Perfect World Frequently Asked Questions

Perfect World Frequently Asked Questions by andracil


How do I make a faction?
-If you’re over level 20 and have 100,000 coins, you can talk to the Faction Manager in East Archosaur(north of the docks) to start a Faction.

What are the benefits of being in a faction?
-Factions are ways for people to get together. It helps you find a group to work with, and gives you people to talk to. Also, some factions choose to participate in Territory Wars, a PvP event where factions battle each other to gain territories (check the Territory map by pressing M, then the Territories button).

What’s the highest possible level in this game?
-105. This may be increased in the future, as equipment of a higher level exists.

What are AGI/CON/INT?
-These are names from the Malaysian version of Perfect World. AGI = DEX, CON = VIT, INT = MAG. STR was called STR in the Malaysian version as well.

How do I switch between Clothes and Armor so other people can see them?
-In your inventory (press B), at the top, there are buttons to switch between equipment windows. Next to these buttons are circles you click on, these toggle the clothes/armor view.

How do I transfer items between characters on the same account?
-You could mail the items at a postbox, just enter the character’s name. Or you could bring both characters to a remote place, drop the items, then relog and pick them back up on the other character. Note that Perfect World Entertainment is not responsible for any items lost in this fashion.
Also, you could ask someone you trust to trade the items to your other character.

Where are the Attack/Meditate buttons?
-They are in your emote window (press E).

How do I gain Attack/Defense levels?
-Currently, the only way is to imbue a lvl 12 soulgem into your armor/weapon. However, no one has obtained any of these so far.

What characters are allowed in a name?
-Currently, only uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, underscores ( _ ) and slashes ( / and ) are allowed.

What’s Zhen or a Zhenning party?
-This is an AoE setup used in the later levels. Wizards and Archers have a continuous AoE attack that only stops when they choose to stop it or they run out of mana. Add some people to pull monsters into their range (Barbarians and Blademasters), a Cleric to keep everyone healed, some charms to automatically restore HP/MP, and you have a Zhen squad. These will get you exp a lot faster than regular grinding, but do take note the Charms will cost a lot. Also, remember that going away from your keyboard while your AoE is on isn’t allowed and may result in a ban.


How do I learn skills?
-You don’t learn skills naturally by levelling up in this game, that just unlocks them. You still have to go the trainer of your class in town. The towns that have skill trainers for your class are the 6 big towns and some of the towns you visit before lvl 20. Note that Archosaur, Thousand Streams and Dreamweaver port have all trainers, not just one race.
To learn skills, you need money and spirit, and, sometimes, the required level of the previous skill. Also, some skills require you to level up your Cultivation level. To do this, finish the Spiritual Cultivation quests, they start with an automatic pop-up to send you to an NPC who starts the actual quest. They’re the yellow-named quests, you can’t really miss them. Finish one and your Cultivation will go up, allowing you to learn more skills.

How do I learn Pet Heal/Pet Revive/Tame Pet?
-These are taught by the Pet Skill Trainer. Talk to her and select “Tame Pet” to see the list of available skills. Note that you have to complete the lvl 3 quest “Your pet” to get Pet heal and Pet revive, and the lvl 7 quest “Sacred Beast” to unlock Tame Pet.

How do I teach my Pet skills?
-For land and air monsters, visit Mrs.Zoologist in Southeast Archosaur, she sells skill books and upgrade skill books for your pet. Use them at any Pet NPC by selecting “Learn Pet Skill”. For water monsters, visit Mr.Zoologist, underwater in East Archosaur.

Can I rearrange Pet skills?
-No, sorry. You could remove them all, then add them again in the order you want them to be, but that’s obviously quite costly.

How do I train my manufacturing skills?
-First off, make sure you’ve completed the lvl 5 quest for the skill you wish to learn. Talk to an Elder and select “Learn Manufacturing skill” to get level 1 in it using the book you’ve received (Lost books can be retrieved by talking to the Bookmerchant). To train your Manufacturing, visit the relevant NPC and select the Manufacture option. Select the item you wish to make to see the required materials and manufacturing level for it. When you have everything, you can make the item and receive 10% exp to your manufacturing skill. When you’ve reached 100%, talk to an Elder to level up your Manufacturing skill.
Note that to learn level 4 in any manufacturing skill, you have to complete the relevant quest at lvl 50.

