Eden Eternal Bards Class Guide

Eden Eternal Bards Class Guide by av3ng3rbg

Basically I’m making this guide because from my observations 90% of the bards have no clue how to play their class and/or are doing major mistakes. Harsh? Not really, read on.

I. Bard description.
II. Skills and specifics.
III. Talents and builds.
IV. Gear.
V. Healing methods.
VI. AoE farming.
VII. PvP and battlefields.

I. Bard description.
The bard is probably the most versatile class in EE-it can heal, it can sustain an AoE dot, can buff better than most classes and can be built for a DPS. It’s also very tricky to play since it’s buffs are songs that have a rather low duration(improved by talens) and you need to heal/AoE depending on what you’re doing. All in all a very complicated class to play due to performing in 2-3 roles at a time and the short duration of its buffs.

II. Skills and specifics.

Support class skills

+NOTE: Some bard skills are missing, i’ll add them when I get home.

Earth Shock
Type: Nature
Cast time: 1.5s
Description: Deals MATK damage to a target and lowers it’s accuracy for a bit.

Useful earlier on(pre bard lv 25-30). The damage is honestly nothing special, but useful for the Vocal Bomb skill. Don’t even bother using it after bard lv 25-30(when you can AoE mobs and stay alive).

Type: Healing
Cast time: 2s
Description: Heals the target based on skill level.

Comment: Your bread and butter healing skill. It’s the primary healing you’ll be using earlier on and even later on. Level, you’ll need it badly.

Type: Nature
Cast time: Instant
Description: Deals MATK damage to surrounding enemies.

Comment: Note that this skill has no targeting, it automatically hits everything near you when cast. Overall, very rarely used, you can skip leveling it if u want. Although it’s useful for AoE farming, you’ll have plenty of things to cast anyway, matter of preference.

Type: Buff
Cast time: Instant
Duration: 8s
Description: Removes the oldest debuff on the target and reduces ALL damage taken by a fixed amount(based on level)

Comment: An essential skill. Not only does it remove a debuff which could kill someone in a dungeon, but it also reduces damage taken. Note that atm it’s bugged. If you hover over your description and the one on the target when the buff is up, the one on the target is the accurate one. Level it, you’ll need it.

Type: Buff
Cast time: 5s
Description: Revives a dead target with fixed % of HP and MP based on skill level. Cannot be used in combat.

Viable, necessary, maybe. You can level it if you want, actually it’s recommended you do, but since it can’t be casted in combat, it’s not a battle revive, i.e. the target won’t be killed again even with 1% hp unless something pops up. Matter of preference.

Bard skills All bard skills require a Guitar equipped.

Vocal Bomb
Type: Fire
Cast time: Instant
Description: Deals fire element MATK dmg to a single target. 25% to knockdown the target if it’s under Earth Shock’s debuff.

Comment: Pretty useful earlier on and even later on if the target has earth shock on it, only. You won’t be using it too often, if at all, after 25-30 tho, level it earlier on, drop it at about skill level 30. One of the 2 skills, along with earth shock, that actually take your MATK and crits into account, everything else is fixed amounts.

Demonic Symphony
Type: Buff
Cast time: 2s
Duration: 12s
Description: Increases the MATK of all party members.

Comment: Pretty useless in its current state. Why? The buff amount is much too low for any mage or cleric to make due, around 100+ at skill level 30. When a mage has over 7k MATK, maybe more, 100 means nothing. Level it if u want, but u’ll stop leveling it for more important buffs anyway since points aren’t enough after about lv 30-35.

War Rhyme
Type: Buff
Cast time: 2s
Duration: 12s
Description: Increases the PATK of all party members.

Same as Demonic Symphony, 100% alike.

Song Of Illusion
Type: Buff
Cast time: 2s
Duration: 12s
Description: Increases the PDef and Eva of all party members.

The best def buff in the game, it keeps people from dropping. At around skill lv 37-8 it gives about 130-150 evasion and 1.7k(you’re reading it right) PDef. Level it, a must.

Poem of Wind
Type: Buff
Cast time: 1.5s
Duration: 15min
Description: Increases the target’s base MSPD by 10%.

Comment: You get it for free, pretty handy when traveling or even when fighting. I keep forgetting to use it constantly, tho that’s another story.

Burning Metal
Type: Fire
Cast time: Instant, targeted
Duration: 12s
Description: Inflicts fire DoT damage to the enemies in the area and lowers their def. Stack up to 3 times.

Comment: Your AoE bread and butter. Level it, worship it, this is one of the 2 skills that make the bard an AoE king/queen. The damage is fixed, not influenced by MATK.

Music of Life
Type: Healing/Buff
Cast time: 2s
Duration: 12s
Description: Heals each party member by a fixed amount every second, stacks up to 3 times.

Comment: This skill will make the cleric’s HoT look like a joke. It’s also the second skill that makes the bard class the AoE king/queen. This keeps people from dropping in dungeons and keep you alive during farming/questing. Level it, mandatory.

Spirited Melody
Cast time: 2s
Duration: 12s
Description: Increases party members’ crit and m-crit rates.

A buff that is essential. While the bonus may not seem like much, it actually boosts your guys’ DPS by a good amount due to the more frequent crits. You’ll need this.

Class skills priority:
+Music of Life
+Song of Illusion
+Burning Metal
+Spirited Melody
+Vocal Bomb
+Demonic Symphony/War rhyme

Support tree skills priority:
+Earth Shock

III. Talents(knowledge points) and builds.

This is what the bard knowledge(from now on referred as talent) tree looks like.

Music Theory – Increases Cast Speed by 1% per level. Max 20.

Soothing Chords – When using Music of Life, HP Regen +10% per second & duration +2 seconds. Max 1. Requires 5 points in Music Theory.

Folklore – M-Crit DMG +2% per level. Max 20.

Moving Peformance – Spirited Melody’s duration +1 second per level. Max 10. Requires 10 points in Folklore.

Solemn Music – When using Holy Concerto, G-Healing & P-Healing bonuses +20%, duration +2 seconds. Max 1. Requires 35 knowledge points spent.

Musical Knowledge – M-Crit Rate +1% per level. Max 20.

High Pitch – DMG from Vocal Bomb +2% per level. Max 5. Requires 5 points into Musical Knowledge.

Composing – ACC +2% per level. Max 20.

Conductor – All Magic +2% per level. Max 5. Requires 25 knowledge points spent.(all around boost)

Marching Song – War Rhyme’s duration +2 seconds per level. Max 5. Requires points into Conductor.

Folk Music – Max MP +2% per level. Max 5.

Blues – When using Demonic Symphony, M-ATK DMG bonus +20%, duration +2 seconds. Max 1. Requires 10 points into Folk Music.

Lyrics & Poetry – G-Healing +1% per level. Max 20.

Guitar Tuning – When equipped with a guitar, ATK & M-ATK +1% per level. Max 20.

Heavy Metal – When using Burning Metal, Fire DMG per second and DEF penalty +10%. Max 1. Requires points in Guitar Tuning

Moody Style – Song of Illusion’s duration +1 second per level. Max 10. Requires 25 knowledge points spent.

Pop Style – Musical Encouragement’s duration +1 second per level. Max 10.

Some numbers are out of my *** literally since I’m not at home and don’t have access to the game, will edit the mistakes and add the missing skills tomorrow. To be continued…

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