Prius Online Beginner’s Guide

Prius Online Beginner’s Guide (Level 1 – 25) by code4destruction
I hear a lot of questions asked in WC about basic gameplay. This guide hopes to clear up some matters for those striving to level 25. Currently, I’m only level 27 so I don’t know a thing about Gigas or Manufacturing Items.

Also, I’ve only played Legionnaire, so I’ll try to make this as universally applicable as possible.

1 Moving around Prius
1.A Map
1.B Celero
1.C Gate
2 Donation Manager
3 About Anima
4 Leveling
5 Pero (Mounts)
6 Hotkeys and basic controls
7 Quest and Battle Basics
8 Storage
9 Viscious Mansion (VM) [in progress]

(1) Moving around Prius

(1.A) MAP

(1.A.1) Two Views
The map can be difficult for beginners to understand. The MAP has two features in town. You can have a zoomed in display,
which will show you only the town you’re in in great detail. To zoom, it’s not the zoom button, but the magnifying glass at the top right corner (between expand and close).

(1.A.2) Transparency
You can increase and decrease the map’s transparency to your liking. Too low, and you may not be able to read the white script. Too high and you may not be able to see where you’re running.

(1.A.3) Zoom
Zoom in to find portals and Celero Stations (both those that you’ve opened, and those that are still closed).

Celero is the optimum way to move from point A to point B quickly. The cost gold, 10g in beginner areas, and then 100-1000+ depending on the level of the area. Don’t be stingy. Running takes much too long if you’re looking to get somewhere quickly.

(1.C) GATE
Gates teleport you to specific locations. You can find their locations on the map by looking for what looks like a “camping tent.”

(1.C.1) Main Gates
There are Main Gates in every hometown.
Each Main Gate can take you to other hometowns, your Atrium, Phantasm Dungeon, and Shadowless Dungeon. They can also take you to what I call 1st Gates.

(1.C.2) 1st Gates
First Gates can take you to your Atrium, the main town it’s associated with, and a 2nd Gates. Examples are Rose Stockfarm (Aurora) and Desert Post (Intralux)
This is where you’ll spend much of your level 10-20 life time doing quests. It can be difficult at level 10 if you’re a squishy class, as this is where you’ll begin to encounter Aggro (aggressive) enemies that will attack you and your anima if you get too close.

(1.C.3) 2nd Gates
Second Gates can take you to your Atrium and back to the associated 1st Gate. Examples are, Arbor of the Strider (Natura Asylum) and Beholders Post (Intralux).

Sometimes you’ll get some mail from the donation manager rewarding you for your progress.
I’ve gotten stuff for monster kills, using celeros, completing quests, harvesting, etc…
Sometimes the donation manager gives you a Donation Certificate.
–Donation Certs. are taken to the Donation Manager –> Select Donate –> Check the box for Certificate –> drag your certificate to the open slot at the bottom of the donation window –> donate. It’s a way to donate 200k without losing any money.
–When you donate, you get a special buff (like taking no equipment damage or increased drop rate for a short time) as well as 30% exp gain for 15 minutes. Make donations right before you’re about to go kill a lot of monsters.


(3.A) Level 10–Meet with Anima
Meet with Anima. It varies by class on where to go to do this. Just read the quest carefully and you’ll make it through. Once you get there, right click and use the flower given to you. You’ll enter a secluded forested place that’s not on the map.

After you get anima, there may be a box nearby to open. Open it and you’ll get a suspicious flower. Use it like you did the first one. There you will have a cut scene. Afteward, fight the enemy and follow the path leading out. Talk to the female Xenor first to obtain an Anima Resurrection potion that you will need to use.

To see Anima Skills, select K and then click the Tab that says Anima.
–I suggest sticking to one skill tree for her (Disable, Healer, Attacker)
–Anima gets 1 skill point every 5 levels.

To see Anima Info –> V

To see Anima Action –> Y
–You can set her action to work what’s best for you. If she’s too aggressive, she’ll get aggro. If she’s too passive, you’ll have to make her do everything. It all depends on how you want your Anima to grow.

