Fiesta Online Production Guide

Fiesta Online Production Guide by Summit

Harvest Resources

Main Resource Locations 
Note: Resources are not exclusively located in their respective lists.

Ancient Elven Woods
Sea of Greed (Center)
Sea of Greed (Squares I1-I2)

Ancient Elven Woods
Forest of Mist
Moonlight Tomb
Ancient Elven Woods
Forest of Tides
Sea of Greed (Center)
Roumen Field, on the small hill between the 2 portals to the hunting grounds.

Flower :
Petal (Blue)
Petal (Yellow)
Petal (Red)

Wood :
Fine firewood
Sap (Low Quality)
Sap (High Quality)
Sap (Highest Quality)
Herb root
Herb stem
Herb leaf Sage
Mushroom :
Sea Mushroom
Dangerous ToadStool
Spoiled Mushroom
Plain ToadStool
Common ToadStool
Fragrant Mushroom
Premium Mushroom
Copper Ore (object) :
Copper Ore (Low Quality)
Copper Ore
Copper Ore (High Quality)
Silver Ore (object) :
Silver Ore (Low Quality)
Silver Ore
Silver Ore (High Quality)
Gold Ore (object) :
Gold Ore (Low Quality)
Gold Ore
Gold Ore (High Quality)


Production Skills

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The most common choice for money making is Alchemy. Alchemy is divided into 5 portions in Fiesta. Another great way to make money is doing quests for fame and then buying alchemy stones from item merchant Nina in Elderine any level of them will do but to make the best profit you buy level 1 alchemy stones and sell the for 20 copper to 15 copper i sell them for 17 copper each in quantittes of 5 sets of 50. if you sell them for this price yiu will make 850 copper every 50 alchemy stones and if you selll them in quantities of 5 sets of 50 each you will make close to 4 silver be aware the sell very fast.

[Scroll Production]
Scroll Production is one of the most common Alchemy skills chosen and also one of the most difficult if you are just starting out. Simply purchase the materials required (Suggested Price: 8~10c each.) Afterwards, sell them off at whatever price you wish. Due to(the extremely high supply, it is not recommended to exceed 150c.

However, purchasing is not a guaranteed option for scroll productions because of the high demand for summoned beast items. Hence, for beginners who wish to take Scroll Production it is highly suggested that you stick to slimes, slow slimes, ratmen, little lizards and ice vivii when levelling up to ensure you get the preliminary items

[Potion Production]
Potion Production is more difficult and not as often chosen as the Stone Production skill. Potions require at least three materials, and the price most will buy at will be around 20-30c. Vending potions will be difficult, so it is not recommended for those with little patience.

[Stone Production]
Stone Production is also a very popular Alchemy skill. Required for enhancement, enhancement stones usually bring a decent price. Due to the large number of stones used and the high rate of failure, there will always be a demand for enhancement stones, despite the large number of people taking up the skill.

[Material Composition]
This skill will require copious amounts of capital. From the beginning, there will be very little profit, if any at all. After a certain point, there will be possibility for profit.

[Material Decomposition]
Similar to Material Composition, this skill will require capital as well. However, there is profit almost immediately – Tier 2 ingredients can be decomposed into Tier 1 items, which can usual counterbalance the costs for production. A bit more profit can be generated from Material Decomposition over Material Composition, but not much.



(It IS a form of alchemy)
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Items For Enhancing
Items Needed For a Weapon/Armor Enhancing
A Weapon/Armor

About The Stones :
Elrue/Lix/Xir are items that are used to upgrade weapons and armors.
Most usable items have tiers. Tiers are item classes, and you must use a Elrue/Lix/Xir that is the same tier as the item you want to refine.
Elrue upgrades from +1 to ~+3, Lix from +4 to +6 and Xir from +7 to +9.
Aside from different tiers of items, the Elrue/Lix/Xir all have different types, which are Normal(green), Blessed(purple) and Lucky(blue). The different types affect different things. Lucky raises by +2 instead of +1 by a small chance, blessed decreases chance of breaking. Normal does what it’s supposed to.
How To Get Elrue/Lix/Xir
Stone Alchemy(Production Skill)
Monster Drops
Quest Rewards
Kingdom Quest Rewards
Treasure Chest
If you choose to make your own stones with the Stone Production Skill, first press “K” and go to the Alchemy tab. Learn Stone Production (-NOTE- You can only learn 2/5). Then go to the skill lady in any town. Learn the Stone Recipe Skills. Right click the item and learn the recipe. Now press “K” and drag the stone production skill to the skill try and/or right click it.

Now you’ll open up a window with Elrue in the list. If you see Tier 1 all in green you did it correctly so far. Now click the Elrue (The first one that appears) start making them if you can. If you cannot go kill some monsters that drop the item(s) that you need. Now you have some Elrue stones.

How To Enhance
To enhance something you must go to a Weapons Smith. After you find one, talk to him and click the “Refine Weapon” button. Another window will open with many boxes inside it. The center box is for the weapon or armor you wish to refine. The other 8 boxes around it are for the Elrue/Lix/Xir to go in.

The process of enhancing is simple, and requires nothing more then luck. You pick one of the 8 boxes for the Elrue/Lix/Xir and drag and drop it in. If you have more than one Elrue, you may need to separate one into a separate pile of its own. To do so, hold the “Left Shift” key and click on the Elrue, and set “Item Allocation” to “1”, press OK, and click in an empty inventory square. Alternatively, you can simply allow the default number generated in the “Item Allocation” box, press OK, and click in an empty inventory space and achieve the same results.

After you have one Elrue ready, click the button in the lower left area of the refine window to start the process. The enhancing is successful if the spinning star lands on the box opposite of where you placed your Elrue/Lix/Xir. If it was successful then it will gain +1. If it doesn’t land there, then 1 of 3 things will happen. Your item will remain the same, your item will decrease a level of enhancement, or your item may be destroyed. This is the basics of enhancing. If you click the button and your item disappears, it has been destroyed. Some say the more you break the more luck you have on the enhancing skills. [Unconfirmed]

Suggestion: At levels under 20, you should only enchant your weapons and armor to +3 (3 Elrues) as you will advance to level 20 quickly. Also, you should only risk enchanting your equipment if you have enough money for a replacement piece. If you don’t, you may find yourself without anything to wear! If you do break your item and have no more money to buy a new one, use your old weapon. You should not sell your old weapons until you are sure you don’t need it.

The lower 3 boxes (They Are Red,Blue,Gold) Are used to place red eye or blue mile (red eye decreases chance of fail rate by 50%, perfect red eye decreases rate by 100%, blue mile are the same but only decrease downgrade rate). Red Eye and Blue Mile are purchased in fiesta store. (Before you go crazy about red eye, Failure means Breakage. It can still can fail or downgrade) The gold spot is unknown at the time.

Tier One Stones
Tier two, three and four just have a number 2, 3 or 4 at the top left corner and are for level two, level three and level four items

Normal Elrue :The basic Elrue.

Normal Lix :The basic Lix.

Normal Xir :The basic Xir.

Blessed Elrue :A Blessed Elrue.

Blessed Lix : A Blessed Lix.

Blessed Xir : A Blessed Xir.

Lucky Elrue : A Lucky Elrue.

Lucky Lix : A Lucky Lix.

Lucky Xir : A Lucky Xir.


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