What are Chi and Spark?
-Chi and Spark are required to use certain skills, as indicated in their description. If you finish the lvl 9 cultivation quest, you can start collecting Chi. Any action, like healing, buffing and attacking, will get you Chi. Chi is the yellow bar on your character name, as indicated below.

When you finish the lvl 29 Cultivation, your Chi capacity rises from 99 to 199. 1 Spark represents 100 Chi. Spark is used for some of the most powerful skills in the game, so use it wisely.

What are Demon/Sage or Heaven/Hell?
-While doing the lvl 89 Cultivation quest, you have to decide whether to walk the Demon path or the Sage path. When you’re finished, your spiritual cultivation will rise to Celestial Demon/Sage depending on your choice. This has a few effects on you, most importantly, your skills will get an added effect, like a chance to restore some Chi, or added damage. Demon is usually more fit for attacking classes, whereas Sage is aimed more at defense.

How do I change to a Tiger or Fox?
-At lvl 9, after finishing the Spiritual Cultivation for that level, you can learn the morphing skills, assuming you’re a Barbarian or Venomancer.

How do Combos/Macros work?
-In your skill window, there’s a create button at the bottom. Press it to open the combo maker window. Drag skills or the attack button to the row there, then add the combo when you’re done. You can then use that combo as a regular skill – press the button to initiate it.


How do I find more quests?
-First off, press Q to open your quest window. Now press the “Find Quest” button. Assuming you have quests to get, a pop’up will appear containing an NPC and coordinates. Now push the button shown below.

Then enter the coordinates in there (make sure to use the format xxx yyy, with the space) and press enter. An arrow and a marker will appear indicating where to go.

I ran out of quests, what do I do now?
-At higher lvls (usually 35+), your quests won’t suffice to get you to your next level. In that case, find monsters you can kill easily that give good exp, and kill those repeatedly for exp until you level. That’s called grinding. Also, don’t forget that water and air monsters give x1.5 exp compared to ground monsters.

When do the races get the same quests?
-Starting at lvl 20, all races get the same quests and move to Archosaur. There are a few exceptions, like Venomancers getting a quest no one else can get.

How do Dungeons/FB’s/Call to Duties/Tabs work?
-Dungeons or FB’s are instances in this game. This means only you and your squad can enter the one you’re in, it’s a private area. Every lvl that ends in 9 (excluding 9 and 49, there’s one at 51 though), you get a quest to kill the bosses in a dungeon, and a Call to Duty or Tab along with that. Inside the dungeons are Pillars with boss names on them. Talk to them to use the Call to Duty and start a quest that will trigger for the entire squad. If you finish it, everyone will receive exp, spirit, reputation and a Blood item (The person with the tab doesn’t get Blood though).

I didn’t get anything when I finished my Call to Duty quest, how come?
-If your inventory is full, you won’t get any reward. You may have noticed you need free inventory space when finishing a quest, Call to Duty works the same way. If your inventory is full, the quest can’t finish. The quest will still attempt to finish though (because it has no ending NPC it attempts to autofinish), dropping your Blood on the floor, leaving you with no reward.


How do I charge the Accelerate timer on my aerocraft?
-If you decompose gear at a Tailor/Blacksmith, you will obtain Chi stones. Drag these stones to your equipped aerocraft to charge it.

What are molds and how do I get them?
-Molds are used to create legendary gear. They drop from dungeon bosses sometimes, or very, very rarely from regular monsters. The forges to make Legendary gear are in Archosaur, Southwest district.

What are Mirage celestones are how does Refining work?
-Mirage Celestones can be obtained by trading 3 of each (human, earth, heaven) celestone or 25 celestone fragments at a Gem Merchant. They’re used to refine your gear at an Elder, which will enhance its attributes, and even add new ones. Note that if the refining fails, you will lose the refining level the gear had (i.e. if you had +3 and you failed, it returns to +0). The Mirage Celestone is also lost, even though you failed.

How do Soulgems/Shards work?
-Shards may drop from monsters, you can get them from Lucky items (Lucky Note, Lucky Pack, etc), or you can buy them off Merchant NPC’s. Also, you can use three soulgems to create one soulgem of the next level, at a Jewelcraftsman (Combine option). If you imbue these soulgems into armor/weapons, the effects will be added to it. Note that your item needs one open socket per soulgem, and the success rate is 100%. This is done at a Blacksmith or Tailor.