To see Anima Mood –> V or Y –> select tab Mood
–Here you can see how high a level you Anima has in Harvesting, Cultivation, Requiem, Tame, and Cooking.
–The higher her Tame, the better mounts you can get. Try to level each skill to 10 before you reach level 25 or 30 and you’ll be ahead of the game.
–You can also see how your anima is feeling. Each mood can go up to level 3 it seems. Your respond positively to your anima’s reactions to gain her approval.

Improve it by respond to her reactions and just playing regularly.
Decrease it by responding negatively to her, ignoring her requests to harvest, or letting her die.
Closeness seems to max at 200.
I think the closer she feels to you, the less she will disobey your orders and get angry with you.

As soon as you see this, don’t order her to do anything. She will eventually come around or you can give her a gift of food.

You still insisted she do something after she disobeyed? Well now she’s angry with you and won’t do anything to help you for 10 minutes. You can give her a gift of food and she’ll come around.

What does Awakening do?
Draining your 3C gauge, you are able to:

rangedatkftw wrote:Awakening your anima will enable all the skills available to the anima for a short period of time.

o_o I can’t wait to see this myself. but i’ve recently drained it with my Gigas. It takes a bit of killing to fill it back up…

Where do I find Cepa?
Visit Cepa –> Atrium –> Anima mode –> look for the mushroom/onion like creature that appears in the grassy patch. He’s near the Gigas platform.
Cepa gives you the anima quests. He also has a shop where you can spend Cepa Gold Coins on your girl’s outfits. Only Anima can talk to Cepa. You will have to return to him numerous times to advance your Anima’s growth.


(3.H.1) Lvl 10 Cooking –> Kitty Nyan Quest that takes place in Aurora. Collect the ingredients, then take it to the designated location and attract the giant white tiger who will attack you instantly.
–Where do I place the stove? –> Atrium –> Atrium Manager –> Decorate Atrium –> move stove into empty slot –> double click the stove and your anima will run to it to cook.
–Right now you can only make tea and jerky. Tea restores mana. Jerky restores health.
–As your Anima grows, she learns new emotions. Right now she only know Curiosity. Experiment with the emotions and the food to get special buffs after eating. For example, Anger + Jerky makes Jerky of Wrath. After eating, my attack power increases for 15 minutes! The same goes for Tea of Wrath (but it will restore mana).
–Sometimes your Anima will fail and burn the food. Sometimes she will go beyond and make a Legendary Dish!
–The higher your cooking level, the more you can make.

(3.H.2) Lvl 11 Harvesting –> takes place in Natura Asylum. You’ll have to harvest some red grass. As you do, a jellyfish boss appears. Kill it and harvest the grass again. After this, you will be able to harvest anything. Either you can command anima to harvest, or she will ask you if she can talk to that plant.

FYI: Star Fragments are plants you anima can harvest at Harvest level 10. You can find these yellow crystal like plants scattered around the lands of Metropolis towns. (this is something you won’t have to worry about until after level 25 though).

(3.H.3) Lvl 12 Cultivating –> Takes place in Intralux, Fera Centurum, and Aurora? You’ll get Poti Fire, Water, and Earth pots that will allow you to craft items in your Atrium. The higher your culti level, the more you can make.

Where do I get the seeds?

For each Poti, you’ll need a number of corresponding Fire, Water, or Earth Seeds. You can get these from monster drops, taming monsters, or killing the Level 1 Mob Chevalier (he looks like a squirrel with a hat).

Best way to get the seeds is taming though. Thanks Rose.

rose_versaille wrote:An FYI that would help with people looking for Fire/Water/Earth seeds: when you tame mobs (any mobs) successfully you get seeds. Depending on the mob you can get 2 fire, 1 water, 1 earth in one tame (or 2/1/2 etc). Then you can use those when cultivating. :)

(3.H.4) Lvl 15 Requiem –> Takes place in Natura Asylum. You must keep killing black oxen (or w/e they’re called) until a glowing gold soul appears. It takes awhile…keep killing.
Every beast you kill can have its soul purified. Just click on the carcass when you see a running Anima icon.
–Beast level 1-20 drop Faint Soul Crystals.
–Beast level 20+ drop Pure Soul Crystals.

