Fiesta Online Treasure Chest Guide

Fiesta Online Treasure Chest Guide by redassassin

Allot of people are asking nowadays about how can I obtain a pet?
or where to find one? is it from Kingdom Quests? or Monsters? so I answer..

*Earlier in this Thread I mentioned something about pets but I shall help you
into finding this pets ,but keep in mind that this Pets come in Random and
This chests come also In random so pay attention and be patient.

( good things happen to thoes who wait )

A.Random Chests:
1.Forest of tides: Near the area where Joker Keebings spawn. behind a tree
or end of trench.
2.Sea of Greed : Near The big statue that looks like the statue of Liberty
behind boxes or boat wreck near MARA camp.
3.Luminous Stone F1:Near the area where Silver slimes spawn or in the
far western part of this floor.
4.Luminous Stone F2:Search in one of the rooms near the center.
5.Burning Hill: Behind Marlones house or in the Marlone Camp far east of it.
6.Marlone Hideout:Near the area where you see Marlone spawn or in the
farthest part of this dungeon.
7.Moonlight tomb:Area near the miner look near that area.
8.Scaffold Execution Grounds: The Area near Uruga gate where allot of King Colls are.

1.Skelleton Knight : Get a skelleton Pet in about 3% success rate.
2.King Slime Kigdom Quest: Get a slime Pet in 3% succes rate
3.Ghost Slime : Get Pet Slime in 8% success rate.

1. Allot of players sell pets in Elderine.
2. Buy them from Fiesta Store in some events.

D.Guild Events/GM Events:
1.Each server depending on the GM and his events
2.Guild masters tend to motivate their guild members by giving equips and
other cool stuff like a pet in some occations.
I shall provide you soon with the locations of these treasure chests in the following areas, Moonlight Tomb, Vine Tomb, Collapsed prison, and Elven Woods, and the Burning Rock and Burning photoes.

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