How does gear glow?
-Gear glows under the following circumstances:
The following weapons glow:
-Three-star (purple name) : Blue glow. Obtained at lvl 20 from a quest, or rarely from weapon manufacturing.
-Legendary (gold name) : Gold glow. Obtained by using materials and a mold (dropped from dungeon bosses) at a Legendary weapon forge in Archosaur.
-Twilight (green name) : Green glow. Obtained by using Twilight Temple materials at a Twilight Weapon forge in Archosaur.
-All fists

Also, you can make armor glow by adding soulgems, here’s a list:
2 grade 5 hp stones = purple glow
2 grade 5 phys def stones = orange/reddish glow
2 grade 5 mag def stones = white glow
2 grade 5 mp stones = blue glow
2 grade 5 evasion stones = yellow glow
2 grade 5 elemental stones = green glow
2 grade 5 stones, not the same = sparkles
4 grade 8 hp stones = lightning effect
4 grade 8 mp stones = blue crystal effect
4 grade 8 elemental stones = Strong green glow with sparkles
4 grade 8 phys def stones = Burning fire
4 grade 8 mag def stones = Strong white mist
4 grade 8 evasion stones = Bigger/stronger yellow glow with sparkles.


How do I set up a Cat Shop/Consignment shop?
-Press E to open your emote window, then look under trade. There should be a Consignment Shop button there to set one up.

Where do I find Inventory/Safe Extension stones and Cage?
-These are Cash shop items. Press O to open the Boutique, then go to Items->Treasure to find these items. Note that you don’t need Safe extension stones or Cages to perform the corresponding action – You can start a quest to collect ingame items to get the same effect. You need Dragon Quest items for the Safe extension, rare pet food to add Pet slots.

How do I make money?
-Coming Soon

How does the Auctioneer and Gold Trading system work?
-Auctioneers can be found in the 6 major towns. Their first option, Auction House will open the Auction window. You can look around the pages using the arrows at the bottom. To look for a specific items, press the Filter button at the top, then select your item (note that the search function doesn’t work right now). When you’ve found the item you’d like to buy, you can see the current bid to the right of its name (if the current bid is equal to the minimum bid, no one’s put a bid on that item yet). There may also be a buy price. You can then place a bid or buy the item (if it has a buy price). After placing a bid, keep an eye on your mail. If someone else outbids you, your previous bid will appear in your postbox and you’re free to bid again while there’s still time. If you win the auction, the item will be in your postbox. Bought items will instantly be sent to your mail, no need to wait for the timer.
Also, bidding in the last 20 minutes of an auction will increase the auction’s duration by 20 minutes. Auctions can last 8, 16 or 24 hours.
At the bottom of the auction window are buttons to check your current bids and sales. To sell an item, go to the Sales window, drag the item to the box, and specify the information (a buy price isn’t necessary). When the auction ends, the bid that won will be sent to your postbox. If no one placed a bid, the item and half the fee will be refunded (also in your postbox).


What class should I pick?
– Coming Soon

What’s the best stat/skill build for ?
– Coming Soon

How do I get a pet?
-Venomancers can get pets that assist in combat. To do so, they have to learn the Tame Beast skill, learnable at level 7. If you’re playing a Venomancer, you can click on a monster, then look next to its HP bar. If it has a little “tamable” icon, you can tame it, unless the icon is red, then your lvl is too low. It helps to lower the monster’s health before attempting to tame it. When the taming is successful, they get an Egg of the monster. The Pet skill trainer or Pet manager can hatch that, placing the pet in your Pet Bag (press P).
If you’re not a Veno, you can get all-class pets. These pets are made by combining various pet eggs at Mrs Zoologist in the southeast part of Archosaur. They can’t assist you in combat, but they don’t need feeding either.

Will my flying speed increase if I’m in tiger form or using Summer Sprint?
-No, it will not. These boosts apply to ground speed only.


What’s the difference between PvP and PvE servers?
-On PvP servers, you’re forced into a permanent PK state at lvl 30, meaning you can attack anyone of that lvl and higher, but also be attacked by those people.
On PvE servers, you can choose to turn this PK mode on. If you choose to do so, you must stay in it for at least 10 hours, and you can only attack other players in PK mode, and only be attacked by those players.

How do I log out?
-Click on the System button in the bottom right, then either select “Return to character selection” or “Return to desktop”.