(3.H.5) Lvl 20 Tame (see info on PERO)

(3.I) Talking to Spirits
Where is Ghost Nefas?
Only Anima can see ghosts. There are several Quests that ask you to talk to a ghost or spirit. The one everyone will have to do is Ghost Nefas.
–Teleport to Quarters of Lions Fang from Feras Centrum.
–Go to Soldier Pon
–Switch to Anima mode with F11.
–You’ll see Nefas hovering behind Pon.
–Keep this in mind. If you can’t see it, it’s probably not in the realm of the living. Anima may even tell you that she’ll do it.


(4.A) Level 1- 5
Welcome to Prius!
FIRST! Set your feather to the Gatekeeper in your home town. The feather teleports you to whatever gate you chose to “remember”. It has a one hour cool down. If you get stuck or just want to get back to town quickly, use the feather.

Stick to your home town doing the quests. Can’t find a quest? Check the quest board. Track a quest you wish to do and follow the map to the NPC.

(4.B) Level 10-15
–I suggest completing the numerous Anima quests that will pop up.
–Start training in the 1st Gates, doing Battilion daily quests along with w/e else may come. So far, my favorite first gates to quest at are Desert Post and Rose Stockfarm b/c there’s not much running around.

(4.B.1) At Level 15 you will be able to do a daily quest from General Shop Laro. He’s found in every town just like the Donation Manager and Cook K.
Talk to Laro.
Search his wagon.
Give him the sealed order form.
Open the order form.
See what items you need. By this point you’ll know where to find them. Sometimes he’ll want an elemental seed (what you use to cultivate), an herb (like Herb of Vigor), and so far he’s always wanted 15 magia crystals.
(At level 20+ he wants clear magia crystals?)
(At level 25+ he wants twinkling magia crystals)

(4.C) Level 15-20
After level 15, you may have to start Gate Jumping. This is where I take Battillion Quest from not just my home town, but from other hometowns as well. The more towns you can do, the more quests you’ll get.
–Check each main town’s quest board.
–Check each Main Town’s 1st Gate Quest Board.
–You’ll still have Anima Quests for her to learn emotions. Do these as they come. Because some take you to Ironware Workhouse (east of Rose Stockfarm and south of Aurora) and some take you to Square of the Bloody Fight (north of Quarters of the Lion’s Fang) I tend to do Aurora and Fera Centrum quests chains so I can do several quests at once.

(4.D) Level 20 -25
Every game I’ve played, the 20s are the dulldrums.
–Time to go to 2nd Gates, Gate Jumping as needed.
–You’ll have your class’s story quest to complete that will lead you to likely getting exiled and sent to Foederis or Solutus
–Until then, Battillion Officers are your friends. Try to do quests that give you 3000+ exp.
–Around level 24, quests that give you 4000+ are more appealing.

(4.D.1) Level 20+ Shadowless Dungeon Special
–Enter the Shadowless Dungeon Special after level 20. Use your Horn of Adventurer to ask for groups, or make a party and advertise it on the horn.
–Don’t start the quest until everyone in the party is in the Dungeon’s main hall. It’s timed for 20 minutes. If you fail or the timer runs out, you’re returned to the main hall. You will be able to try again I believe.
–If you succeed, you won’t be able to enter the dungeon again for the rest of the day. (You can only do Shadowless Dungeon once a day).

(4.E) Level 25

For me, I got a message telling me to go to Solutus to meet someone about Job Advancement.
The NPC sent me back to Intralux to speak with my Quarter Master.
My Quarter Master gave me an item that took me to his master’s Atrium.
The test to advance involved me defeating each character class (his disciples) in 20 minutes.
It’s crowded with things to click, so I had to try to select the botton of the flags that are in the outmost circle.
Afterward, I had to choose which path I wanted.
I prayed on the Magia Blade stone to become and Astral Knight.

Peros are the game’s Mount.
You can begin the quest to get your first Pero, a Pefero, by completing an Anima quest (Given by Cepa) that will lead you to Luna Deor. It begins at level 20.

