Battlestar Galactica Online New Player’s Guide

Battlestar Galactica Online New Player’s Guide by jdog11490

CHOOSE YOUR SIDE: There are two factions on BGO, Colonials and Cylons. Colonials are humans who created the Cylons, robotic humanoids. The Cylons have turned on there creaters. Now these two factions are in a epic battle for supreme dominance and survival. Choose to fight for all man kind or fight for the fall of all humankind. The company with the least amount of players gets a bonus of Exp for a certain amount of time depending on the amount of players on the server.

The main objective of the game is to control all of the systems and defeat the opposing faction. While leveling up, upgrading, fighting NPCs, mining ,and a never ending stream of pvp battles.

This is for new players and high lv players both. There will always be a person with a higher(unless your #1) or lower lv then you. Play with honor. Don’t steal mines from other players on the same faction as you. Share npcs there is enough to go around if not in one system then there is in another system.There are always rude players no matter what don’t return the favor. Be the mature one and let it go.

To the high lv players:
Remember that you where once a new player before you got the advanced line with upgrades up the wazoo. remember how hard it was to start playing a new game and get used to it. The new players that are under you are havening the same difficulty’s so be nice if they ask for help. Dont make a remark about them being noobs and that they need to do it them selfs. You don’t have to help them every time but remember its the nice thing to do. If you cant help them politely tell them you cant.

To the new players:
The high lvs are not being rude if they politely decline they have missions and need resources just like you that they need to do to keep there ships going they may be saving stuff to help defend your factions maps. So be nice if you get declined there will be some one you can get help from. don’t bug the higher lvs all the time. Some times you need to step out of the nest and learn to fly.

The DRADIS is your ship’s radar you can find it at the bottom center of the your screen it looks like a red/blue circle, it will show you enemy ships, friendly ships, debris fields, planetoids, and asteroids that are in range of your ships radar. On the left of the radar there are two buttons one that looks like a world and one that looks like a grid map.

The world button is your sector map and tool to be able to go to other systems by FTL Jumping, the only way to travel from one system to another (Pressing ‘N’ wil open your sector map). You cant fly from one system to another. Select a destination in your Red FTL range and press jump or ‘J’

The grid map icon shows you the system’s map that you are in. Through this you can see asteroid belts ( big long lines and groups and other formations of asteroids) in the form of dots. You can also see enemies as red triangles, friendly ships which are blue triangles and drones and platforms show as grey triangles. Bigger ships like lines show up as 3 small triangles in a pyramid, and you can see the planetoids (the huge asteroids used for industrial mining). They are shaped like a hexagon, and if some one is mining on them a 3 yellow dots in a close line will be a top of the hexagon. You can also use the grid map as a targeting devise by right clicking on the object you want to target.

The bar on the left of the radar shows your fuel/money amount which is how much tylium you have. When you have 20,000 tylium or more the bar will say at the top FULL (instead of showing a number).On the right of your radar is speed bar. To move forward you can drag the throttle bar up or down with left click to go faster (press ‘E’) or slower (press ‘Q’). You can also use the arrows at the top and bottom to change your speed.

Next to the speed bar there are 3 buttons the top one has the icon of 2 ships back to back this is the follow friend button use it when you have a lock on a friendly ship (press ‘Y’). The next has a icon of 2 ships side by side this is the match speed (press ‘T’) of a friendly ship that you are locked on. Under that is the booster button it looks like a side ways triangle with jagged flames. There is two ways to use your booster by clicking on the button or by pressing and holding the spacebar.

Under the radar are three target hexagons. The blue icon on the far left is for automatically targeting the nearest colonial (enemy for cylon) ship. The red icon on the far right will automatically target the nearest cylon (enemy for colonial) in range. Pressing ‘X’ will target your neares enemy. The center icon will cancel your selected target or by pressing ‘C’. At the bottom of the screen it a long bar that fills up when you get EP this is the level bar it tells you how much EP you have and how much you need for the next Lvl. On the bottom right shows you your ship with your equipped cannons and rocket launchers clickable to disarm or arm. On the weapons there are arrows, they are numbered for using the hotkeys (Eg, weapon 1 = press ‘1’ on keyboard). And under this are your electronic and computer items that you can use by clicking on them (Hold shift + the abilty slot). These use power every time you uses them.

The top left corner is your icon showing your username, level, the red bar is the ships hp and the blue bar is your power points watch your hp and power during battle to see when you need to get out of there. So you don’t pop. In the top middle you will see the name of the system you are in and what the percentage of the outpost is at from 0-300%. When you have something targeted it will appear under the name of the system and show the name of the object and its hp and power if it has any, and the distance from you. The Level display of the currently selected target is color-coded according to the reward scaling system:
If the Level number is WHITE, you will receive full XP and loot from defeating the target
If the Level number is YELLOW, you will receive reduced XP and loot from defeating the target
If the Level number is GREY, you will receive no XP or loot if the target is an NPC, or the minimum XP and loot (20%) if the target is an enemy player

On the top right of your screen you have 4 different camera modes to view game play and buttons to zoom in and out on your ship. To the right of those are the help, wing, hold, pilot info, leader board, options. message log, log out, system map, and buy cubits.

