Facebook EA Sports FIFA Superstars Pro La Liga Tactics Guide

Facebook EA Sports FIFA Superstars Pro La Liga Tactics Guide by Kaharae 


So, after 30+ La Ligas testing and comparing results and tactics, i’ve decided to post the tactics i use in each game.
I usually get about 105-115 points using this tactics here. Since this game is too random there is no way to be sure about the outcome of your games, but this tactics really can fight back the game’s excessive randomness.
Feel free to test it and post your results, discuss the tactics, improvements, etc etc…
I usually press “Skip to End” whenever my team controls the ball in the first place, and go to half time whenever the other team begins with ball possession.
It is also good to hop between “Slightly Attacking” and “Full Attack”.
*edit – some of you guys are complaining about the full attack setting. if you do not want to go full attack you always have to go half time and see what is the score by then. (check below in half time adjustments section)*


Part 0 – Games 01-20 (no sound)
Part 1 – Games 21-30
Part 2 – Games 31-40

Following: (Game nº) (Team Name) (1st Half Tactic / 2nd Half Tactic)

1 Real Sociedad — 3-5-2 Slightly / 4-3-3 Slightly/Full
2 Hercules — 3-5-2 Slightly / skip to end
3 Malaga — 3-5-2 Full / skip to end
4 Zaragoza — 3-5-2 Slightly / 3-4-3 Full
5 Deportivo — 3-5-2 Full / 3-4-3 Slightly
6 Mallorca — 3-5-2 Slightly / skip to end
7 Gijón — 3-4-3 Full / skip to end
8 Almeria — 3-5-2 Slightly / skip to end
9 Sevilla — 3-5-2 Slightly / skip to end
10 Santander — 3-5-2 Full / 3-5-2 Slightly
11 Atletico Madrid — 3-5-2 Slightly / skip to end
12 Osasuna — 3-4-3 Full / 3-4-3 Slightly
13 Getafe — 3-5-2 Full / 3-5-2 Slightly
14 Espanyol — 3-5-2 Slightly / 3-4-3 Slightly
15 Levante — 3-5-2 Full / skip to end
16 Villareal — 3-5-2 Neutral / 3-5-2 Slightly
17 Barcelona — 3-5-2 Slightly / 3-4-3 Slightly
18 Bilbao — 3-5-2 Slightly / 4-3-3 Slightly/Full
19 Real Madrid — 3-5-2 Slightly / skip to end
20 Valencia — 3-5-2 Neutral / 3-5-2 Slightly
21 Espanyol — 3-5-2 Slightly / 3-4-3 Slightly
22 Levante — 3-5-2 Full / skip to end
23 Villareal — 3-5-2 Neutral / 3-5-2 Slightly
24 Real Sociedad — 4-3-3 Neutral / 4-3-3 Slightly/Full
25 Zaragoza — 3-4-3 Full / 3-4-3 Slightly
26 Malaga — 3-5-2 Slightly / skip to end
27 Bilbao — 4-3-3 Slightly / 4-3-3 Full
28 Deportivo — 3-5-2 Slightly / 3-4-3 Slightly
29 Osasuna — 3-4-3 Full / 3-4-3 Slightly
30 Gijón — 3-5-2 Slightly / 3-4-3 Full
31 Valencia — 3-5-2 Neutral / 3-5-2 Slightly
32 Getafe — 3-5-2 Slightly / 3-5-2 Full
33 Hercules — 3-5-2 Full / 3-5-2 Slightly
34 Atletico Madrid — 3-5-2 Neutral / 3-5-2 Slightly
35 Mallorca — 3-5-2 Slightly / 3-5-2 Neutral/Full
36 Real Madrid — 3-5-2 Neutral / 3-5-2 Neutral/Slightly
37 Santander — 3-5-2 Full / 3-5-2 Slightly
38 Sevilla — 3-5-2 Neutral / 3-5-2 Slightly
39 Almeria — 3-5-2 Slightly / skip to end
40 Barcelona — 3-5-2 Slightly / 3-4-3 Neutral/Slightly

40 Played
36 Wins
3 Draws
1 Losses
+109 Goals
111 Points

Half-time changes (if needed):

If your opponent starts the game with ball possession, then your team might be struggling for some reason. In that case, going to half time is always a good option instead of pressing “skip to end”. In the half time screen, you can exchange player’s positions or make substitutions that do not really affect your team rating. I usually exchange my strikers position (ibra – villa to villa – ibra) or something like that. The game will take this action as a change and will recognize your efforts. You can also shuffle tactics and return to the same one you were using before.
DO NOT balance your team to defence when you are winning by a short gap (1-0, 2-1, or even 2-0, 3-1), unless you don’t care about drawing the match. If you are playing in full attack you can put back on slightly attacking instead.
If you find yourself winning by 4 or more goals you can then adjust your team balance to full defense.

17-05-2011 edit – I’ve put some 2nd half changes i use to make above in the main tactic sheet. Hope it helps!

*note about half time adjustments*
If you are playing against a 4-4-2 formation and you have a 90+ team, you will not benefit much from half time. Skip to end will do the job. If you are Slightly Attacking and the half time score is a draw, you can push to Full Attack, although it is not certain to work.
If you are playing against a 4-3-3 formation, and you are too lazy to change your own tactic, starting in 3-5-2 and changing to 3-4-3 at half time is also good to win the game (only available for 90+ talent).
Other formations (4-5-1, 3-4-3) are ok as i said, although some weird draws might happen (3-3, 4-4) when playing with Full Attack. It is advised to change to Slightly Attacking if you don’t feel confortable.

Hope this can help you guys improving your Pro La Liga results!
If you guys have some other better tactics for any specific opponent feel free to post them here aswell, then i might edit this post so everyone can benefit from it!

And always remember… the game is still too random for this to be 100% effective! All your help, feedback, and alternative tactics for any opponent in particular, will be appreciated, tested, and be posted on this thread.
I will also calculate some statistics about the effectiveness of each tactic.

Edit – My Talent is 92, but this was also tested in lower rated teams, and also worked. Not as good, but i made 110/111 points also a couple of times (with talent 84/85).

*Current Issues – 08-05-2011*

1- For some reason Bilbao and Sociedad (4-5-1 teams) give us some weird outcomes. Help appreciated in this, if someone comes up with a better strategy plz post. ^^
At the moment, 4-3-3 Neutral seems to be the most effective starting tactic against these teams. Not sure if it’s the best though, but for the moment it is what I think it’s better.

2- Villarreal is the only 4-4-2 team which is constantly fighting back a 3-5-2 formation, i cannot understand why is this, and again, help appreciated…
Valencia and Atletico Madrid (elite) seem also to struggle sometimes. Playing with a Neutral mentality here also helps. At half-time, change to slightly attack.

3- Some people are complaining about their last 20 games of the pro league. If you have a weaker team try to start the games with a Neutral mentality (but close to attack… although the preset is the same as Neutral). Make sure you ALWAYS go to half time in the last 20 games. Change then your team balance to Slightly/Mid Attack.


06-05-2011: Added some known issues and possible solutions for the users to be aware of.

08-05-2011: Made some tactical changes above in the main tactic tutorial, thus increasing some games success ratio. Also specified the Team Balance for 1st half and 2nd half in games that such is required.

17-05-2011: Removed the % next to each tactic, as it is now useless and can make some users confused. Made some slight changes which can increase your performance. Also edited tactic against Espanyol.

23-05-2011: Video added to the last 20 games of La Liga. ^^


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