(5.A)Soothing the onion
–This portion of the quest is timed for 9 minutes.
–You must equip the Music Box (which looks like a Food Sack) that will be found in your main inventory (not the quest inventory).
–Then, travel to the location in Luna Deor indicated on the map.
–Knock the onion down to half health or less (Don’t kill it!).
–Select the Hearts next to Anima’s status menu. The icon is between Talk and Awaken.
–If it fails…Make your anima return to you and try again. Be sure to stand back or run around in circles so you don’t keep attacking the onion. I have my return set to my action menu. You can also press F11 to switch to anima mode, and then again to switch back and try again.
–If you kill the onion…No worries, there’s more where that came from.
–If you succeed…Excellent! The timer stops and you have to return to the quest giver.

(5.B) Finding Pefero
–Peferos are giant pink bears that look like a pokemon.
–They spawn in the same place when they’re killed and don’t move around.
–The best location to find a Pefero is directly East of the Celero Station in Village Shrine (West of Forest of Phantasms).
–You may need to run to that location if you haven’t activated the Celero Station.

For pics,

(5.C) Taming Pefero
–Just like the onion (except without a music box), you knock him down to below half health and struggle with your anima’s taming skill.
–There are some aggro enemies near the Peferos so be careful. Avoid them or clear them out before engaging your Pefero.

(5.D) Grindstone of Soul
This is easy. Simply teleport to a Metropolis (Foederis or Solutus), find the Anima shop, and purchase the Grindstone of Soul: Pefero.
–Use it in your inventory.
–Use the pefero so it become accessible with the “O” button.
–Summon Pefero

(5.E) Where is the Anima shop?
Anima shops are located in the shopping district of the Metropolis. In Foederis, head left, then stick to the center, moving counterclockwise bast the Dective and the Weapon stalls. You’ll see a chick with anima clothes standing by. Your anima may even cry out, “Anima Store!”





(Unfortunately you can’t buy clothes there…only grindstones for mounts and resurrection potions. Clothes, so far, are from Cepa only.)

(5.F) How do I feed, upgrade my Pero?
–Summon your Pero
–Right click the food you want to feed it.
–Select the Feed option.
–The better quality the food, the more your Pero gets.
–Pay attention to what kind of food the mount eats. Example, if it’s a carnivore, only meat will give you benefits.

gothicdoom76 wrote:Just to add to what you feed Peros, for omnivores, I’ve noticed that meat adds to speed and health while veggie/fruit adds health and summon. So if you want your slow Perfero to run faster (it IS quite slow) feed it high quality meats.

(5.G) Where do I find a better mount?
–Lanna found randomly in Phantasm Dungeon (perhaps level 20+)
–The centaur…I forget its name…seems to be found all the time in Vicious Mansion
–Tip: Keep an eye open and come to an agreement with your party on who goes for the mount. The person trying to catch it should solo the mount to prevent killing it.


What does this button do?
(GM Houl has kindly listed them. If he doesn’t mind, I’ll post the link to his forum for you to review.);=1410&p;=65612&hilit;=Pero+quest&sid;=f65c7c25207eac272649025caa82d99e&sid;=30d465c35699f035ee8583bc9b151bfc#p65612

How do I whisper?
— /w(space)PlayerName(space)message

How do I pm?
–send a mail
–there are no actual mailboxes in this game

How do I IM?
–I’ve never done it myself, but I think you must first befriend the person before you can IM them.

(7) Quest and Battle Basics
Since this is a players guide and not a quest guide, I won’t go into too much detail.

Mission Quests
–these are daily quests
–you’ll find tracked battilion officer here
–usually involve grinding
–Find more by Gate Jumping

Story Quests
–quests like from Run to NPC A and deliver to NPC B; collect 8 eyeballs from worms; dig in 15 piles of poo; etc…advance the story line of your character
–when you finish a story quest chain, pretty white letters pop and tell you Phase 1 of Legionnaire complete…or something like that
–Story Quest chains may be class specific, but I can, as an Ayin, do a Lon Mas Phase quest chain
–They start off giving small exp gain, but by the time you complete them, you’ll get 1 or 2 levels easy.
–After a point, you won’t be able to pick up a story quest from other species. For example, at level 20, I can’t go and do a Lon Mas level 10 story quest. Thus, grab em while you can to maximize your exp in the future.

Anima Quests
–oohhh these are nice. Not only do they give you Cepa Coins, but they give quite a bit of exp for an easy task.