Common Game Questions by iry

1. General

Q: What is PW?
A: Stands for perfect world. The game you should be playing if your reading this

A: In the bottom left click on the rubix cube and then uncheck bold.

Q: How can i see X chat in another chat tab?
A: Click on the rubix cube in the bottom left. On the pop-up you can see a list on the left and a list on the right. The list on the left is the tabs and the list on the right is what you can see in that tab. Choose what you wish.

Q: I cant see any text on my box… How can i change its color?
A: Bottom left there is a box with 4 color on it. Click it and it will change the background color of your text box. There is only 3 options. Hovering over the text box also makes it 100-200% darker.

Q: How do i PM (Private msg) someone?
A: use this format

/Nameofplayer YourMsg

Q: How do i jump?
A: Space bar

Q: How many locations can i have?
A: 5

Q: The map sucks. Its to small.
A: Click on the map and it will bring up a bigger and more detailed version.

Q: Whats this yellow bar thingy under my MP?
A: Thats ‘Chi’. Some skills only require MP but some also need Chi.

Q: How do I increase my Chi?
A: For every time you hit a mob, it goes up by 5. A faster way is to find someone of the opposite sex ingame and right click their portrait and click ‘Hoist cuddle’ and have them click ‘Intimate’ .

Q: I got this little red thingy next to my vigor bar. Now whats that?
A: That is fury (different name for PWI?) . After level 30, some skills need that to be used.

Q: My god, why the hell don’t you tell me how to get fury in the question above?
A: Its fun like this. Now, to get fury you need to achieve 100 Chi and it will fill the fury up and then you can gain an additional 99 Chi so you can essentially have 199 vigor or 1 fury and 99 vigor or 2 fury if you hit one more time after you use fury.

Q: How do i take screenshots?
A: Press ‘Prt Scr’ next to the F12 button. Its saved in ‘Perfectworld/Element/Screenshots’

Q: How do I remove my HUD?
A: Alt+H

Q: How do I move my zoom around?
A: Press F9

Q: I heard at 30 you can fly, is this true?
A: Yes, once you hit 30 you can start a quest to get a flying mount. The were race gets a stingray, the elves get wings and humans get surfboard swords.
Elves get wings starting at level 1. Please note that the skill for faster fly speed ONLY applies to those starter wings. Cash shop wings ARE NOT AFFECTED

Q: Someone has a different looking mount! How do i get one?
A: The item mall has 3 different flying mounts for each race. 2 for level 30 and 1 for lvl 50.

Q: I also heard you can have ‘fashion’ items (AKA Clothes). What are these?
A: Its like armor, but no stats and alot of people think it looks better than normal armor.

Q: How do i get fashion?
A: Buy from people or from the item mall. There is also some that can be obtained from winning events which are worth alot more than item mall fashion.

Q: Do i get to choose color?
A: This is also answered at the bottom of this post in the item mall section, but no. Later its presumed we will be able to get dyes to change the color though.

Q: How do I wear it?
A: Once bought, right click it. Then once all of it is equipped, click the circle next to ‘Clothes’ in your inventory.

Q: Are WF’s the only ones able to have pets?
A: No. There are ‘all class’ pets that people can use. Theres the bunny, frog, cat, puppy, piglet,dodo bear, butterfly, salamander, silver fox cub.
All of these any class can use but for some retarded reason only WF’s can get the eggs needed to make them.

Q: Why does it say ‘Locked’ when I try to equip an item?
A: You need to be in human mode. Equipping stuff while in tiger/fox mode doesnt work.


2. Classes

Q: Whats the best class?
A: Depends on style. Venomancer is the quickest leveler and most efficient with money (Could get to 80+ in a month) while Barbarian is the slowest and most expensive to maintain. Venomancers’s often die quickly in PvP due to zerg/out-geared/out-leveled and not the best suited for Pvp/pk.

Q: Whats a WF? A WB? Etc?
A: WF = Werefox(Venomancer) / WB = Werebeast(Barbarian) / EA = Elf archer / EP = Elf Priest(Cleric) / WR = Warrior(Blademaster) / MG = Mage(Wizard)

Q: Whats most wanted end-game?
A: Anything works.

Q: Best pvper?
A: If you suck at pvp, nothing. If your good at pvp, everything. Its all about play style, but i will say this. Archers drop people FAST

Q: What gear should i use?
A: Whatever you think works for you. Archers use bow for PvP and slingshot for PvE (or crossbow, whichever you get is better). Warriors/WB use spear/dual blunts/axes.

