Eden Eternal Guilds Guide

Eden Eternal Guilds Guide by koager

To be by oneself in this large world is a bit lonely. However, if you are able to gather like-minded comrades you can establish a guild and explore the lands! Together the adventures will be a lot more fun and exciting. Come up with a good name with your friends and create your guild!

Establishing a Guild
When your character reaches lv20 and is not currently in a guild, visit the Guild Manager Heldin in Aven (479,468) and pay 50g to establish a guild.

Guild Manager Heldin (Aven 479, 468)

Raising Guild Level
After creating or joining a guild, players can raise their guild’s fame by completing guild quests. When the fame bar is full, the guild levels up. As the guild levels various features will change or be added and will attract more members to join thus making the guild bigger and stronger.

Guild Info

A. Guild Info:

  1. Name: Displays the guild name
  2. Level: Displays the guild level
  3. Members: Displays the current number of members of the guild, the max number of people the guild can hold, and the number of members currently online. A level 1 guild starts off with 50 members and the capacity increases by 25 each time as the guild levels up.
  4. Fame: Displays the guild’s fame amount. The amount is the total of guild fame obtained from all members completing guild quests.
  5. Funding: Displays guild funds. Funds are used for creating a guild town or buying buildings for the town.
  6. Income: Displays income tax. When members kill monsters, complete quests, or obtain money through trades, a percentage is paid to the guild and store in the guild funds.
  7. Sales Tax (not shown): Percentage that is paid to the guild when non-members have npc transactions in the guild town.
  8. Enter Eden (not shown): Directly teleports to the guild’s town
  9. Town List: Opens town list window
  10. Guild Announcement: Notice set for the guild

B. Member List :

  1. Character Name: Displays member’s name
  2. Level: Displays member’s character level
  3. Class/Class Level: Displays member’s current class and class level
  4. Rank: Displays the member’s rank in guild
  5. Fame Contrib.: Displays the fame the member has obtained from completing guild quests
  6. Channel: Displays the channel the member is on
  7. Location: Displays the current area that the member is on
  8. Note: Displays the note that the member has set
  9. Show Offline Members: After checking the box, the member list will additionally display all offline members

C. Guild Management

  1. Edit Msg: Sets guild announcement
  2. Guild Tax (not shown): Sets guild tax
  3. Recruit: Enter a player’s name to invite into the guild
  4. Donate: Input an amount to donate to the guild
  5. Upgrade: Upgrades guild (only accessible to the guild leader)
  6. Set Insignia: Sets a 32×32 .bmp as guild insignia. Requires lv3 Guild(needs confirmation) (only accessible to the guild leader)
  7. Test Insignia: Preview guild insignia
  8. Disband: Disbands the guild (only accessible to the guild leader)
  9. Leave Guild: Leaves the guild

Guild Board
The guild board is where members can leave messages. A NEW tag displays that the message has not been read yet. The guild board can hold up to 30 messages. Every message can hold up to 150 characters. Members with appropriate rank priviledges are able to delete messages.

Guild Order

A. Rank Names:
Sets rank names.
B. Rank Settings:
Sets rank permissions
C. Guild Rank (currently not implemented)
Displays the guild’s rank in the Heroic Guild Ranking and Developing Guild Ranking in the current month
D. Guild History, Guild Events

  1. Guild History: Records the guild’s important events, times, and descriptions
  2. Guild Events: Records guild member’s activities and times

Guild Town System
Everyone hasn’t forgotten that the mission of the Eternal Guardians is the create the legendary Eden have they? Only Eternal Guardians have the ability to open the doors to Eden and lead people to paradise. Hurry and fulfill the requirements for creating Eden and create your own paradise!

Creating a Guild Town
Hurry to Aven and find the guild manager Heldin. Not only is he the guild manager, he is also the guild town manager. If you want to set up your guild town but don’t know how to apply for a license, Heldin would be happy to answer any questions for he is the specialist in this area.

Guild Manager Heldin Aven (479, 468)

Qualifications for a guild town:

  1. The registering person is the guild leader
  2. The guild leader is at least lv30
  3. Guild is at least lv3
  4. The guild has at least 30 members
  5. There is 500g in the guild bank used to purchase the town**

*If the guild loses its members to be under the requirement (30) and there is less than 10 people online for 3 consecutive days, the guild town will be taken back
**The price for a guild town goes up to 10,000g if there are already 50 guild towns in existence.

Raising Guild Town Level
Just like how players defeat monsters to level up, when the town’s fame and funds have accumulated to a certain point, the town’s level will also increase. After leveling, not only will the town’s functions be upgraded, but more advanced buildings will be able to be constructed and new features may be added!

Guild Town Construction
After numerous efforts to obtain your own town, good planning is necessary. But exactly how should the town be planned? Don’t worry, every town has their own special recruiter. Have a nice conversation with him and you will be able to learn of a good method to plan out your town. The recruiter is also helpful in being knowledgeable about various building constructions. If you have any questions, all you have to do is ask him!

Recruiter Agency Aldata (Aven 462, 489)

Guild Town Type
Eden Eternal has 2 types of towns. Forest Eden and Mountain Eden. The Forest Eden is located in a beautiful valley full of all kinds of plants with buildings that are one with nature; perfect for nature loving people. The Mountain Eden is located between mountains in the wilderness surrounded by the naturalistic formations of the rocks boasting of the magnificence of its scenery.

Guild Town Buildings
If a town wants to be prosperous, a good town plan and buildings are the basic necessities. After carefully considering how to develop the town, speak with Guild Architect Slippers to buy blueprints. Perhaps at the beginning the guild can only be hire the novices or apprentices, but with the gradual accumulation of experience, the novices and apprentices will becomes better and better to provide better services.

GC Salesman Slippers (Aven 467, 484)

In addition to constructions that allow for the collection of materials and creating weapons and armour, there are two additional constructions that provide different functions. These are the hotels and markets that only specifically house special NPCs that temporarily visit towns. These mysterious people generally wander the lands with their rare and special wares that can’t be found anywhere else. If you need what they sell, you should take advantage of the opportunity.

Guild Altar
After receiving your guild town, the guild leader is able to undertake a special quest that involves journeying out into the world and defeating guild bosses. The reward for vanquishing the giant monsters that walks the world is an altar that is set up in the guild town where members can pray for special buffs.

Town Quests
Visit the Defense Patrol NPC to pick up special quests. More information to come.

Guild Crystal
Destroy the guild crystal for special chests to spawn around the town. Upon breaking the chests you may be able to find various goodies such as gathering aids, exp charms, and more!

Visiting Guild Towns
Through the town search button you are able to visit other towns to see what they look like; carefully observing the advantages and disadvantages of each town. Different towns have different stores depending on the characteristic of the town so wander through and enjoy your shopping. However, remember that there may be a tax while shopping at others’ towns.

Those who are not in a guild don’t have to worry either. Simply go to Aven and visit the Guild Manger Heldin to look up the Guild Town List and you can go sightseeing also!

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