lif and will not break your item.

Question: How do I dismantle an item?
Answer: The item must be HIGHER than level 27. This means that the item must be AT LEAST level 28. There is a cost for dismantling. Enhancers are not necessary for dismantling, but they add to the chances of getting more materials per dismantle.

Question: How do I craft an item?
Answer: Each item requires different materials, 4 in all. You can also add Enhancers (i.e. the ones for Enchantment), which will add enchant ranks; Sigils, which will add sphere settings; Sphereryxes, which increase your chance of crafting an item of a better grade; and Essences, which will add the corresponding element.

Question: How do I add a sphere setting?
Answer: Use a sigil. There is a small chance of failure. Weapons can have 3 settings, body and leg armor can have 2, and the rest of your equipment can have 1. Adding a setting won’t break your equipment.

Question: How do I insert a sphere?
Answer: Inserting a sphere will always work. You simply need a setting of the corresponding type that’s free.

Question: How do I clear a sphere setting?
Answer: You can choose to remove a sphere from it. If you want the sphere, too, then you do the same, but you have to use a Sphereryx. There is little chance of succeeding, if any, without a Sphereryx. If you really want the sphere, I suggest waiting for a Sphereryx with a 100% success rate before you start trying to extract it.

Question: So all this stuff is cool, but how do I get all the materials/bonus materials for it?
Answer: Enhancers can be found from drops (especially in dungeons/from bosses), and Reinforced Steel can be made by Fire Cultivation (I believe the Korean server has the cultivating of Superior Steels, too). Sphereryxes can be drilled or found from monsters, too. The jewel/metal fragments for crafting can be found by drilling. The other crafting materials can be obtained by dismantling. Catalysts for dismantling (Metils) can be obtained as rewards at the end of certain dungeons (such as Vicious Manor) and also from bosses. Sigils and Spheres can be obtained from quests and as drops (usually really rare or from bosses). Sigils can also be obtained from Gift Box of Sharing (I’ve yet to see Infinite Sigils come out of these, but do say so if you’ve gotten one from one).
I’ve yet to discover where Chrysalises or Essences can be found so, if anyone knows, that information would be appreciated.

Question: How do I repair an item?
Answer: You go to the Blacksmith NPC, and choose to repair an item. If you want to repair an item from your inventory, drag it to the place for it and click “Single” to repair a single item. For your convenience, you can click “Equipped” to repair everything you have on you in one go.

—10. Being stuck—

Question: I’m stuck. What do I do?
Answer: There are different ways to get unstuck. The easiest is to use the Feather of Small Memory. THE VERY FIRST THING YOU SHOULD DO WHEN YOU MAKE A NEW CHARACTER IS REGISTER YOUR LOCATION WITH A GATEKEEPER (NPC outside of the Terasil Gate), AS THIS GIVES YOU A WAY TO GET YOURSELF UNSTUCK! Sometimes, a Legionnaire will be able to get you unstuck using the “Restraints” skill, which pulls you to him. This does not always work, however, since being stuck often makes it impossible for the Legionnaire to have a line of sight to you. If you’re stuck outside of a town, you can AFK and, after three failed bot-checks, you will automatically be ported back to your town. If that doesn’t work, you can go to the Coliseum and die with about 15-20 seconds left, then wait rather than clicking to respawn. When the coliseum match ends, you’ll be ported back to your original location… but you’ll be dead. Now, you can choose to respawn, and you’ll respawn in the nearest town. Another way to go about this is to die in the coliseum, then force yourself to disconnect by resetting your modem or router or forcibly terminating Prius.exe from the task manager. If you forgot to register your location, Legionnaires don’t have line of sight to you, you’re not outside a town, and, for whatever reason, you can’t enter the coliseum… Well, you’ll need to wait for a GM’s assistance.

Question: I’m stuck and none of that worked. Is a GM on?
Answer: If it’s the weekend or it’s not working hours for the West Coast of the United States, then probably not. Your best bet will be to wait for Monday. GMs will probably make a Help Desk chat room for those of you who are stuck. For instructions on how to use the Help Desk, go here:;=3994

Question: I’m stuck in the pit in the prologue, so I haven’t had a chance to register a location and no one can help me. Should I just make a new character?
Answer: If you want. But if you want to keep your name, you can try relogging. That fixed it for a few people I know.

Question: Okay, being stuck sounds terrible. How do I register my location?
Answer: Go to any Terasil Gate (that’s the name for the warp gate) and find an NPC outside with “Gatekeeper” in its name. Talk to the NPC and choose to “remember” your location.

—11. Technical issues—

This is NOT meant to be a substitute for the Tech Support Forum. It’s just a quick compendium of what I’ve seen people asking (on the forums and in-game) so far.

Question: I get a black screen/screen with Prius logo and it stays like that for a long time. When I check task manager, it says that Prius isn’t responding. What should I do?
Answer: This is because the game loads a lot of data before taking you to the login screen. You’ll just have to wait. It may say that the client isn’t responding but, if 10 minutes haven’t passed yet, just give it some time.

