Atlantica Online Colosseum League Guide

Atlantica Online Colosseum League Guide by Deebo

Hi! This will be my first guide ever written for Atlantica Online and it will be on a topic that most people hate and very little like and that’s Colosseum League (CL). I want to help those that don’t really understand CL to take a chance at reading this guide and try to give it another chance. I win about 85% of my CL fights

Colosseum League can basically be played 3 times per day. What most people don’t understand about CL is that you can’t play the same style as you do FL. No, CL isn’t broken and the attack damage values are much higher compared to FL. And no, you don’t need nice gears for CL, you can be gearless and still win. Even though I still prefer FL over CL, it’s still seems fun because I love AO’s pvp in general anyway. I wish CL was abit more like GNGWC’s rules where everyone is the same level, same gear, but in this case CL only gives everyone the same fixed stats that the devs whipped up. For example, if Odysseus has 41k base def (gearless) in CL, then expect your opponent’s Odysseus to have the same 41k base def.

CL is all about stats and knowing who is the best to take for the competition.

Having a good frontline is important in CL, especially against those formations that have double or triple freeze main/mercs. Vitality and Defense is very important in CL, because like I said earlier.. The attack values are different in CL compared to FL.

Top 6 Frontliners:

Odysseus 39k def + 2.4k (Athena’s Protection) = 41k def and 1.68k vit
Lady Knight 37k def, 39.4k def(with Ody) and 1.64k vit
Swordman 34k def, 36.4k def(with Ody)1.59k vit
Spartan 30k def and 1.501k vit
Guan Yu 29k def and 1.551k vit
Druid 29k def and 1.638 vit

Melees that never should be in the frontline in CL:

Pirate 24kdef and 1.41k vit
Exo 25.4k def, 27.8k def(with Ody) and 1.46k vit
N. Vik 25.5k def and 1.58k vit
Spearman 26.9k def and 1.36k vit
Punisher 27.8k def and 1.51k vit

Top 5 Melee Heavy Hitters based on Str.

GuanYu 1.263k Str
Spartan 1.26k Str
Pirate 1.179k Str ( I think she tops Spartan in CL when Toxic Sword is proc’ed)
Druid 1.17k Str
Punisher 1.151k Str

Top 5 Dex Based Range (Range Damage, Critical Rate, and Dodge Chance (because dodges happen alot in CL))

Empress 1.5k dex
Sheriff 1.321k dex
Hwarang 1.319k dex
Vampire 1.27k dex
Dark Archer 1.273k dex

Useful Skills

Green Dragon’s Rage = -1.1k health, -299 vit, and 1.2k atk on all range.
Green Dragon Strike = -13k health when nearing death on Guan Yu
Green Dragon Glaive = Massive AOE from Guan Yu -2.9k health on all
Storm Blast = -1k health, -37% hit reduction (row)
Deep Insight = -3.9k def on whole party also you can see health if you don’t have Health Check License.
Marauder’s Edge = +323 atk and +4% hit rate increase on all swords (including pirate)
Blazing Earth = -1k health, -299 vit, and -1.2k atk. This skill really hurts melee in CL.. It’s like the ultimate life drainer in CL.
Freezing Atmosphere = -1.5k health, -2.1k def, and -40 accuracy. In CL, mercs tend to miss alot, so using this skill will be pretty effective, especially if enemy Prophet is dead or isn’t using one.
Weapon Rend + Chaos Edge = 4k-6k magic damage spike on frontrow melee.

Forest Prison, Ice Ridge Axe, Freezing Axe – Obviously for freezing/stunning mercs.

Broken Arrows/All signets (especially the cannon one)- Minimizes range attacksand the cannon signet will makes cannon miss everytime they excute an attack.

Power Saw Raid, Flame Blow, Arrow Cascade and every other AOE in the game – AOE’s hit pretty hard in CL and if you combine AOEs with Mana Piercing Scroll.. It will do some major damage.

Devastation Shell : -5.1k def, -17 % hit rate reduction… enough said…

Bomb Attack (smoke bomb + any signet)

Blood Vengance – Sacrificial Move Only. Unlike it’s bugginess in FL with the nerfed damage, yu will see it’s shine in CL especially on melee with crap mdef like viking.

All Healing Skills, Awakening, Prophet and Princess passive heals/buffs.

