Champions Online Super Stats Guide

Champions Online Super Stats Guide by RynoHound

In Champions Online, You have two types of Stats. One are Static Stats and the other is Super Stats. Static Stats are what they are. They can be raised through Characteristics, Talents and Gear. On the Other hand, there are Super Stats. Super Stats are not only what make you a Super Hero, but also grow with you as you level!

You get two Super Stats over the course of your career as a Hero in Champions Online. Your First Super Stat comes at Level 5, and your second comes at 13. And in other good news, you don’t need to worry about “which to take when.” Your second Super stat will instantly catch up to your first and match it at it’s base, upon being picked.

Another thing that sets Champions apart from all other MMOs is that
ALL DAMAGE you deal is based off of your Super Stats.

No more “Strength Controls Melee Damage, Dex is Ranged, Int is Magic, Ego is psionic” No! Forget everything you learned! ALL DAMAGE, Melee, Ranged, Elemental, Crushing, it doesn’t matter the type or origin of the Damage, Your Super Stats just straight up affect all damage you deal.

Which two Super Stats you choose can completely change how your character plays, so it’s best to know what Stats do, What they work for and How you’d like to use them. A good example is with Super Strength. At High end you can insta-lift a Tank, but if you don’t have invuln or alot of powers with Knockback, you are pretty much wasting that stat. So let’s get to it shall we?


  • Controls: Buffs Melee Damage, Knockback, Knock-Up, Pull-To. Also increases Resistance to Knockback, Knock Up, Knock-Down, Pull-To and Resistance to Physical Holds.
  • Special: Allows you to lift Heavier Objects with Higher Strength.Instant lift if Strength is significantly higher than object’s WeightClass
  • Defensive Benefits: Invulnerability. Raises the Damage Threshold of Invulnerability
  • Works Best For: Characters who are Might, Knock-back or Melee Based, and/or Have Invulnerability.
  • Superheroes who have this: The Hulk, Superman, Colossus, Juggernaut, Gladiator, Gambit (mechanically speaking)


  • Controls: Max Health
  • Defensive Benefits: Invulnerability, Defiance, Lightning Reflexes, and Regeneration. Raises Damage Resistance from Invulnerability and Defiance. Also With Defiance, more health means more stacks of Defiance. With Regeneration and Lightning Reflexes, It means more Health to Beat through.
  • Works Best For: Tanks, Scrappers, people who like soloing
  • Superheroes who have this: The Hulk, Sabertooth, Juggernaught, Colossus, Captain America, Gladiator


  • Controls: Critical Hit Chance
  • Special: Increases Power of Stealth Power
  • Defensive Benefits: Lightning Reflexes. Raises both Dodge % and Avoidance Amount (Avoidance is a flat number subtracted from all damage you take)
  • Works Best For: Ninjas, Snipers, People who are Sneaky, or Like Crits and/or High DPS
  • Superheroes who have this: Spiderman, Nightcrawler, Deadpool, Beast, The Flash, Elastic man, Snake Eyes


  • Controls: Critical Hit Severity, Resistance to Magical, Elemental and Psionic Holds
  • Special: With Telekenethesis Power, Allows you to lift Heavier Objects with Higher Ego. Instant lift if Ego is significantly higher than object’s WeightClass
  • Defensive Benefits: Personal Force Field. Hastens Regeneration Rate of Personal Force Field.
  • Works Best For: People who love TK, have “High Willpower” and/or People who like Big Numbers
  • Superheroes who have this: Captain America, Gladiator, Phoenix, Jean Gray, Spiderman, Bishop, Gambit, Cable, Deadpool


  • Controls: Endurance Cost of Powers, Hastens Cooldown Time of Powers, Pet Damage, Perception
  • Special: Increased levels of Perception counters Increased levels of Stealth
  • Works Best For: Support Characters (DPS, Buffing, Debuffing and Healing), Well-Rounded Characters, Power Armor-based Characters, Inventions-based Characters, People who like to solo.
  • Superheroes who have this: Proffessor X, Beast, Doc Sampson, Tony Starke / Ironman, Batman, Nick Fury


  • Controls: Threat Rating, Healing Power, Pet Health
  • Defensive Benefits: Regeneration. Increases the amount of Health you tick back per second
  • Works Best For: Tanks, Healers, Regeneration-based characters
  • Superheroes who have this: Gladiator, Captain America, Jean Gray, Nick Fury, Superman, Thor


  • Controls: Max Endurance, Endurance Generation
  • Defensive Benefits: Personal Force Field. Increases the Phantom Health Granted by Personal Force Field
  • Works Best For: Support DPS, Power Armor, Elemental / Ego, Munitions, people who like Substained DPS-based Characters, Characters who anticipate having alot of large attacks that consume alot of endurance.
  • Superheroes who have this: War Machine, Havok, Goku, Cable


  • Controls: Equilibrium Point, Slows Energy Decay to equilibrium, Increases Recovery to Equilibrium, Increases Endurance Generated per attack
  • Works Best for: Support DPS, Support Healing
  • Superheroes who have this: Magneto, Wolverine, Sabertooth, Slap Stick, Snake Eyes

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