When you completed the tutorial or if you skipped it( don’t skip it is the best way to learn how to play and you get EP for things done in it!!) you get to create your character. The first step is you get to choose a name for your self but make a good long hard decision on your because you cant change it. And please don’t use any vulgar or offensive names because you might get in trouble. The second step is you get to change your character’s appearance and sex. But only this one time so you are that way for now. The last step is to choose your ship out of the 2 basic ships a Viper MK II interceptor class ship or a Raptor command class ship. The Viper has less computer modules but is faster and has more hull slots. The Raptor ship isn’t as fast but has more slots for computer modules. After you have finished creating your character you are transferred to your faction’s home ship the Galactica for humans (Colonial), and the Basestar for Cylon.

W: up S: down D: right A: left or you can use the right mouse to steer and the left to look. [SHIFT]+ mouse wheel: Ship throttle speed Q: stop E: full speed spacebar: boost speed (uses tylium/ in op makes u run) K: stop jump X: target closes enemy Z: targets nearest missile C: cancel target G: turn all guns on/off F: fire all missiles U: take all salvage

H: help I: pilot info O: options L: leader board B: wing roster N: system navigation M: system map A + shift: assignments D + shift: duty’s Z: skills S: ship status R + shift: in flight resupply H + shift: help =: increases speed -: decreases speed R: reply to whisper

Global and Localized Channels
The chat system now supports ‘Global’ and ‘Localized’ versions of the Fleet, System and Open chat channels. Global versions of these channels are restricted to English, as before
Localized versions of channels allow players to chat in other languages, according to the client language selected from the drop-down in the upper-right of the game website (where you login to the game) A small icon in the chat entry field shows which channel you are currently using for chat – clicking this icon will switch between the Global (represented by a globe icon) and Localized (represented by a flag of the appropriate nationality) channels
You can filter your chat window to display only Global, only Localized or both channels via small icons to the lower right of the chat window. There are now small icons to the left of the chat window that act as shortcuts for sending a message to the Fleet, System, Open and Whisper channels (note that these icons will automatically switch between the Global and Localized versions of these channels, according to which you have chosen to use via the icon in the chat entry field).

/o OR /open, switches chat to open in which all messages you type in a specific sector can be heard by enemy and friendly pilots in that sector
/f OR /fleet, used to send a fleet message, uses up one Comm Access item.
/w OR /whisper NAME TEXT, used to send a message to a certain player.
/m OR /mute NAME, mutes another player
/I OR /invite NAME, used to invite another player to a party
/h OR /HELP, shows chat help

-Do the tutorials missions!! And read the tutorials help messages!!
-Enemy’s are red friendly’s are blue for colonials and vice-versa for cylons.
– Enemies can not come on your home map
-NPCs enemies only have a avatar of the ship and ship name instead of a avatar of a person and a user name.
– You do not get damaged when you run into things whether it’s a asteroid or ship you just lose speed and bounce off backwards
-On the outpost ships and colonial and Cylon home maps the people with the coins above there heads are the people you are supposed to talk to.
-On the jump map blue is colonial controlled systems red is Cylon controlled systems.
– 3 red/or blue dots on a system are industrial mines some one laid
– Don’t use cubits on anything other then ships or upgrading ships. Because it’s a very rare and valuable type of money.
-Don’t upgrade raider/ mk 2 at this time not worth it save the extra for the mk7/war raider
– Docking while under attack is a good maneuver if you can not beat the enemy . But only if your close enough to the outpost ship. Other wise try to find friendly ships to help.
– Before you mine make sure you have your regular cannons unarmed
– Always keep track of where you going using your radar
-You can only heal out of combat unless you have DC packs that cost tylium every time you use them but repairs damage during battle.
– Be sure to know if you shot the NPC/asteroid/or enemy player first if you did not shoot it first you will not get anything for popping it. but if they stop shooting it 20 seconds then you can get the rewards for shooting it down.

So you can understand what some one is saying without having to ask what they mean.
-DEV: developer
– EP/XP: experience points
-FTL: faster then light
-Flax- a hull item that shoots out stuff to have missles miss you
– Farm: to stay in one spot for a long time and either be collecting a certain resource or shooting NPCs that come by or spawn next to you or that spot.
– Grind: to be actively shooting NPCs and mining a lot to level up.
– HP: hull points
– Lvl/LV: level
– Mod/ CM: forum/chat moderator.
– MMO: massive multiplayer online-
-NPCs/AI: a computer controlled enemy or friendly, Non player character
-NUGGET: new player (noob/ newbie)
– OP : outpost
-PVP: player vs. player ( when someone say pvp on map there saying enemy is here)
-WING: is a clan and clan members are know as wing members

You have to get a certain amount of experience points for each level. You get experience points from completing missions, mining (50-100 ep ONLY) and defeating enemy NPCs (100 ep+) and enemy players in PVP battles. The harder it is the more experience you get (depending on the map you are in).