Boss Quests (usually under Story or Anima)
–See that quests that says [18+]? That means you may want to be in a party b/c there will be a boss to fight.
–I’ve been able to do solo bosses 2 levels higher than me with a heal type anima…but i am a Legionnaire so…>_> solo at your own risk. Dying loses exp. Don’t die.

Failed Quest
–died? ran away? no problem. Just abandon the quest, tell your Displeased Anima to “stuff it,” and go start over at the NPC who gave it to you.

How do I track/untrack quest?
–U to open quest menu –> select the quest you want –> check the box that says “Track Quest”
–pressing the Xs on the quest tracker in default position right will not abandon the quest. It will simply remove it from the tracker.

Time your skills properly to defeat the cooldown on skills. Doing so creates a chained combo to devastate your enemies. I think it has 5 chains and ends on a 6th major skill (as a finisher move) if done properly.

Pay attention to buffs and debuffs
–some monsters can poison, stun, and silence you

Don’t let anima get aggro (unless she can handle it)
–if she dies, well…she’ll begin to hate you…

–use the Sacrifice of the Star Anima skill to resurrect yourself with a little mana and health. This sacrifices your anima (just like when you first got her). It has a long cooldown so you’ll likely only be able to do it once in a battle.
–Now that you’re alive, run! Or, heal up with some pots and go to town on the beasties.
–Resurrect your anima while you’re at it so she can start healing you (if she’s got heal skills) again.
–Tip: if you’re surrounded by Aggros, run. They can’t catch you and eventually give up the chase.
–Tip: if you need to kill an enemy that has a bunch of aggro buddies, pay attention to spawn points and locations, try to draw them one at a time to their death. Take it slow and you’ll live longer. There are always stragglers that are prime for the picking and enemies don’t take long to spawn.

Several ways to store your items.
Reserve Bag — probably going to be a cash shop item

Atrium — buy 3 more old storage chests and place em in the atrium. you can save up to 40 items.

Auction House — Saving that weapon or those gems for later? Put ’em up for sale in the AH house for a price no one can afford. Set the time limit to as high as 24 hours. When the auction expires, it sits in your mailbox for 30 days until you retrieve it and you get your 500g back! Aren’t you sneaky?

—I’ll add more as I see questions arise. Feel free to correct any mistakes I’ve made or ask for clarification. This is my first time attempting a Guide for anything ^^. Once I reach level 35, I’ll try to expand this for Gigas Info).—

9 Viscious Mansion (VM)

To get to VM, you must first gate to Aurora. Then, opt to take the Celero to the closest station to Viscious Mansion. It’ll cost you 100g, but that’s peanuts to you by now. You can NOT teleport to Instance dungeons.

Once you reach level 25, you will be able to enter the Instance called Viscious Mansion 2x’s every day (until level 41?). Grab the quests from Aurora. These can also be repeated every day (up until level 31?). The only one that is repeatable until the dungeon is no more is the COMPLETE assignment.

VM is a great way to get to level 30 fast, but after that, it becomes less and less beneficial.

You will have some other quests to complete in the VM, so check Aurora’s quest board daily to see when the become available (i.e. Viscious Mansion books and a quest line involving the Kaurna Bishop NPC).

1st level
While going through the dungeon, remember to grab an invitation to the masquerade. It drops easily from monsters more than once. You won’t be able to enter the second stage without it.

Unless you want to exit the dungeon early, never use the left portal in the library. To proceed, you must go through the right portal.

2nd level
The Burning Chandelier and Viscious are the two bosses here in the final stage.

You can also obtain the mount Nigrata if you have tame level 5. Be sure to establish who in the party is going to get Nigrata. Do not fight the final boss until after Nigrata has been tamed.

Remember to talk to the Dungeon Manager and obtain your reward. It’s random depending on which box you pick (1, 2, or 3). You can get Corrosive Metils green or blue which help you gain more items when disassembling, or you can get a box that will give you a horn and an adventurer’s medal.

Adventurer’s medals should be saved up. With enough, you can buy rare armor (will find out from which npc…).

This is pretty much how things will be for all instance dungeons. So far, VM and IC (lvl 35+) are the only Instance dungeons available.

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