Question: Nope, I’m really unable to get to the login screen. Anything I can do?
Answer: Make sure your computer’s specs meet the required ones. The system requirements can be found at the bottom of the download page. Make sure your computer’s drivers and DirectX are up to date. Also, make sure you’ve added Prius as an exception to your DEP. A good guide to doing so can be found right here: Prius Online DEP, Crashing, Non-loading Guide . If your computer has the required specs and this doesn’t solve your problem, you can try redownloading/reinstalling the client. If that still doesn’t work, I recommend you visit the the Tech Support Forum.

Question: I got to the screen, but I’m unable to login. What should I do?
Answer: First of all, make sure you are using a valid gPotato ID and your territory is covered by gPotato for Prius Online. You can check by looking for your country/region in this thread: viewtopic.php?f=5&t;=276 . If you are, you may need to look into adding Prius as an exception to your DEP. A good guide to doing so can be found right here: Prius Online DEP, Crashing, Non-loading Guide . If it says you can’t connect to the server, then you should check your internet connection.

Question: My country’s not on the list of territories covered! Will I really be unable to play?
Answer: Unfortunately, yes. gPotato has a contract to publish Prius, but is only allowed to publish Prius to certain areas. Therefore, countries in South America, Oceania, and many countries in East/Southeast Asia will NOT be able to play the gPotato version of the game. This is not the end of the world for players in that area, however. gPotato is forbidden from publishing Prius in those areas because another game publisher has license to do so. If you are in an area not covered by gPotato, you either already have a version of Prius released for your area or you’ll have to wait for another publisher to release Prius in your area.

Question: But I really want to play the gPotato version! Is there anything I can do to get them to remove the IP blocks?
Answer: Aside from convincing the developers to change the contract to allow gPotato to publish the game to your area? Not really. gPotato can’t really do much about the contract so, unless you can convince the developers to allow gPotato to renegotiate the contract in order to unblock your area, the blocks will stay.

Question: I’m lagging. What can I do to reduce lag?
Answer: You can do lots of things: Close background applications, change to a channel with fewer people, change to lower graphics settings, disable Nagle algorithm, defrag the HDD/SSD Prius is on, upgrade your computer… There are lots of things you can try to reduce lag but, unfortunately, that also means that there is no sure way to succeed. You could always fish for suggestions in the Tech Support forum.

Question: I’m having a graphics problem. What do I do?
Answer: It really depends on the nature of the problem. It never hurts to make sure your DirectX version and your GPU’s drivers are up to date. If your graphics were fine before, but you’ve been having issues since this session, close the game and launch the client again.

Question: When I use skills, sometimes my screen freezes. What can I do?
Answer: This is probably caused by some sort of lag or other. First, click the options button at the lower right or hit ESC, and select “Game Options”. Click the “Game” tab and make sure it says Rollover Tooltip Position: None. Then, go to your chat box. Click the little square next to the word “System” on that tab, and uncheck “Battle”. Try it again. If you’re not getting the same issue anymore, then you should be fine. If you are, try disabling Nagle’s Algorithm (if you haven’t already; most people will disable this algorithm as a general fix for all kinds of latency/delay issues on MMOs) by running “regedit” and navigating to HKEY_Local_MachineSystemCurrentControlSetServicesTcpipParametersInterfaces . Everyone has different keys at this point, but you should be able to find the key (folder) that has your IP and other things in it (if not, just do this for every key; it won’t harm your computer). In that folder, right click empty space and choose to make a new DWORD value. Rename the DWORD to “TcpAckFrequency” (CaSe sensitIVE) and change its value to 1 (right click > modify > value data: 1). After a restart, Nagle’s Algorithm should be disabled.
Those are the only fixes I can think of for now, but if anyone has found another method, please tell me.


You for reading. Hopefully you found this helpful!
Everyone who supported me by giving me feedback and by supplying information. I’d like all of you to know that it’s you guys who make doing this worthwhile. Thanks!
A forum user, xolu, was the first to reply to this thread. xolu suggested making the answers about the same brightness, and the questions dimmer. I tried this out, and it worked. Unfortunately, since I can only post up to 60,000 characters in a single post, his post had to be removed so that there could be two consecutive posts. Still, I would like to thank him for the suggestion.
An in-game friend, Memna (in-game name), suggested I add more spaces and make the titles larger a while ago. As a result, the F.A.Q.s are now spaced, and they look much better this way, in my opinion. Thanks!
Turns out you can tame monsters up to 22 levels higher than your Anima’s tame skill, not just 20 levels higher. Apparently, I was glitched when I tried to tame something 21 levels higher than my taming level. Thanks to DarkLotus and watter (these are in-game names. If you’d rather I use a forum name, post and tell me so) for pointing this out to me.
iHentai and Rix, both of whom, like myself, frequent the Q/A Help Desk and answer newbies’ questions. I’m thanking them in this FAQ because iHentai provided a list of Area Boss locations with the locations’ names (Korean wiki doesn’t really give those), making it much easier for me to just go and confirm their zones, and Rix provided a short walkthrough of the level 38 Gigas quest, which I used in order to track down the NPCs and confirm their locations.

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