Loong Online Weapons Guide

Loong Online Weapons Guide by Sakuralein

What defense type to choose : Armor or Cloth.

Cloth gives a moderate amount of defense but will not allow you to be a tank in this game, besides heavy magical bosses.

Armor gives great amount of defense and will allow you to easily survive almost anything, from general questing to instances and some bosses.

For PVP goes, depending on your opponet you may have an advantage or disadvantage.


What skilltree suits me best :
Sword, Sabre, Polearm, Bow, Yang, Yin, Healing, Zither


Sword – Very fast ATK speed (4 hits), low to medium DMG, DoT skills and debuffs.

Sword is your basic “warrior class” combined with a “thief class”, which means you have the usual melee atks paired with damage over time and debuff effects aswell some dodge buffs. (Possible to solo at moderate speed and moderate expense)


Sabre – Moderate ATK speed (3 hits), medium DMG, stuns and armor debuffs.

Sabre or better known as 2-handed-sword is a mix from Tank and Melee dps,
you are sort of hard to kill and your damage is the 2nd highest in “physical” skilltrees. Early on u get a more or less useless stun and will get more while you lvl up. Your normal atk skills are able to reduce the enemys defense. (Possible to solo at good speed and moderate expense)


Polearm – Low ATK speed (3 hits), low DMG, DEF related buffs and debuffs.

Polearm is the tank in Loong, your defense is where you shine, and to support that you even get more buffs to increase Health, Block, and defense itself. You also get skills that increase your threat lvl towards mobs to function even better as a tank. At higher lvls you will heal for successfully blocking an attack. (Possible to solo at slow speed and low expense)


Bow – Moderate ATK speed (1hit), high DMG, high dodge, slow debuffs and armor debuffs.

Bow is the usual long range DPS, you can slow targets, remove their block chances, pierce their defense and usually kill everything before it reaches you. But on the other hand you are easily killed if stunned since your high dodge does not work while being disabled. (Possible to solo at high speed and moderate expense)


Yang – High ATK speed(3 hits), high DMG, some stuns and debuffs aswell as ATK buffs.

Yang could be called “ranged hand-to-hand” combat, your skills will mostly be combos and few disables, if you miss a combo skill you are a bit helpless since your DEF is quite low, which can be compensated with a shield aura that will take mana instead of your HP. Highest damage output in the game but does not excell at being the center of attention. (Possible to solo at high speed with high expense)


Yin – Moderate ATK speed(3 hits), low to moderate DMG, mostly disables and DoT’s.

Yin is your usual disabler class, you get skills that will help you with enough mana to keep disabling and debuffing the enemy and yourself out of range. You are able to reduce almost every status of an enemy, rendering themself helpless to your team mates. (Possible to solo at moderate speed with low expense)


Healing – Moderate ATK speed(3 hits), low DMG, mostly supportive and DoT’s.

Healing is the more or less usual support class, while having almost no usefull buffs, you are the only class able to successfully play without ever using a HP potion and heal other at a rate which makes them not use potions aswell. The only negative aspect is that you are quite relying on others to level up at a satisfying speed. Hardest part is being below lvl 30, after that finding a party will be much easier.
(Possible to solo at slow speed almost no expense)


Zither – Moderate ATK speed(1 hit), low to moderate DMG, mostly supportive and some debuffs.

Zither is perfect to be in a party, his debuffs are mostly used at the beginning of a fight so you are able to “relax” and focus on supporting your team with various buffs and songs. While not having a real heal skill you are still able to maintain the HP of at least one target if he/she forgets to a take a potion. Later on you can play songs to gradually recover your teams HP or MP a little bit over time.
(Possible to solo at slow speed with low expense)


Battle & Magic

Battle is something completely unusual, if you played other MMOs you are probably familar with the “Sit to regen faster” feature, well here you have to learn that with skillpoints which is not that good, but here are you able to advance that ability to regenerate even more, just to name one key feature of the Battle skilltree. Furthermore you are able to increase your movingspeed while out of combat, your stamina regeration, be able to WALK on water or give urself a debuff remover.
Almost all the skills cost a certain amount of stamina or gradually decrease it over time.

Magic is still not released but I figure it will grant similar benefits as Battle.


A word of advice :

Do not try to MAX 2 skilltrees, even tho you are able to maintain having every skill in 2 skilltrees, sooner or later you will run out of points, so the wisest decision will be to stick with 1 weapon skilltree, invest a few points in the Battle skilltree and a secondary weapon for some extra stats (similar to your main weapon) and additional buffs.
Untill you are lvl 30 you wont really need much in the Battle skilltree, but after that when you actually want to watch how you spent your money, it will be a great help, so save some points for that aswell.


Examples for good combinations are :

Yang & Healing – For perfect soloing
Yang for the dmg and Healing to compensate for your rather low HP/Defense, aswell as increasing important stats and general survivability.


Sword & Bow or Bow & Sword – For excellent damage in every situation
Bow to start a fight at range and decrease the targets HP & Movingspeed aswell as applying defensive debuffs and Sword to finish the combat in close combat. Each of those 2 weapon mastery raises needed stats to synergize excellent with each other. But depending on playstyle you can choose Sabre aswell, you will loose some dodge but gain some extra HP. I advice against Polearm & Bow since polearm reduces your atk abilities like critical chances.


Healing & Zither – For incredible support in every situation
Ever dreamed of being the perfect supporter ? Well you almost found it :P
While you have some sort of usefull debuffs you are able to completely maintain your teams HP & MP in almost every situation.


Polearm & Sabre – For pure tank ownage !
While this combination reduces your dmg output, it greatly increases your survivability.
The masteries synergize perfectly to increase your HP & DEF even more aswell as adding some stuns in case you loose aggro of a mob and need to rebuild some threat points.


So much for the basic overview of the available options,
after you chose what suits you the most visit this Stats Guide to learn more about
the ingame stats and attributes.

I hope that helps you make a decision who to be and how you want to play Loong.
Enjoy your time ingame

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