1 – 0 (Nugget – Optio v1.0)
2 – 1000 (Rookie / Optio v1.1)
3 – 4000 (Junior Ensign / Optio v1.2)
4 – 9000 (Ensign 3rd Class / Upgraded Optio v2.0)
5 – 16000 (Ensign 2nd Class / Upgraded Optio v2.1)
6 – 25000 (Ensign 1st Class / Upgraded Optio v2.2)
7 – 36000 (Senior Ensign 3rd Class / Enhanced Optio v3.0)
8 – 49000 (Senior Ensign 2nd Class / Enhanced Optio v3.1)
9 – 64000 (Senior Ensign 1st Class / Enhanced Optio v3.2)
10 – 81000 (Junior Lieutenant 3rd Class / Decurion v1.0)
11 – 100000 (Junior Lieutenant 2nd Class / Decurion v1.1)
12 – 121000 (Junior Lieutenant 1st Class / Decurion v1.2)
13 – 144000 (Lieutenant 3rd Class / Upgraded Decurion v2.0)
14 – 169000 (Lieutenant 2nd Class / Upgraded Decurion v2.1)
15 – 196000 (Lieutenant 1st Class / Upgraded Decurion v2.2)
16 – 225000 (Senior Lieutenant 3rd Class / Enhanced Decurion v3.0)
17 – 256000 (Senior Lieutenant 2nd Class / Enhanced Decurion v3.1)
18 – 289000 (Senior Lieutenant 1st Class / Enhanced Decurion v3.2)
19 – 324000 (First Lieutenant / Master Decurion v1.0)
20 – 361000 (Captain / Tribune v1.0)
Max Lv is 225

Click on the Galactica for humans (Colonial), or the Basestar for Cylon a button will appear saying Dock click it. To dock on a outpost ship click on it and when you are close enough (750 only ) a button will appear saying Dock click it. When inside you must wait 5 seconds to undock.

Go to the Galactica for humans (Colonial), and the Basestar for Cylon (go to the hanger for theses ships) or a outpost ship and talk to the person with a coin over there head and click them and then click buy sell equip button. Here u can buy stuff by clicking the requisition button to buy. At the top click Hold then click on the item you want to sell and click salvage and choose how much of the item you want to get rid of. If you change your mind click on the cancel button.

The locker gives you a safe spot to put your valued items in for safe keeping you will only have access to them when you are docked.

Go to the Galactica for humans (Colonial), and the Basestar for Cylon (go to the hanger for theses ships) or a outpost ship and talk to the person with a coin over there head and click them and then click the buy sell equip button. At the top click Hold. Drag the item from your hold and drop it onto its right spot whether it is a W: for Weapon C: for Computer H: for Hull E: for Engine (You can only use light equipment with light ships, so on and so forth)

On the left next to the radar is a button that has a icon of a world click it and it will open up to show all the systems. By left-clicking on a system a description will pop up. The description tells you information about how far the system is from your current one how much Tylium (fuel) it will take from you to jump. And the threat Lvl. Under the description if you are close enough there will be a JUMP button right click it and wait for the count down to finish.While you are in countdown mode you can not fight because all your ships power is being used for the jump. Pressing ‘K’ will cancel your FTL and recharge your power.
FTL drive charge times now vary according to the size of the ship, and the modifier to charge time when jumping while in combat has been increased:
Strike ships have a base ‘jump timer’ of 15 seconds (60 seconds when in combat)
Escort ships have a base ‘jump timer’ of 20 seconds (80 seconds when in combat)
Line ships have a base ‘jump timer’ of 25 seconds (100 seconds when in combat)
The Pegasus and Basestar have a base ‘jump timer’ of 30 seconds (120 seconds when in combat)

Make sure you have cannons equipped (long range, standard, or short range) and you have the right ammo to use. You can right click on a cannon to change ammo. If your cannons are not armed push G to arm your cannons. Your cannons are armed when they are lit up. To disarm them push G. (you can also click them if you want) Click on your target you want to shoot and when you get in range they will automatically fire you just have to keep the target in sight. When you have blown up the target you will get a reward click take to add it to your Hold.

Make sure you have your rocket launchers equipped (long rang or short range) and you have rockets to shoot. If your rockets are not armed click the rocket icon to arm them. Your rockets are armed when they are lit up. To disarm them click them again and the light goes out. Click on your target you want to shoot and when you get in range push F to fire your rockets or click on the rocket icon to shoot. When they have reloaded push again etc. you have to keep the target in sight. When you have blown up the target you will get a reward click take to add it to your Hold.