Q: How do i upgrade my skills?
A: Go to the class master of your class.

Q: Will i have enough SP end-game to learn all skills?
A: Yes. By level 90 you should have earned enough.


3. Items

Q: Where do I buy arrows?
A: The blacksmith

Q: Where do I buy potions?
A: The apothecary

Q: Where do I buy weapons?
A: The blacksmith

Q: Where do I buy jewelry?
A: The craftsmen

Q: Where do I buy armor?
A: The tailor

Q: How do I equip arrows?
A: Right click on them. Must be the same grade lvl as the item or lower.

Q: How do I equip items?
A: Right click. You must meet the item requirements though.

Q: What are the best items?
A: Well, the best is what you need the most. In general definition though there are 4 types of ‘best’. First up is 3 star items, second is Legendary items then Holy hall items and finally 2 star Holy hall..
3 star items have 3 unfilled stars and glow purple when its a weapon.
Legendary items have 1 gold star and need to use molders to craft. They start at lvl 21. They also glow.
Holy hall items have 1 teal star and you can get them when your level 60+ from holy hall
2 Star Holy Hall has 2 red stars and require 4 or 5 of the best lvl 99 moulders and its own type of moulder.

Q: How do i get moulders?
A: Kill bosses in FB’s (Down to quest section if you dont know what they are). Then after level 39, most normal bosses will also drop them that arent in FB’s (or so i heard). You can also get from the dragon quest but youll end up spending more on trying to earn enough tablets than just outright buying the molder. Each molder needs 50 silver and 50 bronze or so.

Q: Where do i craft these legendary items?
A: In Southwest ADC at the deity pots.

Q: What do i need to craft them?
A: You need a moulder and the correct amount of mats and a person with the required level of crafting.

Q: How do i make 3 star items?
A: Just normally craft items and you have a chance of making them.

Q: How do i make holy hall items?
A: Theres 2 ways. The easy way is to just buy them from players. If you dont, you need a full party of lvl 60+ people including a tank. Then you need to goto HH and enter the dungeon. The party leader dictates some options which im not sure what they are.
Once inside, you need to get down to the bosses and kill them to get the pieces.

Q: What are these green circle things with stuff exploding in the middle?
A: That is a bomb. If your inside the circle when it explodes YOU WILL DIE. You need to wait for it to explode and then run through.

Q: How hard are these bosses?
A: Depends on which you do. 1-1 solo (actually a max of 4) is easy, while 1-1 party is harder and 1-3 is the hardest for that instance. 3-3 Party is near impossible.

Q: What are DQ items?
A: DQ stands for dragon quest. The DQ items are needed for completing the quest of that level.

Q: What do i get for completing the dragon quest?
A: Dragon tablets. They come in 3 flavors. Bronze for lvl 21 and 31 quests. Silver for 41 and (51 i assume too) and Gold for 61+?

Q: What can i do with these tablets?
A: Where you character was made there is a dragon emissary. Talk to him and you can trade in tablets for moulders or a special pet.

Q: Is it worth doing?
A: no. Sell all your DQ items. If you do the quest, you will only get 1 tablet depending on which level DQ you do and the cost of doing it is more expensive than selling all of the DQ items. Not only that, you need ALOT of these tablets to turn in for legendary molders. Your better off saving the money to buy wine to clear out FB’s for the bosses that drop that molder.

Q: How can I get a higher level proffesion!?
A: If your still a level 1 blacksmith/tailor etc you need to craft items at that level. When you craft, in the top right a green bar fills up. Once that fills up go back to an elder and learn production skills. You cannot get level 4 or higher proffesion until you hit level 50 and finish a quest.

Q: How can i make hierograms?
A: Depends what your talking about. HP/MP hierograms cannot be made. Patk/Matk/Pdef/Mdef can be made by pharmacists using fuel crystals.

Q: What are fuel crystals?
A: You get these from disassembling items. The more stars it has the more crystals will be made. Buying 1 star items to crystalize isn’t a good idea.

Q: How do i disassemble?
A: Goto a tailor, blacksmith or jeweler and click on disassemble

Q: What grade items give what fuel crystals?
A: Grade 2 item = grade 1 fuel
Grade 3 item = grade 2

Q: Why can i only make a few things since im a pharmacist?
A: You can make more if your clan owns a territory. Each territory has its own governor and from him you can make special pharmacist items.