Shield Bash – -4k def and stops an unholyguarded open merc.
Arrest/Hallicination- It’s stuns a merc, which always a plus in CL.. Less attackers in CL for them to use.

Dawn Harmony/ Salvation – Awesome vertical heal. Very good against heavy gunner players.

Any skills with the word “Deadly” in it.. – Sacrificial Move that damages greatly..

Useless Skills in CL

Mana Seal (it’s not that useless, but mercs kinda of die quick enough as is in CL. By the time you heal, most of your mercs will be dead anyway. That’s why I prefer not a healer in my formation and just rely on passive heal.)

Breakdown (obviously.. it’s weak)

Ravaging Melody (it’s a let down here, because it’s only capped at level 35 @ 100 level upgrade which means it does -1.3k def and -312 atk which isn’t compared to the power of Dev Shell in CL.)

WarCry (it’s not really effective here in CL compared to FL. It says -48% hit rate reduction for CL, but people still manage to pull in 2 hits under the effect.)

Seth Will (like WarCry, it’s not as effective in CL.. You will probably see a max of 3 hits from mercs)

Chaos Wind (very useless.. It’s only decent for last minute DOT.)

Awesome CL formations to use.

Druid, Sword Main, Odysseus
Prophet, N.Vik, Elementalist/Princess
Beast Trainer, Monk, and Christine/Janni

This is my build for CL.. You have passive heal from the prophet which provides some protection for a little while and you have awesome frontline defense, but this build shines most because of Odysseus and yourself as a sword main. The key here is Magic Spike Damage. Weapon Rend and Chaos Edge hurts badly. Once you have minimize the enemy team down, then you will have your support from two freezers to slow down the enemy from attacking and have them to defend more. The Elementalist is for the heavy enemy melee formation to counter their attacks and magic skills, but if you are against a heavy range then you can replace her with princess. Beast Trainer provides the extra attack with her axe, but her Beast Summon is what important here if you enemy doesn’t holy guard a lot. Christine or Janni is important in this formation as well, because she/he is used to aggravate and possibly prevent the enemy from holy guarding to prepare your magic spikes and AOE. That’s why it’s important to take Christine out first in my formation, but a lot of people tend to go for my prophet not thinking that Odysseus still get heal from his Athena’s Protection and I’m still under Shield of Protection from monk and my druid is getting slight heal from his Healing Guardian Stones. Obviously.. my monk is a problem too since he can easily be sniped first, so then I would have to bring out princess and punisher..

LK, Power Saw Main, LK
Elementalist, N.Vik, Pirate
Empress, Monk, Prop

Once again heavy melee and this time it’s nice defense from two Lady Knights and killer magic spikes from Sword Slash. PowerSaw main hits kinda of hard in CL, it aint funny due to the Storm Blast proc and not to mention Pirate’s heavy hitting damage especially from Toxic Sword.. I tend to have problems fighting this build from time to time, but it’s a very nice build for CL though.

Punisher, Exo, Punisher
BT, Witch, BT
Staff Main, Monk, Christine

The frontline is easy to take down, but if you manage to pull off all the AOE’s here with a popped up Mana Piercing Scroll from the witch, then you basically won the match lol. Dangerous build but it’s worth a try..

LK, Gun Main, LK
Cannoneer, Janni/Christine, Cannoneer
Princess, Monk, Prophet

This build is basically **** for CL, and I’ve had alot of trouble with this build until I figured out that sniping the range wasn’t a good idea first and to focus taking out the LK’s first and then focus the ranges. If you don’t take out the LKs fast, then you will be hit hard with a barrage of Sword Slashes in the beginning and your opponent will try to stun and use scorching bullets.

LK/Archer M/LK

Swordy/Axe M/Swordy
(4 Deadly Strike is more then enough to take out a range main) xD

LK/PSaw Main/ LK


^ This build is known for taking out enemy monk first and before starting full party stuns which leaves enemy trying to defend themselves the whole time. Cannonneer in the frontrow is a mind controller telling you to kill him first, but all that does is allow them to run ransack on you.

I will be adding more formations, so keep checking this thread…

Misc Notes: (Last Updated: 1-5-2011)
You can remove shields from swords and add Guardian Stone of Recovery for even more defense and slight random heal from the stones.
Use many as many procable items in your formation as you can (i.e. Poison/Screaming Ammo, WDW,SMW,OSG, etc) for extra damage.
Charms (Do work)


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