Travel to debris zones on any map where ships have been blown up and many search for a bluish (some say its drab gray) rectangular container box click it and click take to get the items. They are great for selling to get tylium. (look like a shipping container)

Click on the player and when the avatar shows up under the system name at the top of the screen right click it. It will give you a list to add as friends, follow, info, or invite. To dismiss a player from group click the avatar and click on the button that says dismiss. You can also give up leader ship to another or leave the group. If you have friends you can see the list of them on your pilot info window and can click there names to send whispers and mouse over there name to see what map they are in. (/i ‘name’ will invite a player to a squadron)

Make sure you have the right mining cannons equipped (light , medium, or heavy depending on your ship type. Noobs will have the Gopher cannon) and a scanner. You don’t need ammo for this cannon, but it is very weak if you use it agents enemies. Its made to mine not to fight with but you can use it during battles if you get attacked while mining. Make sure you have your all cannons disarmed click on a asteroid and click the scanner when you get a asteroid that has a color other then red and it tells you there is something in it you can arm your mining cannon not your regular cannons. Arm your mining cannon by clicking on it. Your cannon is armed when it is lit up. To disarm it click it again. Don’t worry another player cant see your asteroid change colors unless they are scanning it at the same time. If you both scan it at the same time whoever shoots it first gets the stuff. If you are in range (600 basic noob range) it will automatically fire you just have to keep the target in sight. When you have blown up the target you will get a reward click take to add it to your Hold.

if there is not a mining ship already on the planitoid. Go to it and when you are close scan it. If it shows it has any resource in it a prompt will appear asking if you want to lay a mining ship. It cost 100 cubits. BUT BE ALERT!! When you lay industrial mines NPCs and enemy players will come to steal the mine or blow it up so be ready to fight. It is a very dangerous but very profitable thing to do. don’t try to do it if you cant handle 2 NPCs at once.

This is needed when a group has added some other players to there group and want to have them get some of the stuff form the mine. So they have to let a npc pop the mine and retake it so that all members of the group can get some of the mine. It is normally told to everyone in chat to not mess with the mine or the npc attacking it. Play with honor Leave the mine and the npc alone and do not try to steal it. .

To resuply in space make sure u have tylium to buy what ever u need. Click the button that Looks like lots of cubits next to the dradis under the map button. Click the tab resuply. And scroll down to what u need. When you click the requisition button if you need more then one item like ammo click the spot where the number is and type in the amount needed. Click buy. And poof!! You just bought ammo out in space and didn’t have to go back to the OP.

If you can not take on 2 or more npcs at once do not attempt to do it alone. The freighters ‘light’ found in some of the low lv maps mainly strike craft /‘medium’ found in some of the medium lv maps strike and escorts/ ‘heavy’ found in the higher lv maps strikes, escorts, and lines. Each lights are easiest and heavy’s are the hardest to farm. The freighter will not attack you. The npcs that are with it follow the freighter behind it like drunks driving. Find the freighter and bring your group if needed and attack the npcs do not attack the freighter leave it be when the npcs that are following it are gone just follow the freighter. Do not attack it!! In a bit the npcs u just kilt will respawn behind the freighter. Shoot them and when they are all gone follow the freighter. Rinse and repeat. That my friend Is how u farm a freighter.
Tip section: don’t upgrade raider/ mk 2 at this time not worth it save the extra for the mk7/war raider

Push “o” on the keyboard or click the gear button on the top right side of the screen click the tab key bindings. Scroll threw the ones already set to see what is there if you want to change a key binding just click the tab next to it that has the current key used as the hot key and push the button you want it to be set as. If you messed up and want to change every thing back to normal just click the return to default tab at the bottom of the key binding window.

The sector control points are calculated from the factions number of outposts and active mining ships. It does not represent how many players are online.

To upgrade your ship you need to go to the system Delta Canopis (Colonial) or 47 Tartalon (Cylon).and dock onto the big ‘mining’ planet (not the basestar/pegasus ship) talk to the man/lady with the coin on his/her head click the talk about getting a new ship. You will have a new window open of all the ships giving detailed info of each one. click the icon of the ship you want to upgrade and then at the bottom left there will be a button to upgrade click it and it will ask you if your sure you want to click confirm.
To upgrade other equipment dock on the basestar/battlestar on your home map or any OP. talk to the person with the coin over there head to click on the buy /sell/ equip button. You will see you items u have equipped on your ship click on the button under one of them that says up grade when the new window opens click the right arrow to move it up a lv you want to upgrade it to. It will tell u how much it cost to upgrade click the upgrade button then the confirm button. You need to have skills trained in order to upgrade certion items. Ie: cannons, hulls, electronic, computers can only be upgraded as high as the skill lv you have.

You need to be docked on any OP or home map ship. Don’t sell your titanium right away keep it. You will need it to repair everything from ship to equipment and the bigger the ship and more damage there is you will need more titanium. It will be a relief to not have to worry about not having enough. Lower level equipment has low repair costs and higher level equipment has higher repair costs. If your ship drops below 20% durability there will be penalties until it’s repaired. If a piece of equipment drops to 0% it cant be used until repaired.