Q: What are Shards?
A: Shards have bonuses that can be put onto items that have sockets. If the shard says Weapon: +25 patk / Armor: +25 pdef that means when on a weapon itll add 25 patk to your stats and 25 pdef to your stats if its on armor.

Q: How do I put them on my item?
A: it must have a socket. If you got both things needed, goto a tailor or blacksmith and click on ‘Imbue soulgem’.

Q: Whats the max amount of sockets?
A: 4 on armor, 2 on weapon

Q: How do i get my item to glow?
A: Your armor needs to have 2 sockets and a minimum grade of 5. If both of those are requirements are met, you then need to put 2 of the SAME GRADE AND TYPE shards into the armor. That is the only way for armor to glow.
Weapons glow automatically when 3 star, legendary, super legendary or from holy hall.

Q: What are these big head/monkey/pumpkin bollus things?
A: Use one and find out

Q: Why cannot i harvest this material!?
A: You need to be a required level to extract different materials. Just keep leveling and you will be able to soon.

Q: Is the drop rate reduced if im a higher level than the mob?
A: Yes, if your over 20 dont expect to get alot. If your 10 you probably still wont get anything. Its best to be a max of 4-6 levels over.

Q: Are quest rates reduced too?
A: Not that i know of.

Q: Why do some people say they have a +X item? What is that?
A: You can upgrade (Plus up) your weapon using mirage stones. Every + adds extra damage or pdef.

Q: Why is the success rate so low?
A: Cause items are so good when +’d.

Q: What is this ‘Wine’ ive heard of?
A: Its an item needed to clear an FB of all the monsters except for the boss and minions. For FB19 and 29 you only need ONE wine. Fb39 AND ABOVE you need TWO.

Q: How do i obtain this wine?
A: In Archosaur there is an NPC called Mister Tso. If you talk to him for a quest, there is a list of 8 or 9 types of wines. Depending on which you select, it can clear an FB out when given to the drunken poet at the FB. Please note, that the wine must be the CORRECT wine. You cannot use FB19 wine on FB29, 39 etc and cant use fb39 wine on 29 or 19.
The way its listed is in order from fb19 to fb99. So it starts at fb19 then the second is fb29 and then 39 etc.


4. Quests

Q: How do i find useful quests?
A: Press Q and in the top left of the box click Search mission. That gives you all the quests you can do.

Q: How do I find this person?
A: Click on the quest name that has a dot next to it and a yellow arrow should appear on screen. Follow that.

Q: Whats FB stand for?
A: On the chinese servers it stands for dungeon

Q: What’s an FB?
A: its a special dungeon you get every x9 levels (19,29,39,49 etc) once you complete your cultivation. These dungeons have elite mobs (2x hp and 2x dmg) and super hard bosses. These bosses drop ALOT of items if they do drop items when you kill it and sometimes even moulders.

Q: Why do high levels want to help me with my fb19 and 29?
A: They get experience and possibly moulders too.

Q: What are these crystal things i get from the boss when it dies?
A: Thats for making legendary items.

Q: I got this quest after using a lucky ticket/bag/box and it doesnt say anything
A: Take out some items from your inventory and the quest will be gone and you will get some items.


5. Pk/Pvp

Q: Why cant i pk or pvp people?
A: You need to be above level 30 and the other person needs to be above level 30.

Q: Ok, so im past level 30 and when i attack someone my name goes purple. wtf?
A: Thats called flagging. When you hit someone you go purple and anyone can attack you without pking you. Whoever dies loses exp and has a chance of dropping items.

Q: Im a pker now, what happens?
A: For every person you pked, it takes 2 hours to wear off your ‘karma’. So if you killed 10 in a row it will take 20 hours until your white again. If you die while red, you will drop any item you have in your inventory unless it says it has death protection. If you buy replacement dolls from the item mall you wont drop anything nor lose exp.

Q: I went purple for trying to kill a red!?
A: Protection for people PKing so they dont go even deeper into the red.

Q: Ok, i got that all figured out. How do i lose the 2 crossed swords next to mine name after i turned white?
A: Wait a little bit.

Q: Whats TW?
A: Its territory wars. A guild can siege a plot of land and try to win it. If they do, they get 10m/week per plot of land.

