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Champions Online Tips by Nelinaa

Crafting Info

  • The items to buy some crafting recipes (such as Slight Insights) are acquired by deconstructing equipment (maybe only 5 star items?) – Tagax
  • How do I deconstruct items? – Researching the items while at the crafting table. Click on the “research” tab and it will deconstruct the item. Can’t do it to everything, but only things from your area. For example Science can only research science. – LotusOne
  • More crafting info (Link to Post) – noctis
  • Even more crafting info (Link to Post) – Barumpus
  • And more crafting info (Link to Post) – Pawn79
  • for researching it’s sometimes good to look for rewards that, if you know you don’t need any of them, are the same field your crafting, that way you can just break it down right away. – Rogman
  • Crafting Skill cap – once you reach cap at each 100 buy a lvl cap raise from the vendor – kllrjatt
  • Do the first crafting quest from any vendor, even if you don’t plan to craft. You need the item to finish the first ‘series’. While you are at it, make three extra small bags, you can hold 12 more items in your inventory for next to no cost. – Teksun


  • When you´re out of quests or just want a tip where to go. Open your Journal (hotkey J) and press crime computer. It shows you available questgivers. – pye088j
  • Click the flashies! – Sarielle
  • The Police Station is north of City hall. – Aurgelmir
  • You can sell stuff to people that has a blue globe icon over their head, open the store and click the “Sell tab”. Do not sell items that is in you crafting school, experiment on them! – Aurgelmir
  • Don’t just tap your travel power. If you have time, charge it up. You then enter travel at full speed, instead of having to wait for the speed increases. (Only certain travel powers) – Jdoki
  • Save random citizens and they might offer you a timed mission. – Lushas
  • The bank and the market (auction house) are in the buildings around the Renaissance Center (on the west side). – noctis
  • You can transfer items to your alts by sending a mail to yourself, using a UNITY terminal. There’s one at the dropship in the desert and Canada, and several at the Renessaince Center in Millennium City.
  • Remember to collect your reward after a public mission. Look for the ‘public mission icon’ in the actual world which you can click. – MrTomas
  • If you’re flying slow, land and full charge your travel power to get to max speed quicker. – CtrlFrk
  • When Teleporting angle yourself slightly up so you can take in account of the slight drop you will take between TPs. – Harbringer
  • Pressing Space Bar and nothing else flies straight up. – Harbringer
  • Check your inventory frequently. You will sometimes get an item that opens a new quest or quest line. It’s sad to see a quest available that you never saw and is now grey. – Teksun
  • Don’t know if this was mentioned yet, but you can *really* use crafting to your advantage by simply picking up the various nodes around the world. Each one gives a specific buff. Science nodes give a heal over time, mystic nodes give energy over time, and arms nodes give a damage boost. – Terranum

Building a Champion (Character generation/design}

  • Pick a nice Block power. Look at all of them as many do different things(Such as adding energy, or giving a bonus to the next attack & returning damage to the mob) Don’t forget you need to replace your old block as it doesn’t always “auto place” it over your initial blocking power. – Rogman
  • Get a power that can help keep you alive, and get it early. (Full post) – Zeris00x
  • You can change the default look of the weapons you use (guns, swords, etc.) by going to a tailor (NPCs with the Mask icon over them). – Ghartan
  • if you’re unsure what travel power to pick, go with flight. It’s your safest bet. Try testing anything else in the powerhouse to see if it suits you. – Xiru
  • Pet Health – If only I knew how important presence was to my build 10 levels ago. – JohnnyV
  • Importance of Roles/Builds (Link to Post) – Issmir
  • When buying new powers etc in the Powerhouse, make sure you test them. That way if you don’t like the new power you can Respec it for FREE and choose something else, as long as you don’t leave the Powerhouse building. – Jdoki
  • Changing a power’s emanation point – click on the Champions “C” on the mini-map, select Powers, and the powers that will allow you to change emanation points will have a drop-down menu to the right of the power’s name, right under the color box. – Aidalyn
  • If a power seems useless on paper, try it out. They might have a surprising advantage like instant cast, no cooldown, or no energy cost. – MrTomas
  • Look at what upgrades travel powers can give you. IE Swinging has an upgrade called “Flippin'” That will increase your dodge if Swinging is enabled. Real good for those that also take Lightning Reflexes Passive. – AraneaeFatalis
  • Be aware of coupling the correct research (Mysticism, Arms, Science) for your specific powers. (specifically the stats the items increase) (Link to Post) – Harbringer
  • Be sure to save your costume when you are playing in the editor, as you might want to rebuild your powers, change names, etc and this saves you time on rebuilding. – DocSteel

Combat Tips

  • Even if you’re in the middle of charging an attack, if you see your enemy’s about to use a nuke or hold power, drop what you’re doing and block. It can really mean the difference between life and death. – Xiru
  • Difficulty of mobs, from easy to hard: Henchman, Villain, Master Villain, Super Villain, Legendary, Cosmic – Neberu/Keevi
  • You can buy consumable heals next to the tailor in the desert. They cost just 9 resources each and go in stacks of 4. – MrTomas (Maybe taken out of game at launch? – Need confirmation)
  • Some items have an activated ability. The “Gunslinger’s Legacy” reward you get from the cowboy ghost town is a 6-shooter that fires around 10 shots in a large AOE. – MrTomas
  • You can toggle your auto attack to always on by going to options>controls. I found it helpful for melee as when you are surrounded you don’t have to worry about your auto attack stopping when you switch targets. – Pawn79
  • Melee auto-attacks come with a ‘ranged aggro’ I think its called “Marked” or “Marking”. So basically you can target a mob from farther away and use your Melee Energy Builder to gain aggro from out of melee range. This was put in balance out the fact that ranged can start getting energy from, well.. Range.. – AraneaeFatalis
  • In PvP select a Teammate and press ‘V’. Now you will shoot at his target and together you might kill someone. Also useful in hard fights. – Harbringer
  • Standard enemy Health Bars are segmented. Henchmen have 1 segment, Villains have 2 segments, etc. These segments are all the same. So if you do 20% of a Henchman’s health in one attack, that same attack will do 20% of one of the Villain’s segments, too. – Acrizer
    Tips on Martial Arts Focus powers – linked by MrEkhof
    Tips on Telekinesis Blade – linked by MrEkhof
    Understanding Passive Defense – linked by MrEkhof
    When you do purchase your Block power (as everyone suggests), do not assume that it replaces your current Block. You will have to move that power to your Shift key (or whatever you have to bound to). – Kulideous
  • Good tips on using Line of Sight and the terrain during combat are in this post. – Jure

General Tips & Outside the Game

  • You can email people in game from the CO website as long as you know their name! – Nelinaa
  • Type /socialmedia in game at the console to access the ability to post in-game events to your Twitter and/or Facebook account. Beware of game spam and be mindful of your audience!
  • You can change your Forum avatar to be an actual shot of one of your in-game heroes. Change it here! – Nelinaa
  • I had a problem with the size of the words on my screen…..I found myself squinting to read the tiny letters. I found that u can click the UI size under Controls in options and enlarge the size of the UI items on the screen, including the tiny words. – garyst6
  • Tips on using the Auction House – MrTomas

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