There are 3 different types of ammo standard ,15% + ,and 30 % + each costing more tylium and cubits as you go up from standard ammo to 30%. You may get ammo that you can not use from shooting down enemy ships. You can sell for tylium. All light ammo works for any light ships cannons whether they are long range standard or close rapid-fire, all medium ammo works for any medium ships cannons whether they are long range standard or close rapid-fire, all heavy ammo works for any heavy ships cannons whether they are long range standard or close rapid-fire.

First off you should always keep enough tylium on your ship or in your locker to get from map to map. If you find your self stranded with no tylium to jump there are 3 things you can do. Mine for tylium this may take a while. Shoot enemy NPCs and get stuff to sell, or search debris fields. Another is to be killed (lol) and you would have the choice to go to the next closet friendly held map.

When your ship gets blown up, your ship and the equipment will get a certain amount of damage done to it. If you don’t die but escape with low hp you will still get damage done to your hull just not as much as if you got killed. There is no EP or skill loss. At death there will be a window with the option to respawn in the current sector.

There are 4 Skill categories, Weapon, Hull, Engine and Computer.
Every time you gain experience points you get the same amount to use towards training a skill. You can only have one skill training at a time. The skills start at 500 experience points to train taking 15 min’s to complete you have to train the first top skill next to the category you want before you can train the sub categories under it as you train skills you also unlock the ability to upgrade certain equipment types. the skills will still continue to train if you log off. the effects of skills will happen as soon as you click train. you can not cancel training a skill so be careful and choose wisely.

Skills experience points needed to train with time
1: 500 ep 15 min
2: 2,000ep1hr
3: 4,500ep 2hrs 15 min.
4: 8,000ep 4hrs
5: 12,500ep 6 hrs 15 min
6: 18,000ep 9hrs
7:24,500ep 12hr 15min
8: 32,000ep 16hr
9: 40,500ep 20hr 15min
10: 50,000ep 25 hr

ABOUT LOGGING OUT: When in battle it will take 60 seconds to log out. When you are out in a system trying to log out you ship will turn off and sit still you can not run away while you try to log out anymore you will stay still untill the timer is gone and you are logged out or you were killt. when not in battle it is the standerd 20 seconds to log out when you are out in your ship. when you are docked you can automatically log out.

Under the icon indicator for enemies friends and asteroids will appear messages of what’s going on in other system if it has heavy fighting when a op is settled or has to retreat or when a mining ship is under attack.
When a enemy is close a the word Threat will blink above your dradis. If a missiles is shot at you. you will hear a bleeping noise and where the threat alert shows u will see a picture of a missile for each missile shot at u there will be one picture.
More detail for buttons.

Your ship has no maximum amount of resources it can carry so you can carry as much as you want on any ship from the smallest ship to the biggest.

– Yellow is tylium the main money used and is also used for your boosters (so don’t over use your boosters) and needed to jump from system to system. When you have at least 20,000 units of Tylium the fuel bar on your ship’s radar will show that it is full.
– Purple is titanium used for repairing your ship and other items on your ship it is better to not sell this.
– Blue Is water a very valuable resource. If you sell it you can get 1 cubit for 5 water.
– Red means the asteroid has nothing in it.
– Cubits are the game’s premium currency. You can get Cubits from killing NPCs, salvaging, completing missions, or by purchasing it with real money. Some items/ships can only be bought with cubits.

Optimal range is where the cannons will do the max amount of damage.
Max range is the maximum distance the cannons can shoot but as it gets farther away it decreases in accuracy.
So say your cannons can shoot a maximum 900 and the optimal is 300 and lets say your cannons can shoot 20 max and 10 minimum. At 0-300 you will be shooting 20. 301-900 depending on your skill upgrades you will be shooting from 10 minimum as you get farther away the less you have a chance of hitting your target and when you do it will not be your full strength costing more ammo.

Missions are to help you get to know the game and see where every thing is and how it all works. I know its crazy but you actually have to read the mission log to know what to do.(many people skip the reading because they don’t believe it is important) don’t just skip the text or you will be stuck wondering how to finish the quest. There are 2 types of missions the noob missions given to you by the commanding NPC character in the CIC room , and the daily missions given to you in the Rec Room. When you complete a fighting quest talk to the lady she will give you your rewards. When you complete a non-fighting quest talk to the male he will give you your rewards. See the quartermaster in the hanger for the fleet supply quest and daily supplies. As you complete daily missions and Lv up they will get harder but pay you more.
About daily missions:
-Supply Allocation: Where you get a bit of laser ammo, rockets, 1 com access, cubits , and tylium. From the quartermaster in the hangar of the main company ship on your home map. The Supply Allocation assignment now requires that a pilot complete their Intercept Enemy Patrols and Drone Clearance assignments in order to qualify for their additional supplies
-Intercept Enemy Patrols: Shoot down enemy NPC ships (not drones or platforms or other players)
-Disable Weapons Platforms: Shoot down weapons platforms you can usually find them in between planetoids but are a pain in the but to do you will need help to do them.
-System Patrol: Go to the system named and stay there until the number is reached (I.e. if it says 6 then it will slowly go from 0 up to 6 its like a timer)
-Drone Clearance: Shoot down the amount of drones assigned
-Salvage Recovery: Gather the blue rectangular cargo boxes found by debris fields on all maps
-Tylium Extraction: Mine the amount of tylium specified
-Asteroid Recon: Scan the amount of asteroids specified on the map it tells you to go to
-Fleet Support: Mine the amount of titanium specified
-Disrupt Enemy Operations: Kill a set amount of players not NPCs don’t count for this. You will get a reward of merits with the completion of this quest. Players 10 or more levels lower than you will no longer give credit for this Assignment, Duties or the Leaderboards when defeated (Note that all players higher than Level 20 are considered to be Level 20 for the purposes of this calculations)

