Fists of FU Infinite Combos Guide

Fists of FU Infinite Combos Guide by sistinaqqhard

Table of Content [cont]

1. Foreword [FRW]
2. Instructions [INS]
3. Fighter Combos [FC]
4. Archer Combos [AC]

1. Foreword [FRW]
This guide has been inspired by a very boring conversation. (
I thought this would be helpful to new players, as well as existing players, as this guide might give them the upper hand in both PvP and PvE. These combos can be used at any time on “that one game” but, ( yes, I’m using my “one game” experience to help you. ) confirmed by me, Brun and Sync, some combos that work on “that one game” won’t work on this game. (I.E. Divine Fighter’s >>^XXX) You are open to add your own combos to this topic by posting them. I will only add the combos, if they are in “My” format. ( More information on “My” format are in the Instructions section of this guide.

Have fun, and good luck doing the FU!

2. Instuctions [INS]
The instructions for this guide are fairly simple. You can navigate through this guide by pressing CTRL and F simultaneously, and typing in the words behind the brackets, in example INS for Instructions or FRW to find Foreword

To add your own personal combo to my guide, your combo must be written in “My” format.
“My” format is the following:
^ = UP
v = Down
< = Left
> = Right
Z = Z button ( physical attack )
X = X button ( magical attack )
( ) = Stop old combo, start new one.
(+) = Repeat

In example, you want to add a special combo to my guide.
It could be this for Divine Fighter: ZZZ( )>>ZZZ(+)
You post the combo like that, and I will look into it first.
If it is a possible, working combo, I will add it to my guide.
I’m strict about combos, as I don’t want to give false information.
Be sure to experiment with your own combos, as they might give you more inspiration for new combos.

3. Fighter Combos [FC]

^Z (+) – By “genericbadguy”
>>ZZZ( ) <Divine Fighter
>>^XZ ( ) XXZ ( ) >>^XZ ( ) X ( ) Skill use~ – By “synccross” Royal Knight

4. Archer Combos [AC]

ZZZ^Z >>ZZ (+) – By “xmegamagex”
XX (+) – By “sistinaqqhard”
^^Z (+) – By “powerlight” Shaolin Hunter

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