Q: Any other benefits?
A: TW gives the guild leader 10m/week (for regular land), 20m a week for minor towns and 30m for the major towns. , it allows anyone in the guild to craft from the governor and buy cheaper res scrolls from him. All members can also directly port to the land (M->Kingdom map->Click on owned land) for free once an hour.

Q: How do I sign up?
A: Your guild must be level 2 and the guild leader must sign up at the Territory Wars Manager. If you bid 2 million, you will be the sieger and no one else can bid on the territory.

Q: How do we win TW?
A: In the opposite castle there is a crystal that must be destroyed with catapults. This crystal has 2 towers directly on each side and then others further out from both A and C paths.

Q: Towers? How do we kill them?
A: Catapults. The only thing that harms towers or the crystal is a catapult. Everything else is resisted except maybe WF golem pet.

Q: How do we get catapults?
A: They automatically spawn but you need to buy a thing from the manager in the instance to use a catapult. It costs 20k. If you die, you need to be res’d within 20 or 30 seconds else the catapult dies.

Q: How do we operate catapults?
A: When you port in, there is a manager on your left or right. Talk to him and buy a catapult scroll for 20k. Once bought, go up to a catapult, click it and right click the scroll in your inventory. Once its done casting it will automatically follow you and automatically attack the towers or crystal when in range.

Q: My catapult died and im still alive!?
A: Keep an eye on the box near your radar. Try to keep it at green, yellow is fine. When its red/orange STOP and go back to your catapult. If your to far out of range it will automatically self-destruct.

Q: What can kill catapults?
A: Nothing. But you CAN kill the people controlling them.

Q: Can I participate in TW if im in a guild?
A: Yes, as long as you have been in that guild for 100 hours or more (not online, just in).

Q: Can I drop items or lose exp in TW?
A: No

Q: Are hierograms used automatically or disabled?
A: They are enabled.


6. Item Mall

Q: What is this Item Mall thingy mabobber majigger [insert more things like that]
A: You buy special things from the Item Mall using Zen gold or coins.

Q: Whats the conversion rate?

Q: Can I trade the items from the item mall to players ingame?
A: Yes

Q: I bought fashion but I didnt get to choose color!?
A: Yes. Blame the devs. Try to exchange with people ingame for the color you want.

Q: Why should I use the ingame item mall if i got alot of game gold?
A: No reason to. Just buy cubigold from the auction house or the items from the players. Typical Gold->Cubi-gold transfer rates are 50-80k each.

Q: I heard that there should be more items in the item mall… Where are they?
A: They are on the other servers. We are currently in the sewer for updates.

Q: How do I get into the item mall?
A: Press the letter O on your keyboard or click the sun near the radar


7. Leveling
This section will be short. Just an outline of leveling places.
Due to some confusion I will make this clear!
You STILL RECEIVE QUESTS after level 40! Its just that the amount of EXP gained from questing/soloing is far below what you could earn in a group!

Level 1->40

Level 40->44
Should be some pterodactyls under Heavens Tear City

Level 44->50/52
South of Sundown should be aoe groups (or atleast noob aoe)

Level 52->60
Dawns Cry Isle

Level 60->68?
YKD/Dream Searching/Ridge

Got more? Tell me and ill add
Note: If you run out of quests to do, kill FLYING mobs. 1/2 hp and 2x hp. You should also add in FB19 and 29 to do since they give alot of exp


8. Acronyms

If you figure that out, ill /wrist.

Heres the lovely acronym list! Everything before the : is the acronym.

WB : Werebeast
WF : Werefox
EP : Elven Priest
EA : Elven Archer
WR : Warrior
MG : Mage
TW : Territory wars
GM : Game master or Guild master
ADC : Ancient dragon city
FB : X9 dungeon
HH : Holy Hall
Hiero : HP or MP hierogram
PW : Perfect world
Chewy : Chewy – Lordstyx shrew
fotm : flavor of the month
B> : Buying X item
S> : Selling X item
WTS : Want to sell X item
WTB : Want to buy X item
WTT : Want to trade X item for Y item
dwan : Island of dwan hoofing
AH : Auction hall/house
MS: Mission/Quest
Miji : xp scroll
Fu : Hierogram
Zhen: Aoe
Aoe : Area of effect. Skills that damage multiple things in an area
YKD : Weeping Isle. Located at Dream Searching Port on the boat.

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