Convoy Raid missions are a special new mission type that can be unlocked by collecting Fragmented FTL Coordinates:
Fragmented FTL Coordinates represent rumors and clues concerning the movement patterns of the enemy fleet Fragmented FTL Coordinates can only be received by playing Triad or consulting the hybrid for a Prophecy.Collecting 100 Fragmented FTL Coordinates will allow your pilot to predict the location of a staging area used by valuable enemy convoys and unlock a special Convoy Raid mission.

Colonial pilots can begin Convoy Raid missions by speaking to Starbuck in the Galactica Rec Room
Cylon pilots can begin Convoy Raid missions by speaking to Number Six in the Basestar Rec Room.

During a Convoy Raid mission, a series of enemy convoy ships will jump into the staging area, along with a variety of escorting enemy ships – your goals is to defeat all of the enemy ships.Convoy Raid missions feature special NPC ships, and both they and the convoy ships drop much more valuable loot and reward much more XP than normal NPCs

If you are defeated during the course of a Convoy Raid mission, you will be given the opportunity to continue the mission for a Cubit cost Once a Convoy Raid mission is completed (or you are defeated and choose not to continue), you will need to collect another set of 100 Fragment FTL Coordinates to attempt another Convoy Raid mission

Colonial pilots can now play Triad when aboard the Galactica, and Cylon pilots can now receive Prophecies from the hybrid when aboard the Basestar:

Colonial pilots can play Triad by speaking to Starbuck in the Galactica Rec Room
Cylon pilots can receive Prophecies from the hybrid by speaking to Number Six in the Basestar Rec Room

Pilots can play one hand of Triad or receive a single Prophecy for free each day – additional Triad hands or Prophecies cost 200 Cubits each

All Triad hands and Prophecies have a selection of possible rewards associated with them – when a pilot receives a Triad hand or Prophecy, they are randomly allocated one of the possible rewards for that hand or Prophecy

All rewards have a value equivalent to at least 200 Cubits, but the rarer Triad hands and Prophecies have rewards that are worth much, much more or cannot normally be purchased
When playing Triad, Colonial pilots can win a wide variety of items, or pick up hints and advice from other pilots that can improve their performance (represented by Boosters of various types) or rumors about the movement patterns of the Cylon fleet.
Likewise, when receiving a Prophecy, Cylon pilots can be awarded a wide variety of items, or receive inspiration and advice from the hybrid that can improve their performance (represented by Boosters of various types) or give them clues about the movement patterns of the Colonial fleet

The ‘Hand Guide’ and ‘Prophecy Guide’ buttons on the Triad and Prophecy windows detail the hands and Prophecies and the possible rewards for each

These are like a 3rd set of assignments. Completing certain objectives in game will grant you experience point bonuses and special titles Duty Titles are names of the different levels as you complete a goal it will increase and you can choose to have a title you have gotten displayed on your pilot info. You can select one title at a time as your active title. In the future your active duty title will also grant a stat or skill bonus while equipped. These are the duties: the amount of asteroids scanned, the amount of maps traveled to, the amount of NPCs kilt, or the amount of resources collected. Completing each level grants more experience points.

Go to the Galactica for humans (Colonial), and the Basestar for Cylon (go to the hanger for theses ships) or a outpost ship and talk to the person with a coin over there head and click them and then click the change ship command then a window will pop up and the ship you own will be shown. Click the command button under the ship you own and want to fly it will ask you if you want to change ship click the confirm.

There are 3 main ship categories:
Light(Strike), Medium(Escort), and Heavy (Line).
And then under them 3 sub-categories for each of these:
Interceptor, Assault and Command.
Interceptors are fast fighters and have the lowest hp out of the others
Command ships are moderate speed hit good and have medium hp
Assault ships are very slow but can hit hard and withstand a heavy beating.

