Fists of Fu Beginner’s Mage Guide (Lv1~20)

Fists of Fu Beginner’s Mage Guide (Lv1~20) by elemaster

Ok, so this is my first attempt at making a newbie guide. As the title says, this guide is meant for those who wish to take on the path of a Mage. In this guide, I will be talking about the reasons that you should choose to be a mage, the pros and cons of being a mage and things you must look out for in dungeons and PvP, if you have any comments or other suggestions, please feel free to put them down. Pre Warning: I’m not the type that like to do flashy formatting or colourful words, so this may seem very dry or boring.

First off, why a mage? A typical question asked in almost all MMORPGs, and I believe many of you out there have played other RPGs before. The most basic and IMPORTANT reason that you should choose a mage is because a mage is a class which actually perform magic! (Now you maybe thinking this is crap).
So enough of lame joke, this is the reason: In Fists of Fu, each class is able to choose to be a more physical path or a more magical path, and you must understand that magic always generates more damage than physical, and it is ranged. (Archer’s arrows actually cost mp to shoot). More monsters have weaker physical defense than magical defense. This alone is a good enough reason for you to choose to be a mage.

Pros: Highest damaging class (If you choose to be elemental mage at lv 20)
Cheap to play (I have checked around alot, mage equips are generally cheaper, and forging materials are easier to get than other class)
Ranged (Archer and Mage shares the same range in normal magic/shooting attacks, which means you have less risk of getting hit by melee monster)
Highest combo hitter (Note that this is not about continuous hits, but number of hits dealt per cycle of combo due to the magic beating at the end of combo)
Charge mp while standing (Please do not think of camping, waiting for mp and repeat, it is much faster by hitting the monsters to get mp with the combos)
Wide ranged skill (Thunderbolt is definitely an OP skill for beginner mages)
Special ability: Teleport (This can get you out of many tricky situations, you teleport away regardless of monster blocking you, provided you are not stunned by being hit by monster)

Cons: Slowest speed (Fighter being the fastest, Archer second and Mage is last, this means that you are likely to get surrounded by monsters)
Slow reaction time (Whe get hit by a monster, mage takes a longer time to recover from stun than other classes)
Lowest HP of all classes (Tend to die faster in bosses with high damage attack)

PvE (Dungeon):
The starter dungeons are quite easy for all classes, there isn’t really anything that you should take note of, just hit your way to the boss in your most comfortable method.

As the dungeons get harder, monsters and bosses have ground recovery counter (attacking the surrounding when getting up from the ground) This can be dreadful to mages as you are less likely able to move away fast enough. So once you knocked down the monster, move away and use your magic combo (x combo) to close in as the monster gets up, by the time it gets up, your finishing hit will knock it down again, and repeat. Since a mage can deal good damage at the beginning, the monster will likely to die in 2 cycles or even 1 depending on your equips.

Some monsters have ranged attacks, it can be very dangerous to the vulnerable newbie mages. Do not panic when you get knocked down, if you are close to the monster, do not press arrow key to counter away. If you are a distant from the monster, press the arrow away from the monster to get up further away, gather yourself up and get ready to payback.

Against Fighter:
Fighters before lv 20 only has short ranged attacks (not counting the mp skills), however, you must be careful of their exclusive aerial combo which allows them to stay in air for about 1~2 seconds while closing in on you, if you go close you will only get hit, so when that happens, use your teleport to get past them while they head towards you and dash away, using a fireball if you want to.
Fighters also have a combo which makes them leap from a distance and slash down right at you, it is hard to dodge this attack, but if you have seen this attack enough, you can try to time it right and use your jump-x attack to break fighter’s hit.

Against Archer:
Archers cannot shoot arrows forward while chasing after you, so do not worry about their ranged attacks, or rather I can say that archers and mages have similar ranged attack pattern, (ie normal x combo hits forwayd, dash-x hits backward). Try to get them to chase you, then suddenly dash towards them and use your dash-zz combo to knock them up, followed by your magic combo which must be done immediately to catch them falling down.

Against Mage:
I can’t say much about facing your own class, as you and your opponent can literally do the same thing. All I can say is that try to use your wits and get a magic combo hit first onto your opponent before he/she hits you. Also, make sure you always save 1 mp bar for emergencies in case you need to counter your opponent’s skill, untill you have radiant burst.

Please understand that this is a guide only for starter mages, which means these are more of the basics. If you are looking for more detailed guides or more advanced tips, you can refer here

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