Champions Online Innate Stats Guide

Champions Online Innate Stats Guide by MrEkhof

here is a newbie friendly stat guide I’ve created, there is no new info in it,but I can’t imagine my life without it:


There are infos here from various guides: Sarion, Prime-8, Ghost_Hound, also Ghost_Hound, Rune
Thanks for these guys

Are the effects of the stats correct? Is there any more? Please help!

These STAT benefits are the same for everyone, regardless of Powers or Superstats.

In this game Framework means group or category, it only describes which panel you can select it from
at power selection. It does not have to do anything with stats, apart from a few exceptions
where it is noted. Also staying in 1 framework makes it easier to get access to higher
Tier powers in the same framework, but that rarely means actually better power,
most of the time you can select an equally interesting or useful power from
another framework on the same Tier.

O/B pps = Can be slotted in an Offensive or Balanced passive power slot (Slotted Passive)
D/B pps= Can be slotted in an Defensive or Balanced passive power slot (Slotted Passive)
B = Blocking power
DoT = Damage over Time
EB = Energy Building Power, You can only take one.
RD = Ranged Damage Power
CC = Close Combat Power
SDF = Self Damage Buff
IP = Innate Passive, this power does not need to be slotted in order to function (it is always on)
PU/T = Pick Up and Throw
(=> +STAT) = this STAT also have a role when this power is in effect
(/+STAT) = HUGELY recommended STAT by players instead of base Framework STAT
(Framework) = In this game NOT IMPORTANT, apart from Munitions(only for Killer Instinct power) and for faster Tier advancing, (not really important as at level 40 you will have 36 power points and in 1 Framework there is only 10-15 powers which you will not use the half of it anyway from the same Framework as they are not all too exciting or useful for you)
Still don’t over do this infinitely, and be careful (as always, lol), although from level 26 you can choose any power from any framework. (Confirmation?)

Don’t forget, any of the pps (although you can have as many as you want) you can use only one at a time!

1. Strength – (Might(+CON), Power Armour(+INT), Martial Arts(+DEX)) “Physical Melee + Pick Up Items”

* Increases Knockback strength for ALL powers that have knockback effect.
* Increases resistance to Knockback.
* Increases ability to break from tangible holds.
* Increases melee damage (excluding Ego Blades, but including Laser Sword).
* Increases the weight that can be lifted by “Pickup and Throw” ability.
* In Invulnerability (D/B pps), it resist all damage from attacks based on your STR, maxed out complete damage resisting about 100-ish from each damage. Perfect against many small hits. (Power
Armor), (=> +CON)
* Using Enrage(SDF) each stack of Enraged increases all damage dealt for a short time. (Might) Does this work on its own without Invulnerability?

2. Constitution – (Might(+STR), Telekinesis(+EGO/+END), Darkness(+END), Supernatural(+REC))

* Increases hitpoints.
* In Invulnerability (D/B pps) after the initial damage reduction the damage is reduced further,
based on CON. Perfect against many small hits. (Power Armor), (=> +STR)
* In Ego Form (O/B pps), it reduces all incoming physical damage. (Telekinesis), (=> +END)
* In Defiance (D/B pps), it increases defense gained at each of its 3 stacks. Works well with Enrage power. Irrelevant to CON, using Defiance converts damage to energy. Confirm? (Might)
* In Regeneration(D/B pps) Regeneration heals based on total hitpoints, so higher Con indirectly improves Regeneration. Weak at the start of a fight, but gets stronger in power as a character continually takes damage. Supernatural Framework has a “Health Surge” power, which is a strong self heal that can seriously save your butt as a panic button, but using it resets your regeneration’s efefctiveness as it was at the beginning of the start. (Supernatural)(+REC)
* Resurgence(Self Heal) Increases healing per pulse from Regeneration as if you had just taken a significant amount of damage. Without Regen slotted it works as an instant heal only. (Supernatural)Amount of instant heal if no Regen slotted? Is CON play any part if no Regen slotted?