Go to the system Delta Canopis (Colonial) or 47 Tartalon (Cylon).and dock onto the big ‘mining’ planet (not the basestar/pegasus ship) talk to the man/lady with the coin on his/her head click the talk about getting a new ship. You will have a new window open of all the ships giving detailed info of each one. when you have more than one ship you can change your current ship by going to the home map then to the hanger and talk the quartermaster or going to a Outpost and talking to the head person. Note: if you are at your home map talk to the guy in the hanger of the main ship and click the button about getting a new ship you can get a free ride to the system you need to go to so you can get a new ship.

Colonial ships:
You need to be level 1+ to use these ships(light):
Viper: 75000tylium /Raptor: 75,000 tylium /Rhino: 36000 cubits /Viper MK VII: 45,000 cubits
You need to be level 10+ to use these ships(medium):
Scythe: 600,000 tylium/ Glave: 60,000 cubits/ Maul: 600,000 tylium /Halberd: 75,000 cubits
You must be level 20+ to use these ships (heavy):
Aesir: 135,000 cubits/ Vanir: 2 million tylium/ Jotunn: 2million tylium., Gungnir: 225,000 cubits
Cylon ships:
You need to be level 1+ to use these ships(light):
Raider: 75,000 tylium /Heavy Raider: 75,000 tylium /Marauder: 36,000 cubits /Cylon war Raider: 45,000 cubits.
You must be level 20+ to use these ships (heavy):
You need to be level 10+ to use these ships(medium):
/Banshee:600,000 tylium /Spectre:60,000 cubits /Wraith: 600,000 tylium / Liche: 75,000
/Fenrir: 135,000 cubits /Hel: 200,000,000 tylium /Jormung:2,000,000 tylium./ Nidhog: 225,000 cubits

Cost to use the basestar/battlestar: 10,0000 merits

(note: the ships that you buy with cubits can not be upgraded they are bought fully upgraded i have keep them in the list just to show the cost. When u buy them you are paying for there upgrade)
Colonial ships:
Viper: 30,000 cubits /Raptor: 30,000 cubits /Rhino: 36,000 /Viper MK VII: 30,000 merits
Scythe: 45000 /Glave: 60,000 cubits /Maul: 45,000 cubits /Halberd: 45,000
Aesir: 135,000 cubits/ Vanir: 60,000 cubits /Jotunn: 60,000 cubits/ Gungnir- 60,000 merits
Cylon ships:
Raider: 30,000 cubits /Heavy Raider: 30,000 cubits /Marauder: 36,000 /Cylon war Raider: 30,000 merits
/Banshee:45000 /Spectre:60,000 cubits /Wraith: 45000 cubits /Liche: 45,000 merits
/Fenrir: 135,000 /Hel: 60,000 cubits /Jormung:60,000 cubits./ Nidhogg: 60,000 merits

The system works by comparing your pilot’s Level to that of your opponent
In all cases, pilots with a Level higher that 20 are treated as if their Level is 20 for the purposes of this system
If your pilot’s Level is no more than 5 Levels higher than an opponent, you will receive full XP and Loot from defeating that opponent
If your pilot’s Level is more than 5 Levels higher than an opponent, the XP and Loot you receive will be reduced, according to the following tables:
PvE Level Difference
5 or less Levels higher – Full XP and Loot
6 Levels higher – 80% XP and 80% chance to receive each loot item
7 Levels higher – 60% XP and 60% chance to receive each loot item
8 Levels higher – 40% XP and 40% chance to receive each loot item
9 Levels higher – 20% XP and 20% chance to receive each loot item
10 or more Levels higher – 0% XP and no loot
PvP Level Difference
5 or less Levels higher – Full XP and Loot
6 Levels higher – 80% XP and 80% chance to receive each loot item
7 Levels higher – 60% XP and 60% chance to receive each loot item
8 Levels higher – 40% XP and 40% chance to receive each loot item
9 or more Levels higher – 20% XP and 20% chance to receive each loot item
Example 1: If a Level 9 pilot defeats a Level 2 NPC opponent, they are 7 Levels higher and thus will receive 60% of the normal XP and have a 60% chance to receive each loot item the NPC drops
Example 2: If a Level 37 pilot defeats a Level 14 enemy player, the Level 37 pilot is treated as being Level 20, and thus 6 levels higher than the enemy player. They will receive 80% of the normal XP and have an 80% chance to receive each loot item the player’s ship drops (Note: that in Squadrons (groups), XP and loot from defeated opponents is first divided among the members of the Squadron as usual, and then their individual Levels are compared to the Level of the opponent to determine any reduction in the XP or loot they receive)

Both fleets will now reward their loyal pilots via a Daily Login Bonus:
The first time you log into the game each day, you will receive a Daily Login Bonus
The Daily Login Bonus increases in value for each consecutive day you log into the game, reaching its maximum value after 5 consecutive days
Each Daily Login Bonus offers three packages of rewards:
Pilots below Level 10 will be able to select a Strike ship package
Pilots between Level 10 and 19 will be able to choose between packages for Strike or Escort ships
Pilots of Level 20+ will be able to choose between packages for Strike, Escort or Line ships

