Fiesta Online Mount Speeds Guide

Fiesta Online Mount Speeds Guide

If you have a mount that’s not listed (or if a mount’s speed changes), please feel free to contribute the speed of it. This is not only for mounts available in the store at the moment, it’s for all mounts that have at some point been released in our version of Fiesta. I also list the in-game hobbies so that you can compare the speed to mounts already available to you. Permanent and temporary mounts have the same speed, i.e. a 30 day green dragon is just as fast as a perm green dragon.

Here we go, in alphabetical order:

Dog sleigh: 210
Donkey – All colors: 150 (same as the in-game level 20 hobby)
Dragon – Earth (Green): 240
Dragon – Heavenly (White): 240
Dragon – Shadow (Purple): 220
Dragon – Red: 220

Hobby horse – Wooden, in-game level 1-20: 130
Hobby horse – in-game, levels 20+: 150
Hobby horse – 7-day level 10 quest reward: 170
Hobby horse – Iron: 180

Liberty: 200

Pegasus – Black: 280
Pegasus – Heart: 200 (says it’s fastest mover in the game but it’s not)
Pegasus – White: 280
Pinata: 190

Raccoon – Pink: 220
Raccoon – Regular: 200
Raccoon – Sneaky: 200
Raccoon – White Tiger: 220
Rhino: 200

Santa Maria: 180
Scarab: 190

Turkey: 200

Also, for anyone wondering how the rations for permanent mounts work:

Originally Posted by duelsc
ok how much does 1 sc ration fill back up?
Originally Posted by Bonthra
30 points. So a pack of 10 will fill up your mover’s ration/stamina bar completely.
Originally Posted by Roseanna
Why is there a stack of 50? Does the unused portion stay in your inventory, or is it like the weapon skin repair kit where it uses the whole thing?
Originally Posted by Bonthra
It’s used similar to Flotation Stones. It’s a stack you use one by one while on your mover. If you use one, you get 30 points back. You can keep feeding your mover until you use all 50 rations, or just keep the stack in your inventory until you need them.

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  1. bb_913 says:

    I got Red,white and Pink donkey, white and red are 150 and pink 200 or so i don’t remember but not same (white from rewards C cards) (red and pink Perm vday store)

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