Perfect World Genie Frequently Asked Questions

Perfect World Genie Frequently Asked Questions by Zoe

How and where can I get genies?

Visit the Watcher of the Earth NPC at the following locations.

3 Starting Cities: Near the elder.

Archosaur: Near the south district tailor NPC, Near north district teleporter

City of a Thousand Streams: Near Wizard Trainers

You take the quest and are given 1 random genie. After that you can pay 3 mirage stones to get another genie of your choice. You can have as many genies as your inventory/bank will hold.

Do I have to feed my genie?

You have to give it chi stones from decomposing player equipment to fill its stamina bar, which is used up whenever you use one of the genies skills. Other than that genies do not require any kind of food.

Will I lose my genie upon death?


How can I equip my genie?

Drag your genie to the slot beside the ring slot on you character.

How can I view the genie option windows?

Right click on you genie status window that appears on the screen when you equip it.

Where can I get genie quest and what is the quest reward?

The genie NPC will have quests for you based on your characters level. You must have gotten your first genie in order to get most of them. Every item is untradeable other than the genie.

Level 1: Collect your random genie.
Level 19: Cube of Enlightenment (Level 19 stone containing 1,000 exp)
Level 49: Refined Cube of Enlightenment (Level 49 stone containing 10,000 exp)
Level 70: 20 Order of Origination (Resets the stat points of your genie. One order is used per stat point.)
Level 79: Elite Cube of Enlightenment (Level 79 stone containing 100,000 exp)
Level 80: Stone of Refreshment (Resets all of your genies elemental affinity points)

What do the STR, DEX, VIT and MAG stats on my genie mean?

STR: 1 point of str adds about 1% damage to a genies skills
DEX: 1 point of dex increases the range, duration and success rate of status effects
VIT: 1 point of vit increases the max energy of your genie by 1
MAG: 40 points of magic gives your genie 1 more skill slot to learn a skill
50 points of magic increases the energy recovery rate by 1/sec

Stats on Genies


Red 15 5 3 5
White 3 5 15 5
Orange 5 3 5 15
Green 5 15 5 3

What is Elemental Affinity?

Elemental affinity is required in order to learn the skills of the genie. Each skill requires a certain amount of affinity for certain elements in order to learn the skill.

What stats do my genie get when it levels up?

Genies start at level 1
Genies begin with 100 Max energy and recover 1 energy per second.
Genies gain 1 stat point every level. You can put this point on any stat you wish. Once a stat reaches 40, it costs 2 stat points to add 1 point to that stat.
Every 10 levels a Genie randomly receives 1-10 Lucky Points, which are bonus stat points you can use how you wish. There is no way to reroll your lucky points. If you get a bad run with them all you can do is get a new genie.

Elemental Affinity:

Genies start with 1 element point
1 more element point is gained every 5 levels
When a genie is level 100 it gains 1 element point for every level
An elemental affinity has a cap of 8
The most element points a genie can have is 26

Where can I see the genie skill list?

Visit the genie NPC to view the entire list

How can I teach my genie its skills?

Once your genie has the proper amount of elemental affinity required for the skill, go to the genie NPC to learn it. The genie skills cost coins and spirit to learn just like player skills, some of them also require an extra item to learn.

How many skills do the genies come with?

A genie starts with 3 skill slots. Every 40 MAG gives the genie 1 more skill slot. Each genie starts with 1 skill already.

Discipline (White Genie) Wind Force – Increases Flight Speed by 50%
Zeal (Gold Genie) Earthflame – Reduces Target attack and defense 4%
Longevity (Green Genie) Eruption Fist – Reduces Elemental resistance 30%
Infliction (Pink Genie) Venom Stinger – Decreases Targets speed & increases yours by 22%

How can I remove a learned skill?

You can remove a genie skill from the genie NPC. This costs nothing.

How I can use my genies skills?

You can drag the skill to your hotkeys, or simply click it from your genies status bar. You can use a genie skill at anytime.

Why I can not use the skill my genie has?

Just like every other skill in the game, genie skills have cool downs. They also require energy and stamina. If you do not have enough of either one, you cannot use the skill.

How can I equip my genie?

Genies have 4 slots for equipment. This can be bought from the same NPC you got the genie from. All equipment is bound once equipped.

If I do not like the genie I have, what can I do?

You can talk to the genie NPC and decompose your genie into an exp stone based on the level of your genie. If your genie is level 40 or above it must be in tradable mode in order to be decomposed.

How can I level my genie?

There are 3 types of leveling methods:

You can use the exp stones
You can give your own character exp.
You can give your own character spirit. (This gives the highest return in terms of spirit /genie exp)

To level your genie, right click its portrait on the screen when equipped and click

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