Tuning Kits are a new item that can be used to upgrade all ship Systems:

When upgrading the Level of a ship System, you will now be able to choose between paying for the upgrade with Tylium and/or Cubits, as before, or using Tuning Kits
Tuning Kits can only be used to upgrade a System by one Level at a time
When using Tuning Kits, there is a chance for the upgrade attempt to succeed
The more Tuning Kits used, the higher the chance for a successful upgrade
The higher the Level of the upgrade attempted and the more expensive the ship System, the more Tuning Kits will be required for a given chance of success
If an upgrade attempt fails, any expended Tuning Kits are lost
If you have enough Tuning Kits, you can increase the chance for an upgrade to 100%, guaranteeing success
Tuning Kits can be used to attempt to upgrade ship Systems above the previous limit of Level 10, up to a maximum of Level 15 (Note that upgrades above Level 10 can only be attempted with Tuning Kits – these upgrades cannot be purchased directly with Tylium and Cubits)
You can purchase Tuning Kits for Cubits in Fleet Stores and Archives
As rare loot drops from high level NPC opponents

Merits are a new reward system for PvP play, representing awards for exceptional combat performance in the service of your fleet:

Merits are treated as a new resource/currency
Merits cannot be exchanged for other resources, and cannot be purchased

Merits can be earned in three ways:

-Completing the Disrupt Enemy Operations assignment
-As ‘loot drops’ from defeating enemy players
-Defeating enemy Outposts and player-controlled Battlestars/Basestars – all players within combat range of an enemy Outpost or player-controlled Battlestar/Basestar when it is forced to withdraw will receive an award of Merits and XP

A pilot can earn up to 1,000 Merits each day (a ‘day’ is defined as the same 24 hour period used for Assignments)

Merits can be used to purchase unique rewards that cannot be attained through other means. Initially, these include:

-Powerful new ships – the adv Viper Mk VII for Colonial pilots and the adv Cylon War Raider for Cylon pilots
The ability to take command of the Battlestar Pegasus or secondary Basestar for 1 hour, or until defeated in combat (Speak to the commander of your fleet – Admiral Adama or Number One – to exchange Merits for the temporary command of the Pegasus or Basestar) DONT USE IT IF YOU DONT HAVE FLEET SUPPORT!!!
-Improved nuclear missile warheads (Nuclear missile warheads can be purchased with Merits from all Fleet Stores and Archives)

Larger player ships will tend to drop more Merits (Lines will tend to drop more than Escorts, which will tend to drop more than Strikes).
Advanced (upgraded), Cubit-only and Merit-only player ships have a higher chance to drop Merits. Merits are treated as a loot drop, the new reward scaling system will apply – you will tend to earn fewer Merits from taking down players more than 5 levels below you than you will from taking down players at or above your level.


Mine Launcher Hull Systems are now available for all ship sizes
Mine Launchers release mines that will automatically detonate if an enemy target comes within their effective range
All mines are launched from the rear of a ship, and will quickly come to rest and then remain stationary
Strike Mine Launchers release a single mine with a fairly small effective range
Escort Mine Launchers release a cluster of coordinated mines with a moderate effective range
Line Mine Launchers release a cluster of larger coordinated mines with a larger effective range
Mines are designed to be hard for DRADIS sensors to detect, and as such are not indicated on the HUD with targeting brackets
However, it is possible to manually target mines by clicking on them, and they can then be destroyed with cannon fire
Mines have a limited lifetime, after which they automatically deactivate – this lifetime increases with the Level of the Mine Launcher System
Mines from Level 1 Mine Launchers have a lifetime of 2 minutes
Mines from Level 10 Mine Launchers have a lifetime of 3 minutes
Mine Launchers require Mines as ammunition, and there are three types of Mine available for each size of Launcher – the more expensive Mines do more damage when triggered

Lag: when the game freezes suddenly and where you cant move or do anything for a certain amount of time.
The cause could be from:
Your computer not havening enough memory to run the game. The browser you are using has not been updated or is not fit for gaming. To many programs are running on your computer. You are using WiFi instead of direct connection (a cord). You are downloading other items from the internet. You have a virus or spy bot blocking part of your system.

The best steps to make sure you have fun are to do these things:
1: read the minimum requirements to play:

2: Make sure every thing is updated
Mozilla Firefox download:
Google Chrome download:
Opera download:

3: Scan for viruses and spybots

4: Clear both caches
To learn how to clear your browser cache:;=nextoldest
To learn how to clear your unity cache:
and remember it’s a game so have fun.

Writers endnotes:
I have researched all the info from the colonial side of the game in a Adv. Viper, Maul, Jotunn, scyth, mk7 and from other players in the chat while playing, from the game its self, and my own observations and research. Remember lv does not mean everything. I plan to update this when new things come out and edit and add more details to some subjects that may need tuning up. Pleas if you find a noob send them here to this guide where all there questions may be answered. Thank you for reading this and remember it’s a game so have fun.

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