Battlestar Galactica Online Mining with Line Ships Pros and Cons

Battlestar Galactica Online Mining with Line Ships Pros and Cons by -hotdogdan-

All the plantoids in the game have a finite amount of tlyium titanium water in them. we have the problem of people not have the resources need to get a line ship or upkeep or long fighting ops. Its very simiple too many people are competing for the same thing

80000 tly divided among 6 people is 13,333 per person most people are in a line when mining it break down to this

4k in tly to jump in sys and out
200-400 rounds of ammo to defend the mine 5-10,000 tly
maybe a 100 tly for boostiing and manvuering
grand total
9000 to 14000 tly spent for 13,333 profit at the maxium
thats not good

here 2 people
80000tly divide between two people 40000 tly
4k for jump cost
200- 400 rounds of ammo 5to 10,000
100 tly to boost and manvuer
grand total is 32k to 26k tly

all the auto spawns on a mine ship are soloable by a line ship or a skilled escort there no reason for 6 guys to do the job of one or two

there also a lack of porities to who needs what
tlyium is need by everyone as is water titanium is need by line ship more for upkeep and repair big ship are big targets this by no means say ecsorts arent entitled to titanium they are.
yesterday and last night i did the following

mined a 190,000 in titanium 70,000 in water and about 160,000 in tly I also pvped in primus ops platform grinded with ivan then at 12:15am pvped again til 1 am all told i held a grand total 7 mines at the most and only 2 at the same time plantoid mining is not a group activty if i can buy a jotunn after two days of mining and you cant contuine an operation because your out of tlyium or titanium maybe your way isnt working no offense

there are way to fixed this one is solo mining nearly every system does get a minable plantoid at one point during the day

2.set a rotation on who gets what guy 1 is lvl 19 is going to buy a jotunn or vanir well maybe guy 2 -6 should let him have the 30k titanium alone so he get 30k of titanium to help pay for upkeep or help him buy it instead of everyone gets 5k and u can a weapon repaired and get a trivial amount of tlyium on the trade in

3. 2man team operation that may consist of 6 people total but are inpendantly get mining done but are one system away to provide mutally support in event of a freak mob or heavy pvp action

4 just dont plantoid mine if u want 6 man groups guess what get in the vipers and start scan astroid for hours keep rock can drop between 200 to 2000 for any resource it just scan 400 rocks to find the 50 that have something easy to do in a big group hard to do in a ship the size of a small town.

No one should every says sorry guys ive got to go i have no more tlyium which mean something is broken.

dont complain about the guy solo mining he is the one who fighting allday long he fights the cylon and enviroment and his own side sorry for the heavy human side pov and not more cylon sided
to those who are going to make this aurgement

“First off You Who said you need a line ship just to mine 3 vipers can match any auto spawn and still make a profit. Your basing you cost on a line ship and promoting solo mining in a line. Nobody needs to farm in a line ship. Boosting cost? If a line ship is boosting it dead wrong in the first place. Second of all The cost of the Ammo in a line ship is VERY EXPENSIVE and its not going to be cheap. If your using ammo on a line ship to defend a mining op The cost of killing your auto spawn will always out way your need to mine. Auto spawn alone will cost you ammo but you can’t add that to the cost and say well i need to be reimburst for defending the mine. Sorry your math is Very flawed you been in a line way to long and you need to start lowering your cost using other means of mining. If line is in a low threat area for example get a auto spawn of a adv raider. That line ship will waste ammo trying to kill it cause of the adv. raiders avoidance.”from sagat i say A a line ship shouldnt be in a low threat zone

B boosting cost is something every line ship does ur caught off guard or out of postitions and need to rapidly redeploy i only alloted 100 tlyium to that less then 20 secs of boosting that very little boosting line can boost they just cant constantly boost

C line ammo is not expensive line ammo is meant to be purchased in the 100s to 200’s not the thousands. the cost defeat an auto spawn is subjective.the cost will never out the mine one tick of titanium or water is 540 to 560 cover the cost to defeat the auto spawn then there 15more tick til the next spawn

D an advance raider is dead with two volleys 20 rounds at the most or use three and six green tip missile which are free from doing ur assigments. free ammo

the math isnt wrong ur using wrong book it not reimbusrment it the cost of mining if ive been in a line ship too long then why do i have two of them and my resource are now 14113 cubit 540042 tly and 101297 titanium and ive been only mining and defending said mine hmm i see nothing but gains but apparently my math is fuzzy so free to check it over

E why are u mining in enemy zones it serve not purpose but to get u killed by the 13th tribe. its not a show of force it a gaint flare that screams kill me i mine our zones i know what a shocker i had two pvper jump in to system thats it i had more competition from harlock then cylons the reasons for a line ship mining is the ability to defend muti mines with no fear that u will be killed 2 ships can do the job of 8 then why bring then 8 or even simple why have 3 vipers when one line can do the job ur try to give every alittle when everyone can get alot. people dont like vipers they only like it for speed u never hear this “guys we found a mine quick we need more vipers’ u hear ‘guys we found a mine who in there line ship ‘ then it become the line ship guarding and viper scan astroid or trying scan plantioids that the line can scan already the its

today is a good ways to show a good method harlock solo cap a 30k titanium rock i then grouped with him and we defended that rock he got the 30k which he need more then i did and i got to kill the auto spawn for him for easy exp too many people want a hand in the pie guess what all u get is crumbs

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Mining a planetoid is just asking reds(or blues depending on faction) to come and get you; you can mine faster and more secretly by popping one rock at a time.

  2. Anonymous says:

    God please grammar check this thing!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Um, no one with a sense of how a line ship works would ever try to mine tylium, asteroids or planetoids. And, with planetoids, you gain a considerable amount of tylium because the npcs you kill to protect your mine drops stuff you can sell. Mining tylium asteroids is just stupid, boring, and inefficient. Most lines farm plats for like 30 minutes and the sell the loot to get all the tylium they will need for a long time.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Through out this entire document, I'm not sure I have gotten an inkling of the pros and cons of mining with line ships…

  5. Anonymous says:

    Phew, learn to spell.

    And your logic isn't as strong as you think.

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