3. Ego – (Force(+END), Munitions(+DEX), Telekinesis(+CON), Telepathy(+Presence)) “For High Crit and Telekinesis-Power/Ego Form”

* Increases critical strike damage.
* Increases ability to break from intangible holds.
* Ego does NOT universally improve the strength or duration of holds. Dev comment.
* In Personal Force Field (D/B pps) slowly regens the amount of damage. The speed of the regen
scales with your EGO. (Force), (=> +END)
* In Killer Instinct (IP) the amount of energy returned scales with EGO.
(Works ONLY with Munitions), (=> Activation based on DEX)
* Using Telekinesis power (PU/T) it increases the size of objects that can be lifted and damage
done by throwing instead of of STR. (Telekinesis, but any build using this power benefits the same way)
After the 04-Sept-2009 test server patch:
* In Ego Form (O/B pps) an additional damage increase for Id Blade attacks scales with your EGO.
(Telekinesis), ( => +CON)
* In Ego Surge(Self Damage Buff) the damage increase for Id Blade attacks scales with your EGO. (Telekinesis)
* All Ego Blade Attacks (CC) Damage dealt by Id Blades scales based on your EGO. (Telekinesis)

4. Recovery – (Electricity(+END), Fire(+PRE), Ice(+DEX), Supernatural(+CON))

* Increases Energy Equilibrium
* Increases Energy gained from Energy Building attacks.
* In Electric Form (O/B pps), it increases your resistance to all energy effects and greatly
increases your resistance to electricity effects. (Electricity), (=> +END)
* In Fiery Form (O/B pps), it increases your resistance to all elemental effects and greatly
increases your resistance to fire effects. (Fire), (=> +PRE)
* In Regeneration(D/B pps) it improves the regeneration rate, confirmed by a developer on 2nd of Sept ’09 (Supernatural) (+CON)

5. Dexterity – (Ice(+REC), Archery(+INT), Munitions(+EGO), Martial Arts(+STR)) “The Often Crit Hit”

* Increases critical strike chance.
* Increases effectiveness of stealth powers.
* In Ice Form (O/B pps) it increases your resistance to all elemental effects and greatly increases
your resistance to ice effects. (Ice), (=> +END)
* Holdout Pistol (RD) deals 100% increased damage with a critical hit (Munitions)
* Killer Instinct (IP) returns energy each time you land a critical hit with a munitions power.
(Works ONLY with Munitions), (=> +DEX)
* Lightning Reflexes (D/B pps) Increases dodge and avoidance scaled by your DEX. Good against Boss and charged attacks much less effective against the small fast attacks. (Martial Arts)

6. Intelligence – (Archery(+DEX), Gadgeter(+END), Power Armour(+STR), Sorcery(+PRE)) “Energy Maintaining Builds and Summoners”

* Reduces Energy costs.
* Reduces cooldown times.
* Increases Pet damage.
* Increases stealth detection.

7. Presence – (Fire(+REC), Telepathy(+EGO), Sorcery(+INT)) “The Healer”

* Increases threat in Defensive role.
* Decreases threat in Offensive and Support roles.
* Increases Pet health.
* Increases Healing and Buffing effects.
* In Fiery Form (O/B pps) it increases all of your elemental (fire, ice, toxic) damage.(Fire), (=> +REC)
* Empathic Healing(Maintained healing) Continuously heals target while maintained. If there is no target, you will heal yourself. Scales with your PRE.(Telepathy)
* Psionic Healing (Charged Healing). If there is no target, you will heal yourself. Scales with your PRE.(Telepathy)
* Mindful Reinforcement (Damage Shielding Power) Your target will absorb damage into self healing. (Telepathy)
* Ego Sprites with Advantage Slave Mentality (Close Area Effect Ego DoT) Ego Sprites will return to you after damaging the enemy and heal you for a short time. Source: Scales with PRE. Confirmation? (Telepathy)

8. Endurance – (Electricity(+REC), Force(+EGO), Gadgeter(+INT), Darkness(+CON)) “Ego Blade user”

* Increases maximum Energy.
* Increases Energy gained by Energy Building attacks.
* In Electricity Form (O/B pps), it increases all of your energy (electricity, sonic, particle) damage.
(Electricity), (=> +REC)
* Personal Force Field (D/B pps) absorbs an amount of damage from each attack that hits you.
The amount absorbed scales with your END. PFF make you very tough at the start of a fight, but weaker and far less tough as a fight drags on, but Field Surge Power counteracts this weakness. The Force Bolt advantage Energy Refraction gives a 10% change to proc a 100 strength Field refresh, and it will give you this even in offence role for up to 12 secs. Confirmation? (Force), (=> +EGO)
* In Ice Form (O/B pps), it increases all of your elemental (fire, ice, toxic) damage. (Ice), (=> +DEX)

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